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B. TECH. Information Technology

(Effective from the session: 2010-2011)

Uttrakhand Technical University,Dehradun

Wef 2010 - 2011

Uttarakhand Technical University


Semester-III Subject Code TIT-301 TIT-302 TIT -303 TEC-301 TIT-304 THU-301 PRACTICAL: PIT-302 PIT-303 PEC-350 PIT-304 PD III /GP III TOTAL Semester-IV Subject Code TIT -401 TIT -402 TIT 403
TIT -404

Subject Discrete Structure Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques Data Structure Digital Electronics & Design aspects Object Oriented Programming Engineering Economics & Costing Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques Lab Data Structure Lab Digital Electronics Lab Object Oriented Programming Lab using Java/C++ Personality Development/ General Proficiency

Contact Hrs. 3-1-0 2-0-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 2-0-0 002 002 002 002 002

Credit 4 2 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 28

Subject Computer Organization Unix & Shell Programming ERP Database Management System E- governance Software Engineering CO Lab Unix & Shell Programming Lab Database Management System Lab Seminar I Personality Development/ General Proficiency

Contact Hrs. 3-1-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 3-1-0 2-0-0 2-0-0 0-0-2 0-0-2 0-0-2 0-0-2 002

Credit 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 28

TIT -405 TIT -406 Practical PIT-401 PIT-402 PIT-404 PIT- 407 PD IV /GP IV TOTAL

Wef 2010 - 2011

1 2 TIT-302 3 4 5 6 THU-301 TIT -303 TEC-301 TIT-304 SUBJECT CODE SUBJECT L TIT-301 Discrete Structures Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques Data Structure Digital Electronics & Design aspects Object Oriented Programming Engineering Economics & Costing Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques Lab Data Structure Lab Digital Electronics Lab Object Oriented Programming Lab using Java/ C++ Personality Development/ General Proficiency Total 3 2 PERIODS SESSIONAL EXAM TA 20 10 Total 50 25 100 50 150 75 ESE Subject Total T P CT 1 0 30 0 0 15 3 3 3 2 1 0 30 1 0 30 1 0 30 0 0 15 20 20 20 10 50 50 50 25 100 100 100 50 150 150 150 75 PRACTICALS 7 PIT-302 8 9 10 PIT-304 11 PD III /GP III 0 0 2 25 25 25 50 PIT-303 PEC-350 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 50 50 50 0 0 2 50 50 1000 Wef 2010 .Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. No .TECH IT Semester-III EVALUATION SCHEME S.2011 . SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B.

No .Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. 1 2 3 4 TIT-404 5 6 TIT-405 TIT-406 SUBJECT CODE SUBJECT L TIT-401 TIT-402 TIT-403 Computer Organization UNIX & Shell Programming ERP Database Management System E-governance Software Engineering 3 3 3 3 PERIODS SESSIONAL EXAM TA 20 20 20 20 Total 50 50 50 50 100 100 100 100 ESE Subjec t Total 150 150 150 150 T P CT 1 0 30 1 0 30 1 0 30 1 0 30 2 2 0 0 15 0 0 15 10 10 25 25 50 50 75 75 PRACTICALS 7.2011 .TECH IT Semester-IV EVALUATION SCHEME S. 7 8 PIT-404 10 11 PIT-407 PD IV /GP IV PIT-401 PIT-402 CO Lab UNIX & Shell Programming Lab Database Management System Lab Seminar-I Personality Development/ General Proficiency Total 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 50 50 50 0 0 0 2 0 2 50 50 50 - 50 50 1000 Wef 2010 . SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B.

