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Resume CV : PGT Computer Science Teacher/Lecturer Jobs in India, Current Careers, Latest Vacancies, Openings / opportunities MOHD

ASIM ALI Email: m_asim_ali AT asim.sultani AT , asim.sultani AT Mobile: 09719560056 PNT : +91-5966-240474 (R) Passport No: H2888429 Valid upto : 2019 PERMANENT ADDRESS: 206/16, CHANDIKHANA DEODHI AGHAMEER LUCKNOW (U.P.) PROFILE SUMMARY: A computer professional in a techno-educational capacity with a highly analytical and logical bent of mind, strong method orientation and work ethics adequately in tune with emerging IT industry's standard. Also having significant experience in acquainting common masses and school students up to XII level with the latest as well as the prescribed curriculum of Computer Science. A firm believer in team work, a team player with dedicated work, innovative and unique ideas, fair for communication and conceptualization and ability to interact with others at all levels. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: 1. B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) from Rohilkhand University. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: 1. DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) from Awadh Computer Institute under Ministry of Human Resource and Development Govt. of India. 2. PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. 3. M.Sc. (I.T.) from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: (14 YEARS) 1. ASHOK HALL GIRLS RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, MAJKHALI, RANIKHET ALMORA- 2006 – Till Date (An ISO 9002 certified and ICSE Board Affiliated Sr. Sec. Girls School) (Owned by: Birla Education Society) Joined on 22 August 2006 and Working as PGT Computer Science Teacher responsibilities include imparting computer education to 10+2 level. 2. MANAS STHALI PUBLIC SCHOOL, BAREILLY- 1998 - 2006 ( A Co-ED. Sr. Sec. Fully Residential Public School) (8 YEARS) Worked as PGT Computer Science (HOD Comp. Deptt.) responsibilities include overall administration, imparting computer education to 10+2 level, imbibing new skills in the students, maintaining the computer lab and automating the office work. Also looked after Hostel as a House Master for 2 years. 3. SOPHIA HIGH SCHOOL, Mt. ABU (Rajasthan) 1994-1998 (An ICSE Residential School) (4 YEARS) Independently handled the CLASS Project related to computer Literacy and awareness. Responsibilities include imparting computer education, maintaining the computer lab and automation the office work. 4. AWADH COMPUTER INSTITUTE, LUCKNOW 1992-1994 1992 - 1994

PAGE MAKER 6. JAVA Scripts and other Multimedia Tools. S. MS-ACCESS. Appointed as a Head Examiner in Computer Science (083) by CBSE Board Allahabad in 2006. Worked in Examination Department of the school as a Examination Incharge. Rana +91-6412417830 (m) Resident Director MANAS STHALI PUBLIC SCHOOL. HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ETC. Col.P. C++. PHOTOSHOP 6. Leisure Interests: Listening Music. SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. and one Daughter studying in III std. Children : One Son studying in VIII Std. hard working. Lucknow.p. Photography etc. XML.O. and Hindi upto classes VI .(Retd. Shahrik Khan +91-9411682877 (m) Lecturer At Ashok Hall Girls’ Residential School (An Institution of Birla Group) 1. Appointed as an External Examiner for practical examination and Evaluation of answers scripts by CBSE Board Allahabad since 2002.St. Central Defense Account (CDA). 2.0 Web Tools : HTML. responsibilities include developing software modules for various projects in COBOL and dBase III and IV plus etc. (Retd.2. SUMMARY OF SOFTWARE SKILLS: Operating system : MS-DOS 6.Dr. meticulous. BAREILLY PRESENT SALARY: Rs.(2 YEARS) Worked as an Assistant programmer cum Instructor in AWADH COMPUTER INSTITUTE at LUCKNOW (U. PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN: PAYROLL. enthusiastic. Counseling.). attention and assistance. COBOL. FOXPRO. And last but not the least where the organization could be benefited through my constructive work. CORE JAVA. Kind Attn Please: My wife is also a PRT teacher and capable of teaching Ev. ASP. ACHIEVEMENTS DURING EMPLOYMENT: 1.). Traveling.m. Successful in building friendly relationship with co-workers. DBMS/RDBMS : ORACLE. SHAUKAT ALI S. LIBRARY INFORMATION SYSTEM.) A.5. Disciplined and Highly adaptable to any situation. LINUX. Date-of-Birth: 29 JUN 1970 Marital Status: Married. Dbase IV+ Packages : MS-OFFICE 2000 and XP. OBJECTIVE: I would like to hold a position that will build on my skills and experience and allow me scope for upward movement and where progress can be achieved by caring for people who need help. PERSONAL PROFILE: Father's Name: (Late) Mr. 34000/. MS-SQL. Primary Assets: Conscientious. + CPF (Rs4080/-) + Free Accommodation + Free two children education. 3. REFERENCES : 1. VISUAL BASIC. WINDOWS (all versions) Language : C.

