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Ethernet Extension Industry's Best Warranty Meets Its Match in Industry's First-Ever Advanced Replacement Program

Ethernet Extension Experts Offers Peace of Mind to IT and Security Professionals Looking to Limit Downtime with New Overnight Replacement Program Las Vegas, NV, December 02, 2010 --( The world's first and only four-year advanced replacement program for ethernet extenders has arrived. Earlier this week, Ethernet Extension Experts (or “Enable-IT”), designer and manufacturer of industrial ethernet extension technologies, unveiled its new advanced replacement program (or “AREP”), whereby a customer can affordably opt to supplement their industry-best warranty with the ability to get hassle-free overnight replacement of their ethernet extenders. Such a bold move will likely give pause to Enable-IT's competitors and peace of mind to IT/security professionals who cannot afford downtime. Enable-IT's new ethernet extender Advanced Replacement Program is easy and powerfully protective. If, at any time within four years of purchasing an AREP-covered product, that product fails the Out of the Box Test (OOBT), the customer simply needs to notify Enable-IT's Customer Care Team, and a replacement will be shipped to them overnight (if requested by 3pm the day before; otherwise, next business day). There are no hassles and no questions asked, ...just the peace of mind that comes with keeping one's operations running as smoothly as possible. “Ethernet extenders tend to be mission-critical to their deployments. That's why people purchase our high-quality ethernet extenders, with their industry-dominant warranty, in the first place,” said David Conners, Enable-IT's Director of Product Development, in a recent announcement. “But what happens if, for any reason, something goes wrong with one of your extenders after years of rock-solid performance? This is the answer responsible professionals have been demanding as of late, so, true to our customer-centric mantra, we're giving them the protection from downtime they've been looking for, at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.” Enable-IT's Advanced Replacement Program (“AREP”) is available on all ethernet extender purchases through their website, at (or via email:, and through their distributors worldwide. Also, for a limited time (from now until Dec. 31st, 2010), Enable-IT is offering its past customers the ability to add an AREP to any ethernet extender purchase they made from January, 2009 until now. Please contact Enable-IT/Ethernet Extension Experts at, or your preferred distributor, for more information on this offer. Ethernet Extension Experts (Enable-IT) is a pioneer OEM manufacturer of cost cutting plug-and-play Ethernet Extension solutions for the hospitality, commercial office, and multi-unit (residential or commercial) marketplace. They offer a wide range of solutions to extend ethernet networks, for every data type imaginable, up to 20x beyond the stifling IEEE/Ethernet distance limit of just 328 feet (or 100 meters). Their seamless solutions do this over your own -often forgotten- traditional copper-pair (e.g. telephone) wiring, effectively saving you thousands in overhead and security measures.

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