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Here’s a way to build a sustainable tomorrow that encourages the environmental pursuits, and while doing so does not deviate itself from presenting you cost-efficiency and enhancing a healthy social image. Presenting to you ‘ECOLITE’.

Gain from it.

These blocks are then cut to size and formed by steam-curing in a pressurized chamber (autoclave). expanding the concrete. That gives the blocks its unique properties. Ecolite is an ideal building material for use in today’s times. Ecolite AAC blocks are made using Portland cement which is mixed with quartz (silica/PFA). Made from environmentally-friendly raw materials. . The result is a non-organic. non-toxic. poured into a mould. airtight material that can be used for walling.ECOLITE Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are brought to you by JVS Comatsco Industries Pvt Ltd. water and an aeration agent. The reaction between aeration agent and concrete causes millions of microscopic bubbles to form.

comfort and durability. a popular building material in Europe for over 75 years. ECOLITE Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks A Sustainable Alternative AAC Blocks . To our mind. Although. . in India it has been introduced in the past two decades. making it extremely resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. ranging from wall and roof panels to blocks and lintels. it means reducing your construction’s impact on the environment as much as possible. sustainable. AAC is available in a variety of forms. The manufacturing process emits no pollutants and creates no by-products or toxic waste products. AAC blocks are manufactured from common and abundant natural raw materials. solid block that provides thermal & acoustic insulation as well as fire and termite resistance. It is an economical. AAC Blocks . The energy consumed in the production process is only a fraction compared to the production of other materials.A Green Building Component Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) block is well known as an environmentally friendly construction material.Sustainable construction There are many definitions to ‘Sustainable Construction’. while maintaining economy. The finished product is twice the volume of the raw materials used.A legacy Builders in India can use the ‘innovative material’ that Scandinavians have built their homes with for decades.

. By understanding each of your unique demands and to help identify new opportunities for better construction ‘value’. Go Gre en. www. Ecolite offers you a solution that precisely addresses your specific needs needs that make way for gains. your goals are our goals.ecolite. Why should you choose Ecolite? At Ecolite.Gain from Gains that can change your life forever. This communication runs through some of these ‘opportunities for gains’.

Being a cellular structure. Ecolite blocks can be made available in numerous shapes and sizes. fire. dirt and water. Consistency in quality and colour can be obtained in Ecolite blocks. so water does not percolate unlike traditional bricks. interior finishes with low vapour permeability. thermal. and acoustical resistance properties. Ecolite block features include structural capacity. conventional concrete blocks or poured concrete. Gains that can change your life forever. it actually blocks the capillary action. Ecolite blocks only look porous.enough to fight the exposure to physical damage. Ecolite block’s ability to store and release energy over time can be beneficial in climates where outdoor temperature fluctuates over a 24-hour period from above to below the indoor temperature conditioned air set point. These blocks significantly outperform traditional bricks. . Ecolite layered exterior walls can be covered with a single exterior plaster cladding .Gain from it. fly ash bricks. As a result of the thermal mass. and exterior finishes with a high permeability are recommended. If installed in high humidity environments.

. you still continue to ensure cost-efficiency. reduce time to market and enhance your brand image. How ? Gains that can change your life forever. So. Gre Go en. while Ecolite lets you build a tomorrow that encourages the environmental pursuits.Gain from it.

Aiding further. The carbon foot prints of Ecolite AAC blocks are considerably less compared to traditional walling materials (per sq ft carbon levels: AAC blocks 2.13 kg of CO2. Encouraging the environmental pursuits – Carbon footprint The increasing carbon foot print on the environment is a growing concern.6 kg of CO2.Gain from it. . Gre Go en. Gains that can change your life forever. concrete walls 14 kg of CO2). the light weight of Ecolite AAC blocks reduces the carbon emission as more cubic meter can be transported per truck load as compared to traditional walling material (3 trucks traditional material in cu m equates 1 truck AAC blocks in cu m). clay bricks 17.

Comparative analysis vis-à-vis traditional clay bricks When compared with AAC blocks. Nation building through Corporate Governance. the following facts emerge: CLAY BRICKS Environmental Impact One clay brick consumes 3. Statutory Labour and HR practices Does not contribute to government exchequer (taxes) Unhealthy working conditions.6 kgs of CO2 Due to high density.2 kgs of top soil One sq ft of carpet area with clay brick walling will consume 25. transportation cost per cu m /km is very high AAC BLOCKS No top soil consumed Uses fly ash which is a thermal power plant waste product & thus no consumption of top soil One sq ft of carpet area with AAC blocks will consume 0.Gain from it. VAT & Octroi Organised sector with state-of-the-art factory facility Gains that can change your life forever.5 kgs of top soil One sq ft of carpet area with clay bricks will consume 8 kgs of coal One sq ft of carpet area will emit 17.13 kgs of CO2 Least cost of transportation.9677 kgs of coal One sq ft of carpet area will emit 2. since AAC blocks are 1/3rd weight of clay bricks Social Impact Unorganised sector (child labour rampant unorganised sector) in Organised sector. . a major health hazard due to toxic gases Contributes to government taxes in form of Central Excise.

