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TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment

Examples of evidence to support application for skills recognition and recognition of prior learning
Field Learning Environment Unit codes TAAENV401B TAAENV402B TAAENV403B Evidence of competency to include 1. Documentation on how to identify client vocational educational and training needs, including the development and review client communication strategies. 2. Documentation on sources of information and advice on the quality framework for vocational education and training in particular as it applies at the organisational level. 3. Documentation on processes and procedures used to identify specific needs of clients including how inclusivity and diversity of needs are addressed, learning is promoted and how individuals are encouraged to contribute to a learning environment. 4. Documentation on how potential/real hazards/risks are identified, reported on and addressed in the learning environment, including how consultation and communication takes place with stakeholders, how OHS information is provided to learners/candidates and examples of OHS checklists and reports. • Examples of evidence Maintenance of a journal on issues of inclusivity and diversity in the classroom • Examples of how work relationships are maintained • Application of policies and procedures that foster inclusivity • Completed of OHS checklists and/or pro forma OHS report. • Research, assess and report on OHS of a learning environment • Research and report on key VET policies and application to a particular workplace Learning Design TAADES401B TAADES402B 1. Documentation on the unpacking of training specifications, including at least one Training Package to meet client's needs. 2. Preparation of two learning programs of differentiated design, context and learner needs. 3. At least one program to be based on competency standards or accredited course. • Development of learning programs for 2 different qualifications in a relevant Training Package. • Development of content of the 2 programs, as well as assessment strategies and a review process • Contextualisation of the learning programs to a workplace.

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• • • Identification of a training need within the workplace Development of 3 training sessions to address the need Analysis of different techniques and resources used for large training sessions small group and one on one sessions Development. trial and validation of at least 2 assessment tools for 2 different qualifications Conduct and report on the conduct of a number of assessments using different assessment methods and different assessment tools. evaluation of the relationship 4. Development of a minimum of two delivery plans. Developing and trialling of new assessment tools that support assessment methods that address at least three units of competency at different levels of the AQF. One delivery plan to address the whole or substantial part of a learning program with a series of session plans and evidence of contextualization of learning activities. reasonable adjustment and consideration of organisational arrangements. and how work was organised and allocated to meet learning needs. Assessments to include RPL. 4. the development of relevant learning materials and documentation of requirements for training delivery. individual session plans. Conduct of assessments to include a RPL and one involving a reasonable adjustment Report on the completion and recording of assessment outcomes • • • • Evidence requirements Cert IV TAA Created by: Julie Bertram Version: 1 Last edited on 03/11/10 © South West Institute of TAFE 2010 . Documentation on a minimum of two examples developing a work-based learning pathway including how needs were identified. 3. work environment and activities were analysed.TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment Delivery and Facilitation TAADEL401B TAADEL403B TAADEL404B TAADEL301C 1. application of reasonable adjustment. 2. Evidence of communications. a plan for the learning relationship. what technique used and why. implementation and review of an individual learning plan. liaison and recording of feedback to be provided. Documenting participation in two assessment validation sessions aimed at validating the assessment process including legal and ethical responsibilities. completion of records and review of the assessment process. incorporating coaching as a learning methodology • Assessment TAAASS401C TAAASS402C TAAASS403B TAAASS404B 1. 5. Evidence of review and feedback from appropriate personnel and documentation on the tools and procedures to be included. different competency or performance standards. contextualisation of standards and tools. one of which is to be linked to competency standards or accredited curriculum. work practices. use of different assessment methods and tools. a range of candidates. Documentation on a minimum of two individual learning relationships involving the following: how the need was determined. demonstration of two-way feedback. Planning and organising the assessment process on at least two occasions to include a range of assessment events including: RPL. • Development of plans for at least 2 assessment processes including an RPL methodology as part of one of the assessment processes Development. 3. Conducting of assessments on a number of occasions using an assessment plan. 2.

TAA40104 Certificate IV Training and Assessment Evidence requirements Cert IV TAA Created by: Julie Bertram Version: 1 Last edited on 03/11/10 © South West Institute of TAFE 2010 .