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Dream Dictionary By: John M Hawkins

This dictionary is a compilation of dream symbols that gives general meanings to common occurring dream symbols. All terms have been compiled and deciphered through dream analyses and dream research done by John Hawkins. To correctly analyze a dream each meaning is refined by the situations occurring in the dream and in ones immediate life. Also, the colors, tones, and symbols (archetypes) which are recognized also play into the actual meaning of the dream. Further in depth understanding comes from the individual’s frequency and the frequency of the dream itself. Although this dictionary is a very comprehensive expose on many terms and symbols, it cannot and does not list every possible symbol and what the concrete full definitions are. This is universally impossible because the possibilities that occur in the dream state are infinite. Each definition is given to help shine light on a particular frequency and allow one to go deeper into the symbolic meaning behind their dreams. Since waking life itself is a dream, the meaning of these symbols still play into waking life and this is as infinite and vast as the dream world. Pay close attention to how your dreams reflect your outer world and how your outer world is reflected during your dreams. Notice common similarities, reoccurring events and experiences in both areas of your life. The average human sleeps about 8 hours a night. That is a lot of your life which goes unnoticed and is rarely ever paid attention to. In fact, dreams are the most important part of your life and help you understand yourself at a deeper level. They can help you learn things about yourself, guide you, and open you up to a higher intelligence which is always with you. To begin doing dream work it is important to have a notebook and a pen/pencil beside your bed. Leave the notebook open to a blank page every night. Affirm before going to bed that you WILL remember and write down your dreams. Upon waking, write down your dreams and date it. If they are not too detailed, right down what you can remember, even if it is one thing. It all matters. The more you do the work the stronger your recall will become. Dream work is a vital practice in ones spiritual path and opens you up to other dimensions which lay just beyond the physical. Dreams are the gateway to your higher

self and allow you to advance not only your physical life in a positive way but also your spiritual and mental parts of you, expanding your awareness and “psychic” abilities. Bed time affirmations – “I remember my dreams in vivid detail” “I allow myself to remember and record my dreams” “I am aware of my dreams and I am Aware when I am dreaming” It is beneficial to say these throughout the day, write them down, or repeat them in your head. Create your own affirmations to help reprogram your mind into remembering your dreams and being aware of when you’re dreaming. May your inner light shine brightly and show you the hidden worlds of your soul.

accident - pay closer attention to something; a potential problem; slow down; out of control actor/actress/acting - your personality; the "act" you put on; self-expression; the role you play; anxiety about a real situation airplane - raising consciousness; path you are traveling alcohol - Altered state of reality; altering ones state of being alien - aspect of yourself you are not familiar; possible experience in the astral realms; being which is unknown to you; unfamiliar alien abduction - feeling of being over analyzed and belittled; feeling of being taken advantage of; possible experience or an actual memory alley/alleyway - dangerous choices and life paths; rethink direction in life alligator – danger; reptilian genetics activating; submerging in fear and anger ambulance - needing help for the physical body; Emergency; needing healing of the physical. amputation - loss in life, feeling not whole, needing to take care of that area, helplessness, separating yourself anchor - staying in one spot, tied down, stability (more or lack of), desire to settle down or the need to settle down. grounding. angel - the light of truth, wisdom, guidance, a coming of birth or death (literally or figuratively, could be the death of physical or mental attributes), higher guidance from Angelic Hierarchy animal - instincts, “guides"

ankh - protection, if gold it means creating a pathway to a brain frequency, genetics; what color? apple - temptation, negative connotation, what color, wholeness, knowledge, wisdom archway - yearnings, desires, sexual desires, pathway to desires arm - what you can gather in life, right arm = male energies, spiritual ideas, left arm = female energy, egoism and earthly desires. Strength armor - needing to be protected, rigid barriers, rigidity in accepting energy, self defense, the armor of the lord, over protected. art/artist - right brain personality, what you are creating in life, creative energies, your dream and life landscape. auditorium - displaying your ideas, presenting ideas, releasing thoughts in the open

back - treachery (watch your back) backwards - losing ground bait - lure ball - wholeness, well rounded approach, childhood games, completeness, competitiveness balloon - celebrating something; freeing releasing of feelings or creativeness. band - committed team player. bank - need safekeeping; solidarity; stability; security baptism - spiritual renewal barrier - obstacle base - control, manipulation over you basement - base of your mind patter, base programming bath - cleansing, freeing of old ideas, cleansing and strengthening the outer-self, letting go of opinions or prejudices. bathroom - need to release experience, a place for releasing the past, emotions, negativity, anger, cleansing bear - destructive, Playful, grumpy, over protectiveness, retreating, needing to sleep/hibernate beaver - building barriers (emotional); busy; bed/bedroom - relationship; sex/marriage; rest/sleep ; Unconsciousness, altered state

