Laviasia Williams

Laviasia Williams

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher

cod i recto rs Thomas Perry adrninstrative assistant

Dennis Regier teacher

Street Academy

Jean Sansevera, principal IA

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

© 1996 Ten Penny Players

with funding support from the NY State Council on the Arts


Do you wonder what beau ty can be? Can beauty be love, can beauty be me?

Can beauty make you happy when times are bad? Can beauty make you smile when feeling sad? Can beauty be your friend, when others are not? Can beauty cool you off, when the weather is hot? Can beauty be a bird? Can beauty be a tree?

Is beauty something special?

Is it something we need to see?


Joy is like a girl and a boy Joy is like a baby's toy

Joy can make you happy, when you are down Joy makes some people act like a clown

Joy can come and Joy can go

Joy is something we really don't know!



What is Love, and what does it mean? Love makes people do all sort of things Love is scary, but sometimes merry

Love can sometimes just be in your mind But if Love is something in your heart,

I hope it will never part!


How happy I can be, when we are together, Spending time, sharing thoughts, hoping it lasts

forever Doing things so great, we never want it to stop The world is ours and we Jive on top

Great things can happen when we come

As one, sharing and caring and having so much fun

So see what happiness can bring, All sorts of beautiful things.


Special Someone

You are my sunshine, my guiding light

Your love comforts me and helps me through the

night Your friendship is so strong never to break My love is yours to always take

I t brings a smile to my face and happiness to my . heart

We are friends forever, and never shall we part


Su.n. Rays

I wish every day was a sunny day

So I can enjoy the shiny sun ray

All in my face the ray will shine Everything glows all the time

Sunny days are great and the best More special and better than the rest

If I could fly, I would go so high Just like a bird in th e sky

Over the buildings, around and around

I would even start flying upside down Landing on roof tops and on tops of a tree Stand so everybody can see me

I would be great if I could fly

But don't ask me the reason why

) )



My mother is the sweetest woman in the world My mother is like a beautiful pearl

When she is mad

I am mad

When she is sad I am sad

When she is glad I am glad

And do you know why I feel this way? Because me and my mother are the same We never fuss or fight,

Because we're very tight

No one can ever take my mother's place

She fills the room with her warmth and grace That's why I love her to this day

And that's why I always say

"I love you mom."


---rhe One

I thought he was the one for me He opened my eyes so I can see He made me feel like a Queen

I thought me and him were a team I thought our love would never part

I see that feeling was only in my heart

He told me he loved me, he told me he cared But I guess his Jove wasn't really there

Why did he have to lie to me?

The whole time our love was just a dream!


Why do people do crimes? Followed by crime is the time

I think people aren't in the right state of mind Because if they were there would be no crimes Police officers chasing your tail

No where to run, you're going to jail You could run, but you can't hide

Police officers are gonna always be by your side During a crime you may get killed

Or you might get hurt

Another life is gone ...

Beneath the dirt


t '- ~

":: .' ;:::::'.>::':::~~:'::~: .~ ..

. "" ' ~ ~ .. , : .....

:.4r,a.;o...c;) ':?;

a waterways publication

In Search of a Song Volume 88


Jorge L. Mulero

Ghetto Tabernacle

Ghetto Tabernacle

Jorge L. Mulero

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher Thomas Perry

Paul Takis Teacher

Frank Brickler) Principal Youth Options Unlimited

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

© 1996 Ten Penny Players with funding support from the NY State Council on the Arts

Dear Mama

When I entered this world

She was the shield of my fears. She held me in her hands While I shed my first tears.

As I look back now it was something Like a scene from drama.

Yes, that special person was my dear Mama. She was always there for me, year after year. As I matured our bond started fading away

till it disappeared

Now all the advice she gave me, inside my ear clearly I can hear.

She warned me about certain types of females, The outcome of male friends, and the stimulation of smoking marijuana

Now I lie in my cell doing a bid with no female or friends

From now on, it's just me and my dear Mama.


Life's A Journey

At times I question my purpose on earth, my existence and life in general, men and women sold like gold or any other mineral.

Man hunts man, beast kills man, and man kills beast. Who are you to claim to be the greatest and condemn me to be the least?

We live to die and die to live, I'm dying inside myself because I have no motive to live.

The creator knew what was going to happen from day one, the question is, is he having fun watching us die one by one?

My faith in him is challenged by my life experiences, so I live in society, day by day, searching for clues which resemble the purpose for my existence.