‘Discrete Mathematics’ TMH. Properties. Pictorial representation of relation. Venn Diagrams.H. J. Seymour. Abelian group. composition of relations. Universal and existential quantifiers. Permutation & Combination. prove by contradiction. First order logic. Reprint 2010 Reference Book: 1. 2. countable and uncountable sets.L. types of relation. Monoid. well ordered set. equivalence relation. inverse function.Liu. composition of functions.. Wef 2010 . bounded I and complemented lattices. Unit-V Combinatorics & Graphs: Recurrence Relation. Subgroup. K. C. properties of groups. “ Discrete Mathematics”. one to one. tautologies. Manohar. Unit-III (8L) Posets. Probabilistic Permutation & Combination (6L) Text books: 1. Rings and Fields: definition and standard results. Discrete Mathematics & its application with combinatory and graph theory.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. logical equivalence. Hasse diagram of partially. Permutation groups. factor group. partial ordering relation. Unit-IV (8L) Propositional Logic: Proposition.P & R. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. pigeonhole principle. truth tables. example and standard results. Cosets.2011 . recursively defined functions. predicates. Homomorphism and isomorphism of Groups. ordered set. Generating function. Unit-II (8L) Algebraic Structures: Definition. cyclic groups. Hasse Diagram and Lattices: Introduction.Rosen. Normal subgroup. “Discrete Mathematical Structure with Application to Computer Science”. TMH(6th ed). Function: Definition. properties of Lattices.TECH IT TIT-301 Discrete Structure L T P 3 1 0 Unit-I (10L) Set Theory: Definition of sets. Basic logical operation. McGraw Hill. Algebra of Proposition. type of functions. isomorphic ordered set. McGraw Hill. Groups. Theorem proving Techniques: mathematical induction (simple and strong). Contradictions. proofs of some general identities on sets Relation: Definition. types: Semi Groups. 3rd edition 2. into and onto function. ordered set. logical implications. Liptschutz. Trembley.

TECH IT Wef 2010 . SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY.2011 .

Method of false position. Runge-Kutta Methods. polynomials. 1st Edition. Errors and their Computation. Waddle’s rule. Predictor Corrector Methods.TECH IT TIT-302 COMPUTER BASED NUMERICAL AND STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES L T P 2 0 0 Unit-I (6L) Introduction: Numbers and their accuracy. Multiple regression. Unit-IV (6L) Statistical Computation: Frequency chart. Automatic Error Monitoring and Stability of solution.2011 . “Computer Oriented Numerical Methods”. analysis and algorithms . Statistical Quality Control methods. Difference tables Polynomial Interpolation: Newton’s forward and backward formula Central Difference Formulae: Gauss forward and backward formula.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Linear and Non linear Regression. Gerald & Whealey. Muller’s method. Stirling’s. “Numerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computations”. Pearson Education. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Sastry S. TMH. Everett’s formula. Rajaraman V. “Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis”. Numerical differentiation Numerical Integration: Trapezoidal rule. Iteration method. Numerical Method Principles. Curve fitting by method of least squares. Bessel’s. Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equation: Bisection Method. S.Srimamta Pal (Oxford Higher ed) 4. “Numerical methods in Engineering and Science”. Pradip Niyogi. Delhi. Computer Arithmetic. PHI. exponential curves etc. 3rd edition. Rate of convergence of Iterative methods. Newton Divided difference formula. 3. Unit-II (6L) Interpolation: Finite Differences. Euler’s Method. Iyengar and Jain. Khanna Publishers. “Applied Numerical Analyses”. Mathematical preliminaries. Hermite’s Interpolation Unit-III( (6L) Numerical Integration and Differentiation: Introduction. 2. Jain. Newton-Raphson method. Interpolation with unequal intervals: Langrange’s Interpolation. Polynomial Equations. AW 2. New Age Int References: 1. Error in a series approximation. Grewal B S. fitting of straight lines. “Numerical Analysis and Algorithms”. 3. Taylor’s Method. Simpson’s 1/3 and 3/8 rule. Text Books: 1. Data fitting with Cubic splines. Boole’s rule. Methods of finding complex roots. General error formula. Wef 2010 . Regression Analysis. Solution of differential Equations: Picard’s Method.