bedroom (fathers, old) - spiritual ideas not used bees - diligence; hard work; organization; busy; flitting flower to flower; drone; sting beheading - traumatic memories of bad judgment; alienation of feelings birds - aloft; ungrounded; messenger of the divine; soul; Spiritual knowledge, telepathy, higher self, freedom from material ties birth - new idea; new stage; reborn black vehicle - secret movement, secret path, secret forces, hiding something on your path blindness/blindfolded - lack of awareness; wish not to know; carry out an execution; executed blockage - repressed expression; depleted energy flow; cannot fulfill task blood - fertility; vitality; ; life force; emotional ; vital force, strength, joy of life boar - depreciate; bored of others/self boat - voyage in life; A trip; message about spiritual truth to be carried; Adventure; way you carry emotions; opportunity body - state of health bomb - explosive situation bone - death; state of reduction or deprivation; structure book - knowledge or wisdom; stage of life; knowledge from Oversoul boss - over involvement of work; parental figure; bottleneck - squeezing through a situation box - womb/vagina; the experience of the situation; danger; that which holds or protects, conditions in your life / surrounding your life

bread - sustaining life force, possibilities, that which is learned in life, money, "raising" breasts - indicate sex or sexual desire; nurturing; feeling of exposure bricks - words or deeds that need building, structure of your thoughts, foundation bride/bride&groom - purity or innocence; anima or animus, partnership bridge - literal travel; transition; subconscious; emotions; link between something separated broken/break-in - poverty; forced entry; fundamental damage; emotional abandonment; opening; brother - brotherhood; fellowship; alliance bubble - womb; merriment; disenchantment, buddha - desire of blessings; wisdom; insight; compassion building - stage for other dreams; institution; business; represent self; rising or falling in status or awareness bull - bullheaded about a situation; clumsy; optimistic, stubbornness, sexual appetite, hardheadedness, blocking information bullet - negative thoughts or emotions that are being sent to you, hurtful thoughts bulls-eye - attuning to ones ideals and goals, being on the mark of your wants, making your target in a path of life burial - bidding farewell to old conditions or relationships burglar - warning of someone taking advantage of you, negative attitude or emotion, stealing ones energy and vitality, guilt, desire to steal from someone (literally or metaphorically) bus - stage for other dreams; collective action; amongst crowd of same patterns / mind patterns

butterfly - transformation; beauty; pollination buttons - clothing; outer self; persona

cabbage - state of vegetable determines if a good or bad portent. if rotting- old stagnating conditions. Fresh- cleanser; healing agent cafeteria - ideas needing digesting; "food for thought"; too much; fed up; fight response to something threatening to eat you; something eating you up cage - cooped up; confining; cakes - time for rejoicing; celebrate; cancer - hopelessness; consuming emotional/physical resources for too long candles - protection from unseen; guidance from unknown; purpose; cause; passing of a problem candy - ones own physical satisfaction, self indulgence, improper eating, needing more sweetness in life, a luxury cane - support, providing assistance, discipline, male sexual organ cannibalism - insatiably lust to own; possess another; eaten alive; worst form of something forbidden cap - completion; job well done; mission accomplished captain -the one in charge (you?, others?), higher-self, intellect, source of guidance, authority, power car - self, self control issues; in control of ones life; not in control; riding along; taking backseat; driven to new heights; lifting out of a rut; the way you move through life, physical body, ethereal body, ambitions, carpet -Being walked on, hiding or covering up something, softness/comfort, submissive state carrot - good heath for eyes; lure; associate with rabbits

castle - reward; honor bestowed; recognition; praise; fort; security castration - repulsion to sexual expression; fear of losing oneself in sexual act; deep guilt; fear of growing up/old; feeling of emasculation and impotence. cat - independence; power; animal self; feminine; prosperity; sexuality; "sleek"; "cunning"; evil; bad luck; mean/ malicious remarks, gossipy cave - place to hide/escape; refuge; emergence of self; womb; child-bearing; new life; contemplation; creativity cellar - subconscious mind; ones past cemetery - sadness; unresolved grief; dead past chains - union; marriage; missing link; events for chain reaction; bound, link chair - rest; reflect; contemplate; take advice; hot seat chase - running from situation; fear of something; chasing a difficult goal, cherry - associate with truth; sweetness; good fortune chewing Gum - Something that needs to be chewed upon as in a message or lesson to be able to understand children / child - returning to less complicated state; regression; longing for the past; second chance; creative idea that needs supporting. chimney - reward for being good; warmth and cheer of family; chocolate - the need to be rewarded; thoughts of special treatment; indulging in too much excesses; need to apply restraint church - prayers being answered; inner need for spiritual atonement/nourishment circle - oneness; wholeness; protection from evil; bringing attention to; frustrations; being in; slave; relationship; bound

