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Hours Monday-Friday 5:00 am-10:00 pm Saturday 7:00 am-7:00 pm Sunday 8:00 am-8:00 pm Holidays Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Eve New Years Day Easter Memorial Day Labor Day July 4th Thanksgiving Close at 2:00 pm Closed Close at 2:00 pm 10:00 am-2:00pm Closed 10:00 am-2:00pm 10:00 am-2:00pm 10:00 am-2:00pm 8:00 am-Noon Staff
JP Lauterbach District Executive Director 323-6406 Jonathan Kottich Membership Director 323-6431 Emmalie Krysl Youth, Teen & Family Director 323-6433 Dana Kollars Aquatics Director 323-6434 Gail Hochstein Health & Wellness Director 323-6432 Ron Navratil Property Director 323-6535

Membership Prices Youth (Age 18 & Under) $21.00 Young Adult (Age 19-25) $39.00 Adult (Age 26-59) $49.00 Senior Adult (60+) $45.00 Young Adult Fam/Household $65.00 Single Parent Family $65.00 Family/Household $75.00 (2 adults + dependent children) Senior Family/Household$65.00 Initial payment for all categories: $25.00 Non-Member Daily Fees Adults (19 and older)…$12 Youth and Senior…$5.00 Photo ID required to purchase a day fee. Member Check In Members will be set up with a biometric scan of their finger upon joining the YMCA. This will be the method of check in at all Lincoln YMCA locations. A member card will be issued to child members for use to sign into the Child Watch Center. Guest Pass Please ask at Service Center desk for guest pass policy. Cancellation Policy Cancellation of your YMCA membership requires a written notice and return of your membership cards. Check at the front desk for details. YMCA of Lincoln Pool at Cooper The outdoor swimming pool will be available to those members with a Family, Adult or Senior membership category. Guests, daily fee patrons and Youth members will be able to access the indoor pool but will have to upgrade to a Family membership in order to use the outdoor pool.

Personal Pricing
We believe the Lincoln YMCA and a healthier lifestyle should be available to every family, every person and every budget. That’s why we offer an income-base fee scale called Personal Pricing. This is an exciting program designed to fit the financial situations of a greater number of individuals and families. Your Personal Pricing rate is determined by your income level and family size. Personal Pricing provides affordable monthly membership rates for: - families of three of more with annual incomes under $50,000 - families of two or more with annual incomes under $45,000. -individual adults with annual incomes under $40,000. Membership Payment Options 1. Monthly bank draft from a checking or savings account (automatic payment must come out of the account once, before the membership can be cancelled). Monthly deduction from Visa or Master Card (automatic payment must come out of the account once, before the membership can be cancelled). Payroll deduction (for select companies). Annual (5% discount, except youth memberships).


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Membership Payment Policy Members must notify the YMCA of any change of bank, credit card or employment that would affect payment procedures.

YMCA. We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities. YMCA of Lincoln, Nebraska ● (402) 434-9200 ●

