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English Language Courses in Britain

uk If you are interested in any of our Select English Cambridge courses please contact us to request a brochure. What makes Select English London Special? • Many host families live in walking distance of the school • School Residence – two doors from the school – available all year • School in a www. One building houses all the classrooms and offices and the other building is the school residence including the school cafeteria and a beautiful garden. which is now Select English London. See www. green residential part of London • Being a family owned school creates a friendly and caring atmosphere • Structured weekly syllabus and high standard of teaching 3 . In 2003. The inspection is repeated every four years. Contact Details Select English London 144 Church Road Crystal Palace London SE19 2NT Tel: +44 (0) 208 653 7285 Fax: +44 (0) 208 653 9667 Email: london@selectenglish. London. Students can appeal to English UK if they are dissatisfied with the way a centre deals with a London operates out of two lovely Victorian buildings in Crystal Palace. The Select English group is owned and directed by Mervyn and Helena Martin. Quality certification British Council accreditation means that we have been inspected and approved as a reliable establishment. Mervyn and Helena decided to expand the business and bought Angloschool (founded in 1961) in Crystal to Select English London Directors The School Select English is a group of language schools in London and Cambridge. safe and enjoyable experience.englishuk. Mervyn and Helena are both very dedicated and committed to the business and try to ensure that every student’s stay is a which is respected worldwide. Select English Cambridge 13 Station Road Cambridge CB1 2JB Tel: +44 (0) 1223 364735 Fax: +44 (0) 1223 467150 Email: Select English. English UK is the world's leading language teaching association and your guarantee of high quality and good service. London. Mervyn and Helena founded Select English Cambridge in 1992 and developed it into a very successful language school.

young professionals or pupils in their last years of high school. Nationalities We have a very good mixture of nationalities. I made a lot of friends at Select English. The majority are university students. cafes. 2008 Select English. There are frequent trains from Crystal Palace to Victoria and London Bridge. British Museum. I will miss London and the great staff of the school. There are plenty of shops.” Viviana Mota Mireres from Mexico.” Marco Boettcher from Germany.” Gulnar Jerkeanova from Kazakhstan. I came to study at Select English because I need English for my job. Crystal Palace offers a perfect study environment for anyone who wants to experience London but be located in peaceful surroundings and live in the proximity of the school. Asia and Latin America. Covent Garden. Crystal Palace takes its name from the famous building that housed the ‘Great Exhibition’ in 1851. absolutely everything was extraordinary. Crystal Palace is a charming residential area of London. It is also very green with plenty of trees and parks. near the site of the Crystal Palace. which take no more than 25 minutes. A fire destroyed the Crystal Palace in 1936. Crystal Palace is the highest point in south London and offers amazing views over the capital. Madame Tussauds and much more. London Eye. Our students study with us for a period of either two to four weeks. I really liked my teachers at Select English. I like Select English because I am learning many new things here. Please contact the school for accurate nationality figures. 2006 “I want to improve my English because it will help me with university and after that to find a job. I also liked the staff as they are very friendly and make students very comfortable. or for a long-term course for up to six months and longer. But I spoke to my parents and next year I will return and stay one month. and today.School Location Our Students “Everything. 2006 5 . the course and my friends. Our students are an interesting mix of people from all over the world. stands the National Sports Centre whose extensive facilities attract sportsmen and women from all over the world. We usually have students from Europe. “I want to improve my English because I need it for my job and I also like this language very much. 2006 “I am 24 years old. London is situated in Crystal Palace in the southeast of London. restaurants and pubs within easy reach of the school. Oxford Street. From Crystal Palace to central London Crystal Palace offers an easy and quick connection to the centre of London and all its attractions such as Piccadilly Circus. The school residence is two doors from the school and all our homestay accommodation is either within walking distance or only a short bus ride away. Amazing!” Gulnar Alexandra Traista from Romania (with her teacher Phil). It’s a place where you would return at any time. my host family.