I can't go any more. I was hurt by time, a capitalistic government, based on monopoly, and history as well, so my state of mind dwells in sorrow,

Pain overtakes my body, anger destroys my soul, when I lie in bed it feels like I lay my life down. Knowing it ain't real, I close my eyes, hoping I won't wake up tomorrow.


Once again I wake up to meet the anguish life offers and, who knows? I might get killed, yet it's not like anyone's gonna miss me. However - soon I hope to end this journey. Soon I hope to end this journey. Soon.

Systematic Deception

For thousands of years we were kings queens and dynasties

Now in the twentieth century they named us minorities.

This generation may be the last Nubian creation. Mess around. We all die cause knowledge of self wasn't in the curriculum of our education.

So r say unto you brothers and sisters: live according to the laws of nature and mathematics, For your way of life must be true and Islamic.

We are role models in this corrupt lifestyle Adapted by white kids with the Niger profile.

Our babies being infanticided in small hospital rooms. That's the quickest I've seen my brothers go from

the womb to the tomb.

Projects are ghetto experiments:

Look around you, blacks and Hispanics are the


only residents.

This long lasting mentality

was imposed on us by a racist society.

Last, but not least, you know who governed the world back in the days

And who were the savage Caucasians living in caves.

The Cycle

Rest in peace all my people who passed away. They carry my blessings and non-stop love. Most of them lie in their grave

because of unanticipated slugs.

Some went to school, others committed crime, and some got high.

Yet, one thing they all had in common was that life convicted them all to be thugs.

N ow all r have left are memories of Ii fe1ess bodies, killed by cops, overdoses, as well as rival enemies. Each one of them had some kind of hope, however, some sold coke

others couldn't bear with reality so as a scapegoat, they shot dope. It happens to every generation,

some pack Glocks, others own blocks


with fancy vehicles parked in lots,

The young ones make money by the knots, and others like me unfortunately get locked.

Mental & Physical Inmates Life itself is hard.

You have the option of living free or behind bars.

These are two different lifestyles, yet they are so similar

to one another.

Some people physically are incarcerated others are mentally isolated.

Their mentality isn't free.

I t's runrielized.

Physical incarceration

at times has its advantages,

it provides you with time to analyze the world as it rotates around you. You see everything from the outside

because while one is indulging in the rituals, it is hard to identify them as a problem.

So one becomes a victim of his own problem, which brings us back to the mental inmates, with the ability to walk free,


yet with limited minds making them mentally weak.

The Hostility \Vithin Me

Tears of bad experiences sliding down my cheeks The corpses of my people lay at my feet.

Unity in America will never exist

because we were brought over here

under the state of deceit.

First it was cotton picking,

now it's pistol whipping.

Divide and conquer is like

full blown AIDS in our communities. Killing one another keeps us

in the state of minorities.

Green money represents power which makes you dependent

on your slave master.

Regardless of the obstacles

some day I shall succeed

However, these words

manifest the hostility within me.


I Love Them Both

For nine months she wondered Who she was going to bring Onto the planet Earth.

Day after day, month after month She looked forward to giving birch. She loved the person in her womb,

I t didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl, To her this life was more precious Than diamonds, pearls or any mineral In the whole wide world.

To her this was a blessing

The seed of life, the most beautiful gi ft That a man can give to his wife.

Until our of darkness came the light And a new-born child appeared.

The mother was in love, but the father Was overtaken by fear.

After masterminding this wonderful creation, The father found hope in separation.

Some say this is reality

An everyday ritual of the hood, Yet wrong is he who condones Single mother parenthood.


Sometimes it's not the man's fault.

It's the mothers who feel not for their man, Even though separated

Keep contact with your child

And raise him the best way you can.

You're Appreciated (dedicated to Yoly)

I met you three months before Ninety Six. You were the dope, and I was [he fiend in search of a fix.

In little time you showed me your emotions, Overwhelmed by them, I opened up to you like an ocean.

Countless times you spent by my view, speaking to me at night. You came by on rainy days, hot or cold winter nights.

You became that friend that's required by most men. My time with you I won't hesitate to spend.

Even though you were involved in a rambunctious relationship, you and I connected and became a team. Like a nine and its fully loaded clip.

Thus, woman for man was created.

I want you to know that you are appreciated.


The Ideal Chickenhead

The average chickenhead

loses her man to the penal system. Back to the streets, a money fiend searching for her next victim.

She attracts you with her sexy physical features

and her flirtatious eye contact, caters to you with sex

which is the substitute for the pen

when writing your name on the contract. Her objective is money,

so it doesn't matter who you are.

