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The Leopard Son ***************** It didn’t take him long to get onto his new job.

The police are onto the robber’s plans.

I can't remember a time when I didn't love being with animals. They were the most valuable part of my young life.

As soon as I could, I left for Africa to learn everything about their world.

To be as close as possible to nature was what I always wanted.

It was a way of life that, in time, I chose for my family.

My son was raised in the wild, just the way I had dreamed of when I was young.

Here, over thirty-five years, many animals taught me many things. But there was one story, a tale of coming of age and exploration, I will never forget.

This is my Serengeti.

In the beginning, like the majestic herds, I, too, was in search of something. I know now what it was: life.

And in the midst of life, the knife-edge of danger.

Wherever there is life there must also be death.

Arriving here from Europe I was stunned.

But even in this so rich a world(= such a rich world), there was one animal always hovering on(at) the edge of my vision and my dreams...

..a trick of shadows and lights...


...the unbelievably elusive leopard.

From that first day, I almost felt she'd singled me out somehow.

It was as if she had a secret she wanted to share with me alone.

I have always loved new moons, and dawns. They are both about starting over, new beginnings. That's how it was one bright dawn under a new moon when in the crook of an old tree I discovered the future.

Woman standing in crook of tree

So comfortable in his world, he seemed to consider the entire

universe his playground, filled with wonders.

But there were dangers as well.

Watching her, I suddenly knew I was watching every mother, my mother even, scanning the bush for any and every threat.

Still, I worried every time he left the safety of his tree to go out into the wild world. But I could not teach him. That was his mother's work.

Every day is a mixture of affection and learning.

This is not just play. It's learning to hunt. To survive, he must become an athlete.

He must also learn patience. When it's time for his mother to leave, he seeks out a safe hollow and stays there. Sometimes she's gone all day. ……………………………………………

it was to hunt. and then. take little notice of such boundaries. Her territory covers twenty-five square miles. Others have more solitary childhoods. Lions ruthlessly kill any competitors. it was to patrol her territory. Sometimes a leopard's best defense is magic. Some animals never lack for company. 5 . they're especially important to warn away competing females. One minute there. These are serious boundaries and with a new cub. Some. But on this day. however. Tree marking announces her presence.Usually when his mother left.

6 . some more dangerous than others. the quest for food. the mother would have to be patient. like a wise sentinel. When you're small. the effort it takes. the really hard part had to do with confidence. Like a cub. the cub's secluded life reminded me of my son. who grew up with us in the wild. It always led to adventure. But I remember as I got older. And that always seemed impossibly out of reach. He shared his world with wild and sometimes dangerous creatures. The white tip of his mother's tail was like a banner. While the cub grew up. The snake eagle. In the Serengeti. had seen it all before. the return to the tree of life. time is a witness to all change. you think the hard part of growing up is the physical part. life amid danger. he played alone.When I consider it. all progress.

The snake eagle had witnessed most of the cub's growing up. He still needed his mother. He'd been his companion from afar. a source of wonder. but was still not wise enough in the ways of the world. but only 7 . life was still a game. the cub had visited every part of his mother's world and was familiar with all its creatures. but his bigger appetite as well. The mother has not only her grown son to cope with. This is the plain where man first walked. that there was a world beyond the mother's territory. he'd gone up the tree of life a child and come down a man. For him. there was a great deal more. but a young man. Like my son. At a year old. however. Yes. The snake eagle knew. that there was much more. The leopard son was older now. He eats as much as she does.

it's no sure thing. This is what all social animals live for. she must get much closer. Reunions are the best time of day. To succeed. This is a lesson of the wild. Thomson gazelles can only survive as a species if they stay one step ahead of their predators. Out here. another Tommy herd approaches the last remnant of water. 8 . any lapse of attention can be fatal. Even with all her stealth and experience. He's supposed to be watching.she is skilled enough to hunt. however. Unaware of the lioness. but he's distracted by a termite mound.

Probably the cub wasn't hungry. They just kill any meateaters to get rid of competition. It's sad. the lions starve. During the night. Trees in the end are not just home. too.Hyenas. But invariably you make things worse. fish. But no. for both leopards and snake eagles. affectionate clans. 9 . the hyenas have gone hunting. porcupines and birds. If too many competitors survive. bond in great. I've never seen lions eat hyenas. You'd like to intervene. With the lions far off. They're safety. pythons. I've seen leopards eat almost anything. leaving only a single female to guard the den. they need not fear them this evening. Dawn. I was certain that the leopard son would kill the chick.

