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A study of customer satisfaction towards Chinese products in India AbstractChinese products, both industrial and consumer products have been popular in India for a long time now. Various consumer products like toys, electronic products, locks, mobiles, mobile accessories like chargers, batteries, etc have gained a sizeable market share in India. Industrial products like flat steel, mobile towers, telecom products, truck tyres are also popular in India. Indian consumers are buying Chinese products as they are different and less costly compared to similar Indian products. Also there is hardly any promotion of Chinese products in India. It is high time to study the attitudes and perception of Indian consumers towards Chinese products in India. Because every now and then, there is news of Chinese products in the media. It is also necessary to understand why Indian consumer prefers Chinese products over some similar Indian products. This study focuses on the satisfaction level of Indian consumers towards Chinese products. It studies the perception and attitudes of Indian consumers towards Chinese products. A survey was conducted in Jalgaon city of Maharashtra state to understand the attitude of Indian consumers towards Chinese products. Key Words- Chinese products, consumer satisfaction, price, promotion

IntroductionIt is in the air that certain Chinese consumer and industrial products have captured a major share of Indian market. Various consumer products like toys, electronic products, locks, Umbrellas, leather products, batteries, bulbs, mobile phones and accessories etc. have gained a sizeable market share in India. Indian consumers are buying these products as they are different and less costly than similar Indian products. Agra, which has an enormous leather industry catering to huge demand for footwear in India for decades is today witnessing perhaps the toughest time since its existence due to challenge faced by Chinese footwear. A large number of factories have been closed due to Chinese footwear in India. Vijendra Singh, an employee in one of the firm said, ³Earlier, we used to

Now in 2008. Because a consumer who actually uses a product can only tell whether he is he is satisfied or not satisfied with the product.5 Lakhs pairs of shoes every day. 300 glass units had been closed. Spencers (RPG Group) says.´ Agra¶s cottage. bangles etc. particularly in categories like toys. appliances. Glass industry in Firozabad has also met with the same faith. An estimated 480 small scale manufacturing units were in operation producing glass beads. Customer satisfaction is one of the main indicator of quality and service of any products. Lokesh Aggarwal. tablewares. Customer satisfaction can be considered the essence of success in . As India scale newer heights of consumption.5 Crores a year. variety and price?´. Managing Director of one of the export house said. Almost all the organised retailers are reporting growth of Chinese products. small and medium scale footwear units use to manufacture over 1. Now they are manufacturing only 30-35% of it due to dumping of Chinese footwear in India. larger sections of retail shelves are getting filled by products from china. ³Why should we go to china if the Indian manufacturers can give us the same or better quality. Today Chinese toys control 70% of the Indian market. Vice President (Marketing). Thousands of labourers are jobless as their employers have gone bankrupt. In the last few years many small and medium scale units manufacturing toys have been closed which has resulted in unemployment to lakhs of workers pushing them into brink of starvation. My turnover was Rs. Raghav Gupta.´ Now he is importing bulb shells and glass products from china and selling them in India. It shows that Chinese products are popular in India. home decor items. consumer electronics items. ³The glass industry is suffering because it did not have the marketing skills to promote itself. Conceptual FrameworkCustomer satisfaction is an important theoretical as well as practical issue for most marketers and consumer researchers. etc. Indian toy industry is also under pressure due to import of cheap Chinese toys produced mainly by Chinese Military Industrial Complex. That business is totally over. luggage. Samar Shekawat. ³We used to make 3500000 glass shells for bulbs every day. It enjoyed a monopoly for years but it could not leverage that advantage when competition came from china. a manufacturer the whole year. Some Indian companies have already shifted their production from India to China. but now we are left with just two and a half months of work. Domestic sales were up and local manufacturers had their hands full of export orders. bulbs.2.

some argue that customers develop norms for product performance based on general product experiences. completeness.Indian consumers are not satisfied with Chinese products H02-Consumer buys Chinese products only because of their low price. and professionalism. timeliness. Customer satisfaction is the feeling or attitude of a customer towards a product or service after it has been used and is generally described as the full meeting of one¶s expectations. Marketing has taken some initial steps to place the customer at the centre of its efforts. responsiveness. Bob Hayes has an example of a support survey based on the quality requirements of availability. such as information sharing in sales force automation and target market segmentation. Methodology- . Hypothesis of StudyH01. These general lists from the literature can be tailored to match the quality requirements of a product or service. There can be potentially many antecedents of customer satisfaction as the dimensions underlying satisfaction judgements are global rather than specific. Customer profitability management requires a multilevel marketing return on investment analysis covering a series of marketing activities that can be integrated and optimized for a customer segment. This would in turn lead to an increase in the rate of switching by customers. 2) To identify factors which are responsible for popularity of Chinese products in India. A study conducted by Levesque and McDougall confirmed and reinforced the idea that unsatisfactory customer service leads to drop in customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the product service to a friend. In his book Measuring Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a major outcome of marketing activity whereby it serves as a link between the various stages of consumer buying behaviour. However. Thus the significance of customer satisfaction in strategy development for a market oriented and customer focussed firm cannot be overstated. Researchers have established some of the key antecedents of customer satisfaction in retail sector with respect to customer satisfaction in the competitive world of¶s highly competitive world. The bottom line is that organisation will always be attentive to maximising profits and their success will be determined by how they manage customer relationships. Objectives of the study1) To study the satisfaction level of Indian consumer towards Chinese products.

the respondent should atleast be a graduate. The primary data was derived through survey method employing Schedules. A questionnaire was prepared to conduct schedules on the field. business. Sample size for the study was 200 respondents. One criteria that was considered was. and agriculture.The study was based on primary data. The sampling method used was random sampling. The interview was conducted for consumers buying Chinese toys and Chinese mobiles Data Analysis and Interpretation- Table 1 Demographic Profile of Consumers- . The actual questionnaire was prepared after a pilot study among 10 customers was done in Jalgaon and Dhule city of Maharashtra State in India. The respondents were of diverse background like service.

.The demographic profile of the customers can be seen in Table 1.