Czech Republic. Italy. November 2007 Mr Jeff Banks B. helpful and give a lot of information. September 2007 “Maurice is a really nice teacher. Birmingham University PGCE University of London. Czech Republic. Elena Nekrasova.International House and PGCE – London University From 1977 . CELTA From 2004 – Teacher of English at Select English Experienced at all levels as well as Cambridge Exam classes and IELTS “My English lessons with Francesca were very good. Eliska Kellnerova. He is very clear and he has been very nice with me”. English Literature and Linguistics. Italy.00pm. Spain. excursions or any other issues. Barbora Vajdova. The school also has free wireless internet throughout.30am and 17. English.30am to 13. Reception Our reception is open from Monday to Friday between 8. Mirian Caballero. I learned a lot”. and Gareth is great. May 2008 Ms Francesca Taczalski B. Flavia Dallari. “ Jeff is very professionally prepared and friendly. Niccolo Pastori. Cafeteria The school has a lovely cafeteria located in the school residence. Italy.A. accommodation. The school has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and we do our best to make every student’s stay as successful and enjoyable as possible. It is a great opportunity to socialise with other students and practice the English learned in lessons. July 2007 7 .30pm. It is open from Monday to Friday for all students from 8. Our staff are very approachable and always available to help students with their enquiries regarding tuition. Japan. enthusiasm and experience are key factors in making the lessons at Select English both challenging and fun. some hold the more advanced DELTA qualification). Mr. There is comfortable indoor seating for colder days and also a beautiful garden for the summer. good structure of lesson. English and Philosophy.A. Argentina. (Hons) Philosophy. You can learn and enjoy at the same time”. She taught me very lively English”. Russia. November 2007 “Francesca is a very nice teacher”.Teacher of English at Angloschool and Select English. Computers Our computer room is equipped with 12 computers all connected to broadband internet. August 2008 “Maurice is a really good teacher. Meet some of our permanent teachers: Mr. Garden The school has a beautiful garden where students can socialise during breaks and lunchtime. September 2007 School The school is housed in a typically English. His lessons are interesting. Kumiko Takahashi. Residence The school has its own student residence. Their professionalism.A. February 2008 “I really liked Gareth”. She listened to what we talked about very carefully. Classrooms The school has 12 bright and airy classrooms all appropriately equipped for effective language teaching. beautiful Victorian building whose bright and spacious rooms are an ideal environment for students from all over the world to get together for English language learning. He is a teacher of a very high level”. August 2008 “ Jeff was a very good teacher. We serve a variety of hot and cold lunches and drinks and snacks in all breaks.30am to 5.00pm. best lessons I’ve ever had!” Ulrike Freytag.A. Cambridge University RSA Diploma EFL From 1977 . It is two doors from the school building and offers students a very convenient alternative to homestay accommodation. “ I am very happy with the lessons. International House From 2003 – Teacher of English at Select English Experienced at all levels and especially with 1-1 lessons and small Business Groups. University of Lancaster ITTI Certificate and RSA/UCLES Certificate in TEFLA. Gareth Thomas B. which students with their own laptops can connect to. Mexico. He was very patient and explained very well the lessons”.Facilities Our Teachers All our permanent teachers hold university degrees as well as recognised TEFL qualifications (at least CELTA. Maurice West M. August 2008 “Excellent. the lessons were very important and fun”. Juan Nicolas D’Amico. Middlesex University CELTA . June 2007 “Thank you Jeff.Teacher of English at Angloschool and Select English Experienced at all levels particularly CAE and Proficiency “Maurice was great”. January 2008 “Francesca is a good teacher for me. We offer free use of computers from 8. Japan. Haru Miyata. which is available all year. Germany. (Hons) Italian. Experienced at all levels. both Gareth and Maurice are very good teachers. I was very satisfied”. In the summer we also regularly use it to hold barbecues in for all students. Mauro Bergamini. Ana Maria Calleja Cantu.

