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"Thank you Doctor for your reply...I find it very wonderful that you are willing to give your time to this" ..More Dr. Lam Author of Beating Cancer with Natural Medicine How to Stay Young and Live Longer Tools Health Centers Anti-Aging Adrenal Health Allergy Auto-Immune Blood Type Diet Bone and joint Brain Health Cancer Detoxification Diet Diabetes Drugs and Medications Eye Health Exercise Food Gastrointestinal Heart health Hormonal Health Infections/Toxins Metabolic Health Men's Health Mental Health Miscellaneous Oral Health Pain Control Skin Health Supplements Weight Management Women’s Health Michael Lam, MD, MPH Characteristics of Type A - Best on Vegetarian Diet CommentsMost BeneficialFood allowedFood not allowed Meats and PoultryType As should eliminate all meats from

Silver perch. Eggplant. Kefir. Sweet potatoes. Eel. Herring. Wheat bran muffins. Buckwheat Cream of wheat. Multi-grain). Cod. navy. Duck. Lima beans. Pasta (Semolina. Snail. Bread (High-protein whole wheat. Gray sole. Venison. Select the more concentrated whole grains instead of instant and processed cereals. Beluga. Mushroom . safflower and sesame Nuts Peanuts. Goat milk. kidney. Peppers. Familia. Beans . cashews. Bluegill bass. Squid. cottonseed. Turtle DairyMost dairy products are not digestible for Type As Yogurt. Monkfish. Mackerel. Hake. Red snapper. Soba Noodles. Sold. Crab. garbanzo. Feta. Yams. Lamb. Whitefish. Halibut. Pumpkin SeedsAll kinds except those listed not allowedBrazil nuts. Haddock. Lox. TurkeyBeef. Conch. Sea trout. Ricotta. Flour (white. Wheat bran. Tilefish. Rainbow trout. Black. Lobster. Azuki. Pickerel. Grape nuts. Cod liver oilOil of corn. Barracuda. Flounder.their diet. Matzos. Pinto. Rice cakes. Red soy). Wheat germ. Rice. Mozzarella. Rye). Granola. All kinds of cabbage. Shad. red. Catfish. Mussels. spinach) Vegetables Type As are very sensitive to these vegetables. Yellow PerchAll kinds except those listed not allowedAnchovy. String cheeseAll other cheeses and milk Fats Flaxseed oil. Chicken. Lentils and Black-eyed peasAll kinds except those listed not allowed GrainsType As generally do well on cereals and grains. Crayfish. Caviar. olives. Veal.Amaranth. Shrimp. Pistachios BeansThese beans can cause a decrease in insulin production for Type As. Seven grain. Salmon. Flour (Oat. Durum wheat Bread & NoodlesType As have a wonderful selection and choices in grains and pastasBread (Essene. lima. Shredded wheat. Grouper. Goat cheese. whole wheat). Farina. Cornish hens. They have a strong deleterious effect on the Type A digestive tract.copper. Green. Potatoes. Bluefish. Frog. Sardine. Scallop. Octopus. pumpernickel. Oysters. Soya flour. Tomatoes. Sprouted wheat). Striped bass. Pork. Pasta (Artichoke)All kinds except those listed not allowedEnglish muffins. Olive oilCanola Oil. Clam. Ezekiel. peanut. Goose Seafood Carp. tamarind Type As thrive on the vegetable proteins found in beans and legumesBeans (Aduke.

white). Leek. plums. cayenne. papaya. Pepper (black. carrots. garlic. providing minerals. Alfalfa Sprouts. boysenberries. spinach Vegetables are vital to the Type A diet. Prunes. Rhubarb. although try to emphasize more alkaline fruits can help to balance the grains that are acid forming in Type As muscle tissuesBerries (blackberries.These vegetables enhance the immune system of Type AsGarlic. Tempeh. Orange. FigsAll kinds except those listed not allowed High mold counts of these fruits make it hard for Type As to digest Melons. miso. ginger Good source of iron. cantaloupe. Horseradish. Plain Gelatin. enzymes and Antioxidants. Swiss Chard). Tangerines The digestive enzyme in this fruit is an excellent digestive aid for Type AsPineapples. Okra. Apricots These fruits exhibit alkaline tendencies after digestion which has a positive effects on the Type A stomachGrapefruit. Capers. Parsley. a mineral that is lacking in the Type A DietBlackstrap molasses Avoid these because the acids tend to cause stomach lining irritation Vinegar. cranberries). Coconuts These fruits are stomach irritant for Type As. TurnipAll kinds except those listed not allowed Fruits Most fruits are allowed for Type As. collard greens. honeydew Type As don't do well on these fruits Mangoes. soysauce. Wintergreen CondimentsThese products should be avoided because Type . Tofu. kale. Chicory. Onions. Bananas. Eat vegetables in as natural a state as possible (raw or steamed) to preserve their full benefitsArtichoke. Romaine. Cherries. Broccoli. blueberries. and they also interfere with the absorption of minerals. Lemon Spices The right combination of spices can be powerful immune-system boosters for Type AsTamari. pumpkin. Greens (Dandelion. Green tea. Please note that the Food Choice Table represents general guidelines and nutrients selection are not based on blood type. nor do they support the immune system Beer. Relish. Red wine (1 glass / day) These beverages help Type As to increase their stomach-acid secretionsGinger. Distilled liquor. Slippery elm. Seltzer water.As have low levels of stomach acid Ketchup. you should follow the blood type diet recommendation. If there is a discrepancy.drlam.asp Free Newsletter . Black Tea TIPS FROM DR. Tired of Diets that Don't Work? Fast? Ask me for FREE! Type your question here! Want to Lose Weight Referring Page: http://www. Burdock. Soda. Aloe. you will find excellent success. Pickles. Coffee (1 cup / day) These don't suit the digestive system of Type As. Mayonnaise. Echinacea. LAM I have found that combining your specific blood type diet along with choosing the right food from my food choice table. Worcestershire sauce Beverages These beverages help to improve the immune systems for Type AsHawthorn. I encourage you to combine the use of the two.

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