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The Tempest (a Romance


Alonso (the King of Naples), his brother Sebastian, his son Ferdinand, Antonio's counselor Gonzalo, and Antonio (brother of Prospero, the usurped Duke of Milan) are on a ship with sailors caught in a tempest at sea. The storm scares all of the nobleman to abandon ship, fearing it split in half. When the storm subsides, the exiled Duke Prospero and his daughter Miranda appear on the island they have inhabited for 12 years. Miranda tells him she saw the ship crack in the storm, but Prospero calms her, explaining it was a magical illusion he created. He explains he was once Duke of Milan, but his brother Antonio took over when he began deeply studying literature, eventually teaming with Alonso to banish Prospero and Miranda and abandon them at sea, where they luckily landed on the island and survived since Gonzalo had given Prospero money, clothes, and his sorcerer books in the boat. Now, he explains, his enemies have sailed by, so he created the tempest to shipwreck them. He causes her to sleep and calls his spirit Ariel to come. Ariel verifies that the nobles are safe on the island, while their ship is deep in a hidden harbor with the crew asleep; further, the remainder of the fleet has returned to Naples believing Alonso is dead. We learn that Prospero rescued Ariel from the "foul witch" Sycorax and will free Ariel himself when his plans for the nobles are complete. Sycorax had imprisoned Ariel in a tree for refusing to do her evil, then, after her death, Prospero freed him. She also had a deformed son, Caliban, whom Prospero commands as his slave (Note that Caliban anagrams from a slightly misspelled canibal). Hidden, Ariel sings a song and scares Alonso's son Ferdinand as he wanders around the island, eventually meeting Prospero and Miranda. Both Miranda and Ferdinand immediately fall in love, but Prospero (although approving) pretends to be gruff and critical toward Ferdinand. In another part of the island, Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, and the lords Adrian and Francisco are wandering. Alonso fears Ferdinand is dead, but Gonzalo assures him he may be living, since they are living. Ariel causes all to sleep, except Sebastian and Antonio. Then, Antonio convinces Sebastian to kill Alonso, so Sebastian will become heir to Naples' throne. Prospero, though, has Ariel awaken Gonzalo to warn Alonso. Elsewhere, Caliban is gathering wood when the jester Trinculo, then the drunkard Stephano (both from the ship) come upon them. Caliban takes Stephano to be a god (the Man in the Moon), and vows to serve him. At Prospero's cave, Miranda meets Ferdinand carrying logs for her father. Here they exchange their love for one another and vow to be married. Prospero, watching in secret, approves. Elsewhere, Caliban convinces Stephano to kill Prospero and seize Miranda so they can be king and queen. Ariel, though, overhears and will warn Prospero. Alonso and others are wandering when Ariel and other spirits bring in a table of food. Before they can eat, Ariel appears and takes the food away, then informs Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio that it is their evilness toward Prospero that has caused their current sorrows (shipwreck, loss of Ferdinand, etc.). At the cave, Prospero presents Miranda to Ferdinand, though instructing him not to "break her virginknot" until after they are properly married. He celebrates by presenting them with a show by the spirits Iris, Ceres, and Juno. However, Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo show up to kill Prospero. He, however, creates a distraction with extravagant garments, then sends the fairies after them like hounds hunting foxes. In the final act, Prospero brings the nobles to his cell and reveals himself to them. He forgives Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian then reveals that Ferdinand is safe with Miranda. Alonso restores Prospero's dukedom and Prospero promises to return all home safely to Italy. As for Caliban, he promises to mend his ways while Stephano and Trinculo repent for plotting to kill Prospero.

