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and line printers. When the desired character is in front of the selected print column.PRINTERS In computers. Types of printers Impact printer Non impact printer Impact printer: To a Refers class of printers that work by banging a head or needle against an ink ribbon to make a mark on the paper. The disadvantages of line printers are that they cannot print graphics. Chain and train printers gave way to band printers in the early 1980s. Line printer A high-speed printer capable of printing an entire line at one time. A fast line printer can print as many as 3. a printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper. . The chain spins horizontally around a set of hammers. the corresponding hammer hits the paper into the ribbon and onto the character in the chain. This includes dot-matrix printers. Types of line printers: Chain printers Band printers Chain printers: chain printer An early line printer that used type slugs linked together in a chain as its printing mechanism. daisy-wheel printers. usually to standard size sheets of paper.000 lines per minute.

The band contains a fixed set of embossed characters that can only be changed by replacing the band. and even today. against the proper character on the chain as it passes. A set of hammers (one for each column) hit the paper. reliable and inexpensive to operate and maintain. Working: A line printer that uses a metal band. Introduction of band printer: Band printers. or loop. It is the character printer. properly timed print hammers strike the paper along with linked ribbon. pushing it into the ribbon and against the character image on the band. one for each print column. The band spins horizontally around a set of hammers. A complete chain consists of the five sections. They are fast. they are still used by a large number of organisations throughout the world Band printer: A type of line printer that uses a fixed set of characters attached to a continuously revolving metal band. each section consists of 48 characters. As the print chain rotates.Working of chain printers. When the required character in the band has revolved to the . The print element in a chain printer is a metallic band or chain containing the embossed characters that rotates horizontally in front of paper. despite the explosion in digital print technology. of type characters as its printing mechanism. Chain printer are one of the fastest impact printers that can produce up to 400 to 2500 characters per second. impact printers and line printers have been used within the print production environment for over twenty five years.

pushing it into the ribbon and against the character image on the band. Band printers and line matrix printers are the two surviving line printer technologies . digit or symbol. A set of hammers (one for each column) hit the paper. typically 132 columns. the hammer pushes the paper into the ribbon and against the embossed image of the letter. The band spins at several .000 lpm and can exist in very harsh industrial environments. Advantages of line printers(chain and band printers): A type of line printer that uses a fixed set of characters attached to a continuously revolving metal band. and solenoids for each character position. Typical main-frame line printers (IBM) use a metal "band saw" character loop. Band printers can print up to approximately 2. advantages: they are very fast.selected print column. although they are mostly used in datacenters.

something only impact printers can do. 10 lines per second is typical and the sound is quite high.but multi-user. Since each letter passes each column several times per second. Watching one print 10 lines per second. can print multi-part forms. HDD space then a standard desktop! . cannot use other than standard widths {17"} typical. are large. and is pretty specialized to the system being used. the entire line of print can be struck at once. slower and less RAM. onto the paper. Summarizing: They're very fast. They're not your $99 home photo printer! About 4 digits last I checked (mid 80's. An office desk takes up the same or less space. multitasking . entire lines at once is impressive. No color other than black. the solenoid. necessitating heavy sound insulation Disadvantages: The standard "line printer" can only use pin feed paper. IBM system 34/36.RPS and as each letter aligns with the column it's intended to be. loud. The speed is obvious. faster than most other technology. and something not available in the general retail system.with green on black monitors) . Oh a final disadvantage: price. or hammer behind that column fires striking the letter through the ink ribbon.