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December 3, 2010 November 12, 2010

HS Calendar: 
Monday, December 6:    IB TOK Essays DUE    Tuesday, December 7:    ICARE    Wednesday, December 8:  Student Late Start  ICARE    Thursday, December 9:  ICARE    Friday, December 10:  ICARE    Saturday, December 11:     

SPECIAL SCHEDULES IN DECEMBER: December 14 Tuesday Block F 7:30 - 8:40 Block G 8:45 - 9:55 BREAK 9:55 - 10:10 Block H 10:15 - 11:25 Block A 11:30 - 12:40 LUNCH 12:40 - 1:15 Block B 1:20 - 2:30 December 15 Wednesday (Early Release) Block C 8.30 - 9.05 Block D 9.10 - 9.45 Break 9.45 - 10.00 Block E 10.00 - 10.35 Block F 10.40 - 11.15 Assembly 11.20 - 11.50

Upcoming Events:  December 15:  EARLY RELEASE  December 16 – January 7: Christmas Break  January 10:  Classes resume (Beginning of Second                          Semester)  January 11:  New Parent Coffee  January 24:  Report Card Distribution   


Giving Back This Holiday Season
The ISM PTA invites you to its General Meeting and Charity Bazaar Tuesday, December 7, 2010 7:30-9:30 am @ the Little Theatre
 All members of the ISM Community are welcome and encouraged to support our service partners in efforts to give back to the local community.  The following charity organizations will be selling their products and may have information on volunteer opportunities: PCF, Invisible, Trasah Bolsas, Jeepney, Hands on Manila, EVACF, Taguig Water Hyacinth, CRIBS , Women’s Prison, WWF and more! Questions:


LOST AND FOUND VIIEWIING LOST AND FOUND V EW NG Monday to Friiday M o n da y t o Fr da y December 6-10,, 2010 December 6-10 2010 M o n d a y t o W e dn e s da y M o n d a y t o W e d ne s d a y December 13-15,, 2010 December 13-15 2010 From 7:00 a..m.. to 4:00 p..m.. Fr om 7 : 0 0 a m t o 4 : 0 0 p m FAT changiing room 1118 F A T c h a n g n g r o om 1 1 1 8
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Dear Parents,
If you will be withdrawing your child(ren) before the start of the second semester or at some other time before the close of this school year, please read the following information carefully. Withdrawing from International School Manila First of all, we are sorry that you will be withdrawing, or not re-enrolling, your child in International School Manila. We hope, however, that their stay, whether for one semester or for many years, was enriching and rewarding academically, socially and emotionally. In order to make the withdrawal process go as smoothly as possible, we would like to remind you of the following: STEP 1: Please come by the Admission Office to fill out, sign and return a Withdrawal Notification Form. The form is also available on the ISM website to download and print and it can also be faxed back to the Admission Office at 840-8489. STEP 2: If the student will be withdrawing BEFORE the last day of this school year, parents or students need to pick up the following forms from the Admission Office (or download and print the appropriate form):  The Withdrawal Clearance Slip should be taken to the indicated teachers and offices for signatures. 1. High School Student Withdrawal Clearance Slip (Grades 9-12) 2. Middle School Student Withdrawal Clearance Slip (Grades 6-8)  For elementary students, the elementary office will handle the withdrawal clearance form for them.  To receive the child’s YEARBOOK, if withdrawing before the end of the school year, complete and return the correct form to the child’s school office for follow-up. 1. Elementary School Yearbook: ALAALA 2. Middle School Yearbook: SALINLAHI 3. High School Yearbook: KAWAYAN  Note that school transcripts and records will be available from the particular school office approximately 5-working days after the child’s last day of attendance at ISM. Please coordinate directly with the particular school office if you require other arrangements. STEP 3: When completed, the Withdrawal Clearance Slip must be taken to the Accounting Office Cashier. Only after the Accounting Office Cashier has received and signed the completed Withdrawal Clearance Slip will the child’s transcript or school records be released from the Elementary, Middle or High School Office. Please note that one copy of the transcript is provided free of charge, additional copies cost P100 each, payable at the Cashier’s Office before release. Please coordinate directly with the particular school office if you require more than one copy of school records. STEP 4: The refund of the Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD) will be available approximately 15-working days after the signed Withdrawal Notification Form, by the parent, is given into the Admission Office. However, in any event, it cannot be released before the child’s last day of attendance at ISM and the completed Withdrawal Clearance Slip is signed by the Cashier. The refund check can be picked up from the Accounting Office Cashier only upon return of the original signed FUD certificate. Note that the refund of the deposit shall only be made to the person or authorized company representative whose name appears as the certificate holder on the certificate. Please call the Cashier if you have any question about this. Please allow the withdrawal process to go smoothly by starting the process early. Thank you for your help and understanding. If you need help searching for a school at your next location, please try one of the following websites:      or use a search engine and query ‘independent school search’ or ‘international school search’ or ‘private school search’ for example Again, we hope that your child has had a successful and enriching stay at International School Manila and we wish you and your family the very best in the future. If you have any suggestions or comments about Admission, School Life, and/or Withdrawal, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Gary W. Jerome Director of Admission

