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Acid & Alkaline Balance In The Body

Blood pH
There is a very tight window of pH where our blood can operate. Blood pH must be kept between 7.34-7.45. A pH of 1-6.9 is considered acidic and a pH of 7.1 to 14 is considered alkaline. 7.0 is considered neutral. So the operating pH of blood is just slightly alkaline. The body must keep the pH of the blood in this tight window in order for you to stay alive. Breathing out carbon dioxide and other waste products along with the excreting and filtering done by the kidneys allows our bodies to keep the pH of the blood within that window. There are also buffers stored in the body to help as necessary. The pH fluctuates slightly as it travels from the lungs to the tissues and back. This change in pH facilitates the release of carbon dioxide from the hemoglobin of the red cells and the uptake of oxygen in the lungs. As the blood reaches the cells, the pH change causes the oxygen to now leave the red cell and carbon dioxide to replace it. The whole reason this exchange of gasses can take place is because of this slight pH change. At one pH the hemoglobin molecule prefers oxygen to carbon dioxide and with a slight variation of pH the hemoglobin prefers carbon dioxide to oxygen. So the body has systems in place to protect this delicate balance. Since blood pH absolutely can not vary too much, if the body is struggling to maintain the more alkaline pH it thrives at, this will first show up in the urine and next at the cellular level. For this reason, the pH of saliva and urine are the two solutions most often tested to check on a person's pH. You can do a search on "acid alkaline balance" and research this topic for hours. If you have never done this, I would urge you to do so.

Acid forming foods
One important thing to keep in mind is that the acid forming foods are important foods. They provide very important vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and fiber. A diet is not complete without them.

Wild rice is alkaline forming. and meats. Though there are systems in place that maintain the delicate pH balance in the blood stream. Potassium and Sodium are alkaline forming food. These would form sulfuric acid. amaranth. Phosphorus. . cultured vegetables and kefir are alkaline forming. or just remain healthy. and Chlorine. and the body becomes less efficient.However. The acid forming minerals are Sulfur. whether you want to restore you own health. Magnesium. if these acid forming foods compose more than 20% of the diet (and in most Americans they compose over 90% of the diet) then as we age. Therefore. And a few grains such as buckwheat. and millet are alkaline forming. the cells of the body become more and more acidic. People who have serious illnesses always have low pH values. quinoa. I remember these minerals are alkaline because they form calcium hydroxide. seeds and nuts. at the cellular level a person can become more and more acidic. magnesium hydroxide. Which foods are acid and alkaline forming? So what foods are alkaline forming and what foods are acid forming? Vegetables and fruits are alkaline forming. phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid when added to water. Hydroxide means it is a base and therefore alkaline. Look at the mineral content of food The way to discern which foods are alkaline forming and which foods are acid forming is to look at the minerals they contain. Foods that predominately contain the minerals Calcium. I believe body pH is an important concept to understand. Acid forming foods include the rest of the grains. potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide when added to water. Some sources say coconut oil and palm oil are the only alkaline forming oils and all say that butter is neutral.

Arrowroot is slightly alkaline. It could also contain some raw milk (not pasteurized or processed) if there are no allergies because the calcium balances out the phosphorous it contains. These are both refined products. In contrast. The diet would contain also 20-25% of the acid forming foods like rice. Steamed or lightly sautéed veggies are fine. nuts. They also contain good fiber. Please keep in mind. canned veggies etc are no longer alkaline because of the processing. coconut and palm oil and butter. However. Acid forming foods contain essential proteins and some vitamins and minerals that you just can not get from alkaline sources.So an alkaline diet that would not allow a person to become acidic as they age. and meat. and all those chemicals that you can't even pronounce. Though alkaline forming foods are extremely important. As a rule of thumb. fresh fruit and fresh veggie juices are very alkaline and so are green food blends. acid forming foods are important. seed. More detail on which foods are Acid or Alkaline forming (Lists of Acid and Alkaline forming foods) Understanding the Importance of Acid and Alkaline balance . the more heat and the more processed the fruits and veggies are that you eat the less alkaline they are. acid forming and devoid of nutrients. high fructose corn syrup. contains the minerals and vitamins we need. so use it for thickening rather than white flour or cornstarch. juices. All herbs are alkaline forming. canned fruit. Foods to avoid Foods you would need to avoid are the refined mineral deficient foods that contain things such as white sugar. the more natural and unrefined. the better. white flour. making it a neutral food. Soft drinks are highly acid forming because they contain sugar and corn sweeteners as well as carbolic acid and phosphoric acid. The main thing to keep in mind is that they should not be the majority of your diet. grains. too. kefir and cultured vegetables. and allows us to live long healthy lives would contain 75-80% vegetables and fruits. A diet is not complete without them.

products like coral calcium and green foods have become very popular. you have crystals dropping out of solution and arthritis. Coral calcium contains lots of easy to assimilate calcium along with 72 trace minerals. Just like a plant in your garden. They do work. Many people are so messed up that they need more than diet to begin with. Once plants or people get out of our pH window. And they actually make the body not as efficient at absorbing minerals and utilizing them. . if I can. they do not assimilate the vitamins and minerals they need. At present we have coral calcium from Okinawa. You can check your pH. Atkins low carbohydrate diet? What about the findings of Dr. Though. kefir. because the chemical processes that take place in the body work best in a more alkaline pH range. Price? What about a raw food diet or a vegetarian diet? I would like to make a few comments here. but they are making their bodies less efficient. a change in diet is essential. hopefully without stepping on too many toes. These minerals help to re-alkalinize the body. Alkalinizing In Perspective What is believed to be the best pH for a person and what foods should we eat? How can this relate to all the various diet philosophies? What about the Dr. or coral calcium and watch the changes take place in your body for yourself. Weston A. Japan in bulk (selling it by the pound). for the long term. All you need is some pH paper to see for yourself. As you see the pH of your body change you should also notice a change in your health and energy level. and you have other degenerative diseases and health problems. minerals and vitamins cannot be assimilated and used unless the soil is within a certain pH window.The effects of too many acid foods When lots of acid forming foods are eaten the body has to go into survival mode. begin using green foods. Hence. To help people who have acidic cellular solutions in their bodies. you have osteoporosis and dental cavities because minerals are removed from the bones and teeth. This means pulling calcium and other minerals out of the bones to neutralize all the acids in the system. Not only are people with an acidic system robbing from these mineral stores to buffer acids in their system.