if they have passed the test. listening. Tailor-made course details • Groups of up to 35 students • 15. pre-intermediate. They give students the opportunity for further practice in speaking. in addition to what the 15-hour course covers. Break Lesson 2 Skills and grammar based lessons linked to a variety of topics 11. also offer skills-based lessons in the afternoons. Group Courses Select English London is happy to create and run tailormade group courses throughout the year. advanced and advanced plus. speaking.30 13.15-11. after which students then move up a level. Levels All students are given a level test on their first Monday and will be placed at the appropriate level. Skills are integrated from the beginning. The 15-hour course offers grammar-based lessons linked to a variety of topics. reading. Students decide on the number of lessons they would like to take. intermediate. 20 or 25 hours of General English per week. Students get the closest possible attention from their own personal tutor.30 pm 25-hour course: 9.45 14.30-12.30 Break Lesson 3 Skills and grammar based lessons linked to a variety of topics 12.00 am – 15.00 am – 14. reading and writing 14. a given activity might involve reading. We offer a choice of 15.00-10. Methodology Our method of teaching is the communicative approach.Adult Courses January to December – ages 16+ General English Our general English courses run all year round and students can start any Monday.00-10.45-15. Beginners are required to take one-to-one lessons until they reach the right level to join our elementary group.00 am – 12. listening. Certificates and Course Reports All students are given a certificate at the end of their course. not just linguistic structures. Most weeks we offer six levels including elementary. One-toone tuition can be taken as a unique course. We regularly welcome school and university study groups for general English courses or specific projects.15 Syllabus All levels have an ongoing eight-week syllabus with an attainment test at the end. Timetable .45 pm Typical Day 09.30 Lunch Lesson 4 Further skills lessons covering speaking. listening and perhaps also writing. six or even twelve months.30-14. reading and writing One-To-One Tuition We offer one-to-one tuition all year round. Teachers usually work with a variety of course books and other teaching material and provide students with photocopies of material covered in class. Different skills are also integrated from the beginning and throughout the lessons. upper-intermediate. The length of the course is up to the student.30 pm 20-hour course: 9. The 20-hour and 25-hour courses.15 10. Classroom material and activities are often authentic and reflect real-life situations and demands. Students regularly work in pairs or engage in role-play to adjust their use of the target language to different social contexts.Monday to Friday 15-hour course: 9. listening and writing. One-to-one courses are tailor-made for you. The content of the course includes social functions. up to a long-term course of three. or in addition to a group course.00 Lesson 1 Skills and grammar based lessons linked to a variety of topics 10. We can also provide course/progress reports on request. Please note that we do not offer group classes for beginners.15-11.30 11. 20 or 25 hours tuition per week • Teaching in closed groups or multinational classes • General English and English for specific purposes • Varied social programmes designed to your specification • Ages 16+ (groups for students under 16 can be discussed) • Homestay accommodation (options for residential accommodation can be discussed) 9 .30-14. All lessons are 60 minutes. Maximum Class Size The maximum class size is 14.45 Break Lesson 5 Further skills lessons covering speaking.30-13. Learning Material All learning material is provided. Students can study from a minimum of two weeks.

only 25 miles from the historic city of Bath. volleyball.0018.30 13.30 15.3014. arts and craft workshops A two-week course includes: Two full-day trips to London and Bath Two half-day trips to Stonehenge and Wells (Please note that for three and four-week courses there are further trips to possibly Oxford. treasure hunts. transfer from King’s Bruton to the airport Lunch 11 . table football. tennis. Location King’s School Bruton is a beautiful residential boarding school with historic English charm but modern facilities in a safe environment. shopping and sightseeing Full day trip to Bath. rugby. badminton. drama.00hrs. mini Olympics. Somerset is a very attractive green county in southwest England bordering Dorset and Devon. tennis and Treasure Hunt Table tennis tournament Transfer from the airport to King’s Bruton Lunch Dinner Mini Olympics Basketball. table tennis. Bruton is a lovely little town in Somerset. rounders.00 Sunday 09.King’s Bruton Fully Residential Junior Course . squash and Art and crafts English English English Half day trip to Wells Volleyball tournament End of course drama show in the theatre Departure. lunch and dinners are provided in the school canteen Learning 20 hours per week tuition Maximum of 12 students in a class All levels from elementary to advanced Report and certificate given at the end of the course Lessons focus on developing communication skills through a balance of language input. Glastonbury and Weymouth) Example timetable at King’s Bruton 08.00hrs and 17. barbecues. parties. badminton and other sports Football and rugby pitches Tennis courts Squash courts Table tennis & table football Great theatre for film nights and drama productions Bright and spacious classrooms Computers with Internet access Leisure Full afternoon and evening social programme (see example programme below) Activities include: football. basketball.00 18. Living Accommodation in single. project work and real English Facilities Indoor sports hall for volleyball. football or tennis Badminton. double or triple rooms Shared bathroom and shower facilities Weekly laundry All accommodation is fully supervised by Select English staff living on site Breakfast. film nights. Arts and Crafts Badminton Tennis Party Film night Football and Badminton Quiz night Basketball and tennis Table tennis and games Film night Farewell Party Breakfast Full day trip to London.0012.45 Meet staff and other students Monday Level test class allocation Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday English English English English Volleyball tournament and rugby English English Half day trip to Stonehenge Tennis and Quiz Film night English Football. basketball.0021.00 19.30 12.3013. sightseeing and shopping English English English English English English English Squash.ages 13-16 The course is booked and administered through Select English London Airport Transfer – Free from/to Heathrow and Bristol We offer free airport transfers to Bruton from/to Heathrow and Bristol on official arrival and departure days (see registration form) between 09. Please note that flight times have to be within these times.0009. quizzes.

