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Alfredo E.

U.P. Degrees:
  Master of Business Administration (MBA), 1972 BS in Chemistry (cum laude), 1969

U.P. Involvements at Present:
  Regent, University of the Philippines, 2009-2012 President, U.P. Alumni Association, 2009-2012

Date of Birth : Place of Birth : Home Address: Civil Status Spouse : : 7 July 1948 Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines 12 Penelope Lane, Acropolis, Quezon City 1110, Philippines Married (with 3 children) Carmen Martinez Pascual (BFA, University of the Philippines, 1971)

Alfredo E. Pascual is an accomplished finance professional who made significant contributions to progress in the Asia-Pacific region as an international development banker and educator. Working in the Asian Development Bank for 19 years until 2008, Mr. Pascual excelled as a Filipino and U.P. alumnus, charting a successful career that brought him to senior positions in this multicultural organization. Here he pursued pioneering projects and institution-building initiatives that helped the bank respond to the emerging financing needs of the region and catalyze investments in the region’s developing economies, particularly in the infrastructure and financial sectors. For instance, Mr. Pascual authored a strategy which for the first time provided a framework for the bank’s efforts to promote the private sector as the engine of growth in support of its vision of Asia and Pacific free of poverty. He also initiated the bank’s first loan denominated in local currency to pioneer a new lending mode that can protect borrowers from foreign exchange risk associated with foreign loans and the bank’s first investment that took exposure to the credit risk of municipal governments which are assuming greater responsibilities for development in a decentralized governance structure of its member countries. The bank has since embraced private sector development, local currency lending, and sub-sovereign financing as major thrusts to the benefit of stakeholders in emerging Asia. (see Section K for more details)

Alfredo E. Pascual


Prior to becoming an international development banker, Mr. Pascual was an academic and an investment banker in the Philippines. He spent 9 years devoting himself to developing managers for Asia as professor of finance at the Asian Institute of Management. At AIM, he innovated by introducing new courses that better prepare students for careers in banking and finance. He also nurtured the Institute’s advanced bank management program that attracted many bankers from the region back to school for skills enhancement. Well liked for his ability to simplify concepts and stimulate discussions, he regularly topped the faculty ratings by students for excellence in teaching. Very early in his career, he contributed to education by serving as an instructor at the U.P. Department of Chemistry for about a year. Right after his MBA, he served as a lecturer on a part-time basis for 4 years at the Department of Management Engineering and Department of Business in the Ateneo de Manila University. For 8 years in the 1970s, he was among the pioneers of investment banking in the Philippines, holding senior executive positions in Bancom Development Corporation, Philippine Pacific Capital (now RCBC Capital), and First Metro Investment. After retiring from ADB in late 2008, Mr. Pascual has continued to be productively engaged by taking on international consulting and advisory assignments. In addition, he has devoted time to voluntary public service. For example, in the run-up to the May 2010 automated polls, Mr. Pascual served as lead convener of the Automated Election System (AES) Watch, an independent, broad-based and multi-sector coalition that sought to monitor the preparation for and conduct of the country’s first ever nationwide poll automation.

UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, DILIMAN Master of Business Administration (MBA), 1972 UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, DILIMAN BS in Chemistry (cum laude), 1969 INSEAD, FONTAINEBLEAU, FRANCE EC-ASEAN Teacher Program on Management of Strategic and Organizational Change, 1988

UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES Alumni Regent, Board of Regents, 2009-2012 U.P. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President, 2009-2012 TUSK ADVISORY PTE. (SINGAPORE) Senior Advisor, 2008 to present

Alfredo E. Pascual


ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (1989-2008) Advisor for Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Director, Capital Markets & Financial Sectors Division Director, Private Sector Infrastructure Finance Division Head, Project Finance, Private Sector Group Principal Investment Officer, Private Sector Group Senior Investment Officer, Private Sector Group Senior Investment Officer, India Resident Mission, New Delhi Investment Officer, Private Sector Department STATE INVESTMENT HOUSE, INC. (1978-1979) Vice President for International Finance FIRST METRO INVESTMENT CORPORATION (1976-1977) Vice President for Investment Banking PHILIPPINE PACIFIC CAPITAL CORPORATION (now RCBC Capital) (1974-1976) Assistant Vice President for Corporate Finance BANCOM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (1972-1974) Assistant Treasurer Project Manager PROCTER & GAMBLE PMC (1970-1972) Department Manager (Food Products Plant) Industrial Engineer

ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (1980-1989) The American Express Foundation Professor of Financial Management Faculty Chair, Master in Business Management I Program Director, Advanced Bank Management Program Partner, Asian Consulting and Training Group, Inc. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES (1969-1970) Instructor, Department of Chemistry ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY (1973-1976; 1977-1978) Part-time Lecturer, Department of Management Engineering and Department of Business Management

Alfredo E. Pascual


China China Hong Kong India India India India India India India India India Netherlands Philippines Everbright Bank of China Xiamen International Bank China Assets (Holdings) Ltd AIG India Sectoral Fund Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd Creditcapital Venture Fund Ltd DCL Polyesters Ltd Global Trust Bank Ltd Indian Acrylics Ltd. Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd SARA Fund Trustee Company Ltd Twentieth Century Finance Corporation ShoreCap International Ltd Mutual Fund Company of the Philippines

Automated Election System (AES) Watch, Lead Convener Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX), Life Member Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) Rotary Club of Makati U.P. Alumni Association, President U.P. Alumni Cooperative, Honorary Chairman UPAA Maria Makiling Foundation, Chairman U.P. M.B.A. Society, Past President U.P. Chemistry Alumni Foundation, Past Director