Margie Endelman Deputy Director of Admission

GAME SCHEDULE INFORMATION: Information about all mid week/weekend fixtures for ISM teams can be found by going to the GAME SCHEDULE tab on the ATAC page of the ISM website. You can also access this information via the ES/MS/HS divisional web pages. Please note the game schedule does change often due to involvement with many local schools so please check the page regularly to find out the latest information of where and when the Bearcats teams are playing. Access to the game schedule page is also available via the ATAC blog. Click on the Bearcat logo to be directed to the game schedule page.



ATAC HIGHLIGHTS/UPDATES ‐ NOV/DEC: (for ALL match/schedule details check game schedule page as above) 
        MS/JV rugby v BSM at ISM Dec 3 from 3:30pm  Varsity/JV Rugby at Brent from 3pm Dec 4  Varsity/JV/MS Touch at ISM v Faith/Brent Dec 4  Varsity/JV Tennis at CSA Dec 4  MS Tennis at ISM Dec 4  Wall climbing Invitational Dec 11  PRFU Juniors MS/JV Rugby at ISM 8am‐Noon  Last Day of School for 2010 DEC 15th Noon dismissal 

ISM BASKETBALL INVITATIONAL:  Last  weekend  ISM  hosted  3  local  schools  for  the  HS  boys  and  girls  basketball  invitational.  Our  ISM  boys  team,  despite  being  decimated currently with injuries, put up a great effort v Don Bosco and Claret to lose both games by 2 points in the dying seconds.  The boys showed great determination to battle hard against a superior team in La Salle Zobel on Saturday morning but they were  simply too good and ran away with a victory. La Salle went on to defeat Claret in the final 90‐40 in a one sided affair.  Our  Bearcat  girls  showed  some  great  form  and  solid  defense  to  win  their  first  two  games  and  then  narrowly  lost  their  Saturday  morning game against UA & P. This 2‐1 record got them into the final for a rematch with University of Asia and Pacific and after  going down by 14 points in the 2nd quarter the Bearcats fought their way back into the game.  In the dying seconds and being a point down ISM was able to steal the ball and make a layup attempt but the ball would not drop  and U A&P won a very exciting match. This was great IASAS preparation for our girls team to play 4 games over the Friday/Saturday  and really help give them confidence for a great IASAS tournament in January.  Well done to both our girls and boys teams last weekend and the coaches.    IASAS BASKETBALL HOUSING:  IASAS Basketball will be taking place at ISM Jan 27‐29, 2011 and housing placements are now being accepted. As of this week we  have 30 students housed but we require 100 housing slots in total.  All 1st season athletes who were housed this is your time to fulfill your responsibility and offer housing for Basketball. All varsity and  JV basketball teams should also have returned housing forms by now as well. Please support the ATAC Department by getting these  forms in ASAP. It would be great to have the housing completed before we go on Christmas break! Go Bearcats show your pride and  support of the program and get behind our teams by hosting a pair of visiting players from our IASAS sister schools. Housing forms  are available from ATAC office or on the ATAC Blog at   http://atac.ism‐‐basketball‐jan‐26‐31‐2011/    BEARCAT DEN:
Please note that the bearcat den will be closed during our PM shifts next week due to the HS ICARE program. The week after that (final week of school prior to Christmas break) the den will be closed. The Den will re-open for business on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011. To all our valued customers thanks for your support this school year to date, we wish you the best for the Christmas break and see you all in 2011. Regards, Bearcat Den Volunteers 

BARANGAY SANLORENZO in cooperation with the

Mangyan Heritage Center
cordially invites you to

Celebrating the culture of the indigenous peoples of Mindoro
FRIDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2010 9:00 am – 2nd floor Barangay San Lorenzo Hall 65 Amorsolo Street San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
Lolita Delgado-Fansler, President of the Mangyan Heritage Center, will give a presentation on two National Cultural Treasures inscribed in the Memory of the World Registers of UNESCO. Henceforth, discover a people who have been carving poetry on bamboo in pre-Hispanic scripts. Buy handmade Mangyan crafts, T-shirts depicting the rich Mangyan culture, books, and greeting cards and help send Mangyans to college.

Barangay san lorenzo lecture series on philippine history, culture and arts
Person-in-charge: Kagawad MARLENE PO For more information, please email or call Tess Rios at Barangay San Lorenzo 893-3811.