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We would like to express our gratitude to all the dealers, distributors and the corporate officials of Dish TV and Tata Sky for their kind support and assistance while furnishing the required information’s. We also express our gratitude and thanks to Madam Sonam Mulchandani resulting for their invaluable Their able co-operation, guidance, continued support and guidance as well as healthy criticism throughout works. encouragement and valuable suggestion led our way pass easily through most difficult period during this Sales Project. We would also like to thank Mr. Manoj and Mr. Patel because without their help this project would not have been completed.

WE are discussing about the emergence of Direct-to-home Service in the Indian Market. The Indian market was till now dominated by the presence of local cable TV operators and had complete monopoly over it. DTH opened an option for Indian Consumers to opt for the satellite service to obtain television channels direct to their homes without any intermediaries. It also provided several value added services to enhance their television watching experience. Still, as DTH is still a relatively new category and most people were hesitant to experiment with it. While Indian consumers were not completely satisfied with their cable services, they did not feel the need to switch over to any other means of entertainment. It was therefore imperative for companies such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, Reliance in it. BIG TV to educate the consumers about the advantages of the service and in turn create an urge to invest

Environmental Analysis of Indian DTH industry: Here is the Porter’s 5 forces model in the context of DTH industry. The observations are categorized into the 5 forces as below. DTH faces stiff competition from Terrestrial, Cable and IPTV. As per the industry estimates, there are 120 million TV homes, of which 71 million are served by cable and 6 million served by DTH with the remaining taken by Terrestrial Transmission.

Over the last three years, the direct-to-home (DTH) satellite industry has come on strongly worldwide. It has grown from a niche delivery mechanism into a mainstream business. The

spread of subscription-based DTH satellite TV promises to enhance choices for many households in developing countries. Current Situatio- SWOT Indian DTH players: 1. Dish TV: Largest private DTH player. 2. Tata Sky: More than 2 million customers. 3. DD Direct: Free service. 4. Sun Direct: Strong player in South India. 5. Big Digital TV (Reliance Communications): Big expectations. 6. Airtel Digital TV: It IS launched in September 2009 7. Videocon DTH: It is launched in October 2009

• Proper payment.

Digital quality picture. Better coverage. No. of channels. Radio facility. Channel locks facility. No dependency on cable operator. Stereophonic Sound Uninterrupted service

• Value added services.
• • •

• Movable.

• Less wiring.
• • •

Launched in August 2006, Tata Sky was one of Through its DTH service; the company offered more than 170 channels on entertainment, sports, movies, music, news, etc. along with interactive services through its different channel packages. In October 2008, Tata Sky launched Tata Sky +, a premium settop box. Tata Sky+ made it possible for consumers to record, pause, and also rewind live TV programs. Tata Sky adopted an aggressive pricing strategy to attract consumers. By offering different channel packages, it ensured that consumers could choose their favorite channels and pay only for those they wanted to watch. Tata Sky also launched several advertisement (ad) campaigns to support its product launch. Along with television commercials (TVCs), it also laid emphasis on outdoor, radio, and Internet advertising.


It is a joint venture between the Tata Group, that owns 80% and STAR Group that owns a 20% stake. Tata Sky was incorporated in 2004 but was launched only in 2006. It currently offers close to 140 channels and some interactive ones. The company uses the Sky brand owned by British Sky Broadcasting. In October 2008, Tata Sky announced launching of DVR service Tata Sky+ which allowed 45 hours of recording in a MPEG-4 compatible Set Top Box. The remote is provided with playback control keys and is being sold with special offers for existing subscribers. In 2008, Singapore-based Temasek Holdings picked up 10% stake in Tata Sky from the Tata Group. This has diluted Tata's stake in the venture to 70%.