Others seek out patches of tree shade. In areas where there are no hyenas. A cheetah and her cubs traveling in search of prey. with larceny in their hearts. Mother snake eagles cope by mantling over their young. Leopards stay cool by panting. Hyenas are used to the sounds of death and arrive instantly. Sometimes it seems the Serengeti is all about the next generation.Temperature here seventy-five feet above the Serengeti regularly soars above a hundred degrees. 10 . leopards don't drag their kills up trees. protection that can be deceptive.

He might as well try something else. It's a mistake to underestimate the fierce determination of a mother. Evening was fast approaching. It's learning how the world works. Early birds. But it was fun to make them jump. while youth rests. 11 . It's about determination and persistence. Age goes about the day's work. the mother had been unsuccessful.It's always this way. they were too big to hunt. even lovebirds. But it's no good. Even with Tommys in her territory. What was it about giraffes? Plainly. but it's so much more. can murder sleep. This looks like a game.

peace reigned. full of mystical and hushed creatures. The reunion does not last long. an eagle's nest is nearly a perfect place to hide. A rare white impala. she'd have to return to the hunt. We stood upright to see over the grass. It's very brilliance and beauty made it conspicuous and far too vulnerable. 12 . He reminded me of our origins. too. It was paradise. he calls to let her know where he is. a world that had become magical again. with his mother off hunting. In the bush country. But it saddened me. Too soon.In a new tree. It was destined to blossom and dazzle and then be no more. The next morning. as wondrous as a unicorn.

Soon. He'd recently taken over the lion pride. his mother returns. Lions need to assert themselves to make sure everyone knows who's in charge. but he still craves a mother's affection. out of the lion's reach.An untimely thorn in his paw. At long last. Life can only return to normal when they move off. unfortunately. however. as if this will stop her leaving again. he's eager to be with her again. the lion is on to more pressing business. After his encounter with the lion. 13 . It's as if he wants to cling to her with his tail. exposes him. He's larger than she is. The leopard seems safe for the moment at least.

Just above. I felt he was convinced she'd soon be back. Little did I or the leopard son know this would be the last meal she'd provide. So he was as playful as ever. another of nature's dramas. toying with the skin of his last meal. she did not join him. He was on his own. She's led him to a tree where she's stashed a kill. 14 . It's been a week since the son feasted.If he's to survive. This was normal. Too much or too little of either. however. Love and independence is the same thing humans need. Another generation was learning to be self-sufficient. To my surprise. his mother had been away that long only when prey was scarce. In the past. He has to succeed on his own. he needs independence. and no child prospers.

I felt. Surely. Finally he could eat. attracting all manner of creatures to their sweet profusion. With the grasses desiccated. I'd hoped his first hunt would show promise.He's reduced to chewing the old hide. recklessly drawn to the tree's fallen blossoms. The sausage trees are again in bloom. If he doesn't' make a kill soon. It's not long before the Tommys return. this would be a place where even he could hunt. the gazelles are reduced to browsing the few struggling bushes. he'll be too weak to hunt. Was fate conspiring 15 . I was wrong.

Along the way. But as always. He'd have to become a stranger in a strange land. encrusted with salt as white as snow. the Tommys are about to migrate. deep enough to swallow a Land Rover. a dry lake. If he expected to eat again.against him? Now he's learned to hunt. I've seen mud under the crust reach down more than ten feet. he'd have to leave his mother's territory. he sees wonders he'd never dreamt of. there is trouble. This is predation with a huge risk. It's a fossil bed in the making. 16 . The landscape would soon be empty.

He'd made his farewells to all the old haunts. a gang of five cheetahs. the leopard son has the freedom to move about. A meal is just not worth the risk of injury. The land of youth was well behind him. I knew it could never be. So many eyes. How far he'd come. But hunting a herd is a far different matter. A new herd of gazelles has arrived. not with so many plump Tommys about.While the lions are occupied with eating. It almost seemed he craved their company. How long I wondered before he arrived at the place he was seeking? Then. 17 . Plainly the Tommys knew their reputation. A determined hyena will always have his way on a cheetah kill. They were creatures like him.

