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Standard Operating Procedure This standard Operating Procedure (SOP) IS provided as the guidance for tank farm personal

to keep track the product. This SOP will avoid the mistake in routing the Product. Failure to follow this SOP might cause damage the product. The personal in charge should have the good training before.

1. Responsibility

1.1. Logistics Executive To ensure this SOP is followed correctly by personal in tank farm when the final product is kept in tank farm. Logistics Executive is also responsible in safety precaution in those areas well as to maintain the good condition in the storage tank. 1.2. Production Controllers Applicable since the tank farm is connected to DCS. Production Controllers will advise which tank the product is contained 1.3. Logistics Operators To implement the SOP Correctly anytime whenever performing daily activity. Logistics Operators are also responsible in Safety Precaution and House Keeping in their own area. 2. Procedure For Loading of Final Product


Tanker inspection will be carry out by Lab Assistant. Approval will be given by Lab Assistant, if the tanker is ready for collection. Then the tanker will be weighing by Logistics Personal.


2.3. Once the Tanker is weigh the tanker has to be based at Loading Bay.

1.4. While the tanker is in Loading Bay. Once everything has been check Logistics Executive will give instruction to the operators to change the Filter bag from the dedicated filter housing. Logistics Executive is the person in charge to give instruction to operators to take samples from which tank the product is contained. The Logistics Operators need to prepare samples from Pipe Lines 3. 4. Logistics Operators needs to ensure that the drain valve of pump is close. Need to open the suction valve to allow the fluid to enter to the pump. Procedure of taking Samples in Loading Bay 3.up the pump 5. The Logistics Operators have to inspect all pipe lines for correct connection to the pump Check pressure gauge at discharged line is installed. Before hand Logistics Executive need to check from Production Controllers whether the temperature is beyond the spec & which tank the product is contained.3. General Preparation 4. Once the filter bags has been change with a new one. functioning and on –line.2. 4. 3.1. To ensure that never run the pump dry or it will damage the pump. . The following steps must be carried out before the pump is started for the first time 4. Line.

If the flushing sample is off.3. Also need to check the discharge pressure of the pump. Loading.spec. 6. The Lab Executive will informed Logistics Executive that the tanker can be sealed.2. Once the second sample on –spec they will advice Logistics Executive to continue Loading. Same procedure will take place by Lab Executive. The pump will be stopped immediately.1. Once the tanker was load of fluid approximate 1 metric ton. . If it is in manual/auto mode. Whenever the final sample is about to full.2. Final sample will be taken by Lab Asst whenever the tanker is about to full. If it’s in a local mode – start the pump in the field by moving the green button 5. Once the fluid has been transfer to the Dry Methyl ester. 6. second loading will be done to the tanker. the pump will be stop. Logistic Operators will channel Lab Asst to get the first flushing samples. Wants the pump stopped. Lab Asst will take samples from Discharged valves. or if unusual sounds or vibrations stop the pump immediately.4. Once the final sample has been approved.4. Once sample been approved by Lab Quality Executive they will instruct Logistics Executive to continue Loading. The pump will be started again to fill the tanker. If found that the flow becomes unsteady or pressure fluctuates.5.Need to ask the Production Controllers to start the pump at DCS 5. The pump will be started and fluid will be build up through the line going to loading Bay and fluid will be load to the tanker 6. 6. Start the pump when the lineup has done and make sure that the emergency button is release. 6.5.3. 6. The Lab Executive will advise Logistic Executive to drain the fluid to the Dry Methyl ester Tank.

Preparation of Delivery Orders will be done by Logistics Executive.6.Do & Weighbridge Ticket will be attached together & hand over to the driver. .Do & Weighbridge Tickets will be kept for filling in office. 6. The copies of Coa.8. 6. Once the tanker been sealed. While the preparation done The Final Certificates Of Analysis will be hand over by Lab Executive to Logistics Executives. The Do will be sign by the Driver and the original copy of Coa.7. The tanker will be send to weighbridge to weigh the final weight.6.