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U C - N R L F
1 L I I
1 1 1 1 1 1 l
h i i i
$ B
? 4 3 I 1
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r P ' ' % i r
j V
. , t j w . , A
S c 1 u u L

' s o f
. * Ç t \ j
C - )
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Î j 4 j
' e c
D i g i t i z e d f o r M i c r o s o f t C o r p o r a t i o n
b y t h e I n t e r n e t A r c h i v e i n 2 0 0 7 .
F r o m U n i v e r s i t y o f C a l i f o r n i a L i b r a r i e s .
M a y b e u s e d f o r n o n - c o m m e r c i a l , p e r s o n a l , r e s e a r c h ,
o r e d u c a t i o n a l p u r p o s e s , o r a n y f a i r u s e .
M a y n o t b e i n d e x e d i n a c o m m e r c i a l s e r v i c e .

P R ! S S O B R O W N E & C A R T W R I G H T
' i n / v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

2 5 5 3 8 4

v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

' ' I i f - D i g i t i z e d b j , o s o f

r n j v C a I i Í j i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

v C a l i f - D i g i t I z e d b o s o f '
U n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M I c r o s o f t

4 J

C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

t j f
' - ! b y M j c r o s o f t )

1 S e e L e e s e n o n T h . F , t h .
' L 1 t t t 1 b t L
m i t ' C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s a f


1 2
C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

' 3
' J n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

1 j r
l i s r n i
' j i i t n h

I 5
! n i v C a l i f - e d b y M i c r o s o f t
u l r ' j i t t h

1 6
C a l i f - D I g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

1 7
n i v C a l i f e d b y M i c r o s o f t ' a "

I I f - D i g i t i z e d b y

1 8
$ J 4 , h t o n T h s J - \ t h P a r t l .

1 9
n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o

n i v C a l i f i t ! z e d b y M i c r o s o f t (

2 1
n i v C a / h i t i z e d b y M i f t ®

i j

2 2
U n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o

2 3
f j v C a l i f - D e d b y o s o f t

C D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

2 4

4 S e e i o n o n T k r & 4 1
2 5
J n I v C a l i f - C e d b y M i c r o s o f t L )

2 6
a / i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

u t t h t i

2 7
n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i f t

n i v C a l i f - D i g i t
y M i c r o s o f t

n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o
2 9

3 0
9 n i v C a / I f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i , f f
3 1

/ C a l i f - D i g I t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t

3 2

3 3
n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t
i j f l g i i t t t t h

3 4
e d b y M i c r s o f t ( &

U n i v C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b y M i c r o s o f t '
! n i v C a l i f i t i z e d b y i r o s o t t ®
C a l i f - D i g i t i z e d b ÿ M i c r o s o f t

T H I S B O O K O N T H E D A T E D U E . T H E P E N A L T Y
W I L L I N C R E A S E T O 5 0 C E N T S O N T H E F O U R T H
D A Y A N D T O I . O 0 O N T H E S E V E N T H D A Y
O V E R D U E .
c v ( t L
D E C 2 7 1 9 3 2
C ' D
h U G
2 2 1 9 5 9
F E B 2 3 1 9 9 6
C a l i f
i z e c ) L I ) 2 1 - O l ; 8 , . 3 2
U . C B E R K E L E Y L B R A R I E S
I I ] H I I I I U
C O 5 6 O 6 S & 1
5 3 8 4
v a 1 i f - D i g i ñ z e d b y M c m s o f












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Digitized by Microsoft .Copyright by F. M. HOMER CURTISS. 1 / 1911 PR!SS O BROWNE & CARTWRIGHT HIGHLAND PARK LOS ANGELES 'in/v Calif .D.

-'-fr-. To those who can hear and in whose has spoken.---k 255384 osoft .Dedication HE VOICE hearts an echo of the Soundless Sound has thrilled. this little booklet is dedicated.

"Out of the silence that is shall arise." Lien to Light on. . Store in your memory the melody you hear. peace a resonant voice the song of life. ii.Digitized by Microsoft . v Calif . which we cannot comprehend. "God thundereth marvelously with His voice. ." Job æxxvii:5. the Path. Learn from it the lesson of harmony. great things doeth He.

