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Summary Creating a hotel is a difficult thing, and also a hotel development is difficult because it requires time, a serious marketing

department and competent staff. Lately observe a stagnation of this market: the market of hotel services. In summer 2003, the occupancy of the coastline was 38%.A worrying percentage if one takes into account the latest consumer trends. Percentage of old age has increased, because they see a trend of population aging. In general people are fond of old age leisure enjoyable, preferring holidays in nature where you can relax. The aforementioned percentage is due to high prices charged by other units and hotel price-quality relationship is also desirable to leave. In these circumstances consumers of these services have preferred to choose other countries with more favorable hotel services. Success factors of this business are: · Quality services; · Sale prices of services; · Promote the name and business activity; · Degree of customer loyalty Location: SC.Venus EUROPA is situated in the Venus resort, 200 m from the beach. Venus resort was chosen because the unit is very well situated in the resort is near the beach, has private beach, the competition is very weak this resort. There was only one hotel unit with the same quality factor (3 stars) remaining units have a lower quality factor. It will be very easy to penetrate the market through an appropriate pricing policy and obtain market leadership in hotel services in resort Venus. Vision A manager's decisions are embodied in three directions: 1. expansion 2. profitability 3. autonomy EUROPA SC focuses primarily on earnings and autonomy. Company expansion is somewhat difficult because since its scope is somewhat difficult to acquire another hotel unit, if expansion is carried horizontally. If things are similar vertical expansion as upgrading a hotel is very difficult and very costly. But expansion is not impossible but it is the direction towards which the company will go long term. Sc expansion. Europe Srl. will do so: it will acquire a hotel unit in each of the Romanian seaside resorts. This will limit the Romanian coast. The maximum level that touches Sc. Europe Srl., Where it will stop expansion, moreover, is when it will have a market share of around 80% locally and about 70% at the seaside. Established local share is somewhat easier to reach because the competition is low. Not the same can be said about the rate established at the coast. It will reach the market share mentioned in about 10 years, over 10 years societies hotel will have eight units. When you get to the features mentioned will move to coordinated decentralization strategy. Thus each hotel unit will be responsible for their own work, will have its own marketing methods but will be subordinate company "mother."