Distinguished Alumnus Award, U.P. College of Business Administration, 2009 Innovation Award for the SME Sector Development Program in Pakistan, Asian Development Bank, 2003 (part of the Project Team as Director) Project of the Year Award for North Luzon Expressway, Project Finance International, London, 2001 (part of the Project Team as Head of Project Finance, ADB) Certificate of Recognition for Exemplary Performance, Asian Development Bank, 2000 Presidential Achievement Award, Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, 1983 (leadership in review of proposed accounting standards)

Alfredo E. Pascual


Presidential Award, Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, 1981 (nationwide educational campaign on credit and interest rates) Rotary International Group Study Exchange Award, 1975 (New York, U.S.A. and Ontario, Canada)

Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development Routes. No. 332. Paris: Mondiale de la Route, 2006. pp. 52-61. Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure: Experience in Asia. The Transnational Lawyer (Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal). Vol. 18. Sacramento, California: Pacific McGeorge School of Law, 2004. pp. 107-115. Risk and the Multinational Enterprise. The Asian Manager. June 1988. Makati: Asian Institute of Management. pp. 4-11. Financial Institutions and Markets in the Philippines. A chapter in Financial Institutions and Markets in Southeast Asia, edited by Michael T. Skully. London: Macmillan Press Ltd, 1984.

For 19 years (1989 to 2008), Mr. Pascual worked at ADB where he pursued pioneering projects and initiatives. Some examples of these are described below.  He was the main author of a private sector development strategy, which, for the first time in 1999, provided a framework for ADB’s effort to promote the private sector as the engine of growth in Asia’s developing countries in support of its vision of Asia and Pacific free of poverty. From a minor share a decade ago, support for private sector development is now planned to be increased to 50% of ADB’s annual financing operations by 2020. He supervised the design and launching of the Trade Finance Facilitation Program (TFFP), the first region-wide program undertaken by ADB aimed at helping banks in developing Asia provide trade finance products to importers and exporters. The TFFP is helping Asian countries maintain, re-establish, and enhance trade finance lines. The program has recently been expanded in response to the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. He initiated ADB’s first loan denominated in local currency (a departure from the traditional loan funding in US dollar or some other hard currency) to pioneer a new lending mode that can protect borrowers from foreign exchange risk. The pioneering loan was made to an infrastructure project (a private power transmission company in India). Following this, local currency financing has become a regular offering of ADB.

Alfredo E. Pascual


He played a lead role in establishing the Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd (IDFC) in India. Capitalized at about $450 million, IDFC pioneered a joint venture between private investors and the government for promoting the long-term debt market in the India and enhancing resource mobilization for infrastructure development. IDFC has become a successful catalyst of investments in infrastructure through public private partnerships. He led the processing of ADB’s first equity investment in a state-owned commercial bank (the Everbright Bank) and in a Sino-foreign joint-venture bank (the Xiamen International Bank) in China. These investments paved the way for the entry of other international investors into China’s banking sector, thereby promoting greater efficiency through competition and technology transfer. He led a team who designed and implemented a series of technical assistance projects for promoting the development of China’s securities markets. The projects included drafting a national securities law, developing a pioneering automated securities trading system, strengthening the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and training market regulators and practitioners. From these beginnings in the early 1990s, the securities markets in China have grown exponentially. He initiated ADB’s first investment that took exposure to the credit risk of municipal governments without recourse to the host national government. The investment was in the Local Government Unit Guarantee Corporation (LGUGC) in the Philippines. LGUGC guarantees bond issues and borrowing of cities and municipalities for financing infrastructure investments. Now, sub-sovereign financing is a regular offering of ADB. He supervised ADB’s first financial assistance for a private toll road project. This was a loan package for the North Luzon Expressway in the Philippines. The project was successfully financed in the midst of difficulties brought about by the 1997 Asian financial crisis, was completed ahead of schedule, and has since been operating profitably. The project was declared Project of the Year 2001 by Project Finance International of London. He directed the structuring and financing of several other pioneering private sector projects, including: the first private power projects in Vietnam, the first private hospital in Vietnam, the first private global fund to invest in microfinance institutions, a guarantee facility for sharing risk with banks in financing SMEs in Pakistan, a private credit guarantee company in China, a private commercial bank in Afghanistan, a regional private equity fund for SMEs, a regional energy efficiency fund, ADB’s first loan to a private housing finance company (in India), and ADB’s first three investments in projects for resolution of non-performing assets (in China and the Philippines). As a member representing ADB, he contributed to the work of the World Panel on Financing Water Infrastructure chaired by Michel Camdessus (former IMF Managing Director). The panel held consultations with investors, bankers, policy makers, academics, NGOs, and civil society organizations in Manila, Washington D.C., The Hague, Johannesburg, Paris, and London. Analyzing the constraints and recommending solutions to the financing of the water sector globally, the panel’s final report was presented at the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto in 2003.

Alfredo E. Pascual


He represented ADB on the board of selected portfolio companies in China, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, and the Philippines, promoting good corporate governance. (see Section F). In one company, for example, he took the lead in questioning irregular practices and succeeded in achieving resolution that eventually led to a top-level management shake-up. He served as speaker and resource person in conferences and seminars in various parts of the world, including Bangalore, Bali, Beijing, Brisbane, Calcutta, Cebu, Goa, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Jakarta, Karachi, Kathmandu, Manila, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Sacramento, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Tokyo, Washington D.C., etc. (see Section L).

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Alfredo E. Pascual


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Alfredo E. Pascual


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