It comes as the song of birds piping ''Iif . who are weary of waiting for the eventide when the Mater shall walk in His garden in the cool of the day to meet His disciples. dear reader. til To all who are yearning for love and underIanding. Ç1 It comes as a cooling breeze at twilight after the heat and toil of the day.Foreword HIS little book comes to you. this little booklet is sent.Digitized bj. osof . as a mes- senger winged with the love of the Mater Who would gather His children from the four winds.

their good night to the toil-worn. it has fulfilled its mission. It comes as a messenger of Peace. Ç It is caÌ upon the Waters of Life in Love. This little book is but a tiny nil from the Fountain of Life. bringing to them the assurance that in the midt of the toil tnd disappointments and weariness of life there is a surging undercurrent of Power and Peace sweeping all humanity onward and upward. rnjv CaIiÍ jitized by Microsoft . drawing them closer to the Heart of Love. know- ing that it will accomplish that for which it is sent forth. If it but fill with cooling drops the cup of one weary wanderer fainting in the Desert of Life. Compassion. speak- ing to such hearts as can hear. and Trut.

DigitIzed b osof' .THE SOUNDLESS SOUND v Calif .

Digitized by MIcrosoft .Univ Calif .

the Soundless Sound. to the babe! Calif .Digitized by Microsoft . iJ Why hear ye not? 4J Ye are so eagerly litening to the sounds that are without. beating the outward form into nothingness that the immortal Spirit of all things may be revealed to you. fall- ing.The Soundless Sound YE seekers for the Way! $ Ye whose ears are yet deaf to the Soundless Sound! sage from all the spheres through i1 To you comes a mes- which the Spirit of Life Eternal presses onward. rising. pulsating.

Ye are wont to babble mentally. how oft these mental converto tjf '-!byMjcrosoft) . As the conStant drip of water wears away the solid rock. ci Alas. ci Man's thoughts are the world's babel in miniature. so this waSted force exhauSts the brain and Stultifies the spiritual consciousness as would continued chatter of trifling things. to the babel of your thoughts. to hold mental conversations about the trivial occurrences that have impinged upon your consciousness from the outer manifetations of life.1t ntnbtra nutti of outer happenings. Çi That which should be a deep flow- ing river of consciousness is but the babble of a shallow brook.

the living among the dead.Digitized by Microsaf . II mit' Calif . J Know ye not that all outward seem1 See Leesen on F.'L1ttt1btL 'uiiii? sations are of matters unmentionable in outward speech! NOW ye not that aimless mental aélivity forms a shell about you shutting you away from the Voice of God which should speak in your heart? q The first lesson for ye who seek to consciously enter The Path is to control the currents of your thoughts. 1till seek the True within the false.' q Until the mind is controlled and entertains only that which you desire you till live in the world of sensation.

Not branches. ÇJ Yet Ìand upon the mountain-top and view the scene outspread before 12 Calif . aitho but an illusion born of the senses. Not one blade of grass but has some flaw. is nevertheless a covering or veil that hides the True? a dark-lantern within which the Shekina glows? 00K throughout Nature.Digitized by Microsoft . its gnarled and crooked trunk or other imperfedions. Ç Nothing in all Nature is perfedt.1ir 'nunòtrn 'rnttii I ing. its dropping leaves and dying one blossom is without defeët. one tree without is eaten by some insed or dies for want of moiture. You find not one perfeft or complete creation.

yet as a whole they present a pidture that is grand. How your heart thrills with joy unspeakable! Ç "How wondrous! Behold the handiwork of God.'auxtML 'nuttÌi you. Not one form is perf&ft or complete. yet the rose breathes love and joy.Digitized by Microsoft . so persitently to your heart? It is THE SOUNDLESS SOUND that Divine Power which lies veiled behind all the imperfedtions." ÇJ You know the thorns are there. inspiring. The landscape has many minor defeds if examined closely. '3 'Jniv Calif . J What in this imperfecÌ world of Nature speaks so ditindly.

lL' uttbli. into the hearts of your chosen companions. ' Who has found a perfedÌ human being? i Who has found one personality in whom all ideals are fulfilled? No more than you have found one leaf without blemish in all Nature. There again you will find I many. many defets.u 'iiixti? 00K into the hearts of men. 41 Why can ye not look upon human- ity and feel the same warm thrill of Why criticize and condemn your fel- love ye feel for imperfed Nature? lowman more than the herbs of the field? 14 osof .