city - crime; gangs; brutality, entertainment; class - learning life lessons; authority in matters of life; attending class in inner planes; status; uniqueness; climbing - struggle; obstacles; overcoming issues; rising cloak - cover-up; protection; hidden identity; hidden actions clock - not being on top of things; behind schedule; out of time closet - hidden; hide; unsavory past; hidden aspects of self; storage; clothing - ideas; ways; need for change; trying to fit in; your outer appearance you show the world clouds - anger upcoming; viewpoint cloudy; confusion; lack of clarity; obscure clover - growth and development, spiritual good luck, spiritual cause of "luck" club - feeling of aggression; submission; aspire to acquire identity (social, economic, cultural) coat - thoughts, attitudes, protection from your own emotions or others emotions cocks - alert; time to wake; thankless task; over achievement; aggressive pursuit of power cockroaches - contamination, hidden undesirable motives; cocoon - over burdened; longing for relief; restore/recreating new path of expression; new rebirth of self coffin - physical confinement; restricting of freedom; dead or decaying situation; rebirth collar - confinement; restraint; completion; controlled; subservient; slave; frustrated work situation; confining relationship colors - depict energy; see color glossary column - strength; work; support; organization; holding up burdens, supporting others

compass - guidance, the direction in life, the ability to persist in opposing events composer - creating or directing in one or more arenas of life. container - that which is held within the conscious mind, receptivity, female sex organs, inner contents of the soul personality contamination - fed up; internal conflict; corn - nourishment; abundance; growth; fertility correspondence - overdue communication costume - obscured identity of self/other; conscious or subconscious disguise; couch - needed rest; healing therapy; court - dealing with fear, guilt; judging, being judged, measuring ones behavior against universal laws cow - passive; docile; fertile; nourishment; fulfillment; prosperity; happiness crab - physical nourishment, tenacious; clinging; indicate something about relationship curtains - hiding from self or others; behind the scenes

dawn - awakening to new things, healing, a fresh perspective, new approach, a breakthrough in understanding or lessons. death / dying - birth of new thought, trials and tribulations which provide lessons, loss of characteristics, the need for more attention and love, change, transition diamond - great truth, eternity of spirit, spiritual consciousness, hardness, something of great value, money gained or lack thereof), being love or needing to be loved, High self worth dining table - attention to food and diet, feeding the mind dirt/dirty - need of cleansing, something needing to be corrected in oneself, fear or dirty attributes, unclean or improper state of mind diving - jumping into a new experience, jumping head on into problems or possibilities dog - nature or disposition that may not always be trusted, faithful or unfaithful, an enemy, aggressiveness, instinctive knowledge, obedience dolphin - trust, joy, high level intelligence, high level message, unlocking inner wisdom, inner senses ie; telepathy donkey - bearer of a heavy load (emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally) an honor, stubbornness, unyielding door/doorway - entrance to other selves, openings to personal expression, a barrier, death, front door indicates place of meeting which is new and coming into ones life. locked door represents wanting to avoid unpleasant conditions or information. Blocked knowledge from your conscious mind, opening to knowledge and the subconscious or super conscious mind dove - understanding, connecting with the divine, the holy spirit, communion, inner peace

dragon - fear, materialism, repressed emotion, reptilian genetics coming to the surface, power, anger (what color?) drama - acts and phases of ones own life, your emotional stand point to situations, how you accept situations draperies - covering, hiding, adornment, privacy or the desire for privacy drawer - reviewing ideas, cleaning out of old ideas and thoughts, baggage, How cluttered or full? dress - new thoughts, new ideas, ones appearance to others, self image drugs - altering your state of consciousness, altering reality, escaping the reality you created drug store - drugs you are taking, heating, reliance on physical means to stimulate change, wanting to alter your state of consciousness drum - pulse, rhythms in life, beating of ones point of view, following your own or others rhythms duel - confrontations with other people/selves, internal fight, self criticism, self condemnation dummy - warning of getting involved with lower aspects, being controlled by outside influences dynamite - temper, material force, emotions, fears, explosive tendency

eagle - clear perception, messengers, high information and lessons, power, courage, control ear - listening to information, listening to guidance, needing to pay attention earth - mother energy, nurturing, need of grounding back to "earth" earthquakes - shake up in your life, danger, unstable life path eating - what you are learning about yourself, may pertain to your diet edge - the end, end of a cycle, needing to balance, needing to watch out or pay attention to steps on your path egg - new beginning, protection, nourishment, fragile barriers elbow - being flexible with others, need more space, extending into the world, which side? electric/electricity - power, the driving force that energizes a situation elephant - power, might, heightened knowledge, cunning, sexuality, strength of will, thick skinned, long memory, un-forgetting elevator - changes, changing frequency (lower or higher), altered states, raising or lowering consciousness escape / escaping - running away from fear, escaping your reality, not wanting to deal with lessons or what you are learning about yourself, releasing ex - healing of past relationships, integrating the lesson learned, what you learn about relationships extra-terrestrial / ET - high level spiritual knowledge, teachers, guides, higher aspect of yourself