Operations on Queue: Create. Wef 2010 . Primary indices. example of recursion. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Ordered List. Sequential Files. UNIT –III (8L) Trees: Basic terminology. recursion. path length algorithm. Recursion: Recursive definition and processes. Full and Empty. Stacks: Array Representation and Implementation of stack. Binary Search Trees: Binary Search Tree (BST). Overflow and Underflow. Threaded Binary trees. Two-way Header List. Quick Sort. Huffman Algorithm. Character String in C. Insertion and deletion Algorithms. Elementary Data Organization. Complete Binary Tree. Two Way Merge Sort. Traversing Binary trees. Indexing and Hashing. Sparse Matrices and Vectors. Evaluation of postfix expression using stack. B+ Tree index Files. Heap Sort. Linked Representation of Stack. Operations on Stacks: Push & Pop. Sorting: Insertion Sort. Operations Associated with Stacks. Garbage Collection and Compaction. Sorting on Different Keys. Traversing and Searching of Linked List. Backtracking. Secondary indices. Doubly linked list. Tower of Hanoi Problem. Linked list: Representation and Implementation of Singly Linked Lists.2011 . Hash Table. Binary Trees. Structure operations. algebraic Expressions. recursive algorithms. Bubble Sort. UNIT – V (6L) File Structures: Physical Storage Media File Organization. B Tree index Files. Hash Functions. Organization of records into Blocks. Single and Multidimensional Arrays. Polynomial representation and addition. Binary tree representation. Circular queues. D-queues and Priority Queues. address calculation. Array Representation of Stack. Linked List in Array. binary search. UNIT – II (8L) Queues: Array and linked representation and implementation of queues. Delete. Array and Linked Representation of Binary trees. Insertion and Deletion in BST. Insertion and deletion to/from Linked Lists. Collision Resolution Strategies. simulating recursion. Representation and Analysis. application of arrays. Application of stack: Conversion of Infix to Prefix and Postfix Expressions. Extended Binary Trees.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. UNIT –IV (8L) Searching and Hashing: Sequential search. Indexing and Hashing Comparisons. comparison and analysis. Character string operation. Array as Parameters. Add.TECH IT TIT 303 DATA STRUCTURES LTP 3 1 0 UNIT – I (10L) Introduction: Basic Terminology. Hash Table Implementation. Algorithm Complexity and Time-Space trade-off Arrays: Array Definition. Complexity of Search Algorithm.

Wiley Wef 2010 .ECL. Galgotia Publication Pvt. Generation of spikes. “Data Structures using C & C++”. Read-only memories. Digital Systems: Principles and Design. M. BJT & MOS as a switching element concept of transfer characteristics. TTL. Tenenbaum. Multiplexers/Demultiplexers. Ltd. Fault detection methods: Fault Table & Path sensitizing methods. encoder/decoders. Number system: Direct conversion between bases Negative numbers & BCD and their arithmetic’s. one and multi-dimensional selection arrangement. Ciletti. power consumption & gate delay. D. Pearson 2. Boolean algebra. packing density.. Types of Digital circuits. Morris Mano and M. Design of synchronous counters. Random Access. shift registers and theie applications.TECH IT Text Books: 1.Fault Detection &Memories (8L) Hazard and Fault Detection: Static and dynamic Hazard: Gate delay. Unit-III : Sequential Logic Circuits (8L) Flip-Flops and their conversions. subtractiors & code conversion. excitation table.Switching Circuit & Logic Design.. M. Formation of memory banks. ROM as decoder. 2nd Edition.2011 .(2 nd ed). Ciletti. New Delhi. Hill & Peterson. M. “Fundamentals of data Structures”. Interfacing between logic families. NMOS & CMOS Static and Dynamic Memory elements. decimal adders & amplitude comparators. analysis and synthesis of synchronous sequential circuit. Memories: Sequential. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Hamming & cyclic codes quine mcclusky method Unit-II : Combinational Logic Circuits (8L) Design Procedure. pearson 3. state table & diagram. 2. Unit-IV : Logic Families (8L) Diode. Determination of hazard in combinational circuits. RDC. 4th Edition. PLA & PAL.NMOS. internal & External address decoding Text Books : 1. Ltd. open collector output. IIL. Input characteristics and output characteristics of logic gates. A.CMOS Tri-state logic. D. New Delhi. Digital Design.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Unit-V : Hazard . Morris Mano and M. Minimization of Boolean Functions: K Map upto 6 variable and multiple output circuits error detection & correcting codes. TEC-301 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS LTP 3 1 0 Unit-I : Introduction (8L) Characteristics of digital system. Horowitz and Sahani. Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. adders. Raj Kamal. DRC.