You may be black or Hispanic whoever, as long as your money can buy

Pele Pele butter soft leathers

and 54-11 s she will be by your side for ever. She's not satisfied

with your $80,000 luxury car and its B.B.S. rims, she requires special attention,

and expensive gifts such as platinum bracelets and diamond rings.


Your personal feelings for her don't matter, because she knows your salary

you're bound to spend on her.

To support her lifestyle you commit crimes and put your freedom on the line,

in order to satisfy

her materialistic state of mind.

You go out of your way

to fulfill her every needs,

not realizing you're a victim.

Once again the ideal chickenhead surrenders her man to the penal system.

I Am That I Am

He whom you search for exists within you, in the black man, woman, and child too. However, we all wonder who he is.

He is that part in the puzzle in life

which we all miss

From his own image he made "I" man. Generation after generation we lived a life which neither beast nor man understands.

t 1

Thus, unto us he said, "Be fruitful and multiply." Materialistic power forced us to divide.

Only you, who knows

of the experiences I am speaking about

Will come to the realization without reasonable


I'm here to tell you that I know who I am, .so that in your history this you may log:

Even though trapped in your modern plantation, the wise black man will continue to be "God." So don't ask me who I am

Because I am and I am.


In Search of a Song Volume 89

~ ." ,." : ..•.. -, .. --. -' .