You close your ears to the Soundless Sound that is speaking through all Nature. thorns also and thiÌles shall it bring forth to thee. the Voice of the Silence. A literal working out of the prophesy: "Cursed is the ground for thy sake."2 Ç It is this law.1jr lisrni 'jiitnh J Through man's free will he has created and is responsible for all Nature's imperfedtions. aitho unrecognized. A Divine Ideal defleëted by the prism of man's misconception. and within the hearts of all your fellow pilgrims. hence do not recognize your own creations. lowman. that is singing 2 I5 !niv Calif - ed by Microsoft . which makes you condemn your felshare in creating these conditions. overlooking your own q You listen not to the silent Voice of God.

one day they may hear the Voice speak to their hearts. even though imperfedtions be apparent. yet. yea. and your enemies also.ulr 'jitth within the hearts of your friends.DIgitized by Microsoft . how few there be who seek or recognize it! ANY believe that by much experience. pointing out 16 Calif . Just as the ineffable charm of a land- scape appeals to you in spite of its defeIs. so should you recognize the Soundless Sound speaking through you in no uncertain language. much prayer. Many. with all their hearts. '1 Meditate upon this thought in your dealings with your fellowmen. alas. arduous truggle and patient endurance. believe there is a Divine Power manifesting through humanity.

perhaps saying: "Well done. perhaps speaking in admonition. a messenger without form or 17 niv Calif ed by Microsoft 'a" .tiji flUfllL 'iitiub their next tep in evolution. And this Voice is the one Voice in all. vox Deus!" Through every heart. enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. making humanity one. but in quite a different sense from the usual interpretation of "Vox populi. it is a voice that speaks where there is none to speakit is a messenger that comes. 1 "Call it by what name you will. beneath and beyond is the Voice of God speaking." Ç How few realize that the voice of humanity is in reality the Voice of God. back of the personality which may be obnoxious. good and faithful servant. in spite of its defects and failings.

htonThsJ-\thPartl.Digitized by MIcr- I . Back of every manifetation of life on this plane of being stands Divinity. the profligate or the fallen sitter. Until you have ceased to seek out your brother's mitakes. IIf . until you have ceased to look for his shortcomings and failings. or it is the flower of the soul that has opened. Ç Until you recognize Divinity speak- ing to you from every other atom of humanity. ceased to measure his corn by your bushel of human 18 $ J4.zi1 nmthlr 'ntuth subtance. from the eyes of the weary toiler or from the mouth of the reckless." J It speaks to you from the lips of the prattling babe. J Until you have learned this lesson you cannot pass on.

Your Soul responds to the Soundless Sound. the tin- kle of brook or boom of seayou are uplifted and lirred by a sense of The Divine surrounding you and coming close. You have caught a glimpse of Divine Consciousness. the rustle of leafy bough. sed.ittth1rui *urnth frailty and have found how to use God's measure inÌead. MID the roffing fields and wooded hills. you will never hear the Silent Voice within. while listening to the symphony of Nature soundsthe song of bird. Ç Until you have ceased to liIen to the many voices of the world and be- gun to liÌen to the one Divine Voice manifeting through all humanity as through Nature. the drone of in.Digitized by Micro . 19 niv Calif .

that underneath and within the inner- mot sanduary of all manifestations of life is Divine Love.thiuuuitai niuib !J When your Soul thrills with the same oneness as you contacft your fel- lowmen you will then have ceased. to liI:en to the many and hearken to the One. 20 niv Calif it!zed by Microsoft ( . to find Truth and undertand that it is the foundation of all things. the Soundless Sound. at leat in a measure. ]I Then will you know that this is not a world of confusion. a world of manifold expressions of Deity. Then and then only are you ready to liIen to the Voice which speaks to you in the Silence. Ç Then are you ready to come into Truth. but a world of Law and Love. of trange and myÌerious happenings.

the everlaling Counselor. quench your thirt at the mountain Ireamlet. mortify the flesh. You will find great joy miniftering to each atom of humanity you meet.t1E 'uuniir 'iutnj Then will you realize that you need not desert the haunts of men. live on roots and herbs. 0 HEAR this Voice no Ppsychic aitho in time are needed. 21 or occult powers it will manifet in a definite way on the psychic niv Ca/h itized by Mi ft® . the Prince of Peace. live in the wilderness. Then wherever you are placed. Your opportunity will confront you will have found the One in all. and mental planes. You will the Voice become the daily Friend. the God of Love within your heart.

