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Human resource management

Assignment 1

Utsavi pathak Mba tech telecom 528

which had 50 employees and 60 terminals. there were 900 employees working in two branches. At this juncture. Anmol s past experience in various IT companies helped him learn the tactics and do s and dont s of this trade. By 2007. The HR team was startled to know after some peering into the documents that. There were small companies. However. Since. the employability ratio is a mere 8: 100. the company kept thriving very well. of starting his own software company. Most of the credentials. In India. were faked. The price. Mediocre students also applied. This was done by them so as to fill the time gap. He desperately needed the seed money for his new venture. Because he could see no ray of hope from anywhere. The HR team realized this was a common problem faced . He wanted the money to be arranged any how. who had applied. In 2000. in their CV's. to fund his project. In Kerela alone around 70. had also quoted false details about their work history. such as the experience certificates submitted. There was nothing that he could do. The candidates. he started his dream company and named it as 'Comptech'. for his project. He understood that there Is No Alternative. which these companies charged were nominal.An Hr Case Study Anmol Sharma ran from pillar to pillar for a loan to be sanctioned. The number of good students applying for the job were few. a peculiar problem starred at the HR team of Comptech.Faked . it did not attract the cream of students. Comptech was relatively a small company. he decided to sell his princely possession his house. Comptech preferred to recruit and select applicant's with at least a year of experience in their hand. And because of the nominal charges of such companies several availed this shortcut.000 engineering students remain jobless even 2 years after completing their course. most of their current employees had also submitted fake documents. which sold these certificates to students who had remained jobless over a period of time. Comptech survived the IT downfall during the year 2002. Banks were not ready to fund his project. So.

by the entire industry. The new recruits were asked to go through the interview process. The HR team alerted the chairman Anmol Sharma. jobs were allocated. interviews were re-conducted. How do we stop fake resumes doing the rounds. . Hence. was the question in everybody's mind. After analysing and assessing the people on the basis of the results. He didn t want to spoil the image of the company by appointing the non deserving candidates.