singing a song to lead Ferdinand back to Prospero and Miranda. Prospero had spent all his time in study during this time and his brother Antonio made a deal with the King of Naples. and explains he used his magic to conjure the storm . and Miranda sleeps. As they enter. before Prospero¶s cell. Scene II On the island. greeting Prospero. Now Caliban is Prospero¶s slave. and under command of Prospero is to be invisible to all but Prospero. They were put on a ship which had no sail or rigging. Ariel exits. The crewmen begin prayers. Prospero says only that it was a fortunate chance they came close to the island. and Prospero and the baby Miranda were set to the sea. Ariel asks for his freedom from Prospero. and all is lost. Ariel further scattered the men about the island. who was appointed master of this plan also made sure Prospero and Miranda had rich garments. is safely harbored in a hidden nook with all sailors safely aboard and sleeping.ACT 1 Scene I On a ship at sea with a tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning. Prospero reminds Ariel of the agony he suffered there. Ariel explains there was an entire fleet. and warns him that if he does not obey the commands Prospero has for him. Prospero also mentions Sycorax¶s son Caliban who is deformed. stuffs and necessaries. landing the king¶s son Ferdinand alone. Master and Boatswain fret that all is lost. and tell the others in the scene the boat is breaking apart. Prospero tells her no one is harmed. Miranda asks why he has raised the storm and how the ship carrying the men who usurped his position. Miranda tells him she has seen the boat sinking off the shore. and kidnapped Prospero and Miranda when she was still a baby. Antonio. commanding Ferdinand to come with him to work as a servant. ACT 2 Scene I . but his brother Antonio usurped his position after Prospero had Antonio manage his state. and so raised the storm. Ferdinand. Prospero whispers to Ariel that his plan is working. Prospero recounts the tale of how he found Caliban. some twelve years prior to this scene. Prospero further tells his daughter he was once the Duke of Milan. taught him to speak. Master and Boatswain fret over the chances of surviving the storm and give orders to the crew. then proceeds to give Ferdinand a harsh time with threats and insults calling Ferdinand a spy and warns his daughter that he is an ugly man. As Ferdinand enters he and Miranda see one another. then how Caliban tried to force himself on Miranda. Sycorax who imprisoned him in a split pine tree for twelve years. Ariel comes back. who reminds him of the witch. Enter Alonso. Prospero awakens his daughter. who have returned home now. and see to instantly fall in love. and calls for Caliban. Gonzalo and others. Sebastian. Antonio gather men together with the King of Naples. he will do the same for twelve more years. Ariel enters. to do away with Prospero. others in the cast join the King to pray. Ariel explains he has done as Prospero has asked and created the appearance of a tempest to make sure the men who Prospero wanted to arrived on the island jumped off the ship. but the ship which Prospero¶s enemies were on. knowing Prospero¶s love of books furnished him with the most prized books from the Duke¶s library. Boatswain tells them all to stay in their cabins. linens. The boat had some provisions on it. after she was marooned on the island by sailors. Gonzalo. Eventually Prospero allows his daughter to win him over. but keeping the mariners safely aboard. and with some argument they agree. Alonso. Caliban is ordered to get more firewood for Prospero. but no one was hurt. Gonzalo. and with luck the two landed upon an Island. and what various things were called.