YS) Afterschool Clubs (C. See specific program for details.FB. Inquire about locker rental at the Membership and Program Office NOTE: THE LINCOLN YMCA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DISMISS ANYONE FROM YMCA FACILITIES OR PROGRAMS FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR. NE) Lifeguard Certification (NE) Martial Arts (C. FB. Please follow the request of the Service Center Staff as to which area to use.DT. After that a 50% credit will be issued prior to the start of the activity. They can then also participate in group exercise classes after a fundamental introduction if accompanied by a parent. DT.) After the start of the class. Please check with your YMCA branch location to coordinate your family visit with youth programs.YOUTH POLICIES For the safety of all our young members and guests. YMCA of Lincoln. FB. FB. Nebraska ● (402) 434-9200 ● www. Age 12-14 Must first complete the Youth Fitness Training Class and can then use the Workout Area/Quick Fit Studio when supervised by a YMCA workout supervisor or parent. NE) Fun Days (C. Private locker rental is also available. FB. The Downtown . If the YMCA cancels a class or program. NE) Fitness Training (C. FB. Members Age 15 and over Are invited to use the full facility during regular designated hours of operation. NE) Kids Night Out (C. open gym and other activities that your children may participate YMCA. we ask that you follow these YMCA guidelines.FB. game room. NE) Child Watch (C.DT. Make-Up Class Unfortunately due to limited space.DT. NE) Senior Programs (C. NE) And More! PROGRAMS Program Registration and Policies The Lincoln YMCA reserves the right to cancel any program if there is insufficient enrollment to warrant a class. FB. NE) Childcare School aged (C. We build strong kids.NE) Pool/Gym Rental (C. no make-up class is available for classes missed due to illness or other conflicts such as vacation. NE) Climbing Wall (C) CPR/AED/ 1st Aid (C.NE) Preschool (C. youth must be enrolled in a YMCA program or accompanied by a parent in order to be in the Fallbrook YMCA facility.DT.DT. Age 9-14 Are always welcome as registered participants in supervised programs or as participants in scheduled supervised activities. NE) Home School Gym (C. FB. Water.DT. indoor pool. music. (Some exclusions apply.DT. DT. Gymnastics (C. and family lobby without direct parental supervision when the areas are not being utilized for other programming. strong communities. DT. FB. NE) Kid Quest (C. NE) Aquatics – Youth/Adult (C. NE) Snorkeling (C.NE) Swim Club (C. FB.FB. NE) Middle School Programs (C. Ages 8 and under Are always welcome as registered participants in supervised . Locker Room Policies The YMCA requests that children age 6 and above use the appropriate youth shower and locker area.FB. For a complete listing of programs. FB.ymcalincoln.DT. Day lockers and baskets are available free of charge to all members. Youth that come to the Y with their parents are welcome to participate in Kid’s Quest (ages 6-14) or be signed into Child Watch for games. NE) Nutrition Programming (C. DT. NE) Personal Training (C. NE. Refund Policy A requested refund 2 business days prior to the start of any activity or class will be issued as 100% credit. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Note: All youth activities may not be available during all hours of operation. please visit your local YMCA or ymcalincoln. when LPS is in session.C) Teen Programs (C. Cycle (C. NE) Group Exercise Land. DT. there will be a full refund.NE) Day Camp (C. Non-members All non-member youth 14 and under must be checked in/signed in by their parent or guardian.5 PM. Activities C= Cooper YMCA DT = Downtown YMCA FB = Fallbrook NE = Northeast YMCA YS = Youth Sports • • • • • • • • • • • NE) Adult Leagues (DT. Youth participants ages 9-14 may use the Quick Fit Studio when accompanied by their parent or guardian. times and schedules. crafts.DT. etc. & Cooper branches have a designated locker area for youth who are not directly supervised by their parents.FB.NE) Youth Dance (C. scheduling.DT. Age 14 and under Between the hours of 3 . Youth participants 9 and over may use the gyms. FB. FB. no refunds will be given.DT.FB.FB) Swim Team (NE. gym or outdoor activities during designated hours. FB. NE) Youth Fitness (C. strong families. Fallbrook.NE) Youth Gym Classes (C.

ymcalincoln. please contact the Fallbrook YMCA at 434-6444) 5. (if you do not have your individual barcode & PIN. free personalized fitness orientations. reduced rates on youth sports and many youth classes. Pint-Size Picasso. Fallbrook YMCA Youth Programs (Swim Lessons. what activity you do and any additional notes that may help you measure your workout (weights. free strength training orientation. 10. 2. Hip Hop. You may pay with either a VISA or MASTERCARD and print your receipt 9. this feature is available FREE of charge to all visitors of our website. free family time. strong communities. Enter your ‘Individual Barcode’ and ‘Family PIN Number’. 2010 Member Registration—May 10th Non-Member Registrations—May 17th Reach your fitness goals by tracking your workout progress at . Then click the ‘Continue Shopping’ box to register for more programs or the ‘Go to Checkout’ box to pay for the registration 8. speeds. Click on the ‘My Basket’ tab 4. free cardio orientations. Go to ymcalincoln. Parking stickers are available at the Downtown Service Center for $. Use this Online Workout Tracking system to track when you workout. Click on the ‘Register-Manage Account’ button 3. Some of the services the YMCA provides are: • Membership drives that include open enrollment times when the initiation fee is waived • Free trial membership opportunities • Low cost wellness presentations and fitness evaluations • Computer tracking of attendance for reimbursement • Easy monthly payment options YMCA ONLINE Online Registration Register for YMCA programs online! Check out our easy steps for online registration. Music Mania. YMCA of Lincoln. Wait for ‘Registration Confirmation’ and print your receipt. free group fitness classes. We build strong kids. repetitions. YMCA.Benefits of Membership Added value to your membership include: Free child watch. Nebraska ● (402) 434-9200 ● www.50 for 2 hours at the Service Center desk. Downtown Parking The YMCA offers reduced rate validated parking for city parking garages. Logout of the system 1. Jazz Dance. Home School Gym & Youth Fitness Classes) Online Workout Tracking Summer Session Begins: The week of May Got to “Select a Client’ drop down list and select the person in your family account to be registered in the program 7. Y Corporate The Lincoln YMCA can assist you in starting a company wellness program. strong families.). Click on the ‘Select a Program’ button 6. Ballet. As a thank you for your interest in the YMCA.