explosion - turmoil, change, need of rebuilding yourself or emotions, repressed emotions coming to the surface eye - outlook on life, being watched, vision of things, intelligence, curiosity, personal identity, all seeing, needing to be on the look out

face - what you present of yourself to the world, how you show your emotions falling - lack of support, getting caught up in something, fear of not being in control, fear of losing position of prestige, disappointments in life fat - the barrier of emotions and yourself from the outside world, hoarding, may pertain to diet, need to release emotional weight and be yourself. father figure - beliefs of god, spiritual ideas, spiritual concepts, needing to connect spiritually feathers - an achievement, thought or aspiration, plucking feathers mean things that need to be removed for new stability, flying feathers indicate disrupted conditions or emotions, higher guidance gift feet - the path you are on, how you travel on your path, understanding, grounding female figure (not mother) - left brain, ego personality, material thoughts, physical desires fence - confined, limited, undecided, barrier, difficulty with in, protection from outside threat, protection from inner self and emotions fire - fear, temper, passion, pain, may indicate physical distress, feeling of being reduced to nothing, purifying yourself, needing to purify fireworks - achievement, celebration, dramatic, outer demonstration of ones inner state fish - symbol of god mind, Christ, an attainable achievement, a lesson that can be drawn out, something "fishy", something not quite right, feelings of inner life, the way you move through your emotions flower - hope, spiritual development, growth, beauty, inner self blossoming, love, center of consciousness, virginity

flying - mastering physical laws, overcoming earthly desires, waking up to higher fourth dimensional understanding, may indicate lucid dreaming (often in the astral realms), desire to travel, desire to rise above, wishful thinking, raising your consciousness to new heights food - nourishing yourself spiritually, what you are learning about yourself, how your mind is being nourished, dietary guidelines forest - lost, confused, lonely, needing to connect with nature foundation (of building) - your physical body, plans, ideals, assumptions, stability of your life, structure of your higher aspects fountain - source of knowledge, attaining knowledge, supply, erupting emotions fox - slyness, deception, out witted

game - challenges, physical efforts to be made, enjoyment or pleasure, earthly life garage - need to stop what you are doing, rethink your actions, releasing or storing emotions or thoughts garden - spiritual and mental growth, what’s growing? Any weeds?, nurturing, new life, healing, clear or cluttered mind pattern. ghost - movement through non physical realities, possible spirit giant - foreboding, distress, people or conditions which are oppressive to self, strength without wisdom girl - left brain personality, ego, physical desires glass (drinking glass) - how you hold your emotions, may indicate need of more hydration, how full? filled with what? glasses (for eyes) - enhanced comprehension, clear sight, mind set, something that aids inner vision, needing to see glow - seeing new ideas, need to pay attention, important, need to be looked at gold (color) - high level lesson, spiritual information, valuable teaching, Christ healing, truth golf - physical well being, needing exercise, the game of life golf ball - person, persons own life, the word of spiritual forces golf club - the way you go about life, how you handle life, the swing of things golf course - the course of your life, the world in which we make our way, *pay attention to coloring*, how many wholes? gorge - troublesome conditions, needing a change of course

graduation - reached higher level of awareness, growth, moving on, achievements, worthiness, satisfaction, learned lessons, pay attention to colors green (color) - healing, the past guard - protection, are you the guard?, needing to be protected, feeling of being threatened from outside influences guitar - need to pay attention to a different frequency, moving in frequencies, higher or lower?, creative ideas gun - aggressiveness, harshness, defense, if aiming a gun represents focused on target or goal, male sex organ, fear guru - spiritual teacher, a guide, teacher, higher aspect of self guy - god mind within, spiritual, right brain personality gym - need to release, strength, may pertain to the need to exercise, building up

hair - thoughts, power, physical or spiritual strength, could indicate stress hammer - power, impact, desire to have impact in life, building hands - what you grasp in life, what you can hold hat - protection, nature of your thoughts, what kind of hat? head - conscious intentions, brain function, expression headless - losing your head in emotions, inability to reach person through normal mean, detachment heart - emotions, emotional issue, love, needing to be loved hermit - isolating yourself, staying inside, introverted, needed to come out of your shelf, hiding hitchhiking - taking someone else's path, not following your inner guidance, not following your path home/house - Oversoul, the place of your consciousness, the personality, front of house indicates facade or act you who to the world, your mental state homeless - feeling disconnected from your Oversoul/higher self, moving away from what feels like home, moving outside of your normal consciousness horse - messenger, making progress, instincts, the way you are traveling hose - cleansing, flow of emotions hospital - physical healing, needing to be healed, fixing a problem in life hungry - not learning or accepting what your learning about yourself, needed to learn, could indicate poor diet, need to feed desires