Please see registration form for more details. Tuition Students can take the 15.Christmas celebrations with host family Boxing day 26 December . See registration form for exam dates. The exam preparation courses start 9-12 weeks prior to the exams. presents and Christmas carols Christmas Day 25 December . Examination The examination can be taken at our school as part of the course. Tuition The IELTS preparation course is a combination of 10 hours IELTS preparation and 15 hours general English per week. but it is not compulsory.Opportunity to go to central London for the famous fireworks Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses – FCE and CAE Cambridge exams Select English London has been an exam centre for Cambridge examinations since the 1960s. Tuition The FCE and CAE exam preparation courses are a combination of 10 hours FCE or CAE preparation and 15 hours general English per week. However.16+ IELTS and Cambridge FCE & CAE IELTS IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a highly practical and valid English language assessment.Celebrations with host family New Year’s Eve 31 December . It is increasingly becoming the most widely recognised international measure of English ability for university entrants.5 million people. Dates We offer three different starting dates for a four-week IELTS preparation course throughout the year. 13 . Please see registration form for more details. June and December. they are taken by around 1. Level Students must be at least upper-intermediate level (according to our placement test) to join the IELTS preparation course. We only close on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Dates We offer exam preparation courses for the FCE and CAE exams in March. Please refer to the registration form for when the school is closed. Dates Our Christmas course usually starts a week before Christmas and can be booked for two to three weeks. primarily used by those seeking international education or professional recognition. Each year. but it is not compulsory. Examination The examination can be taken as part of the course. Christmas Course Christmas Course Select English London is one of the few schools in the UK that is open at Christmas.Adult Exam Preparation Courses London . please note that some tuition is lost due to the national holidays. 20 or 25-hour courses. in 135 countries and are recognised by thousands of educational organisations and employers throughout the world. It’s a great opportunity to experience London during an English Christmas for two to three weeks. The IELTS test can be booked through us and is available at a nearby test centre most Saturdays. Please refer to the registration form for exact dates. Students are also welcome to start the course earlier or stay longer in the New Year. Level For the FCE exam preparation course students have to be at upper-intermediate level and for the CAE exam preparation course students have to be at least advanced level. Christmas Course Programme Trip to Oxford Street for shopping and Christmas lights Christmas party with Santa Claus. Cambridge exams are the world’s leading range of certificates for learners of English.