multiple inheritance. TMH. constraints. advanced dynamic modeling concepts. Layout Manager and Menus. constraints. operations. Operator.TECH IT TIT-304 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LTP 31 0 Unit I (8L) Object Modeling: Objects and classes. abstract class. E. specifying operations. Text Books: 1. Unit II (8L) Functional Modeling: Data flow diagram. Java Applet. Bjarne Stroustrup. “The Complete Reference: Java”. a sample functional model.OMT (object modeling techniques) methodologies. Balagurusamy. JSD. candidate keys. Data types. Unit IV (8L) Java Library: String Handling. PHI References: 1. (8L) Wef 2010 . 3rd Edition. 7th Edition. “C++ Programming Language”. “Object Oriented Modeling and Design”. examples and case studies to demonstrate methodologies. AWT Controls. 3. a sample dynamic model. E. 2.James Rumbaugh etal. Addison Wesley. TMH. generalization and inheritance. Graphics. Variables. I/O.Dynamic Modeling: Events and states. Event Handling. TMH. Introduction to AWT. links and association. 2008. 4th Edition. Balagurusamy. Herbert Schieldt. Multithread Programming.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Migrating from C++ to java. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. “Programming in JAVA”. Methods & Classes. Unit V Software Development using Java: Java Swing. Working with window. Input/Output exploring Java. SA/SD.2011 . JDBC. nested state diagrams and concurrency. meta data. comparisons of methodologies. “Object Oriented Programming with C++”. Exception Handling. aggregation. (8L) Unit III Java Programming: Introduction. Application of java. Networking. 2.

after tax economic comparison. Comparisons of assets with equal.. unequal and infite lives.T. Internal rate of return. 1996 Wef 2010 . Present worth comparisons. Text Book : 1. Future worth comparison. Randhawa. Unit III (6L) Analysis of public Projects: Benefit/ Cost analysis. Rate of return. linear and non-linear models.. J. pay back period comparison. Product and Process Costing. Compound interest factors. benefit/ cost applications. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Relevant Cost for decision making. Cost control and Cost reduction techniques. Cash flow diagrams. cost and benefits. Unit IV (6L) Depreciation. Break-even analysis. Cost Accounting. Prentice Hall of India 2. Time value equivalence. McGraw Hill International Edition.TECH IT THU-301 ENGINEERING ECONOMICS AND COSTING LTP 2 0 0 Unit I (6L) Time value of money : Simple and compound interest.L.U. Bedworth.2011 . Comparison of assets of equal and unequal life. computing depreciation charges. cost estimation.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Cost –effectiveness analysis. comparison of deferred investments. Calculation. Standard Costing. comparison of IIR with other methods. Unit II (6L) Use and situations for equivalent annual worth comparison. Calculation of time –value equivalences. Dedworth. C.B. quantification of project. IRR misconceptions. Riggs. Horn green. S. D. Engineering Economics.

To estimate regression equation from sampled data and evaluate values of standard deviation. Traversing of Tree Using Linked List 7.303 : Data Structure Lab LTP 0 0 2 Write Program in C or C++ for following. t-statistics. 2. To deduce error envolved in polynomial equation. Program for Tree Structure. 10. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. To implement Newton’s Divided Difference and Langranges Interpolation formula. 10. Binary Search Tree 9. PIT. Program demonstrating Stack operation 4. Program for Queue Using Linked List 6. Program for Stack Using Linked List 5. 13. 6.2011 . 5. To Find out the root of the Algebraic and Transcendental equations using 3. 11.302 : Computer Based Numerical Techniques Lab LTP 0 0 2 Write Programs in ‘C’ Language: 1. frequency curve and pie-chart etc. Determination of Delay time and NAND. To implement Gauss Forward and Backward. 9.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Wef 2010 . Program Queue. AND & OR Gates. Ex-OR. Bread-board implementation of various flip-flops. 8. Simpson 1/3 and Simpson 3/8 rule. NOR. Bread-board implementation of counters & shift registers. Circular Queue 3. 3.DFS Deletion in BST Insertion in BST PEC-350 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS LAB LTP 002 1. Binary Tree. Program for Heap Sort Program for Quick Sort Graph Implementation BFS. 7. 4. Program for Stack 2. 12.TECH IT PIT. To implement Numerical Integration using Trapezoidal. To draw frequency chart like histogram. To implement Least Square Method for curve fitting. Bread Board Implementation of Flip-Flops. Sterling’s and Evertt’s Interpolation formula. value of R2 for atleast two independent variables. regression coefficient. Bessel’s. 1. To implement Numerical Differentiations. To implement Newton’s Forward and Backward Interpolation formula. Queue Using Array 8. 4. 2.