Miranda asks him to stop his labor for a bit. Miranda enters. act as if nothing happened and cover their actions. Trinculo and Stephano get Caliban to kiss their feet as an act of allegiance. Gonzalo proclaims he saw Sebastian and Antonio drawing weapons to kill the two of them. Stephano plays this idea up and Caliban swears loyalty to Stephano. the King of Naples¶ daughter was married to the King of Tunis (capitol of current Tunisia in North Africa). Miranda bids Ferdinand to rest. Caliban believes they are from the moon. Trinculo and Stephano get Caliban to drink from the bottle which contains some kind of alchahol. ACT 3 Scene I Ferdinand enters Prospero¶s cell bearing a log who dislikes the physical labor. which Gonzalo reprimands him for. As the two are ready to kill their marks. Gonzalo. promising to show him all the island has to offer. The group comments on how little there is around. Caliban then leads them away in search of food. Stephano. Antonio. believing her father at study. but is spurred on by his thoughts of Miranda who cries when she sees Ferdinand working. The conspirators stop. The two exchange compliments of one another¶s loveliness and proclaim both love and a desire to marry and then they exit separately. As they make the decision to kill both Gonzalo and Alonso they take a moment apart and Ariel enters the scene still invisible. as they have survived the storm. Francisco proclaims that he had seen Ferdinand (the Kings Son) make it to shore. the place on the island they have landed seems to be a desert. Sebastian blames the loss of them all on Alonso. Francisco and others. Miranda asks if she can haul logs for a while. Sebastian and Antonio. with some green. Gonzalo further explains that if he were king of this island he would create a society where no labor was forced and all people could enjoy themselves. Sebastian and Antonio conspire together to kill Alonso so that Sebastian may usurp the throne of Naples. Adrian. The two spot a third man. where he found it stored in a rock by the sea side. Sebastian and Antonio bid the King to sleep as well promising to protect him. and the king is heartbroken over what he feels is the loss of both his children. Ariel awakens Gonzalo who then awakens Alonso. The group was returning from Tunis to Italy when they became shipwrecked (or so they supposed). Ferdinand finally asks Miranda¶s name. and Stephano to get more wine. Alonso disbelieves him. drinking from a bottle. and from one of Trinculo¶s jests.On another part of the island is Alonso. The group then leaves in search of Ferdinand. Stephano and Trinculo converse on how they escaped drowning. Ariel (invisibly) joins the group and all become tired and sleep except for Alonso. which again Ferdinand declines. Sebastian. as Antonio did to his brother. Alonso the King of Naples mourns the fact he will never see his son again. . which Ferdinand declines. Gonzalo reminds the others he is marooned with that they are fortunate. Alonso sleeps. Scene II Caliban is gathering firewood in another part of the island and sees the jester Trinculo. and so exits Ariel. explaining that he could not sit while she worked. she gives it. Caliban does not wish to be seen and Trinculo believes Caliban to be a monster of some kind. in order to lighten the mood. with Prospero at a distance unseen.

decides to tell Prospero. Gonzalo bids him eat. and Caliban quickly explains it away as a sound of the island. calling them the worst of men who. Trinculo remarks on it and Stephano asks if it is a man or a devil. Alonso proclaims his grief over losing his son over what he had done to Prospero and exits. The group is amazed and excited. Prospero stays to watch. even if they had the strength to wield them. Ariel enters the scene invisibly and makes a few remarks which Stephano blames on Trinculo. As Stephano begins to sing to celebrate his plan. and for his new master Stephano to take Miranda as his bride. Caliban tells the other two men what an evil person Prospero is. Scene II On another part of the island Caliban. Hearing this Antonio remarks to Sebastian they should use this tiredness to kill Gonzalo and Alonso that night when they sleep as strange and solemn music arises. Stephano and Trinculo are together drinking. preventing any rash action and Adrian asks that Gonzalo follows as the rest leave. Antonio.Prospero remarks at his happiness for the occasion. Gonzalo instructs the others to follow them. Alonso begins to eat and instructs the others to eat as well. Upon hearing this Alonso. searching still for Ferdinand. Gonzalo remarks to Alonso he has become tired. who he eventually hits. Prospero explains his plan is working exactly and thanks Ariel for his excellence and exits to join Ferdinand and Miranda. as what they perceive as generous islanders who seem like monsters must have left the food for them. ACT 4 Scene I . Adrian Francisco and others are in another part of the island. appears as a harpy. Caliban hears someone playing on tabour and pipe which is actually Ariel. With that Ariel vanishes with thunder and the shapes enter again and dance with mocks and mows carrying off the table. Ariel enters with thunder and lightning. Ariel tells them their swords will be of no use against him. and they follow it as they exit the scene. The sound leads the three away. Ariel upon hearing this plan. The shapes dance about the food with gentle actions of salutation and invite the group to eat and they depart. would hang themselves. and carries off the banquet then proclaims them unfit to live. Sebastian. Alonso remarks upon his weariness as well. Sebastian and the others draw their swords. Prospero enters the scene floating and invisible with several strange shapes who bring a banquet. After they are all seemingly quite drunk. and although Alonso is skeptical. Ariels explains this is the will of the world itself that Alonso should lose his son and they should be marooned for usurping Prospero¶s position as Duke and casting him into the sea with his daughter on a small boat. Sebastian and Antonio also leave. Scene III Alonso. if they had any valor. Caliban then makes a plan to kill Prospero while he sleeps in the afternoon. Gonzalo. and remarks he has yet more business before supper time and exits as well.