is ideal for homestay accommodation. After arrival students can always speak to our Accommodation Officer regarding any homestay issues. Hot lunches are sold from Monday to Friday in the school cafeteria. Laundry Bedding is washed once a week but students have to go to a local laundrette for their own laundry.Residential Accommodation Homestay Accommodation Select English owns a large spacious Victorian house used as our school residence. Students who bring their own laptop can access the internet for free 24 hours a day. Smoking The residence is non-smoking throughout We can also arrange for students to stay in local homestay accommodation during their studies. All rooms have central heating. All homestay accommodation is within the highlighted area SYDENHAM HILL WEST NORWOOD UPPER NORWOOD A21 2 C RYS TAL PAL AC NORWOOD PARK E PD E GYPSY HILL CRYSTAL PALACE PARK A2 14 C EN T RA LH IL L W HI WESTO LL CRYSTAL PALACE ER AN LE 12 CH BE UR CH A2 15 RO AD YH UL ILL AH SELECT ENGLISH UPPER NORWOOD A2 15 HI LL CRYSTAL PALACE WH ITE HO RS EL AN E THORNTON HEATH H RC PA R RE MO OA D A2 SOUTH NORWOOD SO UT H D OO RW NO Approximate scale 1km LL HI 15 . is only a short bus ride a way. Dinners can be prepared by residential students in the communal kitchen. a residential part of London. Location The location of our school in Crystal Palace. Communal Facilities Communal facilities include a TV room. Showers and Toilets Most rooms have en-suite showers. Location The residence is conveniently located two doors from the main school building in Crystal Palace. All rooms have a TV. communal showers are located on each floor. We are in a unique position to offer homestay accommodation within walking distance of the school. which is not within walking distance. Our Accommodation Officer is always available to deal with any problems that may occur in a quick and efficient manner. There are also shared toilets on each floor. Meals Breakfast is included in the residence fees and is provided every day in the school cafeteria. See map below for distance of homestay accommodation. All our homestay accommodation is chosen and regularly visited by our own school staff. a table tennis room and a lovely garden. Students need to bring their own towels. It takes students less than a minute to reach the school from the residence. Warden There is a Warden who lives in the residence and who is responsible for the students’ welfare during their stay. Rooms The residence has 7 single and 2 double rooms. Staying in homestay accommodation can be an excellent way to get to know the culture better as well as providing more opportunities to practice English. a lounge. For the rooms without showers. Internet and TV The residence has wireless internet throughout. The residence is open all year round and can be booked from January to December in combination with an English language course for a minimum of two weeks. a kitchen. Other homestay accommodation.

you can always use our computer room until 17. A weekly travelcard and a full-day excursion on Saturday are included in the programme fees. National Gallery. business administration. The School’s Afternoon Summer Leisure Programme In July and August we offer an afternoon leisure programme that can be joined for one week or more. It is a ‘cultural’ leisure programme that offers students the opportunity to explore London with a group of Select English students and a member of Select English staff. if convenient. Oxford. such as marketing. Stonehenge and Bath and/or Cambridge Free 09. It can be booked in combination with the 15-hour course. Tate Modern. This programme is ideal for students and young professionals who want to improve their English in a working environment and gain practical knowledge of a certain UK business sector. engineering.30 to 18. Age Candidates should be between 18 and 32 years old. 17 . Bath and other destinations We can also arrange weekend breaks to Paris. Friday 19. Non-EU candidates have to study at least the same amount of weeks as their internship. St Paul’s. 19. theatre. Amsterdam and other destinations. law. Victoria and Albert Museum or other places. or are planning on studying/working in the requested area of business. Please see a sample programme for the evening leisure programme below Afternoon Tuesday Wednesday Thursday If you don’t have any afternoon lessons. advertising. Houses of Parliament. Please contact us for more information regarding the application procedure. restaurant. Camden Market. Museum of London. PR and others.00 Most Saturdays there are excursions to Oxford and Stratford. Oxford Street.00 – 17. Level of English Students should have reached an intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English. fashion. Tower Bridge.Our Social Activities Professional Internship Programme The professional internship programme is an unpaid work placement in a UK company. Big Ben Lessons Lunch British Museum Lessons Lunch Covent Garden Market and Piccadilly Circus Lessons Lunch Natural History Museum Lessons Lunch Free Full-day excursion from 08. Length of Internship The internship should be a minimum of 4 weeks. e. Otherwise we can assist in finding alternative accommodation. cinema.00 Barbecue in school garden every fortnight in July and August Saturday You can join full-day Saturday excursions (extra costs apply) to Cambridge. for placements over 4 months an extra charge applies.30 Film show in school residence 17. architecture. It is most suitable for students who have studied or worked.30 – 13.00 Football at local sports centre Fortnightly teacher-led activity. Greenwich. Stonehenge.00 Lunch Buckingham Palace. etc. import/export. Please see sample programme below for the afternoon leisure programme. However. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 12. Imperial War Museum. Older candidates will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. pub night. The School’s Evening Leisure Programme All year round from January to December we offer a variety of social activities in the evenings.g.00-12. Location of Placement and Accommodation Most placements are in London and.00 13. Harrods.00. There is no maximum length. ice-skating. candidates can stay in our school residence or homestay accommodation for the duration of their internship. Sectors of Placements Many business sectors are covered. Hyde Park. Stratford.30 Lessons Sunday Alternatively afternoon trips might be to the Science Museum. Preceding English Language Course The internship has to be preceded by at least a four-week English course at Select English. Edinburgh.