java that will request N. or zero. 13.. Write a new program called Options. 4. Monoshot multivibrators using 74121 and 74123. or equal to zero.. 3.304 : Object Oriented Programming Using Java LTP 0 0 2 1. Adder/ subtractor operation using IC7483 4 bit/ 8 bit. 12. To become familiar with classes that represent entities that can interact with the user. Bread Board implementation of counters & shift registers. Clock circuit realization using 555 and CMOS inverter and quartz crystal. 16. PIT. 2. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. 6.2011 . To gain practice in the use of Boolean operators like && and ||. Design of Counters. Use a ViewFrame for input and output. 10. Implementation of Arithmetic algorithms. Experiments with clocked Flip-Flop. 14. the number of values desired. and then generate a list of N random double values.negative. To construct a class that represents a simple ATM (automatic teller machine). 5. 9. Write a simple program called RandomGeneration. 7. Wef 2010 . 8. 7. Write program for Java Applets. . 15. Transfer characteristics of CMOS inverters series and CD40 series and estimation of Gate delay of CD40 series CMOS inverter. Use Java Servlets for proxy server. if the value that was entered was greater than zero. respectively. 8. Bread Board implementation of Adder/Subtractor (Half. To successfully write simple programs that involve if statements.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. 6. 11.TECH IT that will request that the user enter an integer and then will display the message . Demultiplexer / Decoder operation using IC-74138. less than zero.positive. Full) Transfer characteristics of TTL inverters & TTL Schmitt Trigger inverter.

Virtual Memory. Auxiliary memory. Microinstruction with Next-address field. Bus and Memory Transfers. Bus Architecture. fetching a word from memory. Program Control.TECH IT TIT-401 COMPUTER ORGANIZATION LTP 31 0 Unit-I (8L) Register Transfer Language. Micro programmed control(Microinstruction. Unit-IV (8L) Memory Organization: Memory Hierarchy. Instruction Pipelining. Interconnection Structure. Structured Computer Organization. Unit-II (8L) Control Design: Hardwired & Micro Programmed (Control Unit): Fundamental Concepts (Register Transfers. Hardwired Control. Unit-III (8L) Processor Design: Processor Organization: General register organization. R. Storing a word in memory).Wiley Eastern Limited. 3rd Edition. Data transfer & manipulations. Computer Organization. Pipelining. Reduced Instruction Set Computer. Booth Multiplication).Hayes. John P. Wef 2010 .Gaonkar . Multiprocessor: Characteristic of Multiprocessor. Computer Organization. IEEE standard for Floating point numbers. Execution of a complete instruction.2011 . Arithmetic Logic Shift Unit. Multiple-Bus organization. Interrupts & Interrupt handling. Wide-Branch addressing. Arithmetic Algorithms (addition. RISC Pipelining.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Serial Communication. Interprocessor Arbitration. Vector Processing. Bus Arbitration. Memory management hardware. Main Memory (RAM and ROM Chips). Modes of transfer. Computer Organization. InputOutput processor. Reference Book: 1. Prefetching Microinstruction). Zaky & Hamacher (TMH Publication) 2. Vravice.Arithmetic Pipelining. Cache Coherence Text Book: 1. Computer System Architecture. 2. Stack organization. Instruction format. performing of arithmetic or logical operations. Stallings(PHI) 4. 3rd Edition.S. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B.Microprocessor architecture – Programming and Application with 8085/8080A . McGraw Hill. Mano. M. Input-Output Organization: I/O Interface. Microprogram sequencing. Cache memory. Pearson. Tannenbaum(PHI) 3. organization of Cache Memory. Arithmetic Logic. Unit – V(8L) Parallel Processing. Direct Memory access. Addressing mode. subtraction. Shift Microoperation. Design of Fast address. Array Processor.