ice - lack of feelings, lack of emotions, being frozen emotional, blocked creativity, emotional obstacle, if melting it indicates emotions surfacing or the easing of emotional problems ignore - not wanting to see an aspect of yourself, not paying attention to your path, what are you ignoring? indian - nature, teacher, what kind of Indian? ink - information, what color? words? symbols? indigestion - what you are absorbing about yourself or learning about yourself, not absorbing the information, irritation, having a hard time digesting what your learning intruder - self indulgent attitudes, threatening or avoided side of self, if you or someone is breaking into a house it represents breaking a spiritual law insects - something is bugging you internet - circulatory system, connection with others, avoiding contact with your true self, needing to pay attention to spiritual unity invisible - feel unnoticed, you want to disappear, escaping responsibility or lessons, seeking the deeper knowledge irrigation - needing to cleanse, flushing of energy or emotions ironing - smoothing out things in your mind pattern, smoothing things out in you physical life, clearing up communication island - needing solitude, escaping from a problem, stranded between emotions, lost in life, feeling separate or isolated, retreating into yourself itch - an irritation or frustration, needing to do something, can apply to sexual urges, incompatibility in your mind patterns with someone

ivory - positive, a force of positive connotation ivy - thought patterns in life

jail - imposing regulations on yourself, feeling locked up, feeling stagnant, jaw - stubbornness, rigid jewels / jewelry - healing, impressing others with superficial things, knowledge, spiritual growth, strong mind pattern job - stuck pathway in life, based on fear, tasks needing to be accomplished, frustration, unfulfilled, self expression joints - how flexible you are in life journey - life path, change, the way you travel on your path, needing to realize a goal, spiritual journey judge / jury - Oversoul reviewing your actions, may feel judged by god based on your decision jump - need for awareness, impatient, jumping form one thing or another, jumping to conclusions jungle - out of control mind patterns junk - need to clean out old thoughts, mental baggage

kangaroo - jumping from one idea to another, need to concentrate, *see kick* key - unlocking DNA, opening up new mind patterns, unlocking knowledge with in kick - need for change, what is being kicked? kidnap - feeling victimized, trapped, carried way by desires, taking advantage of someone, being taken advantage of kill / killing - expressing ego, destroying a part of yourself, distress, anger, changing something, getting rid of something king - symbol of god, Oversoul, higher power, high level of attainment kiss - merging energies kitchen - spiritual nourishment, could indicate diet, emotional well being, nurturing yourself and others kite - need to be free, out of control, feeling in the clouds, looking for higher perspective knee - flexibility in the future, how you are flexible in moving forward in life knife - aggression, feeling attacked, emotionally injured, at war with self, penetration in the sub-conscious knitting - healing, what color?, creative aspects knock / knocking - new arrival, needing to stop doing something, something needs attention, a message knot - fear, feeling tangle up, needing to release

lace - veil, secrecy, what color? ladder - DNA sequence, climbing to new heights, higher understanding ladybug - female figure, bothersome, fortunate circumstances with a female energy lake - body of emotions lamb - innocence, purity, sacrificing a part of yourself, giving yourself to others, letting go of stubbornness lamp - shedding light on a situation late - missing opportunities, passive aggressive, neglecting responsibility, avoiding commitment, need to learn more, become more involved in life laugh - ridicule, fear of being laughed at, expressing joy laying down - giving up, submitting leak - wasted energy, giving yourself too much to others, repressed emotions are coming to the surface, giving ideas away, new insights are coming into you conscious mind leaves - life, growth, easily separated from your origin left - the wrong way in your path, need to work on ego, physical desires legs - how you move forward in life, take initiative letter - new opportunity, communication, receiving guidance library - storage of knowledge, Akashic records, information light - lessons of great truth, knowledge, directing force, shedding light on something, conscious intention

lightning - activation, opening to awareness, something being pointed out, a warning lion - strength, power, large awareness, leading spiritually, wanting to control others, great influence lips - the words you use, how you express yourself through words lipstick - masking your words, what color? liquor - blurring consciousness, literally about drinking habits, dissolved inhibitions, dissolved reality, escaping reality lizard - survival needs, reptilian genetics lots of people - personality aspects, other personalities in your Oversoul love - unconditional acceptance, needing to experience more of, deep longing luggage - how you carry yourself, your thoughts and mind pattern, holding on to parts of yourself, storing ideas lungs - ability to breath in life, needing cleansing or clearing lying - not being true to yourself, deceitful, ignoring the truth

