Gargi Mandal-Mukherjee

Raindrops on the window-shade
(Based on the Rabindrasangeet ‘Ashaad shondhya ghoniye elo, gyalo re din boye...’ )

I know not what trivial error of yesterday Caused the mirror of my heart to break into shards ; So that each hour of my night tonight is filled With the echoes of a few unspoken words…. A solitary presence haunting an empty house, I do not know what thoughts are mine, As the monsoon wind sears through my soul Carrying the fragrance of the pale jasmine… My heart today overflows with emotions I did not know exist, The tender perfume of wild blossoms Causes my weary eyes to mist… The rainy evening deepens into night As memories of the passing day fade And the unshackled shower of raindrops Patters down softly on the window-shade…

পালিক পড়ুন o পড়ান