Tilak Shetty. BPB. Unit-4 (8L) Unix System Administration: File System. Strip and Ctrace. uname. sty. dos2unix. wc. Debugger tools: Dbx. Adb. Editors (vi and ed). System booting. recovery. diff. Unit-2 (8L) General Purpose Utilities: cal. tty. comm. od. Sumitabh Das. Shell Metacharacters. “The ‘C’ Odyssey Unix – the open boundless C”. Perl.TECH IT TIT-402 UNIX AND SHELL PROGRAMMING LTP 3 1 0 Unit-1 (8L) Introduction Introduction to UNIX. UNIX system organization (the kernel and the shell). Rachel Morgan. trapping signals. Mike Joy. Basic file attributes. Decision making and Loop control. Meeta Gandhi. shutting down.rm. 2003 2. M4. Textbook: 1. Unit-3 (8L) Unix Shell programming: Types of Shells. arrays. the environment. cp. Library functions and system calls. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. “Unix Concepts and applications”. file. and unix2dos. backup. Stephen Jarvis. mailx. BPB. “Unix Shell Programming”. Michael Luck. storage of Files. TMH. echo. 3. mv. Language development tools: YACC. Advanced filters: awk.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. “Introducing Unix System V”.2011 . mounting and unmounting file system. script. date. creating files. Shell commands. Parata. cat. Palgrave Macmillan. cmp. LEX. controlling terminal input. Disk related commands. banner. Shell scripts. lp. Yashwant Kanitkar. handling user account. passwd. zip and unzip. TMH Wef 2010 . Unix File System. 2009 References 1. gzip and gunzip. User quota and accounting. BPB 2. Integer arithmetic and string Manipulation. Rajiv Shah. “Advanced Unix programming guide”. 4. Unit-5 (8L) Filters using regular expressions: grep and sed. who. more. Sdb. security. Henry McGilton. Special command line characters. Shell variables. “Introducing Unix and Linux”.

“ERP Demystified”. Marketplace Dynamics. Role of SDLC/SSAD. Altekar “Enterprisewide Resource Planning”. UNIT – III (10L) ERP Marketplace and Marketplace Dynamics: Market Overview. Consultants. Online Analytic Processing(OLAP). PHI 3. The Evolution of ERP. Data ware Housing.2011 . Ellen F Monk. Alexis Leon. Object Oriented Architecture. Supply chain Management. Thompson Course Technology 4. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Mary Summer. Evolution and Structure: Conceptual Model of ERP. Benefits.Functional Modules: Introduction. UNIT –V (8L) ERP & E-Commerce. Origin. Tata McGraw Hill.LAP. ERP Implementation Life Cycle. Rahul V. The Structure of ERP. ERP. The Changing ERP Market. ERP and Internet. UNIT – II (8L) Business Process Reengineering. Product Life Cycle Management(PLM). “Enterprise Resource Planning – Concepts and Practice”. “Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning”. Tata McGraw Hill References: 1. Supply chain and Customer Relationship Applications. UNIT – IV (8L) ERP Implementation Basics. Data Mining. Integration of ERP. Critical success and failure factors. Vendors and Employees.TECH IT TIT-403: ERP LTP 31 0 UNIT – I (6L) ERP Introduction.Pearson Education Wef 2010 . Joseph A Brady. “Enterprise Resource Planning”.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Future Directives. Bret Wagner. Integrating ERP into organizational culture. Functional Modules of ERP Software. Vinod Kumar Garg and Venkitakrishnan N ERP. Using ERP tool: either SAP or ORACLE format to case study Textbooks: 1. 2.

locking Techniques for concurrency control. “Fundamentals Of Database Systems”. McGraw Hill. 2 Bipin C. relationships of higher degree. relational calculus. Recovery from transaction failures. McGraw Hill Wef 2010 . Multi version schemes. first. recoverability.2011 . Sudarshan. 4 Majumdar & Bhattacharya. Recovery with concurrent transaction. Insert. Addision Wesley. data independence and data base language and interfaces. Serializability of schedules. reduction of an ER diagrams to tables. relational algebra. “An Introduction To Database System”. Pearson. Extended ER model. primary key. “Database Management System”. Queries and sub queries. second. 5th Edition 2 Elmasri.I (8L) Introduction: An overview of database management system. Database system concepts and architecture. Generalization. SQL data types and literals. TMH 5 Ramakrishnan.TECH IT TIT 404 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM LTP 3 1 0 Unit. deadlock handling. Tables. Desai. log based recovery. referential integrity. Domain constraints. Unit.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. BCNF. Time stamping protocols for concurrency control. Joins. Unions. Unit. Intersection. Introduction to SQL: Characteristics of SQL. Data Modeling using the Entity Relationship Model: ER model concepts. aggregation. “An introduction to Database Systems”. integrity constraints: entity integrity. mapping constraints. 8th Edition. Vikas Publishing House. Cursors in SQL. alternative approaches to database design. normal forms.II (8L) Relational data Model and Language: Relational data model concepts.IV (8L) Transaction Processing Concepts: Transaction system. notation for ER diagram. third normal forms. Concepts of Super Key. inclusion dependences. Unit. tuple and domain calculus.5th edition References: 1 Date C J. Aggregate functions. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Overall Database Structure. Keys constraints. “Database Concepts”. “Database Management System”. Gehrke. views. MVD. Types of SQL commands. conflict & view serializable schedule. Minus. Text Books: 1 Korth. Data definitions language.V (8L) Concurrency Control Techniques: Concurrency control. database system Vs file system. Galgotia Publication 3 Leon & Leon. loss less join decompositions. checkpoints. and JDs.III (8L) Data Base Design & Normalization: Functional dependencies. “Database Management System”. data models schema and instances. Candidate key. Testing of serializability. Unit. Advantage of SQL. normalization using FD. DML. multiple granularity. Silbertz. SQL operators and their procedure. keys. validation based protocol. update and delete operations. Navathe.

