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A trendy. With a 15-person wrap-a-round bar accenting a 70 person dining room.Business & Ethics 3 Aaron Mariano · Jennifer Walser · Lansana Kamara · Lucia Oqubagiorgis · Veronica Arreola Howard Community College · Prince George’s College BMGT-100 · Latrice Morrison · Monday 6:00p – 9:10p Nui Luau Business Plan Overlooking the Pacific Ocean. or just watch top notch culinary artists create there works of art. fun place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. listen to local music. located in Los Angeles. California. Los Angeles is a city always looking for the next hip thing. . Nui Luau will feature products found in local produce and fish markets and will specialize in Hawaiian cuisine. We believe that Nui Luau is that great thing. Nui Luau will be the premier fine dining experience.

as well as those who will be designing and creating our ceramic serving ware. The fun of the islands. Our vision is to bring the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas together and create a fun and relaxing atmosphere to socialize and create memories. and even light blue. We also endorse local artists that will be occasionally perform at Nui Luau. all colors that will invoke your senses. “Nui Luau”. depending on what vegetables that are available and to make our menu ever-changing. Then you can sample our own culinary creations such as Yellow Fin Tuna in a mango chutney. live entertainment. literally translating to “great party” was chosen because it is what we want our guests to experience. as well a meats and fish from this local marketplace. The cuisine is inspired from the true colors of the Hawaiian Islands. Also we aspire to become an organic restaurant providing affordable upscale food with décor that provides the same exciting feeling that we create our cuisine with: reds. or maybe Huli Huli Chicken over basmati rice.Business & Ethics Serving the greater LA area. will . oranges. to produce a greater effect on the local economy. and have a great time. These dishes will change with the season. Constantly seeking out better products. but also a place to experience the Hawaiian culture. Nui Luau is not just a place to enjoy great food. combining fresh flowers. Utilizing The Original Farmer’s Market. We will work to use only local products. Diners can choose from traditional Coconut Chicken Lu’au or even some simple Maki sushi. we will deal only with fresh ingredients from local farmers. The atmosphere allows our guests to relax and open up to new taste sensations while experiencing top notch customer service and care. Nui Luau can receive fruits and vegetables. while experiencing the essence of Hawaii. located between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. even the 2 occasional luau will create a fun and exciting atmosphere that will bring guests back for more. with an Asian American flare.

Nui Luau would like to create a healthy and enjoyable place for customers to visit. In addition to satisfying our guests. Although LLC’s are a relatively new form of business formation. nor a corporation. Our business would like to motivate our creativeness with flavor. quality and timeliness as well as our team efforts. friendly. Jennifer Walser. as while as achieving total commitment to our guests. We stay committed to serving our customers with the best of service. and inspired environment. Lucia Oqubagiorgis. with the highest standards of quality that go into every dish. Because we are not a partnership. Ethical Model Nui Luau Hawaiian Restaurant has decided to use McDonald’s as our ‘benchmark’ company simply because of their ethical code and social responsibility philosophy. and its Standards of Business Conduct. needs. Nui Luau will be run as a Limited Liability Corporation for liability and ownership reasons. According to this company. we will be relieved of double taxation and the liabilities associated with partnerships. and to using the freshest of ingredients in our culinary works to stay a ‘cut above’ the competition. we take personal pride in the work that we do and the services we offer. Lansana Kamara. “it’s about . Nui Luau would like to support a clean.Business & Ethics 3 create a stronger menu but also help build healthier appetites. We seek to hire the most professional and creative culinary staff to help us create our vision to bring Hawaii to the states. Veronica Arreola. Nui Luau’s vision is to create a fun warm atmosphere. which offers only the best of services and cuisine to our guests. texture and achievement in all food and service. and hope to change the status of LLC’s in the small business community. Nui Luau’s owners include Aaron Mariano.

They are what drives us to be all that we can. the restaurant team member. and in the process plan on helping our local economy.Business & Ethics 2 taking action. but the entire company to every customer who . Our Hawaiian cuisine will help in this effort to create more diverse opportunities for the general public. and always maintaining open lines of communication with our customers and other key stakeholders. but also satisfying. McDonald’s bridges their success with the success of other organizations such as their own Ronald McDonald House. as well as meats and seafood to create our reputation. but they are also needs for different markets. as America grows.” This philosophy helps us establish our first value that customers come first. Furthermore. Nui Luau will be all the rage in downtown Los Angeles as a trendy up-scale dining experience. to be pleasing and makes them come back for more. By creating a satisfying atmosphere and reputable service. achieving result. As a Hawaiian restaurant we look for the freshest of fruits and vegetables. In order to create our growth. Human Resource Management It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Nui Luau family. Not only are customers living longer. You are the most important part of the restaurant experience. This social responsibility will also create a higher moral for our employees and will result in higher profits. Secondly. One of the social environmental issues our business will focus on is The Aging Population. They give back to individuals who are in need financially. so does her appetite. Nui Luau strives on bringing the same communal help to local farms and industries that support this fast growing industry. This is a great opportunity for Nui Luau to offer foods that are fresh and healthy. It is you. we will look to create a similar social responsibility to our clients that McDonalds does. who represents not only yourself.