machine / machinery - unwilling to be different, rigid, stubborn, methodical mall - choices in life magic - falsely manifesting something, feeling manipulated, fooling yourself magnet - attraction, energy attraction, what are you attracting? mail carrier - messenger, receiving a message male figure (not father) - right brain, creativity, emotions, spiritual map - brain, DNA, mind pattern / thought patterns, location of journey, needing to travel, map of what? market - needing physical support, possibilities marriage - joining of energies, merging left and right brain mask - hiding yourself, false image, not showing true self maze - lost, confusion, blocked progress, fixed beliefs in your mind pattern, lack of faith meat - density medicine - needing to heal, correcting a mind pattern mermaid - physical emotions, egoistic emotions, facing temptations merry go round - going around in circles, not moving forward in life, needing to learn something before moving forward, cycles of life, time (not linear) metal - rigid beliefs, being hard on self middle - balancing, needing to find which way to go

milk - deep nourishment, nurturing instincts, faith mine - penetrating a core issue, looking for secrets, bringing issues to the surface mirror - the negative side of you, what you reflect outwards, the inner self mold - negative side of your emotions growing, festering emotions monastery - right brain thinking, retaining spiritual thoughts, spiritual home money - self worth moon - cycles of growth, feminine energy, pull on your emotions, new beginnings, astral energy morning - a new beginning, new growth, new chances motel - temporary condition of your mind patterns, what condition? mother figure - the earth, earth plane, earthly life , nurturing in your life, left brain, ego ides of self mouth - absorbing information, the way you say things, what is coming out of your mouth? mountain - an obstacle in your way, something that needs to be overcome, raising levels of awareness movie - reviewing your own life, who or what are the characters? mouse - problems being invasive, annoyance, small problems mud - being stuck, slowed down in your progress, needing cleansing museum - records of your past, DNA information, unlocking old knowledge music - listening to a frequency, needing to pay attention to a frequency mystery - unknown knowledge, locked mind pattern

nail - nails on fingers or toes represents protecting yourself, if hammering nails it represents connecting pieces, things you are hung up on, what are you nailing? naked - exposing the truth about yourself, vulnerability, unprepared, carefree self expression, focusing on your innocence navel - self absorbed, codependency, need to focus on truth neck - your flexibility with new things, needing to speak up or how you communicate to others and yourself, if stiff may represent stubbornness needle - piercing a problem, getting to a point net - being caught up in confusion, feeling limited newspaper - upcoming news and events in your life, feeling of people knowing too much about you, precognitive information and knowledge night - not seeing things with understanding, need to bring more light to a situation or problem, how you are seeing the world, dark and unaware noodle - powerlessness, weak and limp in your well being north - clear guidance, attuning to ancient wisdom, raising yourself up nose - recognition of what is in front of you, what you are sensing right in front of you numbers - archetypal qualities, spiritual knowledge nurse - healing, earth energy, need healing of ego nut - seed that can grow into big new ideas, needing to open up to new ideas and thoughts

oar - assistance in life, treading through emotions ocean - deep emotions, also see water octopus - part of many things, numerically symbolizes 8 (see numerology section), odor - negativity in thought and mind patterns office - what you do in life, how you work in your life situation, life functions orgasm - need to release creative energy, be creative, focus on a creative outlet oil - easiness in life process, if clogged oil it represents needing clearing to further your life process and make an easier energy flow old - hanging on to ideas that are no longer needed, old thoughts and mind patterns old lady - ego thinking, left brain, old thoughts that play into your ego old man - spiritual thinking, represents a old teacher, wise, right brain olive - healing information, peaceful, what color olive? onion - personal growth process, the layers of yourself, growing in stages, may indicate a need to cry and release emotions. opal - ideas that need improving and expanding open - unlocking certain aspects of yourself, what are you opening? open door represents a vortex of new probabilities, a new pathway orange - pertains to second chakra, sexual energy, what color orange? fruit or just the color? May represent the truth. oriental - deep spiritual understanding and philosophy, if a person a spiritual teacher

orphan - spiritual and physical unhappiness, feeling abandoned ostrich - needing to face reality, feelings of not fitting in, caught in delusions, not acting holy, be more practical otter - treading through emotions, becoming at home with your emotions ovaries - ideas that are not yet time to be created and set in motion oven - processing ideas and information, heating up a situation owl - hidden wisdom, all knowing, may represent alien intervention oyster - a treasure, hidden spiritual knowledge

pain - experiences that are difficult, can link to real pain if so where?, pay attention to certain area of the body painting - reorganizing energetic structure, where and what? Creating yourself, the visions you hold about life pail - feeling limited in what you receive, what is the pale holding? What color? palace - Oversoul symbol, a spiritual home pan - swallowing thinking, feeling you can not contain a lot of information, what is in the pan? panic - unbalanced, feeling uncertain in a reaction or direction life, needing to calm yourself and look at aspects of your life pants - changing ones thoughts on life, leadership paper - what is written on the paper? Information, temporary information and knowledge parade - aspects of your personality, reviewing yourself, what’s in the parade? parachute - coming down to earth, needing to face reality, letting go, protection parents - assistance, protection, left and right brain party - what kind of party? aspects of yourself, a celebration, social life peace - calmness, no fear, removing fear, becoming whole pearl - important idea, luck perfume - emotional reactions, expression. Covering up attributes of yourself, psychic influence