Backus.R. National Data Warehouses: Census Data. Key areas. Firewall Media. Evolutionary Stages in E-Governance. Institutional Infrastructural Preparedness. Michiel. 2004. 1. Mobilization and Lobbying Model. Rural Development. Models of E-Governance (6L) Introduction. E-Governance in Brazil and Sri Lanka. 8. C. National Reservoir Level and Capacity Monitoring System. Prentice-Hall of India Private Limited.S.2011 . Design and Implementation”.TECH IT 7. IICD Research Brief. Legal Infrastructural Preparedness. E-Governance: Concepts and Case Studies. Bhoomi. Sachivalaya Vahini. Ekal Seva Kentra. Present global trends of growth in EGovernance: Other issues. Health. Its scope and content. Comparative Analysis Model. Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Government (8L) Introduction. Evolution in E-Governance and Maturity Models: Five Maturity Levels. “DBMS: Complete Practical Approach”. Interactive-service Model/Government-to-Citizen-to-Government Model (G2C2G). Smart Nagarpalika. Other Sectors. Critical Flow Model. Pearson Education. TIT-405: Unit 1. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Prices of Essential Commodities. E-Governance Infrastructure and Strategies (5L) E-readiness: Digital System Infrastructure. Issues in E-Governance applications and the Digital Divide. “Database Processing: Fundamentals. Unit 3. Planning. Maheshwari Jain. March 2001. E-Khazana. Education. Case Studies Computer-aided Administration of Registration Department (CARD). Unit 4. Characteristics of Maturity Levels. Towards Good Governance through E-Governance Models. Kroenke. E-Governance initiative in USA. Technological Infrastructural Preparedness. New Delhi. Computerization in Andra Pradesh.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. 2. IT in Judiciary. Evolution of E-Governance. Model of Digital Governance: Broadcasting/ Wilder Dissemination Model. No. Text / Reference books: 1. Wef 2010 . Prabhu. Human Infrastructural Preparedness. e-Governance in Developing Countries. Other areas for Data Warehousing and Data Mining: Agriculture. Introduction E-Governance LTP 2 0 0 (5L) E-Governance: Needs of E-Governance. Unit 2. Commerce and Trade.