Tata Sky+ is a premium set-top box-cum-Personal Video Recorder that allows recording up to 45 (now it has been increased to 90 hours of recording) hours of live TV, recording one program while watching another, pause a live telecast and review a TV pr

1. Leveraging on brand TATA and High brand recall 2. Technological expertise with Newscorp’s DTH arm Sky

3. Superior Picture quality 4. Leads in introducing new packages & Services 5. Customer service 6. Rural penetration through ITC E-Choupal and Godrej Aadhar 7. Interactive channels and program guides 8. Innovative Product offering Tata Sky Plus

1. Second Mover after Dish TV who captured Market Share 2. Cannot match free service like DD 3. Currently does not offer free Set Top Box like Dish TV 4. Litigation due to issues related to sports channels which it lost 5. Dependency on broadcaster and had issues with Sun TV

1. Larger disposable incomes with India 2. Tapping niche markets with better service and Product offering 3. Expansion of distribution network through exclusive stores 4. Interactive advertising – Tie up of with Samsung 5. Increase in number of TVs sold 6. Increase in the geographical boundaries with Rural Market untapped 7. Growing demand for quality of service in the form of DTH over Cable 8. CAS being made Compulsory would encourage switch. 9. Value Added Services are gaining steam.

1. IPTV provides superior technology if implemented

2. Cable Set top Boxes provide easy switching due to negligible switching costs 3. Increasing Competition internally 4. Dependency on CPE suppliers to some extent 5. High dependence for transponders on ISRO 6. Dependency on broadcasters for their channel content and thus increase in cost 7. Videocon may enter DTH by building its own set top boxes. 8. No Exclusivity in Content and Rule of ‘Must Carry’ 9. Cap on Investment (20%) 10. Interoperability Regulations 11. Cap on foreign Investment (49%)

TATA Sky’s target customers include various strata of the society, with different service packages available to each one. To improve its performance in the competitive DTH market, TATA Sky management should assess its brand positioning

among its target segment by establishing a distinctive image for the company compared to competing companies. But these initiatives presents challenges, which TATA Sky is currently facing squeezed by rising costs, sporadic nature of demand, and relentless downward pricing pressure due to competition. Adding to it, slackening of demand, and higher interest rates are not welcome signs for it. With this in mind, TATA Sky should try to be rapid-paced and highly competitive. To counter these challenges and still be profitable, we have tried to suggest various strategies based on what will suit demands in the Indian market and its consumer behaviour to increase TATA Sky market share


Tata Sky crossed the two million connections mark in a period of 20 months, thus retaining its position as the fastest growing direct-to-home service provider across the globe.

The marketing budget that TATA Sky begun with was 15% of sales. This included around 5% for advertisements, 7% discounts and promotions and 1% sponsorships. Currently TATA Sky has roped in Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador. Aamir Khan would feature in all TATA Sky brand and product communication, including advertisements in TV, print and radio.

Further, tie ups with ITC E-Choupal and Godrej Aadhar give it wider rural reach. Also for its distribution, TATA Sky has a tie up with ITC International Business Division. The 24X7 has joined hands with TATA Sky to provide content for Active Learning. Tata Sky has adopted a 360 degree marketing

campaign approach that encapsulates television, print, outdoor and radio along with on-ground activities and marketing on the digital platform.

Tata Sky plans tie-ups with Sony Pictures, Fox for contentPay per View service for exclusive

Tata Sky emphasized all the four 'P's of marketing i.e.

product, price, place, and promotion. The
company made efforts to offer a better product and services at an affordable price. In an effort to establish its presence across India, the company developed a vast distribution


Tata Sky launches itself as a DTH services requiring a Dish, A set top box and network access card per television. Later variant like Community dish for entire building were launched. Latest the Tata Sky Plus with Personal Video Recording technology has been launched.

Various services provided by TATA Sky include:

 Active Services
• Active Cooking • Active Stories • Active Newsroom

Active Darshan

Active WizKids

• Active Sports • Active Learning

• Active Games

• Active English

• Active Astrology • Parental Control • Search and Scan Banner • Guide (including Hindi Display) • Customer Service- 24 x 7 help. Support in 11 languages

Competition has increased may fold with completion providing freebies and slashing prices. The following price related strategies could be adopted, which may lead to a short term loss but a medium term break even and profit:

1. Free Set Top:

Following the line of Dish TV, Set top Boxes can be given free while ensuring lock in by providing base pack free for limited time duration, thus inducing update to next level.

2. Lock in of 1 year:
Ensure long term lock ins by providing incentives for pre payment of long term charges. Continue with current strategy of providing 2 months free on payment of 10 months services.

3. Multiple Connections:
Provide discounts for consumers buying second Tata Sky Connection (up to 50% off)

4. Encourage References:
Provide discounts on Monthly charges if reference from existing consumer becomes a new customer.

