DoS Version 5.0.

0 -<(Archetype EDiTION)>Developed by: xyr0x Release date: February 1st, 2006 Time: 12:00am Pacific -------------Contacting Me: Yahoo Messenger: AIM: ixi xyr0x ixi MSN: Email: Credits: MCP for his work on the was going to be "Splash" But I later decided to not include a splash due to load time. Thanks bro. I appreciate your work. Keep it up! Greets: SyntaxLogiK,NeoMax, Alchemist, Fab, ¦£k¦pWn§T3R-X, Aelphaeis_Mangarae, dv0id, hi_l0ader, WeedMan, XsupremeX, and all the respective members at ! [PLEASE SEND ALL BUGS TO MY EMAIL. THANKYOU!] -------------New Features -UDP Flooder -TCP Flooder -Visual Socket Viewer (Raw Sockets) -Improved DoS Execution Engine -Port Scanner -View Packet Stats (Previously: Transfer / Attack Ratio) -My Picture I removed the online chat, just becuase it's not very "important". -------------If you need runtimes, the runtimes are all included in the zip. Open the "runtimes" folder, and drop them into C:\Windows\System32 (For XP, 98, ME users) For NT users, drop them into C:\WinNT\System32 folder. -------------How do I use DoS? Put in the website in the "Resolve Website IP" module and then click Resolve... to get the IP of the website. Now go ahead and input the IP into the "URL IP" module. Once that's finished, go ahead and click on "Proxy Configuration" now once that console has deployed, click "Download Proxies..." unless you already have one in hand. The proxy must be an HTTP Proxy! Now copy and paste the proxy into the IP box, then finish clicking "Spoof IP" now once that's been set, and your icon in the tasktray has become "Yellow" (Yellow = online with current proxy, Black = Offline/dead proxy) go ahead and move the console to where you prefer. Now that you've set your proxy and you know the victims IP address, you can concider in using the URL Flooder module. The URL flooder module is for attacking physical objects which are hosted on the actual website. "A picture, maybe?" you decide. Now atmost you must have your Browser configured by default to be Internet Explorer. Or else the Anonymity engine(IP spoofer) Will NOT work for you! TCP Flooder. The interval must stay greater than 1ms but derive it as 1.0 or else it won't work. You can only flood an open port, so remember this or DoS will crash. I will try to improve this feature as time goes by, so that the flooder will determine if the selective port is open or not, so it will prompt you that the ports

Yahoo derives on UDP Voice over protocol. and such. Peace. Open ports will appear in the Listbox." -------------I hope you enjoy the new release. Just put in a port. for your indepth analyses of what and how many connections are being sent. (Per line that is) This may freeze up on you if you leave it open for so long. Same as my Raw Sockets IP stealer. . and other voice protocols w/other clients. All the other features are pretty basic. xyr0x. Same goes with Webcam. Netstat. DoS Archetype Edition was inspired by me. at the moment. becuase this place just doesn't seem to notice what's really fucking going on. The UDP flooder only supports UDP Port: 5101. This feature is only good with Voice protocols and Stream protocols. and if you obtain a users IP who's on the mic. etc. and how many ports you want to scan and click Start Scanning.not open and thus. so you be the judge there. I'll have it so user can implement his own port manually later on in an update. Port Scanner. RawSockets. UDP Flooder. it will flood him and dissallow him from chatting over Voice protocol. except I chose to include it in here. like webcams. save you from future crashes. Grab my IP. of one of my favorable songs by "Fear Factory" thus that's why I've included the more "user damaging features.