Narosa Publication. 3rd Edition. Manodrioli. 8th Edition. Architectural Design. Unit-II: Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) (5L) Requirement Engineering Process: Elicitation. McGraw Hill. Corrective and Perfective Maintenance. Flow Charts. K. Structural Testing (White Box Testing). Unit-III: Software Design (7L) Basic Concept of Software Design. Data Flow Diagrams. Software Crisis. Software Quality Assurance (SQA). Unit Testing. Prototype Model. 2. R. Entity Relationship Diagrams. Testing & Software Maintenance (7L) Top-Down and Bottom –Up programming. Rajib Mall. Object Oriented Design. 6th Edition. Evolutionary Development Models.SEI-CMM Model. Carlo Ghezzi. 2.2011 . Coupling and Cohesion Measures. Fundamentals of Software Engineering. Fundamentals of Software Engineering. M. Acceptance Testing. Functional Testing (Black Box Testing). Information Modeling. Software Engineering. Reference Books: 1. S. Software Engineering. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Testing Strategies: Test Drivers and Test Stubs. Feasibility Study. Ian Sommerville. K. Constructive Cost Models (COCOMO). Unit-IV: Coding. Integration Testing. IEEE Standards for SRS. Pseudo Codes. Iterative Enhancement Models. Design Strategies: Function Oriented Design. Review and Management of User Needs.TECH IT TIT-406 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING LTP 2 00 Unit-I: Introduction (5L) Introduction to Software Engineering. Function Point (FP) Based Measures. structured programming. Aggarwal and Yogesh Singh. Jarayeri. Documentation. Decision Tables. 3rd Edition.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. Design Structure Charts. Cost of Maintenance. Pressman. 3rd Edition 3. PHI Publication Wef 2010 . Software Engineering.Software Measurement and Metrics: Various Size Oriented Measures: Halestead’s Software Science. Cyclomatic Complexity Measures: Control Flow Graphs. Reverse Engineering. 3. Regression Testing. Software Engineering: A Practitioners Approach. Addison Wesley. Pankaj Jalote. Software Characteristics. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Design. PHI Publication. New Age International Publishers. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models: Water Fall Model. Spiral Model. Text Books: 1. Software Engineering Processes. Analysis. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. D. Software Re-Engineering. Testing Objectives. Low Level Design: Modularization. Compliance with Design and Coding Standards. SRS Document.

2. Use the cat command to display the file. my table 6. 4320 ramu 26.txt which contain some text. Use the cut & paste commands to swap fields 2 and 3 my table. Call the sorted file my table(same name) & print the file my table 5.TECH IT PIT. Institute may also develop the experiment based on the infrastructure available with them. Experiments with clocked Flip-Flop. Bread Board implementation of Seven Segment Display.Open the file created in Exp 1. Bread Board Implementation of Flip-Flops. Use the cat command to create a file containing the following data. 5. use vi command to correct any errors in the file. Bread Board implementation of counters & shift registers. 6830 sita 36. Full) 7.2011 . my table. Implementation of Arithmetic algorithms. use the sort command to sort the file my table according to the first field. Design of Counters.15. delete & Save the changes 3. Use Vi editor to create a file called myfile.27.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY.65. Call it mytable(same name) & print the new file.401: CO Lab LTP 0 0 2 1. Correct typing errors during creation. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. 3. Save the file & Logout of the file 2. 8. Call it mutable use tabs to separate the fields 1425 ravi 15.402 : UNIX & Shell Programming Lab LTP 0 0 2 1. 6.86 4. Use the date and who commands in sequence ?(in one line) such that the output of date will display on the screen and the output of who will be redirected to a file called my file2. Add. PIT. 1450 raju 21. 7. my table. Bread Board implementation of Binary Adder. Change.Use the more command to check the contents of myfile2. Bread Board implementation of Adder/Subtractor (Half. Develop an interactive grep script that asks for a word and a file name and then tells how many lines contain that word Wef 2010 . 4.

9. 8. 11.>. Write a shell script that accepts one or more file name as a arguments and converts all of them to uppercase.2011 . 3. Write the queries for Data Definition and Data Manipulation Language.etc) Write SQL queries using SQL operators Write SQL query using character. 6. The queries to be implemented on DBMS using SQL 2. Create FORMS and REPORTS Note: 1. Write A shell script that takes a command –line argument and reports on whether it is directry .or something else 9. date and group functions Write SQL queries for relational algebra Write SQL queries for extracting data from more than one table Write SQL queries for sub queries. 2. Write SQL queries using logical operations (=. 10.<. 7. COMMIT & CHECK POINTS Create VIEWS.provided they exits in the current directory 10.Uttarakhand Technical University COURSES OF STUDY. number. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION & SYLLABUS FOR B. Write a shell script that determines the period for which a specified user is working on the system PIT. 5. 4. Mini Projects may also be planned & carried out throughout the semester to understand important concepts of database. However student may use Power Builder/SQL SERVER or DB2.404 : Database Management System Lab LTP 0 0 2 1.TECH IT 8. Wef 2010 .a file. Students are advised to use Developer 2000/Oracle9i or other latest version for above experiments. nested queries Write programme by the use of PL/SQL Concepts for ROLL BACK. CURSORS and TRGGERS & write ASSERTIONS.