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Vol. 128 No. 38 Friday, December 3, 2010

Minnedosa, Manitoba Canada R0J 1E0

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Sopuck wins by-election for Dauphin-Swan RiverMarquette
registered electors, 14,411 (26.9%) of eligible voters came out to participate. “I’m very satisfied with our victory,” stated Sopuck in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon. “I had an excellent manager in Minnedosa resident, Jeff MacDonald, and individuals from Ottawa even said they were impressed with how terrific our volunteer base was.” Sopuck’s committee made a strong effort to visit as many rural communities as possible during the campaign. “It’s a very large catchment area, but we think it’s very important to include all the smaller communities,” he said. Sopuck will fill the office formerly held by fellow Progressive Conservative, Inky Mark, who recently retired after 13 years as MP for the region. An environmental policy expert, Sopuck served as former premier, Gary Fillmon’s advisor on sustainable development for eight years. He has also sat at the federal Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. During his tenure, Sopuck hopes to make progress on issues such as long-gun registry, flooded cattle producers, and various infrastructure projects.

Valley Snow Hawks mark 20 years

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rogressive Conservative candidate, Robert Sopuck, has been elected Member of Parliament for the Dauphin-Swan RiverMarquette riding. Unofficial results from Tuesday morning had Sopuck receiving 8,176 of the 14,411 total valid votes, equalling 56.7%. NDP (New Democratic Party) candidate, Denise Harder, came in second with 3,785 (26.3%) of the votes. 1,481 (10.3%) of votes went to Liberal candidate, Christopher Scott Sarna; while Green Party candidate, Kate Storey, garnered 809 (5.6%). Jerome Dondo, who ran for the CHP (Christian Heritage Party) of Canada received 160 votes (1.1%). Out of a possible 53,549

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alley Snow Hawks Snowmobile Club of Minnedosa and district was formed in 1990. The club was formed to promote snowmobile safety, improve relations between snowmobilers and landowners, increase snowmobile tourism as well as to assist Town Council

and municipal officials in emergency storm situations. Snowmobile safety is a priority as the winter recreation season begins. Ken LaBelle, President of Valley Snow Hawks, says “This year the warning is stay off the lakes, rivers and streams for now, especially with earlier snow conditions and no freeze-

ups. It is definitely not recommended to be on any sloughs at this time.” This past weekend, Ken chopped ice on the lake. “As you get further out on the lake it gets very thin,” explained Ken. “The ice went from around six inches down to three inches.” The predictions are that we need about one

week of -30 degree temperatures for the lakes to freeze enough to be safe. There have already been two incidents at Clear Lake in which two people accidently broke through the ice and suffered hypothermia. Continued on Page 14


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