I had no idea how far the baboons would take this. Slender cheetahs are no match for baboons. sharp teeth. Baboons and leopards are ancient enemies. As with humans. however. which they could easily run down if they truly wanted to. The game ends with the arrival of a spoilsport. Cheetahs love tormenting jackals. a big mouth is important in intimidation and dominance. And the great males have huge.There are other diversions. Noise earns its keep by making bloodshed unnecessary. He's been taught a lesson and will be forever less likely to 18 .

Leaving the tree too early before the baboons are completely gone shows how inexperienced he still was.. A bumper harvest of acacia blossoms. His journey had brought him to the land of the kopjes. Just when this wasteland seems about to suffocate. There's only one defense: thick cover.. The world was becoming a desert. The horizon loomed like a vast curtain of dust.bother a baboon. And then this. rocky outcrops that provide water and cover for all manner of creatures. life is doubly good. For the victorious baboons. 19 .

Lions are a nightmare. coming home for the tender shoots that had prompted them to walk a thousand miles. like my son or like me. 20 . maybe this was about discovering new things. Why had he traveled all this way? Just for food? Like any teenager.all nature it seemed was trumpeting a season of change. He now had the skills he'd need for life.... Little did he know his greatest tests were yet to come. in fact. Night had been a success for the leopard son. At last he'd arrived. only to be greeted by a presence he could never shake. The wildebeest were returning to the short grass plains.

trees gave him confidence. only the thinnest of branches atop of the tree can save him. Now. He's either wildly overconfident or totally unaware she's climbed the tree. But there are still things he has to learn. a reckless oversight.Why did he leave his tree? Hoping to make another kill? Ordinarily. he son's bad luck continues. But he'll learn it's far better to lose a carcass 21 . He's lost a meal. She's distracted by the presence of elephants. superiority. But adults fiercely protect their young. Lions sometimes kill small elephant cubs.

It was the companion of his youth. This was the closest he'd come to losing his life. the call of home had been much greater than I thought. She was a good mother. And in that instant. I was amazed. Once the world is grasped. It's unknown for adult males to return 22 . she was in prime condition and I felt she'd be able to raise her new son and daughter successfully. But for the son. It was his mother. But as always. She'd given birth to twins. Even at eleven years old. we all return home one way or another. home to the tree of life. Suddenly he looked to me so lonely.than to be one. the call of home was in the air. the urge to hunt meant leaving her cubs behind.

But where was she? It sounded as if the lion had caught something. His mother's scent was all around. But for some reason. would that protect his brother and sister? For the first time in two years. 23 . Even if he did. he was. But would he accept the twins? Lions kill cubs not related to them. But leopards? My only hope was that he'd recognize his mother's scent. No one has ever seen an adult brother confront his younger siblings before. None of the rest of the pride seemed interested their mothers. I had no idea what he'd do. But he walked away. The son had seen the lion and so stayed in the tall grass. I was excited.

he still had the land of his youth. At every turn. there were old. It's those left behind who suffer most.Some lessons are hard. All along. He had lost everything and he was alone. I knew my time with the leopard son would some day come to a close. comforting sounds and sights. It was his mother. All was just as he remembered it. killed by the lion. 24 . But for him this was no end. It was a new beginning in an old place. This would be his inheritance. others harder still. Or was he? No.

As if by magic. 25 . there was a new voice in the land. Would there ever be such another leopard son? Tomorrow. I start looking all over again. a song that could pour honey into the heart of any leopard son. It was a sweet song. a female sawing.

26 .

花豹家族 ********* 我的記憶中充滿了對動物的愛,牠們形成了我成長過程中最寶貴的一部 分。 我總是利用各種機會,跑到非洲去探索牠們的世界。 我一直想要深入大自然裏。 這是我的生活方式,我也適時地為家人做了這個選擇。 我兒子在蠻荒之中成長,這也是我自小夢寐以求的。 35年的蠻荒生活,我由許多動物身上學到了生命的功課,不過有一段 關於成長和探索的故事都讓我終身難忘。 這裡就是我鍾愛的塞倫蓋提。 一開始,我也像成群結隊的動物一樣,在生命的荒原中追尋,至今我才 27 .

