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Best CreditRx, LLC Launches New Credit Repair Product

Best CreditRx, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of "Quick Fix Credit Prescription." Their customers and partners have been searching for a product that helps clients with a quick turnaround to their credit health. Now Available. Austin, TX, December 02, 2010 --( Best CreditRx (BCRX), today announced the launch of “Quick Fix Credit Prescription,” a credit repair service offering, which allows customers with credit scores between 570-639 to engage in a three (3) month credit repair program to get their credit report in shape in 90 days or less. "We strive to provide our customers with innovative and timely services that make the most of our customer's need for acquiring new credit," said Jaylon Plunkett, CEO of Best CreditRx, LLC. "'Quick Fix Credit Prescription' will allow our customers to get to their credit report in shape quickly to take advantage of the historically low interest rates we are seeing today for new home purchases. The current rate environment is so advantageous to new home buyers that we felt it was imperative to offer a product that provided a quick turnaround in one's credit health so that they did not get left out on this historic opportunity to buy a home at such a low cost.” Consumers looking to improve their credit quickly to get into that new home may utilize the new service for $314.95 for individuals and $399.95 for couples. The pricing is a significant savings over the traditional six (6) month contract that the company currently offers for $600 for individuals and $900 for couples. The company does offer affordable payment plans for those customers that prefer to pay monthly over the term of the contract utilizing a monthly recurring payment on their credit card. “Quick Fix Credit Prescription” allows a consumer to get their credit in shape during the process of looking for and securing the purchase of a new home with no delays from actual offer to closing. “Today, credit is the key to customers who want to get into a new home. Credit tightening has been a significant issue to millions of Americans since the U.S. Credit Crisis of 2007-2009. Any consumer who is buying a home today should consider their credit health before ever deciding to make a purchase. The savings from getting a better interest rate can save consumers tens of thousands of dollars in the cost of their home just by making sure their credit is in the best shape possible before they purchase. We believe that in the near future we will begin to see rising interest rates on new home loans. Consumers who want to buy a home should be looking at getting in while rates are so low and our new product offers our clients the ability to do so,” says Mr. Plunkett. Mortgage rates have risen dramatically in the last few weeks. 30 YR fixed rates have increases from a low of 4% to almost 4.50% before settling down a bit. 15 Year rates went from a low of 3.50% to almost 4% in the same 4 day period around November 17th. A lot of people are refinancing right now to take advantage of the lower rates. Don't assume that rates will head back down. The Federal Reserve announced QE2, or quantitative easing which means that the feds are borrowing or
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printing money to buy their own treasuries. Normally, this would have a positive effect on interest rates, but it has come under fire as the wrong medicine to cure the ailing economy and help keep interest rates low. As always, if you are buying a house or plan on refinancing, keep a close watch in the upcoming weeks and months as to the best opportunity to get a good rate. Credit repair programs can provide borrowers the ability to take advantage of these historically low rates in a quick timeframe. Products, like BCRX's “Quick Fix Credit Prescription," are an excellent way to take advantage of low rates now. Buying a new home is a goal for millions of Americans, but we need to educate ourselves on how our credit history can have an impact on our interest rates and our pocketbook for many years. About Best CreditRx, LLC: Best CreditRx, LLC (BCRX), a Austin, Texas-based company was founded in 2004 to solve a growing marketplace problem - businesses and individuals are finding it increasingly difficult to get qualified for loans, leases, credit cards, and insurance at affordable rates due to derogatory credit history. Due to the complexity of dealing with credit agencies, lenders, insurers and the like BCRX was founded in order to assist businesses and individuals in repairing their credit health. Best CreditRx is your prescription for superior credit - ###

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