5. Regional Disparity:
Provide free regional packs in local areas to ensure switch from Cable TV to DTH service, i.e. provide free south Jumbo pack for customers in all Southern States.

6. Community Dish:
Provide Incentives in the form of Free Months charges for first 3-6 months and reduce the Installation charges per flat.

7. Payment Options:
Allow multiple points of payment, ensuring timely payment and convenience to the customer – Credit Card through Website (implemented), Pre Paid cards from Retail shops to be activated using Telephone (Implemented) and Drop Boxes at Societies.

8. Post-paid:

Some clients depending upon few background check criteria can be given Billing service i.e. Payment at end of Month
Share (%)


STATE Maharashtra Gujarat Karnataka Uttar Pradesh Tamil Nadu Punjab SHARE 12.1 10.5 7.2 6.9 6.6 6.4

Orissa West Bengal Kerala Andhra Pradesh Rajasthan Assam Madhya Pradesh Others Total

5.3 4.7 4.6 4.6 4.5 4.0 3.8 18.8 100

Clearly, there is a lot of scope of increase in the number of customers across all the states. Looking at the current distribution system that Tata Sky has adopted:

Tata Sky DTH

Manufacturing Unit



Dealer Corporate

Exclusive Showrooms (Experience Zone)




customers local cable



distributors would be an extremely useful way of reaching out to the target market:
➢ Staff of cable operators be made the distributors for Tata Sky (familiarity with people) ➢ All distributors be given a status of Tata Sky employees ➢ Attractive options be given to them to become distributors

Another focus could be the rural market.
A snapshot of the rural market: ➢ 199 million total household in India

119 million (60% of total households) TV households

➢ 50 million are having Cable ➢ 55 million TV sets in rural area ➢ e. Rural TV households growing by 3-4 million each year. ➢ f. Only 2-3 % of rural household have access to Cable ➢ g. Growing focus towards more satellite channels

Strategies for the rural sector can be:
➢ Customizing offering ➢ Combination of various national channels with regional channels ➢ Educational Package ➢ Appointing the village head as Distributor and the promoter as the villagers tend to listen to ➢ village head

This can be supplemented by giving the connection to village head free for initial period.

The promotional strategies suggested are:

Packages for Special Events like the cricket World Cup. Targeting Tata employees could be a useful way pr promoting the product. Give the option of instalments and other promotional schemes to the new users. Tie up with real estate developers to target the new constructions. The number of old buildings being demolished and being reconstructed are also on the rise. This could be a major target for promotions.

Door to door marketing should be used to heighten the awareness levels as well Local Games Sponsorships can also be used to increase the awareness levels Another way could be using the prominent part of the Building for placing Hoardings of Tata Sky Ads A. Finding the strategic building in the locality B. Consideration can be in form of cash payment to the Housing society

Providing free connections to Households in these buildings.

Another new avenue that can be explored is the railway stations: A. Posters on railway station roofs B. Tickers at Major suburban Railway stations

➢ Use of Internet- Applications which involve sharing of videos on how one consumes TV, benefits of DTH over cable TV, etc. across social networking sites like Orkut, ibibo, etc.

'Ek-pe-Teen and Do-pe-Paanch' the offer entails three months of free subscription on the purchase of one connection, and five months of free subscription on purchase of two or more connections. Tata Sky launched an interactive game quiz featured around MS Dhoni to coincide with the Twenty20 World Cup. In the past, the DTH operator has been testpiloting feature by running several contests around

programmes and the interactive features were made available to its customers

Dish is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). EGV has national and global presence with business interests in media programming, broadcasting & distribution, speciality packaging and entertainment. Zee Network incorporated dishtv to modernize TV viewing. dishtv is India’s first direct to home (DTH) entertainment service. By digitalizing Indian entertainment, this enterprise brought best television viewing technology to the living room. It not only transmits high quality programmes through satellite; but also gives a complete control of selecting channels and paying for them. Dish TV imparts DVD quality picture and stereophonic sound effects to the customers. It promises to change the experience of TV viewing with its uninterrupted transmission service. DishTV is a division of Zee Network Enterprise (Essel Group Venture). EGV has national and global presence with business interests in media programming, broadcasting & distribution, speciality packaging and entertainment. Zee Network incorporated dishtv to modernize TV viewing. dishtv is India’s first direct to home (DTH) entertainment service. By digitalizing Indian entertainment, this enterprise brought best television

viewing technology to the living room. It not only transmits high quality programmes through satellite; but also gives a complete control of selecting channels and paying for them .To experience the new life breathing in television technology, dishtv extends high quality broadcast and thorough entertainment.


