PD 480 PD 522 PD 651 PD 881 PD 856 PD 965 PD 996 RA 3573 RA 6675

RHO Sanitation for Travelling public Register Birth/Deaths Label Hazardous Sanitation Marriage License after Fam Plan EPI(Immunization) Report CD Generics Act

requires immediate registration of birth within 30 days from delivery

RA 6713 RA 6758 RA 7160 RA7305

Code of Conduct of Govt EE Standard salary of govt ee (wid nurses) Local Autonomy Magna Carta of PHW

provided for compulsory basic immunization for infants and children below 8 years old an act providing for the prevention and suppression of dangerous communicable diseases Generic name- identification of drugs with scientifically and internationally recognized active ingredients. Brand name- propriety name given by manufacturer Essential drug list- list of drugs prepared by DOH on the basis of health conditions in the Phils as well as internationally accepted criteria public officials and employees shall at all times be accountable to the people and shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence and uphold public interest

- general features include decentralization and local autonomy - the Local chief executive have the power over: Budgets for health, Implementation of programs, Personnel appointment has provisions on the benefits, rights and responsibilities of public health workers Entitlement and protection: 1. Discrimination is prohibited 2. Understaffing and overstaffing not allowed 3. Due process observed 4. Normal hours of work, overtime pay, night shift dif, salary scale 5. Payment of salaries in legal tender 6. Hazard allowance 7. Right to self organization

RA 7394 RA 7719 RA 7875 RA 8423 RA 8504 RA 8976 RA 8749

Consumer Act National Blood Service Act National Health Insurance of 1995 Traditional Alternative Med Act (TAMA) AIDS Food fortification Clean Air Act

RA 9165

Dangerous Drugs of 2002

Declaration of policy: 1. Right of people to a balanced and healthful ecology 2. Promote and protect the global environment 3. State recognizes the principle that “ polluters must pay” 4. State recognizes that a clean and healthy environment is for the good and concern of all Prohibited acts: 1. Sell, administer, deliver or distribution and transport of prohibited drugs 2. Importation of prohibited drugs 3. Den or drive 4. Employees or visitors of dens 5. Manufacture 6. Use and possession 7. Culture of plants

RA 9211 RA 9257

Tobacco Reg Act Expanded Senior

through special authorization given by the DOH and automatically ceases when epidemic is terminated Policies include 1. secobarbitals. 2.  b sexual relationship or dating relationship  c. basic health services. Training related “ violence against women and children” means: any act or series of acts against a woman  a.drugs which produces insensibility. 4. requests or requires any sexual favors a. 2. preparation of mothers for breastfeeding. it includes the rights and duties of parents over their children . freedom of expression 4. heroine.drugs with opium. 3. influence or moral ascendancy over another demands. melancholy or dullness of mind. whenever services of duly registered physicians are not available 3.  Narcotics. registration of births 2. feed per demand RA 7432 RA 8423 Established the traditional and alternative health care CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE CODE PD 603 highlights the role of the nurse which include 1.self-inducing sedatives. Education related c. stupor.RA 9288 RA 9482 EO 663 EO 442 RA 935 Citizen Act 2003 NBS Anti Rabies Bakuna ang una sa Sanggol at ina Quality Medicines Available Narcotics Drug Act RA 7877 Anti Sexual Harrassment Law RA 9262 Anti violence against women and children Anti child Abuse an act prohibiting the employment of children below 15 years of age Emancipation Law Salt Ionization law Philippine Midwifery Act Practice of medicine by a Nurse Rooming in and breastfeeding Act of 1992 Senior Citizen Act 20% registration and imposition of license on all persons who deal in narcotic drugs and the control of the legal traffic in narcotic drugs. against her child. during epidemics or national emergencies. Work related b. child’s health 3. morphine. leg or illeg  RA 7610 RA 7658 RA 6809 RA 8172 RA 8344 RA 2644 RA 3282 lowered majority age from 21 to 18 years old RA 7600 An act penalizing the refusal of Hospitals and medical Clinics to administer appropriate initial treatment and support in emergency cases registered nurses may practice midwifery through passing the midwifery exam and has completed 20 actual deliveries 1. with whom he has a common child  d.LSD  Regulated drugs. latching on ( baby to suck 30 minutes after delivery). rooming in 30 minutes after delivery. wife or former wife.child’s inherent right to life 5. breastfeeding for 4-6 months. hypnotic drugs authority. habit forming  Prohibited drugs. coca leaf.

milk code EO 209.eldest brother or sister .right to self. nsd. sick leave.Family Code EO 203.10%.joint .vacation leave. benefits and privileges of employees in the private sector . overtime pay.Guidelines on the right to organize of government employees .PD 418 .guardian appointed by the court promote the concept of family responsible parenthood and family planning PD 442 Labor Code of the Philippines Employee Compensation and State Insurance Fund Civil Service Law PD 626 provides for the rights. .grandparents .right of women workers .organization injury/ death that is work related is compensable PD 807 provides for recruitment and selection of employees in gov’t service EO 51.parental authority .nearest next of kin .list of regular holidays and special days EO 180.