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Office of Government Ethics
1201 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005-3917 September 10,2010

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Tracking No.: OGE FOIA FY 10178

The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) is granting in part and denying in part your September 1, 2010, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. In your request, you sought access to "a log of all FOIA requests" received by OGE in August 2010. In response, we are enclosing a copy of the 2010 OGE FOIA Log, subject to deletions of the names of individuals who made combined FOIA and Privacy Act requests seeking records about themselves. We also deleted a reference to specific personal records being sought by another requester. The deletions are each marked with a highlighted, bracketed reference "[Exemption (b)(6)]" in the enclosed copy. The deletions have been made in accordance with FOIA Exemption 6, 5 U.S.c. § 552(b)(6), in order to protect information the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. OGE notes that all other deleted from the enclosed OGE In addition, the OGE FOIA Log requester's organization, certain were provided to a requester. FOIA requests, except those received in August 2010, have been FOIA Log because they are not responsive to your FOIA request. does not include all of the information you are seeking such as the fee and waiver information or the number of responsive pages that

The OGE official responsible for these FOIA determinations is the undersigned. In accordance with the FOIA, at 5 U.S.c. § 552(a)(6)(A), and OGE's FOIA regulations, at 5 c.F.R. § 2604.304, you may administratively appeal this partial denial of your request. The name and address of the OGE official to whom such an appeal would have to be submitted are Don W. Fox, General Counsel, Office of Government Ethics, Suite 500, 1201 New York Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20005-3917. Any such appeal must be in writing and must be sent within 30 days of the date you receive this response. If you do appeal, you should include copies of your request and this response as well as a statement of why you believe this initial determination is in error. Moreover, in any appeal you should clearly indicate on the envelope and in the letter that it is a "Freedom of Information Act Appeal." Sincerely, ~~'O'0-J Elaine Newton OGE FOIA Officer Enclosure
aGE - 106 Augusr 1992

# Requester (OGEAtty.)

Date Recd.[DueDatel


Disp.lEx. App.Date/#

FISCAL YEAR 2010 FOIAIPA ANNUAL REPORT PERIOD (10/01109-9/30/10) BEGINS 2009 (But in Fiscal Yr.(FY)10 FOIAlPrivacy Act(PA) Reporting Period--lO/01/09-09/30/10)

# Requester (OGEAtty.)

Date Recd.[DueDatel


Disp.lEx. App.Date/#

2010 63. O'Keefe (Ke) 8/2 [8/30] [US. Postal Service Program Review} 8/9 eKC) granted/full

64. Ravnitzky eKC) 8/2 [8/30] 8116 (KC) [Program Review Tracking Report FY2005-FY2009} 65. McAllister eKC) 8/2 [8/30] [US. Postal Service Program Review} 8/9 (KC)

granted/no ree.


66. [Exemption (b)(6)] (KC)7/30 [8/27] 8/9 (KC) ~:SQ'1~lbEB~1@ft3@14~1[specified indict. (s)/case(s)&apparently 67. Popkin (KC) 8/3 [8/31] [US. Postal Service Program Review} 8/9 (KC)

no recs related materials re reqtr.] granted/full

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# Requester (OGEAtty.)

Date Recd.[DueDateJ DatelDec./IWDs Disp./Ex. App.Date/#

68. McElhatto (Ke) 8/10 8110 (Ke) [U.S. Postal Service Program Review from 111108to date]

69. [Exemption (b)(6)] (EN)8/5

[9/2] 8/23 (EN) c[lS:0~~~D"",~~;"':0"1~'1i'[1~ [any aGE records regarding requester]

no fees

70. Sehwellenbaeh (KC) 8120 [9120] [various named aGE agency reviews from 2005-2010)
71. Medsger (Ke) 8120 [9120] 8124 (Ke)


[most recent FBI program review} 72. Edwards (Ke) [2009 FBI program review}
8120 [9120] 8124 (Ke)

granted/full & no rees

73. Wagner (EN) 8120 [9120] [various named aGE agency program reviewsfrom 2006-2010} 74. Stemstein eKe) 8123 [9/21] 8/24 eKC) [2010 Interior program review and 2 related program question] 75. Holt (EN) 8/23 [records of [Exemption (b)(6)n


76. Ravnitzky tKf.) 8/24 [9121] [various named aGE agency review reports from 2005-2009] 77. Dareh (Ke) 8/30


END OF FY 2010 FOIAJPA ANNUAL REPORT PERIOD (10/01/09-09/30/10)-

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