phallus / phallic symbols - power, need of sexuality, mind of god strength, creativity. phoenix - raising above a situation, great change pier - balancing through emotional changes pie - material benefits, manifestation, what kind of pie? May refer to diet pig - sexual desires, dirtiness, stubbornness, need of cleansing pin - holding onto personality aspect (also see needle) pirate - low self respect, robbing yourself, not looking at things clearly plant - new ideas of growth, oxygen, cleansing plate - your current dealings and situations, what is on the plate? pocket - memory, inner reserves, being receptive, keeping something to yourself poison - dangerous condition in your life, toxicity in your thoughts, toxic relations, negative emotions you avoid police - control and authority issues, breaking rules, need to look at your alignment with universal laws, guidance and directing. pregnant / pregnancy - creative ideas coming to the surface, may indicate real pregnancy, new things coming into your life president - dominant personality aspect, control priest - teacher, spiritual information prison - feeling locked up, stagnant, needing to escape the hold on you, limited thinking prophet - higher self, high spiritual teacher pulling - raising yourself up, strong attraction and influence pulpit - teaching, spiritual healing

purple - a crowning moment pyramid - great knowledge, healing, esoteric knowledge, high energy, deep insight

quicksand - drained energy, feeling stuck, feeling trapped and cannot get out, internal struggle, materialism quarter - a portion of physical reality, also see money quartz - need to store energy, clearing of energy, power, what color? queen - left brain, ego thoughts, powerful materialistic urges and wants

rabbit - scared, fertility, sexuality, self expression rabbit hole - deep inner pathways of your being racoon - stealing, theft, deception, sneaky race - getting ahead of others, getting a head of yourself radio - frequencies that need to be paid attention too, frequencies that need to be tuned rag - need new methods of cleansing, clean or dirty? Washing away negativity rat - feeling bothered, annoyance, something gnawing at you, rain - cleansing, sadness, depression, peaceful, in what context? rainbow - new beginning, end of turmoil, healing, any color prominent? rape - feeling taken advantage of, no privacy, feeling of being drained of energy, by whom? refrigerator - hording, the things you ingest, what is in it? May pertain to diet issues renovation - creating new structures in life, reinventing yourself, change, new rental - temporary location on your path resort - enjoying your life situation river - your emotional flow road - the path you follow in life, is it bumpy? curvy? rocks - difficulties, strength, stability, troublesome conditions

roof - the structure that is over you, security, protection, higher thoughts rope - what your are holding on too, connection, security rose - blooming knowledge, unfolding running - not confronting a problem, what are you running from? feeling the need to run away

sacrifice - giving up something in your life, giving up a part of yourself sail - going with the flow, going with your emotions saint - a teacher, spiritual guidance sand - grounding, balancing, passing time satin - comfortable or content emotional state scale - balance, may refer to diet, what numbers if any? scar - holding onto past hurts, feeling hurt, needing to heal, where is it? scarf - hiding behind what you say, what color? Covering up past words, needing to open up to conversation school - teachings, things you are learning, higher learning, unresolved issues from your school life scientist - altering, trying to figure out reality and yourself, altering the way you view others and yourself scissors - desire to cut loose, feeling cut off, feeling apart from yourself, hostility scorpion - danger, bitterness, hurtful remarks that have hurt you seed - new growth, things to be manifested, an idea, new beginnings sell - releasing old baggage, releasing old mind patterns, getting rid of unneeded energy, what are you selling? servant - see slave sex - merging of energies, combining left and right brain (depending on gender), feeling of creativity, need to be creative, sex with whom?

shack - low state of mind, out of balance, feeling of low self worth shadow - a hidden aspect of yourself shark - aggression, deep fears, deep emotional fears shell - protection, self preservation, needing to come out of your shell, need to show yourself shepard - leading in a situation, nurturance, symbol of Christ shirt - what you show to the world, what color? Projected thoughts to others shoes - how you stand in your foundation and grounding, basic principles, the role you play in life skin - the way you protect yourself, what you show the world and others skunk - bad feelings, constant lingering feelings of uneasiness slave - submissive, subservient to others, lacking control of yourself, feeling controlled snakes - deception, Kundalini, wisdom, reptilian DNA aspects of yourself, sneakiness snow - cleansing or need of cleansing, how much snow? soap - need to cleanse yourself soup - digesting and taking in all life has to offer, assimilation spear - piercing through blockages spice - adding to the energy of your life, changing things up spider - feeling of being caught, entrapping, deception, lies spiral - vortex, what color? where? sponge - soaking up your emotions, absorbing life experiences, wet or dry? color?