明白我苦苦追尋的是〝生命〞。 而生命卻瞬息萬變危機四伏。 生命和死亡如影隨形。 我一踏上這裡便受到了震撼。 即使置身在這一個豐盛富饒的世界中,有一種動物始終在我的視界和夢 境中盤桓瑩繞,在光影中忽隱忽現,神出鬼沒的花豹。 從頭一天開始,我總有一種被牠鎖定的感覺,牠似乎有一個只想與我分 享的秘密。 新月和曙光始終深深地吸引著我。 它們象徵著自然界的生生不息,我便是在一個新月乍現的黎明之際,蜷 伏在一棵老樹的軀幹上,發現了自己的未來。 活在這樣一個自滿自足的世界裏,整個宇宙儼然成了一個充滿驚喜的遊 28 .

樂場。 居然還有危險存在。 此情此景,讓我想起了眾生的母親,包括我母親在內,警覺地掃瞄著周 遭隨時可能爆發的威脅。 每當牠離開安全的樹幹,走進殘酷的蠻荒,不禁為牠憂心重重。然而我無 從置啄,這是牠母親的工作。 每一天的生活都交織著親情和學習。 生活不僅是嬉戲,更要學習捕獵,想要生存就得成為一個勇士。 耐心也是必修的課程,每當媽媽外出捕獵時,牠就得躲進樹洞裏耐心地 守候,媽媽往往到天黑才會回家。 母豹出門通常是為了捕食,今天的任務都是巡視地盤。 在樹幹上刻下〝在此一遊〞的宣示,撫育幼豹時期,這也是母豹警告其他 29 .

母豹的方法。 劃定25哩方圓為勢力範圍。 無視於此一警戒而大膽闖入的大有人在。 獅子每遇強敵便無情地廝殺。 花豹以悠忽無蹤的敏捷,做為最佳的防衛之道。 有些動物天性群居。 有的則在孤獨中渡過童年。 幼豹與世隔絕的生長過程,令我想起與我在蠻荒中成長的兒子,他就像 這隻幼豹一樣孤單地嬉遊,卻不知自己正置身於毒蛇猛獸的世界之中。 蛇鷹像一個飽經閱歷的哨兵似地,冷眼旁觀萬物的廝殺、爭奪和親情的溫 暖。 30 .

母豹尾尖上那一小撮白毛,像探險隊的掌旗引導著小豹前往冒險,小豹 長大之後,母豹更須耐心地教導。 小時候總以為體能才是成長過程中最艱苦的一部分。記憶中,我成長中最 艱苦的部分卻是信心的問題,好像那是一個永遠無法企及的地方。 歲月在塞倫蓋提大草原上,見証了一切遷移變化。 蛇鷹扮演著幼豹成長的見証,也是幼豹在高處的伴侶和生活中的驚喜, 幼豹滿周歲之後已經走遍了母豹生活的世界,各種動物也已見怪不怪了。 然而對蛇鷹來說,世界之大,遠遠超過母豹的生活範圍,而人類當初也 是由這個世界走出來的。 豹小子日漸長大,不過仍然缺乏足夠的智慧應付牠的世界,仍然離不開 母豹。 正如我的兒子一樣,幼年時上樹,再下來時已儼然是個男人了,只不過 是個小男人。 31 .

生活對他而言依然是一場嬉戲。 母豹除了陪牠遊戲之外,還得餵飽牠大量的食欲,小豹的食量幾乎與母 豹相等,只不過還沒有捕食的技巧而已。 即使以母豹潛獵的本領和經驗,仍有失手的時候。 羚羊上了求生的一課,僅僅一步之差便是生死的交關。 這樣的距離顯然很難成功。 白蟻窩分散了牠的注意力。 在戰場上稍一疏忽便會致命。 另一隻羚羊未察覺獅子的存在,慢慢走向水池。 母子團聚的美好時光,這也是所有動物的生存所為。 土狼也不例外,在親情的溫暖中群聚而居。 32 .

獅子距離遙遠至少今晚高枕而眠了,天亮了。 土狼趁夜間成群出獵,只留一隻母狼守護狼窩。 我從未見過獅子以土狼為食的,這種動作只是為了剷除肉食的對手而已, 你或許於心不忍而想拔刀相助,而結果只是幫了倒忙,因為對手太多, 獅子便難以裹腹。 對蛇鷹和花豹而言,樹上不僅止是個單純的家,而且提供了安全的庇護。 我見過的花豹幾乎無所不吃,魚、蟒蛇、豪豬和鳥類,我以為小鷹劫數難 逃了,我錯了,或許是豹小子還不餓的關係吧。 75呎高的樹頂上,溫度高達一百度,母鷹展翅為小鷹遮擋烈日。 花豹卻藉著喘氣吐舌降低體溫。 也有的在樹蔭下尋求庇護,卻不知暗中已潛伏著危機。 33 .

