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Third Workshop on

Corporate Social Responsibility
(May 6 - 7, 2010)

People Practices
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The programme will lay the basic foundation to understand the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including. ISO 26000. objectives. experiences. • To develop the ability to design. where results are measured not just by the input but by its outcomes: the difference that they make to the world. OBJECTIVES • To supplement participant’s basic knowledge of CSR with the competence to apply it to specific activities that they undertake. . price and uniqueness but on how. . Freeman Today. UNGC. GRI. and the contribution to alleviate certain deep rooted social problems. and across different functions of the organization. vision. RATIONALE FOR THE WORKSHOP This programme is meant for companies that are willing to develop. It explores Stakeholder View of business organization to enhance intangibles such as brand and reputation in the market place. the approach.with strategy. perspectives and futuristic thoughts for the participants to understand and succeed in today's complex business environment with respect to CSR. for the best working practices.Edward R. opinions. models. cumulatively. innovate and generate added value in their CSR journey. community and environment. Session II: An overview of International guidelines and standards The session deals with key CSR guidelines such as SA 8000. Corporate Social Responsibility as a focused activity embedding in to core business functions has enabled companies to constantly explore for tools and competencies that not only leap forward their operations but also helps to long-term sustainability of business. beliefs. Thus. • To recognize the relevant stakeholders for a particular organizational profile thereby facilitating participant’s leadership abilities for building partnerships and creating networks with stakeholders. AA 1000. The business organizations have moved towards a challenging measure of corporate responsibility. Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes etc. they interact with companies’ workforce. for their engagement with local communities and for their recognition that brand name depend not only on quality. and is instead an all-encompassing responsibility that companies accept for the environment around them. implement and monitor a CSR programme. methodologies and case studies of CSR practices in India and abroad. Calpers PRI.Great companies have long-term success only insofar as they satisfy all of their stakeholders over time by uniting the interests of various stakeholders around a core purpose or value that goes beyond just making profits. CONTENTS The Workshop intends to deal with the following contents: Theme: CSR essentials Session I: Systems approach to CSR: Importance for brand and reputation The session introduces an integrated perspective of CSR . corporate social responsibility goes far beyond the philanthropy of the past. The programme will also stimulates intensive discussion and debate on ideas.

PROGRAMME FEE 1. societal perception surveys.+ Service charge) per candidate iii. Any NGO registering before 21st April 2010 can avail a reduction of 20% on Training Charges (8400/. Any corporate sending 4 or more than 4 candidates will have 10% of reduction on Training Charges (9450/. prioritize and dialogue with stakeholders of the organization.Theme: Managing for Stakeholders Session III: Stakeholder engagement: principles. Any NGO registering before 21st April 2010 for 4 or iii. The session explores best ways in CSR communicating and reporting to the internal and external stakeholders that enhance accountability and transparency. Non Governmental Organizations i. critical analysis of particular cases and group work to discuss the models derived from CSR practices in India and world. Focus would be on principles and steps to identify. Theme: Develop and communicate Session VI: Reporting and communication on CSR The session focuses on the fundamental missing link in many CSR endeavors – reporting and communication.+ Service charge) per candidate ii. Corporate i. Theme: Define and Monitor Session V: Monitoring and measuring (impact assessment) CSR programme The session outlines methods . The session enables knowledge of CSR reporting methodology and skills for designing and developing CSR reporting project. greenwashing and philanthropy. social and economic environment. Theme: Business case for CSR Session IV: Business case for CSR: risk assessment and strategies for environment management The session utilizes PEST analysis and societal needs analysis models to diagnose and assess risks in the organization's political. steps and practices The session outlines the process of Value Co-Creation through stakeholder engagement. It comprises of active lectures. The session primarily uses case-study approach to stimulate participants to innovate strategies beyond greening. to check and monitor processes and ensure quality feedback and follow-up in CSR programmes.+ Service charge) per candidate 2. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Senior executives in charge of planning and executing growth strategies of the company and middle management professionals responsible for implementing and monitoring of social development programmes would find participation in this workshop very useful. For all the NGO’s Training charges will be discounted by 15% (8925/. Any corporate registering before 21st April 2010 can avail a reduction of 10% on Training Charges (9450/. Any corporate registering before 21st April 2010 for 4 or more than 4 candidates can avail a reduction of 20% + 5% more than 4 candidates can avail a reduction of 10% + 5% (15%) (25%) on Training Charges (7875/.for instance. thematic discussions.+ Service charge) per candidate ii.+ Service charge) per on Training Charges (8925/. social audit etc.+ Service charge) per candidate candidate . METHODOLOGY The program emphasizes highly interactive and participant centered methodology.

J. 1st Cross. To know more about e2e. Event Schedule Date: May 6th 2010 & May 7th 2010 Venue: Jain College. . it has created sustainable busines platforms. Government of India. as a scientific and industrial research organization by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. health Care. and as a tax-exempt institution by the Department of Income Tax. e2e People Practices Your Business Catalyst e2e People Practices (e2e) is a management consulting firm focused on providing business solutions through people. It has conducted development programs for more than 10000 senior and top executives. Through effective management of talent infrastructure. Yashaswini J +91 (80) 41712718. It specializes in conducting Executive Development Programmes on different aspects of Organization Development and Human Resourse Development. IT/ITes. Harish S +91 98664 76990 E-mail: Map: Canara Bank Sponsor Town Hall Bangalore Stock Exchange Jain College A JGI Institution JC Road www. It has also completed 32 research studies on subjects of contemporary relevance. hospitality and retail. e2e has succsefully alligned HR Functions with the business objectives of its clients through HR audits and interventions. Bangalore For Registrations or more detail Contact Programme Coordinators: Ms.csr. Mr. educational institutions. media. e2e's experience stands in sectors such as banks.Supported by Organisers Centre for Organisational Development (COD) is a non-profit registered society with an experience of more than 3 decades. visit www.#34. It is recognized as a Centre for doctoral research by Osmania University.e2epeoplepractices. e2e has developed unique models to track Return on Investments (ROI) in the Human Resources Management and Leadership Training areas.e2epeoplepractices.