we truly need your help. exciting and fun. YMCA Camp Kitaki The Mission of YMCA Camp Kitaki is to build strong kids and adults through programs and services that develop positive identity. respect and responsibility. outdoor education. and Summer Resident Camp programs within its 200+ acres of scenic Nebraska wilderness. To learn more about YMCA Camp Kitaki visit our website or call the camp office at 4349222. Micro. positive competition and family involvement. natural setting.Strong Kids Campaign Your contribution helps make it happen. Located in the Platte River Valley near South Bend. Be A Donor. What can you do? Be A Volunteer.. our programs. relationships. visit our website or call the Youth Sports office at 4349217.. Nebraska 68512-2310 323-6400 Northeast YMCA 2601 North 70th Street Lincoln. We encourage fair play. Nebraska 68508-3687 434-9230 Cooper YMCA 6767 South 14th Street and families.Make a donation to the campaign when a volunteer asks. Another benefit of your membership! WE APPRECIATE OUR MEMBER FEEDBACK We appreciate your feedback on any issues concerning the Y. caring.. YMCA of Lincoln.. Call 323-6406 to find out how you can put the YMCA mission to work in the Lincoln community. values.Ask at your local membership branch to find out how you can help. NE 68521-9026 YMCA Camp Kitaki 434-9222 YMCA Youth Sports 434-9217 YMCA Metropolitan Office 434-9205 YMCA. Persons showing their membership card at YMCAs across the country can gain access at no fee or a minimal fee. the YMCA Youth Sports program offers several levels of play in most sports. strong families. strong communities. Membership and Program fees at the Lincoln YMCA do not cover all the costs to support vital community programs. To learn more about YMCA Youth Sports. Please call or email your suggestions or leave them in writing when you leave.the game of life. THANK YOU MEMBERSHIP CENTERS Downtown YMCA 1039 P Street Lincoln. Spirit Leagues are for players and coaches desiring a more competitive atmosphere. YMCA Strong Kids Campaign raises funds to help those in our community that need help the most. staff or facility. Recreational and Spirit). The YMCA also offers various tournaments and summer sport camps. Lincoln. Nebraska ● (402) 434-9200 ● www. Nebraska. YMCA Family Members receive reduced rates on all Youth Sports fees.. year around campouts. The goal is to make sure these kids excel in that other game we're all familiar with .org . We build strong kids. (Clinics.ymcalincoln. and skills in a unique. Through our annual YMCA Strong Kids Campaign your contribution helps us provide program support and financial assistance to families. Every child gets to play and the games are safe. Camp Kitaki offers group conferencing. AWAY PROGRAM (Always Welcome At the YMCA) When you travel do you have problems continuing your workout? The YMCA AWAY Program can help. NE 68521 323-6444 PROGRAM CENTERS— 570 Fallbrook Blvd Suite 210. In order to best serve every player. we focus on fundamentals like honesty. Nebraska 68507-2772 434-9262 Fallbrook YMCA 700 Penrose Drive Suite B. Lincoln. YMCA Youth Sports In YMCA Youth Sports. Summer Camp programs are weeklong resident experiences for kids age 7-17. coach and family.. To ensure that no one is denied a chance to participate because of inability to pay.