There are. Because of this many vegetarians have found themselves full of candida and other pathogens. Atkins' diet The Dr. Most people on the Atkins diet do this and the veggies are more of an after thought. Sadly. a raw food diet would not allow the refined. if followed properly would consist mostly of alkaline forming foods. They could not understand why they were having health problems and were on the internet looking for answers. fats. raw milk. however. I can say a vegetarian diet and a raw food diet. In addition some vegetarian diets are very heavy on the carbohydrates. This is probably one of the main reasons that people who are sick see health benefits when they go to these diets. and if grains are allowed they are soaked and eaten raw. They had very high cholesterols and the husband had high blood pressure and clogged arteries. etc. It is easy to get the low carb diet out of balance if the focus becomes protein and fats. so the main part of the diet tends to be alkaline forming foods. One of the main long term problems with the low carb diet is arthritis and I believe it is the acidic nature of the diet that is the cause. Dr. Raw-foodists that eat raw meat.A Vegetarian Diet First of all. acid forming products like potato chips and soft drinks. they missed a lot in their understanding of what it is to have a healthy diet. Atkins type of low carb diet has a different twist. Salads and veggies are alkaline forming. A vegetarian couple called here some time ago that ate Hostess HoHo's everyday in their lunch. and do not see the benefits of the alkaline diet most vegetarians see. vegetarians who eat French fries and potato chips with soft drinks everyday. A Raw Food Diet In comparison. Another mistake some vegetarians make is almost totally eliminating high quality fats and proteins. and onion rings etc. . If either of these diets lack high quality proteins. would not have this problem as much as a vegetarian unless they refused to eat raw animal products. Vegan vegetarians would have to be the most careful. over the course of many years other health problems may come into play. They thought their vegetarian diet was healthy. but the meats are acid forming. and fat soluble vitamins.

Here again. And lastly. In addition. there is less fiber than the body needs which results in poor or sluggish elimination. because there are no grains allowed in this diet. So it seems a truly healthy body has no . the body will become more and more acidic if the person has meats. and feel they are much healthier. I have come to believe that this is at least something to take into consideration when eating this way. traditional diet. that the body. because of important foods that are not allowed. First of all. Price found many of the healthy traditional diets actually favored slightly acid forming foods. at least at first. Dr. Unfortunately. cheese and other acidic foods as the main part of their diet. natural. because there are no fruits allowed. as a healthy organism. Weston A. In talking with others. I have three major concerns with this diet. can handle the pH of a slightly acid forming diet and still remain alkaline. Both times I had a reoccurrence of blood vessels breaking in my eyes. and improved health as the sugars have been eliminated from their diet. The difference here. there just is not enough fiber. many people enjoy better health. slim down. Vegetables do have some fiber. Twice in the past 10 years I have tried a low carb diet. The only thing I can relate as a cause is low vitamin C levels. For example. It appears that as people begin to degenerate (because they eat food that is void of nutrients) their body begins to have difficulties.People who chose to eat this way do not have yeast problems any more because there are no carbohydrates for the yeast or other pathogens to live on. children can eat a more acidic diet and will remain alkaline. long term. but since the diet is usually heavy in meats. Price? Well. Price What about Weston A. So. I believe. there is a good page put up on the Price-Pottenger website. The diet is just not complete enough. Most adults cannot do that. is that there are so many vitamins and nutrients available in an unrefined. But the diets he studied did have many alkaline forming foods as well. Weston A. native. people initially see weight loss. Some vitamins and minerals are found in the largest abundance in fruits and having them out of the diet means you must use supplementation. However. there is little natural vitamin C and other vitamins in the diet. they may see other health problems.

This does not constitute medical or professional advice. and even too alkaline. This website is intended solely for the purpose of information. Therefore. information on herbs and natural. People who have absolutely no good normal flora. prescribe or cure any disease. because you lack normal flora. though they had a slightly acidic diet. Price studied. The goal is to both have an alkaline body and have healthy normal flora. high quality proteins. and consequently very low digestive enzyme levels will be alkaline. . yet they are not healthy. A healthy person should have several pounds of normal flora in their gut. and therefore low digestive enzymes. and things we have learned through the years. etc. or have arthritis.5 or so for their pH. Once they reintroduce normal flora their pH will drop very low. Often they plummet down to 5. It has been created to share with others our own personal experiences. the extremely high nutrient diets that Dr. If they do not have the normal flora. if you are alkaline and are struggling with not feeling well. they consumed. If you have ever struggled with being too alkaline you need gut flora. Consider us your friend or neighbor.problem maintaining the proper pH in the cells. they will not digest their food properly.. It is not intended to diagnose. health products we have discovered. etc. This was all possible because of the high amount of nutrients. Price Pottenger Foundation on the Importance of Acid/Alkaline Balance in Diet One Last Comment About Your pH If you test out alkaline. you probably have a misleading reading. allowed the people to remain alkaline. will have an unbalanced system. it is possible the reading could be misleading. vitamins. or being sick. yet they will show up as alkaline. It is possible that the real cause of an acid system is a nutrient poor (refined/convenience food) die.