India’s first DTH service provider. • Launched in the year Oct 2003. • Partnership with the Essel group & Zee TV. • CEO- Arun Kapoor. • Having 35000 outlets & 2.0 million subscribers all over in India. • Brand Ambassador- Mr. Shahrukh khan. • Tag line- “Dish karo wish karo”. • Official partner- Indian Cricket League.

Dish TV-2008
• Dishtv launches Active Astro service • Dishtv Announces Matrimonial Service “Shaadi Active” • South HATTRICK OFFER • NDTV Imagine now available on dishtv • 9X available on dishtv • Dishtv appoints Vinay Agarwal as New CEO • ESPN Sports bonanza offer

• Set Top Box free offer • IPL Pack launch • Tie-up with NewsX • 3 million subscriber base • Dish TV Board of director approved rights issue • Future Group Marketting tie-up


Tata Sky launches itself as a DTH services requiring a Dish, A set top box and network access card per television. Later variant like Community dish for entire building were launched.

Active services:

Movie On Demand. Astro Active

• Gaming

• Sports Active • News Active • EPG • Multilingual Services • Travel active

Shaadi active

• Monster job active


DISHTV bring to you yet another first in its bouquet of services DISHTV on Computer'. 'DISHTV on Computer' is the first of its kind in India, by making your computer double up as a television it gives you 'LIVE DIGITAL TV' right on your workstation. You also get an added benefit, the set top box comes with a dual advantage – it works with your computer AND your TV. Yes! With this magical product, up to 100 + channels will now also be available on computer, bringing to you Live News, Live Sports, Live Business news along with Active services, Movie-On-Demand, Gaming, EPG, etc, whatever dishtv offers on Television; now also on Computer! So go ahead, stay updated with the latest news & views (whether business or political) either at work or at play!

DISH TV ON WHEELS Presenting the revolutionary Mobile dishtv. Your solution to the cricket all you miss while traveling, the top stories that eludes you. Mobile dishtv revolutionizes your driving experience by beaming digital entertainment directly into your car. You can choose from a vast bouquet of 100 + channels offering news, sports, music and entertainment. Foot tapping music on VH1, sports coverage on Star Cricket and much more. In short its entertainment that truly complements your SUV. No need to miss breaking news or nail biting cricket action anymore!

• Dish Maxi Plus • Dish Maxi • Dish Welcome • Dish Freedom Plus • Silver Pack • Dish Multi TV • Dish Mini • Dish A La Carte • Channel Preview • New Channel • Exclusive Channels

Future Group is announcing the Big Bazaar’s biggest annual promotion ‘Sabse Saste 3 Din’ starting from Jan 25-27. During this period, consumers will be able to get a Dish TV set-top box installed for Rs 999, as against the Rs 2,250 charged normally. After a week’s free connection, consumers will have to pay for their subscription depending on the choice of package.

Mode of Advertising:
• Newspapers. • Magazines. • Electronic Media. • Own Channel. • Banners. • Hoardings. • Direct Mail. • Mobiles.


You could call it the clash of the titans. Tata Sky’s innovative use of its brand ambassador Aamir Khan as a ventriloquist, aging taxi driver, family man and puppet (remember the actor’s man-woman act in the first of his commercials for the DTH operator last year) has indeed made rivals sit up and take notice of it. That is why competitor Dish TV has also decided to do away with the mundane and present its brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan in a different avatar. He appears as a 75year-old man in Dish’s new campaign Ghar Aayi Zindagi. The slugfest is understandable. Despite mounting losses (the company had a net loss of Rs 476 crore in the last financial year); Dish hopes to cross the seven-million-mark in terms of subscribers by the end of this financial year. Its current subscriber base is 6.3 million. Tata Sky, on the other hand, has a subscriber base of 4.5 million and has been growing fast. According to industry

