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October and November 2019


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Gandhi Global Solar

yatra organized in the school. A total of 165 students
participated in the vent. During Gandhi Global Solar Yatra(
GGSY) students made solar lamps by themselves. The
programme was organized in school under the Dept. of
Science and Technology, Arunachal Pradesh and Govt. of
India. The programme was an initiative of Govt. of India to
promote the use and harness of renewable source of
Energy. The materials Kit was provided from IIT, Mumbai.
Students assebled the kits to make their own solar lamp for their
use.The porgramme was really wonderful and excited one.Students enjoyed the making of the solar Lamp.


School Level Science Exhibition was conducted on 21st October 2019. Students of Class VI to X
participated in the exhibition competititon. Students prepared
models both working and non-working on various concepts and
principles of science and technology. A total of 66 models were
exhibited in the exhibit. Students partiipated very enthusiastically
and this helped to devbelop a good learning atmoshphere in the
school. Primary students were very excited to see and know the
models. Students of GNA English medium school and Upper
primary school Oyan along with their teachers came to witness

the exhibition. The result of the exhibition were as follows:

1st position: Kr. Katon Perme, Class VI

2ND Position: Kr. Gaurav Bal, Class IX
3rd Position: Km. Alek Talom, Class VIII

Sri. Bibhuti Bhushan Sir, Senior Teacher, VKV Oyan was the man
behind the organization of the science Exhibition.

An Awareness programme was Organized in school by District Survellance Unit IDSP, DMO Office,
Pasighat on Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention on 22nd October 2019. Students of Class VI to
IX attended the programme. The speakers from the DMO office with the help of power point presentation
significantly highlighted the importance of Iodie in our body and its disorder. Students listened the
presentation with keen interest.


School Level Extempore speech was conducted on 28th October 2019. Students of Class VI to IX
participated in the competition. The competition was conducted on various topics related to Global issues,
family relationships, education, etc. Sri. Ranjit Kohar, Senior English teacher of the school conducted the
event.The result of the competiton were as follows:

1st position: Km. Dolly Borang of Class VIII

2nd Position: Km. Alek Talom of Class VIII

3rd Position: Kr. Pannong Taye of Class VIII.


School level Gita chanting competiton was conducted on 4th November 2019. The result of Gita chanting
competition are as follows.

Group Name of Students Class

Junior Boys Kr. Rokom Tatak VI
Kr. Yukom Dulom VIII
Kr. Ugen Sharjo VII
Kr. Oban Jerang VII
Senior Boys Kr. Bomgam Pertin IX
Kr. Gemi Kambu IX
Kr. Yomte Karlo IX
Kr. Gemi Taduk X
Junior Girls Km. Kenam Modi VI
Km. Alek Tali VIII
Km. Yalek Tali VIII
Km. Naken Riyang VIII
Senior Girls Km. Joshi Paboh IX
Km. Aseng Darang IX
Km. Mum Modi IX
Km. Oyin Talom IX

The InterVKV Essay writing competiton was conducted on 9th November 2019. The various topics for the
competition were:

Group A ( Class-IV &V): The lesson I learnt fom Swami Vivekananda and The Wonderful childhood of
Swami Vivekananda
Group B( Class VI-VIII): Vivekananda Rock Memorial-A symbol of Unity, Kendra Varga-A methodology
for connecting all and Man Making and Nation Building Education.
Group C ( IX and X): Swami Vivekananda-An Ideal of Youth, Construction of Vivekananda Rock
Memorial-Management Lesson, Swani Vivekananda-A focussed and Meaningful Life.

The result of the School level competition was:

GROUP Name of the student Position Class

A kr. Lajong Borang 1st IV
Km. Jessica Das 2nd IV
Kr. Karma Mindu Sona 3rd V
B Km . Dolly Borang 1st VIII
Km. Alek Talom 2nd VIII
Kr. Dikong Borang 3rd VI
C Kr. Bomgam Pertin 1st IX
Kr. Doding Gao 2nd X
Km. Angelyn Lego 3rd X


Band Team of VKV Oyan went to pasighat to participate in the historic

celebration of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji on 11TH
November 2019. The band team participated in the rally programme
organized by Gurudwara committee of pasighat. Students participation
was highly appreciated by the committee people and they thanked for
our participation. Sri. Bibhuti Bhushan sir and Sri. Jiten Das sir escorted
the students for the incredible event.


Annual Sports Meet was conducted from 14th Nov 2019 to 16th Nov 2019. The Sports meet was inaugrated
by Dr. Dhananjai Pait, Medical officer,Sille medical. The 3 days event includes lots of sports and games
activities for the students. The competititon was held under 3 categories-Jub Junior, Junior and Senior for
both boys and Girls. The sports meet comprised of both group events and individual events.The group
events included Football, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Rellay race,etc and individual events com Students of all
the four houses viz Azad, Gandhi, Bhagat and kalam participated enthusislly and with sportman spirit.

Man. Nevidita Didi, All India Vice-President of

Vivekananada Kendra Kanyakumari,visited VKV Oyan on
17th November 2019. During her visit to school,
Man.Nedivita Didi had an interactive session with the
teaching staffs of VKV Oyan. She enquired about the
progress of Ek Bharat Vijay Bharat Programee in school
level, Uniqness of the school and different types of activities
carried out. Man. Nevidita Didi addressed the students in the
school assembly. She highlighted the importance of Culture in one’s life and specified the glory and
importance of Arunachal’s tradition,customs and rituals. She urged the students to follow and preserve
their traditions, speak their mother toungue and participate in traditional events and rituals.


Sri. P.M.Unnikrishnan, Education officer of Siang cluster visited the school on 22nd November 2019. In the
morning assembly he addressed the students. In his speech, he hightlighted the iportance of Hard work,
sincerity and planning in student’s life taking the eg of Malavath Purna,the 13 year girl who became the
youngest Indian and youngest girl to climb mt. Everest.Teacher’s meeting was conducted where result
analysis of periodic test-II for Class-IX and X was done. Action plan was prepared for the rest of the
session. Teacher’s were urged to take extra efforts for slow learners and provide more worksheet for
practice and do regular class test. Academic excellence should be given outmost priority.


Kr. Katon Perme of Class-VI, the winner of District Level Science Exhibition
represented the East Siang dist,in the State level science Exhibition at
Itanagar on 23rd November 2019. Sri. Bibhuti Bhushan Sir, Guide Teacher
escorted Katon Perme in the state level.Kr. Katon Perme presented well in the
state Level.


Book review was conducted by Sri. Ranjit Kohar, English Teacher,VKV Oyan.
Students participated in the book review by narrating the summary of the book
which they have read. Nearly 30 students participated in the book review. The book
review was done in the school assembly. Book review encouraged the other
students to read more and more books as well as to know about the different types
of book present in the school library.

”My Children, the secret of religion is not in theories but in practice. To be good and do good- that is the
whole of religion”.

-Swami Vivekananda