Advisor: Frank Stomp. 10th Floor New York.96) Skills Summary Experience in design and development of core infrastructure systems.A. degree in Computer Science. Detroit. and software verification using the SPARK proof checker and the SPIN verification system Ability to conduct independent research. in Computer Science.8/1999 Doctoral (RNDr.92) 9/1997 . Formal Methods. to publish research papers in journals and conference proceedings. Michigan. 76 9th Avenue. Theorem Proving. Charles University. NY 10011. Model Checking.5/1996 Master's (Mgr. Wayne State University.besta@gmail. NY 11211. USA Cell phone: +1 (313) 231-1542 E-mail: milos. Advisor: Vladimir Sklenar. USA Phone: +1 (212) 565-8862 Fax: +1 (212) 565-0001 Research Interests Distributed File Systems. Czech Republic. Palacky University. Wayne State University.milosh. Michigan.6/2005 Ph.5/1994 Bachelor's (Bc. Advisor: Frank Stomp.93) 9/1999 . Verification of Software. development of formal correctness proofs.) degree. Czech Republic. Prague. Program Semantics. Research area: Abstract Data Views (GPA: 4. Czech Republic. Department of Computer Office Address Google Inc. Palacky University. mechanization of proofs using the PVS theorem prover.D. Research area: Object-Oriented Paradigms in Distributed Environments (GPA: N/A) 6/1994 . Olomouc.0) 9/1991 . Department of Computer Science. Research area: Formal Methods and Verification of Software (GPA: 3.12/2001 M. degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. analysis of concurrent and distributed algorithms. with honors. and to present results at international .Home Address 424 Bedford Ave #16A Brooklyn. Detroit. Advisor: Frantisek Plasil. Olomouc. and in management of a team and a project Extensive background in Formal Methods including experience in applications of Linear-Time Temporal http://www. (GPA: 3. Component Systems Education 1/2002 .) degree in Computer Science. Research area: Formal Methods and Verification of Software (GPA: 3.) degree in Computer Science.

Prolog. English. WordPerfect Suite. presentation. in programming using Basic. JavaScript. Smalltalk.. in applications of object-oriented and component-based technologies including CORBA. and formal languages and automata. New York. Mathematica Experience in teaching computer science courses including discrete mathematics. NY.conferences and seminars Proficiency in software development using several programming languages including C++. in using UML and Rational Rose. LaTeX. and Russian.1996) Work Experience 10/2005 . Leading . and Java servlets. Java. Btrieve. data structures and algorithms. Unix/Linux. Scheme. in design and use of a formal specification language for description of component software Practical experience in management of Windows. Assembler x86. basics in German and Spanish Service Member of IEEE Computer Society Member of Association for Computing Machinery Referee for the 10th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems Referee for the 2004 International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences Elected representative of Computer Science graduate students (2000 . Pascal. and Novell NetWare systems. in leading and advising teaching assistants Fluent in Czech (native). Heberlein Endowed Award for Excellence in Teaching for Graduate Students (2003) WSU Graduate School conference travel award (2002) WSU Graduate School tuition award (1999 . and Delphi. DCOM. Paradox. in applications of many software packages including Microsoft Office.2001) Member of the organizational committee of the Objects '97 conference Honors/Awards WSU Department of Computer Science research assistantship award (2003 2004) WSU Department of Computer Science nomination for the 2003 Garrett T. and web-based technologies including HTML. ML.present Staff Software Engineer. Lisp.2003) Palacky University College of Sciences Dean's award for an outstanding student project in Computer Science (1996) Palacky University College of Sciences scholarship for excellent students (1993 . Google Inc. programming. evaluation and grading. in preparation.