estimates, there are 17-18 million DTH subscribers in the country. Not a large figure considering that India has over 75 million cable and satellite homes as well a while ago. They managed to get out of it with some intelligent advertising. DTH operators are slowly but steadily realizing this.” Both Tata Sky and Dish seem to be taking a cue from this insight. Never mind if the acting skills of their brand ambassador are put to the test time and again, they are up to it, in fact, even enjoying it. Says Vikram Mehra, chief marketing officer, Tata Sky, “It’s a pleasure working with Aamir. He is involved in the nitty-gritty of every ad it’s fun because he lives the brand.” So far, Tata Sky has released four campaigns with Aamir since taking him on as their brand ambassador in 2008. Clearly, the DTH operator is hardly disappointed with the show the versatile actor has put up. Now it’s Shahrukh’s turn to wow audiences with his histrionics. Says Kapoor, “It wasn’t easy giving up a message as strong as ‘Wish Karo, Dish Karo’, but we were clear we wanted to establish Dish TV as a brand that a family can rely on.” These communication changes will be backed by Dish’s investments in back-end infrastructure. “That is an on-going process,” says Kapoor.

This project is based on information from primary as well as secondary resources. After the detailed study an








analysis of comparative study of TATA SKY and DISHTV. The data has been used to cover various aspects like marketing, promotion, pricings strategies of both the DTH services.

➢ Primary objective: our main objective is to understand the structure of Indian DTH industry and to be practically familiar with research process as well as compare the status of TATA SKY and DISH TV which are the leading direct to home services.

Secondary objectives: 1. Analyze the pricing strategy of Tata Sky and dishtv. 2. Evaluate the promotional strategies of Tata Sky and dishtv. 3. Understand their marketing mix

The target was to interview at least one manager from each company and also one dealer of tata sky as well as dish tv and as many official’s as possible.

While working on this project we have faced some difficulties while conducting the survey.

People were not interested in giving their actual information about their family income and airtime, as they were extremely scared about the income tax some people have difficult to take them in confidence so that they can give correct information. Some of the limitations are: • Not at home • Refusal to co-operate

Respondent bias

Data collection will be done from both Primary as well as Secondary sources:

Primary data collection:

It will be collected by In-Person Interviews as well as Telephonic Interviews of various personals working in the organization and dealer’s etc.

Secondary data collection:

From newspaper, magazines, libraries and websites.

The research is descriptive type and accordingly the design is formulated so that precise and relevant information may be


On the basis of data collected from the retailers, distributors, etc. an approximated comparison of the two is shown below:








Tata Sky has offered competitive pricing but has been on the higher end and it’s due to promotional campaigns it has added in incentives leading to increase in customer base. Dish TV organise less promotional campaigns as compare to Tata sky so it’s cheaper.

WE can say this is 50-50. Tata sky offers an excellent website and dedicated customer line. They have the concept of registered mobile number providing easy communication. But their Customer service lines are always busy and the waiting period is usually very long. This may be an irritant for existing customers. Dish TV offers under developed website but it customer care centres are always ready to help.

The reception is usually excellent in comparison to existing cable TV. But during monsoons and Cloudy days they are affected. The rate of signal distortion is more for Community dishes in comparison to Individual dishes. This technical problem should be sorted. TATA SKY’s signal rage is 70% to 90% where as in case of DISH TV it is 60% to 80%


Both Tata sky and dish TV have new technology but Tata sky plus is an initiative in this direction. Various services under Active are part of this Technology game. Being an interactive and dynamic offering would increase its appeal.

Tata sky connection period is just 10 to 15 minutes where as in case of dish TV it takes 24 hrs to get connected.


Both Tata sky and Dish TV are good at their own places even though, they share same industry but suggestions from our bench. 1) In thane there is only 1 customer care center of both Tata Sky and dish TV, so they need to increase the no. to reach more people and to solve these problems as soon as possible. 2) Now a days in urban as well as in some part of rural area people are using internet while purchasing any product they usually get known about that product through company’s website. But the website of dish TV is not well developed very limited information is available there. Still there is a room for development so they need to develop it. 3) Tata sky is mostly used in urban areas because of its high price and costlier renewals so they launch cheaper packages to cover the area 4) Dish TV is not connected with Nimbus which provides Neo Cricket Channel; even though most of the Indian cricket matches are shown over there we all know that cricket is a religion of India so they should try to develop a contract with nimbus. 5) Tata Sky doesn’t provide Z 24 Taas, Zee Talkies and Zee Marathi as they are the main channels that Maharashtrian people watch the most, so people are unhappy about that in Maharashtra. 6) Both Tata Sky and Dish TV are lacking in there range which collapses in rainy days or when the weather is cloudy. So they

must improve on it as people don’t get to see even a single channel. 7) In Tata Sky we have to take special plan for sport and it’s costly and it even doesn’t come with a whole yearly package where as in Dish TV it comes along with the yearly pack.


