Optical Rifle Scope

An optical rifle scope is an optical device used in aiding a person s sight, in order to see objects at distances that which make seeing the object difficult to distinguish. Rifle scopes can range vastly in their rates of magnification, and come in many different forms and styles. An optical scope like the one shown below is made of mostly steel tubing and highly polished glass. It has a long tube, which is belled out on one side. Both ends have a lens in them which are to magnify the light of the image. Light is emitted in the objective side of the scope and out the ocular side as a more defined zoomed in image.

Objective lens This lens omits the image in the form of light to enter the scope. This lens is clear with a convex surface. The lens is very highly polished; this is to prevent the image from being blurry and hard to distinguish. Objective bell This bell shaped tube is where the objective lens is housed. It is contoured to the shape of the light that passes through it. It is either smooth or rough textured. And can be any color. Elevation and windage adjustments These two adjustments are used to center the image in the sight with the crosshairs for ease of sighting in on objects. These are usually covered with caps in order to prevent damage or movement of the sights. Power ring

This lens like the objective lens is clear and highly polished in order to prevent distortion to the image. . Eye piece The eye piece is where the ocular lens. It is oftenly bell shaped to contour to the image being passed through it. by movement of the ocular lens forward and backward in relation to the objective lens. Ocular lens The ocular lens is where the image is exited out of the scope to be viewed by the person.This is used to zoom in on the object. exit pupil and the power ring are all housed and connected to each other. Exit pupil This is where the image is finally emitted to be viewed. This part of the scope is any of many colors and textures. The power ring has grooves in it to make turning it easier.