..... _.: _ _ .......•. ~

,. ',- -- • I_h ...• ~ __ - •••• - .... ~

•• ~. '" .' •••• I • i<' ." ...... ,_ •• , •••

~~~~ a waterways publication

Precious Williams

Precious Williams

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach Coran James, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

©1996 Ten Penny Players with funding support from the NY State Council on the Arts









Jordan is to me, my man

If he knew he'd understand

I love the way he smiles and sweats Oh, if Jordan would leI me rub his chest

Jordan is the sexiest man on earth to me When you look in my eyes he's all you see

That's Jordan to me



My mother is the sweetest woman I know She always takes me to Christmas shows

My mother was sweet and caring like me Like mother like daughter as you can see

But when my mother got sick He took her away too quick

My mother -_ I'll never forget

My mother went back to the essence

If I could only bring her into my presence




What makes me, me

Are my skills and techniques I'm like no one I have ever seen My style is different and unique

I'm also classy

But at times very sassy

My personality is very witty People that don't know me Ohi What a pity!

My attitude is very nice But if you treat me wrong I can be cold as ice



The sweetest man I know is sweet He never cheats or lies to me

He has the prettiest eyes and curliest hair He does things another man wouldn't dare

I love the way he smiles and laughs

He blows in my ear and says sweet things That make him the sweetest man to me



Why is the sky blue?

Why does He take people away that love you? Why is the world so cold?

Why are people so bold?

Why must we argue and fight?

Why must we be afraid to walk the streets at night?

What are there guns and drugs? Why when we ask these questions Do we get a shrug?



When I saw him

He took me by surprise When I got to know him

I never thought he'd say goodbye

When I gave him something

so precious to me

Someone so surprising I had never seen When I see that guy again

Bet he couldn't even be a friend



My heart is open for those who care My heart is open for those who share

My heart gets bigger every day My heart gets big in every way

My heart is sweet and pure as a dove

My heart gets hurt when 1 lose someone I love

But I'll find something to help it out

My heart staying sweet -- That's what it's all about



Love 10 me is my family

I can't forget about my honey

Loves comes from the heart I know I love these people from the start

Love is strong as you can see

I'd never love someone that didn't love me Because love is not a game

loving the wrong one may bring pain



Summer is fun

You never stay inside You're always on the run

There are days that are nice Also days you need ice

The females wear short shorts And the males play all the sports


In Search of a Song Volume 90

a waterways publication

My Life As A Poet

dedicated 10 myMom,Dad and Sister

Andrew Lewis

My Life As A Poet A Waterways Project

dedicated to Publication

my Mom, Dad Richard Spiegel

and Sister Barbara Fisher

Thomas Perry

Andrew Lewis

Paul Takis & Madeline Slovenz-Low Teachers

Frank Brickler, Principal Youth Options Unlimited

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

© 1996 Ten Penny Players with funding support from the NY State Cou neil on the Arts


My Mom

Our Creator and His Son Rise Up

My Life As A Poet Brown Eyes

My Girl

Final Awakening Death of Someone You Love One Day

For My Dad


My Mom

My mom loves me in so many ways, That even when it rains,

She's gotten me through all my bad days, And cured all my pains.

She's been there when I needed her Through thick and thin

Always lookng out for my future Even if! lose or win.

There is no doubt in my mind That you can't get a better mother. It's impossible to find

Cuz my mom beats all the others.

So I would like to say thank you, Because even though you knew

I appreciate your getting me around every bend

AndI'lI have you to the very end.


Our Creator and His Son

God is our creator, His Son is our savior,

He doesn't want us to explore The devil's empire,

So He sent his only begotten Son, Not for play and not for fun,

But, He sent his Son, the one He adored, To face a thousand .deaths and many more, Just to get forgiveness,

For all mankind,

A forgiveness that can get you out of any bind, He lights a way for us in fire,

We do have a choice:

All we have to do is listen to His voice, But deep down in the dungeons of Hell, There's the devil trying to cast a spell, By making us full of greed and lust,

The devil knows he can play us like Sega But we have a chance,

All we have to do is listen to the omega.


Rise Up

I'm very proud to be black, Away from evil's attack,

Just to prove I've got a little bravery, And put an end to slavery,

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to cause any

harm, Not even to touch a leg or arm,

Because no one can push me to that height, Even if they're red, yellow, or white,

But it's sad to say,

Another brother is killed every day, Someone needs to shed some light,

To put down the guns and not to fight.

You and I are brothers,

So why do we kill one another,

So every time you say the word 'Bro', Think about all of the Negroes

As one, together, forever. That's our plan co unite each and every black man.


My Life As A Poet

My life is a very strange one Filled with action and lots offun

I'm always doing something, never bored Because I'm a poet and the pen is my sword

I'm just a regular teenage guy

Who has his faults, and who's told a few lies And I know no one will call me lord

But who cares, I'm a poet and the pen is my sword

Sometimes I really do stupid stuff

Like make my lungs bleed with every cigarette puff And people think I belong in a psycho ward

But I don't, I'm a poet and the pen is my sword

I'm a modern guy always up to date

Always wondering what's gonna be my fate I'd like to be a president like Lincoln or Ford But I probably won't, but I'm still a poet

and the pen is my sword

But all good things come to an end

But I'll never drop my pen

Because I cannot afford

To be defenseless, cuz the pen is my sword


Brown Eyes

I love my eyes

Their beautiful shade of brown They can show deceit and lies And they're known all over town.

People say they're very large And look like girls' eyes,

But people don't know they're in charge And they're the perfect size.

Women love them, just like girls, It makes them excited

Because they're just as beautiful as pearls They seduce them and make them sweat