spoon - how much you can take in your life, may pertain to diet squash - ending a learning process staircase - revealing DNA information and knowledge stage - showing your true self to others, making things public, development, desire for more attention statue - a part of yourself that has no life, unresponsive steel - making yourself stronger, building a stronger support, protection sting - pain that is causing irritation, activating a painful experience stomach - what you are digesting about yourself stone - heavy thoughts, feeling weighed down, obstacle store/supermarket - the choices in life that you are making, different paths, things you desire in life string - fooling someone, leading someone or yourself on stripes - level of achievement, what color? feeling trapped, variety study - assimilating things you are learning, taking on new knowledge and new concepts suitcase - the baggage you carry in your life sun - Oversoul symbol, spiritual force, knowledge, life and energy, Christ, masculine, intellect sunburn - exposure to god mind, wanting to connect with source surgeon - changing aspects of your life, removing mind patterns swan - peace, serenity, symbol of the soul

swim - how you cope with your emotions, sexuality sword - the spirit, male sex organ, power and authority, strength of character, protection, discernment

tail - trying to maintain balance tattoo - symbol of permanent mind pattern, energetic imprint, what part of body? what image? taxi - guiding on your journey teacher - higher self, guide, spiritual teacher telephone - connecting to a frequency telephone call - receiving information from a frequency telescope - perceiving information, seeing the future, clearer insight, making something big out of something small temple - understanding spiritual ideas, past life memory, past incarnation surfacing, the physical body temptation - ego based, earth plane, left brain tent - protection of your belief system test - reviewing what you learned thermometer - measurements or judgments being made in the physical, measurement of emotional state tin - ideas that lack strength tire - support system, support on your path, are the flat? tongue - expressing yourself, the way you say things tooth - the adjustment to life situations

traffic - feeling crowed or jammed on your path train ride - DNA information that is being revealed to you, DNA review, journey in life trip - change, needing change, journey through life, ones destiny tree - your family, growth, knowledge trumpet - acknowledging an achievement, arrival of new things tulip - new chances, wanting to start over, feeling new and revised tunnel - hiding, trying to find your true self turban - psychic powers, mystery turtle - making slow progress, strength, longevity, introverted twilight - upcoming end of a cycle or experience

UFO - high level information, spiritual knowledge, higher consciousness umbrella - protection umpire - how you judge yourself and others underwear - revealing yourself, revealing aspects of yourself you kept private, what color? unicorn - higher level spiritual message, a specific message to be understood uniform - conformity, authority, subservient, what you show the world, masking you true self universe - symbol of god, all things, all possibilities, totality urinating - relieving yourself of pent up emotions, getting rid of anger and aggression

vacancy - emptiness in your life vacation - breaking from your routine, needing a break vacuum - need to clean up mind patterns valley - a low point in life vampire - feeling drained of energy, draining of energy van - bringing past issues and people with you in life vehicle - how you go along your path vein - the flow of joy in your life vegetable - low level thinking, needing grounding, feeling unwanted ventriloquist - letting others speak for you, not being in control, giving your power away to others victim - feelings of low self esteem, self analyzing, feeling like a victim, need to release victimization mind patterns video - reviewing life scenarios and experiences violin - need to pay attention to a frequency, need to tune into a frequency vitamin - boosting your energy, may pertain to diet volcano - erupting emotions, anger volunteer - selfless service to others vomit - rejection of what you are learning about yourself

vulture - misfortune, taking advantage of others, waiting for punctuation on others mistake

waiter/waitress - bringer of a message (male = spiritual, female = ego mind), relying on others to bring you things wagon - way of travel on your journey, the physical body, purposes in life walking - the flow through life at an even pace wallet - things you have to offer, things stored away for safe keeping walls - constructs you build around you, barriers around you war - inner conflict wash - removal and cleansing of negativity wasp - hostility, also see sting water - life itself, your emotions wave - over bearing emotions wax - smooth situation, smooth transition wedding - merging aspects of yourself together well - deep inner thinking west - left brain thinking wheel - the circle of life you are in, the way you are going in your path widow - loss of balance, loss of part of self wind - changes in your life and relationships window - outlook on life, looking outside of yourself

wire - path of energy, connection wolf - family, family situations, how you work with others as a group woman - ego mind, left brain, left side of body wood - need of grounding, grounding woods/forest - the unconscious mind, need to experience more nature, your mental state wrestle - inner struggle with aspects of your personality writing - taking down knowledge, manifesting knowledge

x-ray - exposing a problem, seeing past the physical, exposing all to see

yardstick - measuring your growth on your path yoga - changing position in life, may refer to health and exercise, need to be more flexible in life young - new start, reborn, invigorated, more energy

zebra - yes or no message, certainty of a message, seeing things in black or white zipper - covering up a thought form, needing to stay silent zoo - collection of animalistic mind patterns, low level ideas and thoughts zucchini - nourishing idea or thoughts, male sex organ, sexual experience

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