MI. preparation. Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis. and interviewing and debriefing teaching assistants 5/2002 . Department of Computer Science.8/1999 Researcher. teaching. Rochester. C++ Programming and Data Structures. Wayne State University. Lecturer of Operating Systems and C++ Programming. C++ Programming. teaching. and grading 1/1999 . Leading lab sessions in ObjectOriented Technologies and Operating Systems. Department of Computer Science.8/1999 Teaching Assistant. and on proof mechanization using PVS theorem prover 9/2003 . evaluation. responsible for course design. Data Structures. responsible for course design. evaluation. and implementation of core infrastructure systems supporting distributive storage of data 9/2004 . Charles University.8/2004 Graduate Teaching Consultant. Advising undergraduate students 9/2003 . evaluation. MI. and grading 1/2001 . responsible for lab preparation.8/2005 Lecturer. MI. Formal Languages and Grammars. MI. focusing on verification of distributed algorithms using Linear-Time Temporal Logic. and grading 6/1996 . Czech Republic. Czech Republic. Department of Computer Science. responsible for scheduling and management of class observations. evaluation. Detroit. Teaching Discrete Structures in Computer Science. preparation. Czech Academy of Sciences. Office for Teaching and Learning. Detroit. preparation. Department of Computer Science. Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Wayne State University. Conducting research in Component and Object-Oriented Methodologies 9/1998 . interviewing students. Detroit. MI.8/2003 Graduate Teaching Assistant. Detroit. responsible for course design.4/2002 Graduate Teaching Assistant.8/1998 Lead Developer of a suite of public transportation applications Client: FS Software. Wayne State University.8/2004 Graduate Research Assistant. teaching. suite used in 30 major cities . Wayne State University. Conducting research in the area of formal software verification. Institute of Computer Science. Advising teaching assistants. Prague. and grading 9/1999 . MI.12/2000 Graduate Teaching Assistant. Lecturer of Formal Languages and Automata. Detroit. Prague. videotaping lectures. Department of Software Engineering. Oakland University. Lecturer of Discrete Structures and Foundations of Computer Science. Wayne State University. Olomouc.

web-based (Java Servlet) application. Object-Oriented Programming. user accounts. Litovel. accounts. Olomouc.Project: FS Mapa ("FS Maps") Description: An application for tracking positions of public transportation vehicles via GPS. shared software.12/1997 Teaching Assistant. Czech Republic. Czech Republic. Teaching Programming in Pascal. shared printers. 10 KLOC in C++. evaluation. 90 KLOC in Delphi. Manager of a team of 12 student programmers and a lead developer implementing the core functionality of the system 9/1992 . Setup and maintenance including management of IIS and Exchange servers.8/1996 System administrator of Novell NetWare network. Czech Republic. resolving network problems 9/1995 . C++. interoperability with other applications in the FS Software suite. lead developer and designer Project: FS Spoje ("FS Connections") Description: An application for finding connections in transportation schedules. lead developer and designer 9/1996 . GJO high school. Czech Republic. Olomouc. lead developer and designer Project: Btrieve for Delphi Description: A component supporting seamless integration of Btrieve databases in Delphi. 500 KLOC in C++. printers. responsible for class design. and grading 9/1994 . Department of Computer Science.5/1996 Team Manager and Lead Developer. 40 KLOC in Delphi. evaluation. integration of Delphi. GJO high school. Programming in Java. and Programming for the Win32 Platform.3/1998 System administrator of Windows NT and Novell Netware networks. and grading References . Setup and maintenance of network. Lecturer of Programming in C++. and Btrieve components. resolving problems 9/1992 . 30 KLOC in Java. Palacky University. Czech Republic Client: Palacky University. 25 KLOC in Delphi. preparation. Palacky University. Palacky University. responsible for course design.6/1996 Teacher. lead developer and designer Project: FS Rady ("FS Schedules") Description: An application for designing. teaching. Czech Republic Project: Alvis ("Algorithm Visualization") Description: An application for visualization of algorithms. Department of Computer Science. Litovel. generating and printing schedules for public transportation systems. teaching.

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