With them I have a better chance Cuz now girls know I'm on the set So I can find romance

With a girl named Yvette.


My Girl

Oh, girl you're the perfect mate, When you're near, I almost ejaculate. Because everything you do,

Makes me feel like I'm in ecstasy.

I miss you so much,

In ways no other man can touch.

I love you so deep, with a passion,

That our love won't die out like no b.s. fashion If you'll be my queen, I'll sing like Tevin, When we make love it feels like heaven.


Final Awakening

On the road that I have taken, One day walkin' I awaken, Amazed to see where I have come, Where I'm going, where I'm from.

This is not the path I thought, This is not the place I sought. This is not the dream I bought, Just a fever of fate I've caught.

I'll change highways in a while, At the crossroads, one more mile. My path is lit by my own fire, I'm going only where I desire.

On the road that I have taken, One day walking I awaken. One day walking, I awaken.


Death of Someone You Love

Death is an atrocious scene,

r t makes you break down and wonder Why God could be so mean.

Why would he take a loved one away,

So they couldn't be with you for another day.

As you watch them exhale their last breath,

And wonder why God brought your family this death.

But, in a sad way you're happy to see the one you love, Take their soul to heaven above.

Feeling so excited, never bored,

Anxiety mixed with anticipation to meet the Lord.

It's their time to join the Lord's fraternity, Missing their past but now they have eternity.

Even though they miss their husband or wife, They can't wait for God's eternal life.


One Day

One day I was told That it can't last forever

So stop being so damn bold.

The next day I was told That not every rainbow Has a pot of gold.

Third day I was told

If that is what God wants Then let it be molded.

The fifth day I was told If you never give up You'll never fold.

The last day I was told, Don't try to grow up too fast, Or else you'll wish you didn't When you grow old.


For My Dad

Many people don't know my dad,

But, some know his only son is doing a bid But he never gets mad

Because he loves all his kids.

That's why I look up to my dad Because he works aJl day on his feet And I'm sure glad

Because the lifestyle he can provide is a treat.

But we've grown distant, where has the time


My father means to me a lot of worth I appreciate every dime he's spent

Because I love him more than anything on earth.

So, aJl I want to say is sorrY

And maybe you don't have a clue But where I'm at is only temporary Because I love you.


In Search of a Song Volume 91

a waterways publication

Shakiema Banks

A Waterways Project Publication

Shakiema Banks

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codireclors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach Coran James, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

©1995 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY Slate Council on the Arts









I told you once

Now I'm telling you twice

I'll tell you three times

If it makes things all right

I'll never forget you --


Roses are red

The sky is blue

And now you know I will never hurt you


If I could I would

Make the world a better place


If I could I would

Put smiles on people's faces



Love Is a feeling

That can't be explained It's sometimes good

Or it may even cause pain

Love is something youwant to share With someone that cares

Love is a feeling so strong

You hope it lasts years and years


When it comes to emotions

I'm so soft and gentle like a flower

When it comes to pain

I'm like a boxer

Trying so hard to fight it

When it comes to my heart It's like a mother

Filled with lots of love for her child



When I think of you It makes me happy

It also makes me smile

When I'm weak it makes me strong

You are alii think about


You love me now

Or you can love me forever but

When I tell me

I feel so much better



As long as I can see I'll always love you

As long as I can hear I'll always love you

As long as I can taste I'll always love you

As long as I can smell I'll always love you

As long as I have my arms to touch you

I'll always love you



L is the Look in your eyes

o is the Outstanding person you are

V is the Victory I feel when I'm with you E IS for all Eternity


In Search of a Song Volume 92

< .:,:.,:~~- .

l' • -of '.'~ ••••• -_ .... _ .

• ~..J...O",a.;::o...o~jljl...Xl~OT?l~~-rtV-~...:Y'Q7.

a waterways publication

Yasmine McMeans

A Waterways Project Publication

Yasmine McMeans

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach Coran James, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

© 1995 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts







There once was a man who liked to run. When people asked him why he said for fun. He ran in the sun. He ran in the rain.

He said running caused him no pain.



There is a little boy who sleeps during the day. He did it for tree without any pay.

Why he did it I can't say

But he did it everyday.


"This and that. This and that. Please don't say anything Without any facts," said Jack ••



There was an old lady who visited New York. She went to a cafe and ate her soup with a fork. When people asked her why

She just sat there and cried --

Because she didn't want to talk.


There was an old lady who wore a lot of blue Because she couldn't figure out why her cat had the flu. She wore blue until he died

Then she changed to black, and that's no lie. Wasn't that a strange thing for her to do?



The pancake is round. It is not square.

How you eat it --

I don't care.


If you take two drums

and then make the sound - pump, bump Take it outside and play it loud

So it can be heard throughout the crowd Play it as loud as you can

Maybe even join a band.



I am hungry.

I guess I'll have an apple. Or maybe I'm thirsty

I guess I'll have a Snapple


I am Black

Never call me blue. I am Black.

What are you?



The hole was in the ground. But when I looked down

It was nowhere to be found.

I then crouched down and didn't make a sound. Can you find the hole that was in the ground?


Ms. Hart is no fool.

She likes to make things with her tools.

I asked her to make me something if she could And she said she would --

She made me a hat; she made me a box. That's when I said, "Hey, thanks a lot!"


In Search of a Song Volume 93

l,.~ .. y. : •.••. - •..•. - . ..a •.••• _ .•

~~ -: ::. ", ~:".'~::~ .. ~ :~~::.:~.~..:.=:~.

•. .' '" _ ~ .. : .

. ~~~

a waterways publication

Stanley Jerome



Stanley Jerome

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach Coran James, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