Go to www.standrewscambridge. A-level and University Foundation If you register less than 4 weeks before the start of your course.16 • Residential or homestay accommodation in Cambridge • 20 hours of English lessons a week • Active sports and social programme Fitzwilliam College – ages 17+ • Cambridge University College • En-suite showers • Fully residential • 20 hours teaching per week • Varied social programme Select Central – ages 17+ • Average 7 students per class • University accommodation or homestay • 20 hours of English lessons • Interesting cultural events and social programme Deposit A deposit of £200 / €300 (or £250 / €375 for residence accommodation) must be paid with the registration and then the rest of your payment must be paid 4 weeks before the start of your for more information.Select English Cambridge Cambridge Summer Riddlesworth Hall – ages 13-16 • Fully residential boarding school in beautiful and safe surroundings • 20 hours a week of English and a fun and creative social programme Booking your Course Please complete the Select English London registration form enclosed with this brochure if you are interested in joining one of our courses. • 20 hours of English lessons per week including IELTS exam preparation • Homestay accommodation • Full social programme English + Science or Business – ages 14-17 • 20 hours tuition per week: 10 hours English + 10 hours business or science tuition • Cambridge location • Homestay or residential accommodation • Full social programme 19 . +44 (0) 208 653 7285 Or visit our website on www. you must pay full fees with your registration. IELTS preparation – ages 16+ St Andrew’s Cambridge St Andrew’s Cambridge is the sister company of Select English. When you have completed the form and paid the deposit we will: Reserve your place on the course Reserve your accommodation Send an official acceptance letter and a course invoice Send you full details with your accommodation address How to pay: You can pay by bank Please send the completed registration form: By post to: Select English London 144 Church Road Crystal London SE19 2NT United Kingdom By fax: +44 (0) 208 653 9667 Scan and send by e-mail: london@selectenglish. cheque or credit card (please note that there is a 2% surcharge for credit card payments).co. If you have any or write to registrations@standrewscambridge. It is a private tutorial college for overseas students interested in preparing for UK university or write to for more details. Please ask for our Select English Cambridge brochure or visit our website on www. It is also owned and directed by Mervyn and Helena Martin. St Andrew’s offers high quality GCSE. Alternatively we are happy to provide you with the details of how to reach your accommodation by public transport.13 • Fully residential boarding school in beautiful and safe surroundings • 15 hours a week of English and a fun and creative social programme Select English Cambridge Jan – June & Sept – Dec • Ages: 16+ • Start any Monday • Tuition: 20 or 25 hours per week • IELTS exam preparation courses • Homestay or residential accommodation Cambridge Juniors – ages 14 . See registration form for more The school is open all year.selectenglish. Airport transfers We are happy to arrange for a taxi to pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation on arrival and take you back to the airport on your departure. Barnardiston Hall – ages 8 . please contact us on: Tel. From January to June and September to December we offer courses for adults ages 16+ and in the summer we offer courses for Select English has another permanent school in Cambridge. teenagers and adults.

com . Select English Cambridge 13 Station Road Cambridge CB1 2JB Tel: +44 (0) 1223 364735 Fax: +44 (0) 1223 467150 Email: info@selectenglish.selectenglish.Select English London 144 Church Road Crystal Palace London SE19 2NT Tel: +44 (0) 208 653 7285 Fax: +44 (0) 208 653 9667 Email: Please contact us to request our Select English Cambridge