土狼早已聽慣了那一聲死亡的哀號,心懷戚戚地即刻趕至現場。 在沒有土狼的地區,花豹通常不會把獵物拖上樹。 塞倫蓋提大草原上一切似乎只為了傳宗接代而準備,印度豹帶著自己的 幼子一起外出尋獵。 這一幕始終不曾改變,母豹護子心切,那股勇猛的堅毅是不容小看的。 早起的鳥,即使是愛情鳥,也扼殺正濃的睡意。 母親開始了一天的忙碌,小豹又睡回籠覺,吵得難以入睡,不妨找點新 鮮的活動。 長頸鹿怎麼跟別人不一樣,個頭這麼高。不過看著牠們奔逃的樣子,倒也 挺有趣的。 乍看似一場豐盛的獵物,其實並沒那麼簡單。 還得具有決心和耐性,才能深得生活之道的三昧。 34 .

日落黃昏之際,即使羚羊已進入自己的地盤,母豹仍然鍛羽而歸。 小豹在新找的樹幹上,呼喚著母豹。 此情此景令我想起人類的先祖,為了遠望而直立於地。 母子短暫的歡聚即將結束,母豹馬上又要外出獵食。 和平再次降臨這個充滿魔幻的樂園裡,罕見的白色羚羊,珍奇一如獨角 獸。 牠的突顯和絕美,反而成為猛獸獵食的目標,思之心酸不已。 正如鮮花般只是短暫的盛開,隨即殞落消逝無蹤。 第二天早晨,母豹外出後,小豹在獅子的威脅下,想躲進蛇鷹的巢裡, 一根荊棘曝露了牠的行蹤。 小豹高高在上,至少暫時沒有安全的顧慮。 35 .

沒多久,獅子又要趕著去辦另一件更急迫的事,萬獸之王的威風,是牠 剛學到的一件事,獅子在必要時,必須以行動伸張自己的權威。 獅群離開,一切才恢復常態。 母豹終於回家了。 小豹經過獅子的驚嚇,情急地奔回母豹身邊。 小豹的個頭已超過母豹,不過仍然緊緊地粘著母豹不放,好像要用牠的 尾巴纏住母親,免得牠再度離開。 想要存活牠需要學會獨立,愛和獨立的需求人豹皆然,過多或缺乏,都 不適於後代的繁衍。 母豹引導小豹上樹進食。 令我驚訝的是,母豹居然逕自離去。 36 .

我和豹小子一樣渾然不知,其實這是母豹提供的最後一餐美食,從此便 將獨立謀生。 豹小子吃完最後一餐,已經一個星期了。以前只有在獵物稀少時,母豹才 會出門這麼久,牠深信母豹不久就會回來,過去一直是如此,因此就無 憂無慮地把玩著吃剩的獸皮。 樹頂上也在上演著另一齣自然劇,幼鷹也在學習自給自足的功課。 豹小子飢不擇食猛啃獸皮,如果不儘快獵食,只怕體力虛耗而無力獵食 了。 但願牠首度出獵就有斬獲。 我錯了。 香腸果又到春暖花開的時候,香氣四溢吸引了各種動物前來攝食。 豹小子也想來試試。 37 .

羚羊看到滿地落花,再度返回撿食。 第一餐終於有了著落。 草原日漸枯萎,羚羊只好啃枯枝果腹。莫非是命運在作弄牠?正當牠學會 獵捕的時候,羚羊卻準備遷移了。 大草原即將人去樓空。想要活命勢必要遠離母親的地盤。 去一個陌生的國度闖蕩天下。 沿途所見盡是平生未見的奇景,一個覆蓋了一層雪白鹽層的乾湖,而危 險依然如影隨形。 這是一次充滿風險的獵捕行動,我曾見過深達十呎,足以淹沒一輛吉普 車的泥沼。 這是一個正在成型的化石湖床。 豹小子趁著獅子大快朵頤之際,下樹巡獵。又來了一群羚羊。 38 .