abundant materials Lighter compared to other materials leads to significant reductions in CO2 emissions during transportation Excellent thermal efficiency sharply reduces the time for space heating / cooling in buildings. Gre Go en. saving precious energy Easy workability allows accurate cutting that minimizes the generation of solid waste during use • • • • Gains that can change your life forever. .Gain from it. Ecolite AAC block ‘green’ advantages: • • Reduced energy consumption in production Manufacturing process emits no pollutants or creates toxic waste products Manufactured from common.

Improve your construction economy Construct faster to market quicker Enhance your brand image Gains that can change your life forever.Gain from it. .

. S A V E M O N E Y Improve your construction economy We stand behind every Ecolite block we sell. as less steel utilization with beam depth 450mm vis-à-vis 650 mm with traditional material Lower labour employment costs as lesser manpower required Minimal wastage in transit. • • Enjoy bigger carpet area by using a 150 mm block instead of 200 mm block 1 : 9 ratio .Gain from it. That applies to how every block ‘layer by layer’ performs virtually on your construction site to help improve your construction economics.Less expensive compared to traditional brick work as ‘one block’ required for every ‘nine bricks’ Plaster savings with less material required for external cladding Mortar saving since less quantity of mortar consumed Steel saving. due to even sizes they are stacked uniformly • • • • • Gains that can change your life forever.

With Ecolite. • • • • • Even sized blocks ensure quicker layering Easy cutting ensures faster & exact cutting of blocks as required Less intensive labour work accelerates construction process Organised ordering & prompt delivery ensures minimum downtime Delivered on pallets makes stacking easier and operations faster C O N S T R U C T F A S T E R Gains that can change your life forever. Then there’s marketing to get the ‘possession’ timelines. . there’s a way to achieve ‘faster time to market’. in order. Construct faster to market quicker Construction companies grapple with timelines. It takes months to get ‘off’ the projects they build.Gain from it.

• Image upliftment for builders / architects / contractors as better material used. hence fire – resistant Excellent acoustic properties Superior thermal insulation properties.Gain from it. . Enhance your brand image How well do your buyers recall your construction brand and of course its benefits? Can they recommend or request you by name? Don't overlook that one of the most important branding attributes of all are ‘materials & accessories’ you use in your construction. so better brand equity Better customer value More durable than other conventional walling solutions Totally inorganic and incombustible. so savings in power bills Better strength compared to conventional wall solutions Known to be weather / earthquake resistant • • • • • • • E N H A N C E I M A G E Gains that can change your life forever.

Acoustically Absorbent Environmentally Friendly Pest Resistant Easy To Use Versatile Vapour Permeability Gain from it. w/m²k K-m²/ W w/m²k % Sizes 625 x 240 x thickness 75. 150 . 100. to make you arrive at a decision better : Fire Resistant Energy Efficient Weather & Earthquake Resistant Long Lasting Go Gre en. SIZES & SPECIFICATIONS Particulars Size Thickness Compressive Strength Normal Dry Density Sound Absorption Fire Resistance Thermal Conductivity ‘K’ Thermal Resistance Heat Transmission Coefficient ‘u’ Drying Shrinkage * For 200 mm thick wall Units mm mm N/m² Kg/m³ dB Hrs.46 0.650 upto 42 4* 0.64 0.300 >3 550 .16 0.04% (of the length of block) .Some of Ecolite’s features & benefits here. 125.

Jawaharlal Nehru Road.411037 JVS Comatsco Industries Pvt Ltd 39/D Gultekdi. Pune .ecolite. Thus can also be used as a sound barrier wall along busy roads. motels and restaurants • Retail and warehouses.Gain from it. visit us at www. Ecolite blocks are in use in the following applications: • Residential • Hospitality: hotels. Tel : + 91 20 3045 6511 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 + 91 20 6601 6008 / 09 Fax : + 91 20 3045 6517. Also available PLUS (Large Size Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks) To know more on ‘gains’.ecolite. cold storages • Industrial • Office / Commercial Buildings • Educational Institutions • Medical clinics and hospitals • Bungalows • Special purpose application such as fire walls and sound walls www. + 91 20 2645 4524 E-mail : Designed by: the cab .in Ecolite AAC blocks as ‘sound barriers’ Ecolite with its closed air pockets can provide very good sound insulation/ sound absorption with an STC (Sound Transmission class) rating of 44. India.

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