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Gaggle SMS Text Parent Permission Form

Dear Parent(s), Four Oaks Middle School is pleased to offer your student access to a computer network for electronic mail called Gaggle. Through your student’s Gaggle account, they will have access to Johnston County Schools filtered and age approved material. This Gaggle account is monitored by the school for appropriate use. This year we are also able to offer a service through your student’s Gaggle account called SMS Text. By using the SMS Text service, you and your student can receive informational and reminder texts from your student’s teacher. The texts and materials sent through this service will also be monitored by teachers at Four Oaks Middle School and Johnston County Schools. In order for your student to take advantage of this opportunity, your student must return this signed permission form stating that you give them permission to participate in this program. The only cell phone number that your student will be allowed to input into his/her Gaggle account will be the cell phone number listed on this form. If the cell phone number is not listed on this form, your student will not be allowed to put his/her phone number into Gaggle while at school. We cannot monitor home or outside activity on the Gaggle site. Students are still expected to follow all school rules regarding cell phone use while they are at school We hope this new texting service will add another form of communication between parents, teachers, and students. ______ I give my student permission to use the Gaggle SMS Text service. Below is the cell phone number I give my student permission to enter into Gaggle SMS Text, (Please list area code and number.) This phone number will be kept confidential. _________________________________ _______ I DO NOT give my student permission to use the Gaggle SMS Text service. Student Name: _______________________________________________ Parent Name: ________________________________________________ Parent Signature: _____________________________________________