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Seeking a challenging opportunity in an Organization that offers professional growth and exposure to diverse technologies in Software Development industry.

CARRIER ABSTRACT  Installation, configuration and administering Red hat Enterprise Linux 5. Experience in System Administration, Networking & Trouble Shooting. Has given training for more than 30 students in hardware assembling and trouble shooting. Assisted in successfully managing more than 30 systems in Linux platform System Administration in windows 2003 server Implementation &Configuration TCP/IP local area network and wireless network. Configured and Maintained Internet servers such as Proxy, Mail, Apache, FTP, nfs, samba and Application servers in Windows & Linux. Network Equipment Install and Configuration. Install and Testing the Software Maintaining Active Directory, Creation & Deletion of Domain users, maintaining permissions for users. Held several positions of leadership while at school, college and enjoy working in and as a team. Effective Team Player ,Willing to learn & Adapt new things

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Putty : Open Office. Organization Position Duration 2.SANKAR P. Coimbatore. SAMBA : NIS : Sendmail with Dovecot : SSH. Mobile No:. MS Office : C. : Linux Trainer & System Engineer : July 2008 – Feb 2010. : Greenz Software solutions Pvt Ltd. TCP Wrappers : Apache. Red Hat Certified Engineer [Certificate Number: 805008224730733] PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1. Organization Position Duration : Mazenet Solutions Pvt Ltd. IPTables. C++. Telnet. Coimbatore : Linux support executive : Feb 2010 – Till date : Institute of Hardware Technology.+91-7708533229 sankarinuniverse@gmail. Coimbatore. FTP. IIS : NFS. Organization Position Duration 3. PHP PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS 1. : System Support & Network Assistant : April2008 – June 2008 .com Experience : 3+ years SKILL SET Operating system Firewall security Web Servers File Server Authentication Server Mail Server Remote Access Documentation S/W Development : Red hat Linux and Microsoft Windows Family OS : Proxy. Java.

School .Sec. Mobile No:.+91-7708533229 sankarinuniverse@gmail. EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS School/University Education BCA Diploma in ECE H.SANKAR Experience : 3+ years 4. Tirupur : Customer support trainee : June 2006 – Aug 2007.  . Organization Position Duration : Winsoft systems.Sc SSLC Madurai Kamaraj University (Correspondence) TRN polytechnic college -Dharapuram Govt.Hr.School Dharapuram 2010 2006 2001 1999 49 % 84 % 68 % 80% Second class First class with Honors First class First class Year of Passing Percentage Grade PROJECT DETAILS Project I: Establishing the Computer center with Networking Designation: Service Assistant Platform: Windows 2003 Server & Professional Client: TRN Polytechnic & many private Browsing. Computer centers Role: Developer Team size: 2 Office network carried out with Layer 2 switches and both fiber and cat5e cables.Dharapuram NCP Muncipal Hr.

Installing patches. Mobile No:. Integration testing phases of the project.SANKAR P. sankarinuniverse@gmail. Updating the Software. construction and unit testing of the system. multi-platform network structure consisting of about 1000 standard systems located at various locations within the Campus. Project II: Corporate Networking Designation: System support & Network Assistant Platform: Windows 2003 and Linux Client: TRN polytechnic College Role played: Network Assistant Team Size: 4 The organization has a multi-protocol. Troubleshooting. Peripherals. These are interconnected to the corporate network via satellite and dialup lines using various communication devices like modems. Design of the network path. . Samba. FTP. managing the computers.    Project III: Securing internet through firewall Configuration of Mail Proxy.+91-7708533229 Experience : 3+ years  Responsibilities included as Installing. bridges Involved in providing round-the-clock Helpdesk and networking support for the corporate network and to the software professionals working on time-bound Projects on a variety of Software platforms. DHCP server Designation: System Support & Network Assistant Platform: Red hat Linux Client: Mazenet Solutions Pvt Ltd Role played: Team member Team Size: 4  This project is implemented using Linux configuration files.

SANKAR Experience : 3+ years  This project is implemented using IP tables. seminars. writing essays.1984 : G3059588 : English. Playing carom. Tirupur District – 638673 I hereby declare that all the in formations given above are true to the best of my knowledge. Participation in technical forums. Photography. Tamil : Surfing Internet. Present CTC Expected CTC Notice Period to join : Rs 8000 /Month : Rs 15000 /Month : 30 days PERMANENT ADDRESS 4. Veerachimangalam (POST). Mobile No:. playing chess.04. The configuration checks incoming and outgoing packets based on IP address. PERSONAL PROFILE Marital Status Father Name DOB Passport Number Language known Hobbies & Personal Activities : Single : Periasamy : 04. Doing social service. port address and URLs to provide the highlevel of security to the network. Agricultural works. Playing cricket. Reading Books. Kattur. .+91-7708533229 sankarinuniverse@gmail. Dharapuram (TK).

+91-7708533229 Experience : 3+ years SANKAR .SANKAR P. Mobile No:.P .

Mobile No:.SANKAR P.+91-7708533229 Experience : 3+ years .