@1995 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts








A little bit of your friendship is all I need.

Sharing ideas with you is all I want.

Knowing you

is the best thing in my life.

You show me special things. You mean a lot to me.

I'm happy to have you as a friend.



Creator of the world -Creator of the universe, Why is the world like this? The world is almost gone With all these crimes

All this violence

Why don't you do something? Why don't you?

Why don't you?

Why don't you?



Without you I cannot live.

Without you I cannot do anything. Who are you

To make my life so miserable?

Please, come back to me So I'll get a beautiful life.

My life is in your hands. Please, make it easy for me. Please, come back!

Please, come back!



There is no cause without effect. There is no effect without cause. And the same cause produces The same effects

Under the same specific conditions?


Even when I sleep I think about you To you, only will be my life

To you, will be my passion.

Stars of my night

Unity of my heart

Queen of my thinking

I love you

I'll always love you



Every time I see you

Every time I think about you My heart feels good.

I'll do anything for you.

You make me a person.

You raised me in the best way! Never, never willi forget you.

You are the most important thing in my life. I love you, Mom.


What is it?

Why can't anybody give me a good definition? Why are you so important?

Why do you preserve yourself?

Life, explain yourself.

Everybody would like to have an answer.


· I


Her eyes look like the sun

She has the skin of a black angel Her hair is black.

The difference is -- she's my best friend She is so important in my life

I will always feel for her.

I like her.


So kind

So gentle and friendly Nervous sometimes Shy sometimes That's me

That's really me --


In Search of a Song Volume 94

a waterways publication


Shawntell Hall


Shawntell Hall

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach Coran James, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High SChools & Programs

@1995 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts

It is raining hard

I wish it would stop right now I want to go out

The sun is out now! I'm going outside

and play with my rope

I love you so much

You said you'd be there for me. You would never leave.

And now it's nine months later, And I haven't seen you yet ••


I don't have a home I haven't ate in days I can't go to sleep

My family don't want me

I should stop using drugs

She likes to drink beer

It tastes so good in her mouth It makes her feel good

It makes her argue and fight

But she doesn't care. She likes beer.

I love my daughter

She's everything in my life She's four years old now She's not my baby anymore She's now my little girl


Today is Friday

I am going to have fun Soon as I leave school

I am a Queen

A black powerful woman And always will be

It's eight o'clock

Now I have to go to school After my nap

It's a bad drug

I need it every hour Cigarettes are bad


In Search of a Song Volume 95


~ ::5

<.::,: .. :~- :.~:.~ ..

J'" • , -_ ••• - .

. '" '" .....•• ~"" .... ~ •.• ,,·, r·,


a waterways publication

REALISM Robert Campbell

REALISM Robert Campbell

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adminstrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach CoranJames, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

© 1995 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on Ihe Arls

The devil is said to be red, This may not be the truth.

It can appear in any color or form. The devil may be your enemy

But also your friend.

Is the devil a man, woman, or child, Or could it be an animal in the wild?

Life is like a challenge;

You can do or be anything you want. Life can be fun and also dangerous;

It can be fulfillment, love or sadness -Life is a gambling game.

Demons are fears;

They will hunt you and make you scared. Fear is easily conquered

Just stand up to the fear to win.


The world is round

But does not look so. When you are in space

There is no end to the solar system. Is there any life near the rim?

J ,

Time is fast when having fun. Time is slow when there's no fun. Time has no shape or size

And you cannot see time pass. You cannot see its mass.

Time is invisible.

Obsession can be frustrating

and much of the time funny or dangerous. Obsession is almost a habit.

} }

Frustration is the passing of evil The evil turns you against yourself. From then on, you are on your own.


Brave is being proud.

having nerve, guts, honor.

Being brave shuts out fear.

Being brave makes fear disappear.

What makes all the people the same? It's not hair. skin. family background, being in different races.

Talking with accents makes you different. What makes us all the same is our hearts.

Lost souls have no mass or color. Souls can be clearly invisible.

A soul is lost until a person finds it. Souls stay in the darkness

which maybe fear.


In Search of a Song Volume 96


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Naomie Francois


Naomie Francois

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codrectors Thomas Perry adminslrative assistant

James Patton teacher

Bedford Stuyvesant Outreach Coran James, director Anthony Embriano, principal

Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

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May is the best friend t ever had in my life Gentle, pretty, understanding

That's her, my friend

She's always got something to say Lovely, sympathetic, sensitive That's her, my friend

She loves me

We love each other That's us

That's me

That's her

That's my friend

My best friend



Everyone or everything I love is gone Why?

Maybe they don't belong to me I don't trust myself

Everything I think is good Other people don't like

What should I do?

I feerlost

Lost and all alone Is it me?



Everywhere I go

Or everywhere I am

I think about my home Because it's in the only place I don't have to be

Afraid, I fi nd the persons Who really care for me Who really love me

I love my home

Even if sometimes there are problems I love my home

It's there

I feel secure



When I was little

I was part of your womb

You took care of me Cherished me, caressed me And helped me to grow up

Now I'm older

I want to follow my own orders Traveling in your inimitable style On a route without end

I have to live

I leave with a lot of pain I cannot stay

The freedom of myself is calling me Bye, Mother

Life is like this

Bye --

Bye .-

Don't cry

Maybe one day I'll be back 6