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SYNOPSIS Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a tragic story. It is about a brilliant scientistnamed Dr Henry Jekyll. Dr Jekyll is very interested in the idea thatthere is good and evil in every man. He begins experimenting to find adrug that will separate the good and evil sides within each man. His lifeas Dr Henry Jekyll, a respected and rich doctor , and also as themysterious and cruel Mr. Edward Hyde , who is later wanted for themurder or Sir Danvers Carew . Finally, he is unable to control hisdouble life and this leads to his tragic story. SETTING SOCIAL SETTING  Nineteenth – century England , Victorian society  Rich, educated, upper middle class – lawyers’ scientists and   Lower working class servant , clerks People have very strict moral value  Outward appearances are very strict moral values.  Hypocrisy – pretending to be good but inwardly evil. PHYSICAL SETTING  Streets of London – cold , foggy  Dr Jekyll ’ s house – the front is brighe , open , respectable :the back is dark and secret  Mr. Hyde’ s house in Soho – dirty little secret filled with small  Dr Lanyon’s house – Cavendish Square , where the rich live . and gloomy houses doctors.

a mysterious evil character. CLIMAX  Poole and Utter son break down the laboratory door and Edward Hyde / Dr Jekyll. Utter son and End field see the horrifying change of Dr Jekyll at the laboratory window. FALLING ACTION  Dr Lanyon’s letter to Utter Son tells us part of truth. Utter son and inspector Newcoman visit Hyde’s house in Soho and find it has beenransacked. RESOLUTION  Dr Jekyll’s full statement of the case reveals the complete Jekyll and Mr. truth about Dr discover the body of at 2. tramples on a child a street in London. Hyde. 00 am on . RISING ACTION  Hyde murders Sir Danvers Carew.PLOT EXPOSITION  Edward Hyde. Mr. Hyde disappears.

MORAL VALUE LOYALTY AND FAITHFULNESS  Mr. Enfield confronts Mr.  Mr. Hyde about attacking Edie. Utterson protects Dr Jekyll’s name. COURAGE  Mr. Enfield goes to Edie‘s rescue when she is attacked by Mr. Utterson tries to advise Dr Jekyll to choose the right path. Utterson to help his master  Dr Grant treats Edie with gently care.  Mr.  Poole seeks out Mr. Utterson tracks down Hyde and also confronts him outside Soho PATENCE AND DETERMINATION  MR Uttrson keeps going to Hyde’s house until him succedss in his house in . Hyde.  Dr Lanyon keeps Dr Jekyll’s secret  Poole faithfully carries out his master’s instruction KIDNESS AND CONCERN FOR ATHERS  Mr.

FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW  Here. through Henry Jekyll statement. the author is the main narrator of the story. * In chapter 12. troughs Dr Lanyon’s letter. TRUSTWORTHINESS  Mr. the whole truth is finaly revealed. Utterson is well respected as a lawyer who is sincere and  Dr Lanyon is someone Dr Jekyll trust completely to keep his dependable. *In chapter 13. He knows everything about the thoughts and feeling of every characterin the story. This point of view is used throughout chapters 1to 11.  Poole is another person whom Dr Jekyll knows he can depend on POINT OF VIEW THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW  Here. secret. This seen in chapters 12 to 13. Utterson is always open and honest in dealing with his clients and friends and does not bestry their secrets. events are told from the point of view or individual. PERSONAL HONOUR AND INTEGRITY  Mr. aspect can be the events which .seeing him. we learn about led to his disco verity of Dr Jekyll’s secret.

Utterson and people (good)versus Mr. Hyde (evil) Dr Grand (good) versus Mr. # BETWEEN OTHER CHARACTERS MR Enfield (good) versus Mr. Hyde (evil) Mr. Mr Hyde. The two forces are always competing within him and he has to make sure he keeps a balance between them. Hyde ( evil) http://www.THEMES GOOD VERSUS EVIL •The constant struggle good and evil in the novel is seen within the individual and between other characters.scribd. Jekyll is unable to control his evil nature and the horrible deeds committed by Hyde lead him to take his own . Jekyll.This is seen in the case of Dr Jekyll. One part of him is kind and generous while the other part (MR HYDE) enjoys sinful pleasures. # WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL The internal struggle between good and evil is obvious in Dr. He has an internal struggle between the good part of himself anh his evil side. Dr. However.

Jekyl PHYSICAL APPERENCE About 50 years old Heavy-footed Handsome Smooth-faced CHARACTERTRAITS Friendly and sociable Intelligent and curious Secretive Hypocritical Brave and courageous Good and generous Mr Hyde .MAJOR CHARACTER Dr.

trustworthy and dependent Warm and caring .PHYSICAL APPERENCE Small and ugly Deformed Dark hair Heavy and full – lipped mouth Frightening eyes and strange face - CHARACTERTRAITS Cruel. fierce Cold and unrepentant Rude and arrogant Cowardly Mr Utterson PHYSICAL APPERENCE Tall and lean Serious looking Seldom smiles but has kind Warm eyes Dr Lanyon Patient and determined Conventional Practical and steady CHARACTERTRAITS Observant. careful and intelligent Loyal. wicked.

PHYSICAL APPERENCE Healthy Red faces Has snow white hair Firm manner - CHARACTERTRAITS Practical Honest. loyal and honorable Caring. friendly and helpful MINOR AND THEIR QUALITIES CHARACTER Mr Richard Enfield - CHARACTERISTIC Courageous. observant and alert Kind. reliable. clever. respectable. outspoken. active. caring and determined Trustworthy. just - Dr Grant - . just. loyal. honest and observant - Guest - - Poole - Faithful. brave. honest. alert.