we need to focus on the well-being of the employees. Your commitment to the latest training and highest level of customer service possible will lead to your success through repeat business and customer referrals. and services. The orientation process is extremely important. Our commitment to excellence begins with you. Unlike some of our competitors we at Nui Luau have adopted William Ouchi’s Theory Z as our motivational model. and while some of you can and will excel here at Nui Luau. Please learn our systems. Good luck! . and together we will succeed. and morale amongst our employees. Our company’s style of leadership is continuum. We as employers know that personalities vary. and amazing rewards. We believe that in order to promote stable employment.Business & Ethics 2 enters Nui Luau. productivity. All you need to add is your sense of pride and professionalism. on and off the job. others may need more guidance and direction. procedures. Not to mention potential promotion from within. A successful career awaits you within our company.

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Some of the citizens in the area like to spice it up in there ripening age. Because of individual’s unpredictability. and a fresh spin on things. Geisha House and restaurants owned and operated by world renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck.Business & Ethics 6 Marketing Strategy Here at Nui Luau. and are usually older than 25. Our clients come from that same social level. and the ever popular sunset on the beach. occasional Hula dancers. We make our cuisine steal the spotlight. As a great new place to eat. Nui Luau will make its clients come back for more. These hip younger people will be able to find out about our restaurant by word of mouth. Our target market includes the working class. and consistently prepared with the freshest ingredients and top notch . which will bring in new business. they are easier to please because we offer such a wide variety of food and entertainment. News prints and possibly a bill board for advertising will serve as one way of advertising an adventurous meal.000 annually. from the average husband and wife. Nui Luau will also stand out because we offer both a dinner and a show by way of live music. it’s all about the food. but also as a new restaurant in town. and just the wonder of seeing our location will bring in the business. By having an open house before the restaurant opens will give people a chance to see what we can do by entertaining and creating our most prized dishes. earning more than $30. We will use competitive pricing seeing that we will be competing with Opaque. As a new restaurant we not only will receive great reviews. and Nui Luau will be the place to do just that. The proprietors and some staff will also help with the advertising by occupying local high traffic business areas to hand out fliers about our cuisine. to the urban elite and celebrities just looking for a bite to eat. Nui Luau will also use this technique in order to show people that our food is great.

Geisha House. Sample advertisement found in Edible magazine and The Food Event Los Angeles . Our major competition will include a well-known and established Hawaiian restaurant. and the many restaurants owned and operated by Chef Wolfgang Puck. and it keeps clients coming back for more. Roy’s located in the LA area as well. which offers Japanese cuisine. while 2 combining local flare and technique. by not only sticking with the roots of Hawaiian food and culture. These few companies will be some of our biggest competition because they offer something different and have a great reputation for good food. our products will be successfully marketed and promoted. but also years to perfect.Business & Ethics customer service. These establishments also have become very successful and offer types of food that can be average. We will also stand out in the crowd of restaurants offered to Los Angeles because of our Hawaiian based dishes that create a contemporary feel to diners. and fun and modest advertising. and great service. Opaque. By creating that personal relation with the people in the greater LA area. we will be a successful establishment for years to come. a restaurant that offers dining in the dark.

LA wide variety of Hawaiian cuisine. Explore Hawaiianoffers a / 323-385-0880 Nui Luau Cuisine .Business & Ethics 3 Sunset Blvd.

Business & Ethics 1 SWOT Analysis Strengths • • • • Ever growing relationships with local and seasonal vendors who offer only the freshest of products and frequent inexpensive delivery options Highly trained staff that are very attentive and customer service oriented Outstanding location that is clean. established restaurants . and eating out in general Competition between local. and stands toe to toe with other world renowned restaurants Exquisite traditional and modern food choices that creates customer loyalty and commitment to excellence Weaknesses • Limited budget for marketing to create an awareness of the Nui Luau brand Opportunities • • • • Growth of population in the Los Angeles area. as well as between proteins and vegetables Focus on the customer and overall experience Increase in median income for the US Threats • • • Increases in wages affects menu pricing Economic downfall turns customers away from fine dining. exciting. as also a growth of target market Balanced Menu between local foods and rare cuisine.

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