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Canadian  Delegation  
  G8  &  G20  Youth  Summit  
May  29  –  June  3,  2011   Paris,  France  


Personal  Information  
First  Name:   Last  Name:   Citizenship:   Birth  Date:            

Contact  Information  
Please  note  that  most  communication  regarding  the  G8  &  G20  Youth  Summit  takes   place  over  e-­‐mail.    Be  sure  to  list  an  e-­‐mail  address  that  you  check  on  a  regular  basis.   Current  Address:           Telephone  Number:     Mobile  Number:     Preferred  E-­‐Mail  Address:      

Academic  History  

Undergraduate  University:            Field(s)  of  Study            Current  Year  (if  applicable)            Graduation  Date   Graduate  University:            Field(s)  of  Study            Current  Year  (if  applicable)            Graduation  Date    


Ministerial  Preferences  
The  preferences  you  list  in  this  section  are  not  binding.     List,  in  order  of  preference,  the  top  three  ministerial  positions  that  you  are  interested  in   and  qualified  to  undertake.   First  Choice:     Indifferent Second  Choice:     Indifferent Third  Choice:     Indifferent   List,  if  any,  up  to  two  ministerial  positions  that  you  are  least  interested  in  and/or  feel   you  are  under-­‐qualified  to  assume.   Last  Choice:     None Second  Last  Choice:     None   If  you  have  previously  attended  a  G8  or  G8/G20  Youth  Summit,  indicate  the  year(s)  you   attended  and  the  position(s)  you  held.   Year(s):     Position(s):      

Recruitment  Source  

Please  indicate  how  you  learned  about  this  opportunity.    Mark  an  X  beside  all  the   sources  that  apply.   your  university  department   a  past  delegate   your  university  club/society   an  organizing  committee  member   a  teacher/professor   Facebook   a  friend   our  website   other,  please  specify:    

Statements  of  Understanding  

Please  indicate  your  acknowledgment  and  agreement  with  the  following.    You  must   provide  an  answer  to  each  statement.   The  information  I  am  providing  in  this  application  is  true  and     complete.   If  selected,  I  am  able  to  pay  the  full  delegate  fee  and  will  submit     it  to  the  French  organizing  committee  by  the  required  deadline.   If  selected,  I  am  responsible  for  arranging  my  own  transportation     and  travel  insurance  for  the  conference.   By  applying  to  G8  &  G20  Youth  Summit  2011,  I  am  giving  the  G8     &  G20  organizing  committees  authorization  to  handle  my   personal  information.