If you are deaf to the Voice upon the physical plane and think to hear it upon the psychic or mental planes it may seem to fail you altogether.Digitized by Micro . 22 Univ Calif . J1 This animating principle of Divin- J You muÌ dwell with God ere you can think God's thoughts or respond to the vibrations of His Soundless Voice. 1 The physical is the loweSt plane of manifeStation. Make it pradtical.1Ir ubkai iunth ij This Voice you so eagerly desire must firSt be heard and recognized in all things ere it can be condensed and manifeSt consciously in your heart. for ity speaks to you in no uncertain tones on every plane of Being.

I Recognize this and at once you will recognize the true within each 23 fjv Calif . Know that you. NOW ye not the conditions of life in which you find yourself are those growth? bet fitted for your Soulci Be true 0 Soul and dare to tand in the inner sanduary of your heart and face yourself. sometimes vibrate falsely. But such voices ultimately lead aÌray. even though expressing lofty sentiments at firt and giving apparent good counsel.'uuub1giii 'nunb ÇJ Or you will find yourself litening to atral voices which are ever ready to fulfill that which you desire. yet within are true. too.D ed by osoft .

Ç Learn to pass such Souls by. but without condemnation. Only thus can you help them. learning your lesson. there are many centers. learn to express more Truth because of their example. are neither pleasing nor helpful. Perfect harmony means each atom vibrating to 24 C Digitized by Microsoft . because of vi- brations not in harmony with Truth as revealed to you. tronger vibrations of Truth.mthlrn f'rntni Soul. Çj If they express what is opposite to Truth as seen by you. even those who. From them learn to sendforth Let each Soul vibrate to its own center. as you vibrate to yours. never by condemnation. In the Grand Man. as in the human body.

Learn well this Ç Then shall the Soundless Sound. enter into you.' can you become a conscious note in the great symphony. I NHARMONY is self-produced by your unwillinglesson.C ed by Microsoft L) . 4 SeeiononTkr&41 25 JnIv Calif . let the little personal self be swallowed up in the Great Self. Then shall the sacred joy. l Then shall you know the Psalm of Life.1w 'nuithlrm 'tiutth its own center while all respond to the One Life. And it will say that only as you forget self. sing to you of gladness. ness to let each live his own life. the great peace that comes to those who live with Truth. which echoes in each heart and makes all the world akin.

or how beI to live close to the Divine for yourself alone. 26 can enter into the joy of the One Life. how to be loved. only then can real abiding happiness and close companionship of the Voice be yours. 4J Then will you find that the sorrow and misery of life which so oppressed you has been swallowed up in a com- prehension of the great Plan of Redemption. Give thanks for every Ìep that has brought you to the realization that you are a conscious fador in this great work. Because of this Voice you have learned to know and love.Digitized by Microsoft .fr 'inutb1riui Lwtth IJ Only when you find your greatet joy in bringing happiness to others. not seeking how to be happy. It is not your brother or siÌer who a/if . you can enter the hearts of others.

Digitized by Mi ft . 1 Be jut fir to yourself that you Ji Know well the burdens of all Souls are sent in Love. EED let having rached this tep you go aÌray. let in the zeal of selfsacrifice you seek to bear all burdens that others may go free. 1 Discriminate between jutice and selfishness.utthti 'outtb brings this joy to you. alas.. Deprive them not of the trength they bring. let. but the One Voice in the Soul of all. q Say not in presumptious pride that 27 niv Calif . If . for lack of the burden you would bear they should lose the prize. may be jut to others.

