Savior Story begins with a group of priests and church people trapped and hiding in a corner.

Among them is a young woman that is carrying two children – twins. This woman is Mary, mother of god, and her two children, one will be known as Jesus, the other ____. There is a prophecy, and this prophecy states that Mary will give birth to a child that will become the son of god, the saviour of mankind; the prophecy did not mention that Mary will have twins, both boys, both born at the same time. Protecting this small group of people is a young knight that goes by the name of _______. Trained by the Vatican church since birth, he was assigned on his most dangerous mission to rescue mother Mary at the mere age of 16. Skilled in holy magic’s, hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and stealth tactics, he is a proud member of the church. The one they are hiding from is a demonic mercenary, who has entered the church with his large double ended blade seeking to hunt out Mary and Jesus, and bring them back to Lucifer (the devil) dead or alive. Some small background information, the church has been tainted by this demonic mercenary and his band of small demons, and not only the church, but the entire village that is left burning as the story begins. In a dark corner is a female ninja/scout/spy/whatever, that was the one responsible for discovering Mary’s location and notifying the demonic mercenary (Sueth). At that point another strange figure walks into the cathedral with a cloak concealing his face. When Sueth sees this dark figure, standing easily at 8feet, he bows and whispers – “Lucifersama” (or “Lucifer, my lord”). At that point you see the expression on the young knight’s face, and Lucifer reacts, as if sensing the fear from him, thus moves slowly towards his direction. Just as Lucifer is about to pass half way of reaching the young knight (and Mary), a great sword shoots down from the cathedral roof gleaming with light, this forces Lucifer to step back, and as he does, a great white angel descends from the sky with wings open and all holy-like. Lucifer looks up and then whispers happily “ahh... Erzrial, my brother…” Erzrial: You are but a fallen angel, you no longer belong to heaven nor the archangels, you should have remained in hell where u were banished, but now you will be cleansed from this place once and for all. Lucifer: by your hand? You slew me in heaven and sent me to hell; you were the one that clipped my wings so I could not fly again. But did you know brother, I grew new wings, and I am now more powerful than ever before, even more so than you. Erzrial: Curse that be true, but even so, in the mortal realm your powers are limited and you are but a weak delusional fool. Lucifer: Perhaps my true form cannot be revealed here, but I wish to one day show you the kingdom I have created, the day when you join me.

hoping to reach the safe castle and kingdom of Vatican City. also in slow motion. the knight promises. Jesus. slaying everyone except for the young knight and the two babies. and Sueth cuts him. breaks the glass in the roof and jumps off. although having a little whinge about “such a great loss. he had to make a very tough decision to give up the baby and save the one he has in his arms. and the second knight stabs Sueth with the broken ends of his weapon. the Pope accepts this. so she jumps to a column at the peak of the cathedral. and Jesus will die…” Erzrial: God curse you Lucifer.Erzrial: that day will never come… As the last words are said. but nonetheless accepts it. On Mary’s dying breath she asks the young knight to promise he will take the babies to the Vatican. (which. but as he is about to move. (All three dies. he notices two knights from the human kingdom arrived on a scouting/recon mission enters the cathedral. Few days later. begins the opening song as the glass reflect parts of Sueth’s battle then going into the main opening). Thus the battle between the knights and Sueth begins. Sueth prepares to also enter the battle. he loses one of the babies into the river. (The baby he loses is the real Jesus(Saviour)). and christens the surviving baby. As this happens the female spy/ninja realises her employer is killed and she won’t be paid. don’t ever return… As that is said Erzrial pulls out the sword. and he returns to heaven – but you don’t really see him go to heaven because the next frame goes to Sueth’s battle. blah blah blah” as the stereotypical church guy would. They set up camp at night just outside the city. travel to a neighbouring village. and the battle commences. “I will return brother. and the final blow is one knight stabs Sueth. Sueth’s battle ends with the two knights cutting him. . the cloak drops to the ground. if for the anime. and Sueth swings his weapon and snaps the other knights weapon. Erzrial picks up the great sword and charges towards Lucifer. The young knight reaches the Vatican and explains all that has happened. as well as the final blows are dealt in slow motion). and with demons close behind. where a group of demons attack the young knight’s party. 1 bishop and 2(them people that follow priests around). As the glass falls down in slow motion the final blows are dealt. As he escapes into the forest the demons giving chase. Lucifer then whispers as his mortal form returns to dust. The battle between Erzrial and Lucifer ends when Erzrial throws his sword through Lucifer’s head and take the head and the cloak into the large stone pillar behind him. the young knight and Mary’s group of 3 priests. thus cutting him too.

and “Jesus” is now 18yrs of age. And so the journey begins with the young knight leading Jesus and a group of talented individuals – they set out to investigate. and villages burnt to the ground.18 years later… The young knight is now 34yrs old. and while they journey to find the source of these demon powers. Many have converted to worship Lucifer. but he had to go because he is the “saviour” and should go and secure the hearts of the people. Then it cuts to Jesus having fun teaching people about God and doing the church stuff thinking he really is the saviour and God’s chosen son etc. The young knight thinks to himself that he sees this as an opportunity to investigate Nick’s disappearance 18 years ago (deep down he doesn’t want to believe nick is dead). Jesus doesn’t really want to go because he prefers it in the Vatican where he was raised as a spoilt child compared to the real world of suffering and pain. When Jesus and the young knight enters the cathedral because they were summoned by the Pope. The real Jesus is still missing. but the young knight has never let go of this. and are told reports of demon uprisings and demonic intrusion on holy places like churches. assumed dead. they have to be careful of both the converted humans and demons alike. he believes he is partly responsible that the real Jesus(later on we find out who saved him and that he is given the name Nicholas – “Nick”)’s death and so he has been unhappy and repenting to god for 18 yrs feeling really bad and stuff. .