面對成群的獵物眼線眾多,卻完全不是同一回事了。 家鄉已遙不可見,土生土長的土地早已不見蹤影,豹小子回頭揮別了過 去。 新的土地還要多久才能抵達,中途卻冒出了五隻美洲豹。 豹小子看到自己的親戚,渴望著與牠們為伴,無奈事與願違。 羚羊早已風聞牠們的惡名,窮凶惡極的土狼總有辦法吃到霸王餐,一隻 羚羊不值得冒生命的危險,更何況附近的羚羊還很多。 新的獵物又出現了。 美洲豹見獵心喜,跑百米豺狼根本不是對手。 這一場追逐卻半途殺出了程咬金,瘦小的美洲豹根本不堪狒狒的一擊。 美洲豹和狒狒是天生的宿敵。 39 .

公狒狒有銳利的巨齒,看情況狒狒是志在必得。 正如人類一樣,危急存亡的關頭只好以聲勢嚇敵。 如雷的吼聲無異是說,不必做無謂的犧牲。 這一門功課讓牠再也不敢輕易地招惹狒狒。 在狒狒還沒有遠離之前就提前下樹,顯示了牠的經驗不足。 躲入深樹叢中是唯一的防衛之道。 戰勝的狒狒,生命給了牠加倍的回饋,滿樹的洋槐花盡情享用。 豹小子不知不覺來到了犀牛的國度,石地上茂盛的草木為各種動物提供 了水源和庇護場。 緊接著風沙漫天,原先的世界變為滄涼的沙漠。 40 .

正當奄奄一息之際,萬物再度復甦為新的變化歡呼。 野獸成群結隊返回草木初發的大草原,返家的路途蜿蜒千哩。 豹小子終於抵達目的地,迎接牠的卻是虎視眈眈的不速之客。 獅子是萬獸的噩夢。 千里迢迢所為何來?是為生存所需的食物嗎?或者正如我兒子和我以及 所有的青少年一樣,只為了探索新奇的事物。 夜間出襲百戰百勝,生存的技巧已嫺熟如儀。 卻茫然不知最大的考驗正在伺機而動。 為什麼離開樹幹?想再來一次斬獲? 大樹固然帶給牠無比的信心和優勢。 然而生存之道絕不僅止於此。 41 .

是過度自信還是茫然無知,這都是一個致命的疏忽。 如今只有爬上樹梢的細枝上才能保命了。 母獅看到象群而轉移目標,獅子常以小象為獵殺的目標,不過成象卻為 保護小象而凶猛抗敵。 豹小子禍不單行,不過為了保命而失去美食,尚屬大幸。 這一遭是有生以來最危險的一次。 突然間,我看出了牠的孤絕,而回鄉的呼喚卻在空中響起。 原來是牠童年的伴侶。 飽經世事之後,萬物無不返鄉,回到樹上的家。 母親又生了一對雙胞。 42 .

牠是個稱職的好母豹,即使以十一歲的高齡,身手依然矯健。我認為她仍 然可以成功地撫養出這一子一女的雙胞,然而捕食的本能仍然驅使著牠 出門。 對豹小子來說,回家的呼喚,遠超過我的初估。我為了成年的公豹再度返 回母豹身邊而訝異不已。 我一時興奮不已,成年的公豹初遇新生的弟妹,是難得一見的畫面,牠 會接納年幼的雙胞弟妹嗎?獅子會殘殺非同胎的幼獅,豹子呢? 我唯一的希望是牠能嗅出母豹的氣味,即使如此,牠會保護幼小的弟妹 嗎? 兩年來我第一次對牠的下一步感到茫然。 豹小子領教過獅子的厲害,因此藏匿在深草叢裏,到處都是母豹的氣味, 可是卻不見蹤影。 聽獅吼似乎已有斬獲,可是牠又離開了。 43 .

其他同行的獅子也無趣地走了。 而豹小子卻不明究裡地被吸引著。 生命的功課往往令人措手不及,被獅子殺死的竟然是牠的母親。 最苦的是嗷嗷待哺的幼豹。 如今的豹小子真的是無親無故孓然一身。 或者另有其人? 牠仍然擁有土生土長的草原,這兒將是牠的傳承。 景物依舊。 所行所至盡是熟悉自在的聲音和畫面。 一開始我就知道我和豹小子之間必有曲終人散的一天,對他來說,這卻 不是結束,而是重返故鄉後的起點。 44 .

一隻母豹的求偶聲如魔幻般呼喚著牠。 甜美的聲聲呼喚,猶如甜蜜般溶化年輕豹小子的心。 第二個豹小子會在這樣的結合下出生嗎? 明天,我將會再度靜觀這大地的一切。 45 .