Google Hacking Quick Reference Basic Operators • AND ◦ Returns results with both words ◦ Try the following

search: three AND stooges • OR ◦ Returns results with either word ◦ Try the following search: three OR stooges • The Plus Operator (+) ◦ Forces inclusion of a common word ◦ Common words not used in searches include a, about, an, and, are, as, at, be, by, from, how, i, in, is, it, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, we, what, when, where, which, with ◦ Try the following search: +the three stooges • The Minus Operator (-) ◦ Excludes results containing a term ◦ Try the following search: three -stooges ▪ Searches for pages containing the term three ▪ Excludes pages containing stooges • The Star Wildcard (*) • Single-word wildcard • Does not support stemming (Meteor * won't return results on Meteorology) • The Dot Wildcard (.) • Single-character wildcard a) intitle:Test.Page.for.Apache • The Quote Operator (“”) ◦ Used to search for phrases ◦ Order matters ◦ Try the following searches and note the differing results: ▪ ice cream ▪ cream ice ▪ “ice cream” ▪ “cream ice” Advanced Operators 1. Syntax a) Operator:SearchTerm b) Ex. cache:“Microsoft XP” 2. Operators a) cache:search_term 1. Searches the pages cached by Google for search_term 2. Ex. cache:“apache” 3. If disable images through browser - very stealthy. You never actually touch target server. (Just Google servers) b) intext:search_term 1. Searches for search_term in text of document 2. Use allintext: to search for multiple terms 3. Ex. intext:compiler

Ex2: allintext:compiler assembler linker c) intitle:search_term 1.ubuntu. filetype:doc 4. • intitle:index.Page.3.of “Apache/1. link:www.3 Server at” Find Manuals and Sample Apps • inurl:manual apache directives modules • allinurl:iishelp core • inurl:iissamples Find Sensitive Information • inurl:admin inurl:userlist • intitle:index. Ex. Returns documents with the specified extension 2.3. Ex. filetype:txt Returns list of sites linked to URL 2..of. Searches html title of documents (<title>search this text</title>) for search_term 2. Use allintitle to search multiple terms d) inurl:search_term 1.IIS. Searches the url (http://. Searches and returns results only from the specified URL • inurl:admin • filetype:log inurl:password.worked! this. Use allinurl to search multiple search terms e) link:URL 1. Ex2. Same functionality as the “Similar Pages” link on the main results page g) filetype:extension 1.log //Apache Manual //IIS Manual //IIS Samples //Apache 1.Apache returns pages that link to www.X //IIS 4 //IIS 6 .web.4. Question: Which file type is most prevalent on the web? h) site:URL 1. Ex.log • inurl:ws_ftp.0 • allintitle:Welcome to Windows XP Server Internet Services Find Web Server Directory Listings •! • “server edition” Sample Searches Find a Web Server • intitle:Test.of server. Lists pages similar to URL 2.) of documents 2.of “parent directory” • f) related:URL 1.