He commands the spirits to hunt Caliban¶s group down giving them various kinds of maladies. Whispering to Sebastian and Antonio. Trinculo and Stephano become enamored with Prospero¶s wardrobe. Prospero lets them wonder for a while. Prospero explains to Ferdinand that the reason he had him labor and gave him a difficult time. and Ariel then leaves again. and brings to light Sebastian and Antonio¶s plan to kill the King of Naples and give the crown to Sebastian. Prospero also gives his blessing that they be married. calling him a spy was so that he did not come to Miranda¶s love easily. Prospero then explains to Ariel that his plans will soon ending. then the two leave. Prospero and Ariel become invisible and Caliban. which Ariel takes to quickly and exits. Stephano and Trinculo all wet from their trek enter the cell. who was led astray by Ariel. Prospero then bids Ferdinand to be silent and watch as Iris. They all complain at Caliban. with Prospero and Ariel sitting on them. to fetch the mariners and bring them to Prospero¶s cell. about stinking and losing their drink. Prospero has Ariel fetch Alonso with frantic gestures. Gonzalo Sebastian and Antonio in a similar manner. asking him to bring the group which Ariel holds power over. They all enter the circle which Prospero has made and stand there charmed. attended by Adrian and Francisco. Stephano commands Caliban to take the clothes he likes back to where his bottles are. Ceres and Juno then call other nymphs to dance with them until Prospero gets up suddenly and speaks. giving the spirit freedom. Iris. Ceres and Juno appear and seal the contract between Prospero and Ferdinand then grant a blessing to the union of Ferdinand and Miranda. in the shapes of dogs and hounds running about. with a strange noise they all vanish.In front of Prospero¶s cell. Prospero gives Ariel one last chore. and Caliban warns them repeatedly they need to do away with Prospero. Prospero tell Ariel all his plans have finally come together. but to follow him for just a bit longer. Prospero calls Ariel again. wondering how he came upon the island. Alonso and the others can hardly believe the former duke of Milan is there. Prospero says he forgives his brother for what he has done. He then forgives Antonio for usurping his position. Prospero in his magic robes enters with Ariel. Prospero then calls Ariel who explains that he lead Caliban¶s drunken group through various hazards around the island to a foul lake near Prospero¶s cell. With that Prospero remembers the attempt on his life from Caliban. Prospero commands the spirit dogs and hounds to chase Caliban. and only requires his dukedom of him. which is also forgiven. making their congress a horrifying experience. which Prospero observes them speak. . Then enters spirits. ACT 5 Scene I Again in front of Prospero¶s cell. but warns against taking Miranda¶s virginity before they are wed or a curse will be unleashed upon both of them. Prospero removes his spell and thanks Gonzalo for his help in saving himself and his daughter. Prospero then bids Ferdinand and Miranda to Prospero¶s cell and he will soon join them. Stephano and Trinculo as they run out of Prospero¶s cell.

so that they would never have died and so Prospero invites the group into his cell. Prospero and the others discover Ferdinand and Miranda playing chess and quarrelling as lovers do over the outcome of the game. Alonso is amazed by the strangeness of the situation. telling him it does not matter. and Prospero points out he is his servant and is as wretched as he appears to be. Prospero acts as if he has lost his daughter just as Alonso has lost his son. where he will explain what had happened to him. Stunned Alonso embraces his son and asks how he came to be there and before Ferdinand can answer Alonso asks who the woman is. but Prospero calms him.Speaking with the others. Alonso wishes that the two of the could be married in Naples. Both lost in the tempest. Ariel comes back with Master and Boatswain in amazement. though they could not explain any of it. The men of Italy are all wondering what matte of thing Caliban is. The two men explain how the crew slept and the boat was in perfect condition as if it had never left port. Prospero tells them to put what they had tried to steal back where it came from and asks his new guests to accompany him for the evening in his cell. Ferdinand explains that it is Prospero¶s daughter and they are to be wed. Ariel comes back again. this time with Stephano Trinculo and Caliban who are all chided by the group. and lament the pain they are in (caused by Prospero¶s spirit hounds and dogs). The two are blessed both by Alonso and Gonzalo. .

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