To be miserable is but to increase the misery of the world. a greater joy.lw nuuòlrw 'uuii you will bear all suffering. By your own effort you have opened a 28 niv Calif . Ç Through thoughtless seLfishness perchance you bring sorrow to another and go your way. but a pæan of joy. even to the leaÌ of your brethren. is contagious. ISERY. But you cannot bring one joy. like happiness.Digit y Microsoft . that your own Soul is not filled with the same joy. The Psalm of Life which you seek to bear is not a wail of misery. Say rather you will uplift the world by being better and happier yourself. for the joy you feel is the joy of the One Life surging through the universe. yea. sharing it not.

but joy cometh in the niv Calif . the Soundless Sound. They shall spread from sphere to sphere and open to you the Melody of the Divine. Jut as every imperfedion in Nature will be transmuted as the Divine is defleëted less and less by man's imperfedt prism. ci Therefore we are not all one in mortal and has no exilence in the sorrow. for sorrow is not imOne Life. It mut pass away.'nutbLcrn 'uuub door and permitted it to flow through you. You have sounded a note on the great Harp of Life and its vibra- tions will never cease. It belongs wholly to earth. "Sorrow may endure morning." 29 for a night. is one of the imperfedtions of separ- ated exitence.Digitized by Micro .

pride and condescension.Digitized by Microsoft . intead of pleasing the departed." If you would hear this Voice in the conditions of earth. Ju1 the natural little kindnesses that bring joy into life. Rejoice. The voice of The Chri is continually saying: "Rejoice in the Lord aiway: and again I say. keeps them from the joy awaiting them. or of superiority.auubleii 'tiuu ANY who have lot a dear companion feel it a melancholy duty to shut their hearts away from joy and dwell in sorrow. '1 A joyful countenance will brighten the day for many a weary Soul. trive to awaken it by deeds of loving-kindness. Also watch that your features take not on a doleful ex- pression. This. 30 9niv Ca/If .

then will it begin to manifeI in your mental world.iJtp 'nutth1ii iutth Should sorrow or misfortune over- take you turn your mind to the joy of the One Life. It will take form in your heart.ff . little by little. obeyed the God within. away from the petty worries that are barriers to its mani- fetation. HEN. iJ When you have litened to and 31 niv Calif .Digitized by Mi . will cheer and comfort you. the Higher Self who is one with all will make his own Voice heard. you have learned to hear the Soundless Sound in the hearts of all creatures in the physical world.

DigItized by Microsoft . Only Spiritual Sound can quiet when it refledts the confusions of earthly thoughts. It burns away the barriers of the flesh that separate you from humanity. permitting you to see the Divine in all.Jij uuittsii utuIi ' HE mind is the slayer of the self." the voice of the mind rets upon your head. II In the spiritual world the Flame be32 / Calif . but the Voice is the slayer of the mind. be Iill. that the Real Self may manifeÌ. As it manifets all defedts are consumed. Only The Chrit walking upon the troubled waters of your life can say: "Peace. I This is the Pentacotal Flame that II In the mental world the Flame burns out the thought of personality.

Ql iutthtii uunb comes the All-Seeing Eye. whose trings give forth the seven creative notes. the Shekina. You become it. the Light which shall guide you into that peace which passeth underIanding. Strike the Sirings aright! Its tones are all joy and love and oneness. 33 niv Calif . You enter into the Silence and become the Voice itself! YE seekers who are one with all that is! Know ye not that the power is yours to awaken Divine Harmony in life? Into your hands is given the Harp of Life. the Star of Inititiation.Digitized by Microsoft . You live it. 1 You no longer think of this Divine One Life.

then chords. Your Divine Teacher is ever present. shadow of gloom or sadness. turn away and sound a note of joy in some other heart and yours shall be filled! 1 If in your heart there comes a q Look today out over the world and sound a melody of joy and gladness! q Strike the chords! LiIen to the Soundless Sound that sweeps with divine melody through your heart! 34 r edbyMicrsoft(& . and finally melodies and symphonies.ijflg iitttth J Learn to play upon this Harp as you would learn to play an inlrurnent of earth. First learn to trike one note true and clear.

. A. M.q lItt (tirr if tir 1 is a non-sed:arian spiritual movement for the advancement of ChriIian Myticism. q For further information address F. HOMER CURTISS. D. The Order is not an organization. exalts no personality and imposes no authority except that authority inherent in Truth. U.Digitized by Microsoft ' . Cal. requires no pledges or dues. Monthly lessons are sent to each pupil. S. 123 McCadden Place Los Angeles. Univ Calif .

!niv Calif itized by irosott ® .

Calif .Digitized bÿ Microsoft .


Digiñzed by Mcmsof . C BERKELEY L BRARIES II] H II II U CO56O6S&1 5384 v a1if .U.

- .- -== .