1) Which brand of Direct to home do you own?




Which kind of subscription do you use? Yearly Six Monthly Quarterly


Two Year


How did you get to know about this brand? Newspapers Retailers Magazines Others (Specify) Friends & Relatives


From where did you purchase the connection? Authorized dealer Dealer nearby you Exclusive Shoppe A Known Dealer



What percentage of discount you get from the dealer? 5% 10% No discount Vouchers offered


Have you ever faced any problem in your DTH regarding the following? Maintenance Servicing Manufacturing Defect

Others Others : 7) Rank the following:

1-Most Important 2-Important 3- Necessary 4-Least Important 5-Not Necessary Price Brand after Sales Service Reach of Showroom

Availability of Product

D discount/Scheme offered


What kind of After Sales Service do you use? Company Service Other than Company


Rate the services of the after sales person on the basis of following; CRITERIA Responsiven ess Availability Helpfulness Capability days YE S N O 10) How much time taken by the company to solve your problem completely? 24 hours 1 Week 2-3 More

11) a) How many times you have lodged a complaint regarding a particular product? 1 time 2-4 times More

b) If yes, on how many calls have you been attended by an executive? Readily available 2 – 3 times

4-7 times


12) 11) Tick the efficiency of the Sales Person to make your buying more comfortable? Very efficient Efficient Sharp/rude Less knowledgeable

Less efficient less knowledgeable but Less effective


Convince you to buy other brand


How the product has reached to your home? Dealer has provided you

You yourself have taken with a service


Tick one of the following: DEGREE Fully Satisfied Partially Satisfied Not Satisfied PRODUCT COMPANY

If Not Satisfied, which brand in future you would like to buy and why? ________________________________________________________________________________

NAME:_________________________________________________________________________ OCCUPATION: SERVICE _____________________ BUSINESS OTHERS (Specify)


1.5 – 3Lakhs Above 6Lakhs

3 – 4.5Lakhs


(For Dealer’s/Retailer’s/Franchisee)


1) a) What are the Terms and Conditions set by the Company for the Channel Members? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ b) What are the average sales per month? __________________________________________________________________________ c) How much is the average sale of DTH per month? ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 2) Are you Happy with the sales targets set by the Company? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______ 3) Do you get any credit period from the company? Yes_______ No_______

If Yes, What is the credit period you get? i) Up to 15 days 4) What is minimum reorder level? ii) 15-30 days iii) >30 days

__________________________________________________________________________ 5) What are the margins that you get from the company?

__________________________________________________________________________ 6) What is the average order cycle time taken by the company? i) < 5 days ii) 5-10 days iii) > 10 days

7) Where would you rank the services/assistance provided to you by the company/s Services Very Good Goo d Satisfact ory Poo r Very poor

Delivery Time Quality Maintenance Incentives Promotional activities Condition of Product Commercial Terms Services of Sales Persons

8) How will you rate the efficiency of your sales persons? a) Very Good poor b) Good c) Satisfactory d) Poor e) Very

9) How the Company does help you to assist the Product to the End Consumers? Yes______ No______

If Yes, Do you face any problems in the Distribution Network of the Company?

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________

10) Do you face complains? Yes______ No______

If Yes, what are the kinds of Complains? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ ____________

11) How do you manage them in the given span of time? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________

Person Contacted: ____________________________________________________________________ Name of dealer: _____________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Tel. No.: ______________________________________________________________________


1) What is the Sales Turnover of the Company? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) a) In how many Zones is India Divided? ______________________________________________ b) On what basis Delhi – NCR is divided? _____________________________________________ c) Number of showrooms India____________ Delhi – NCR___________

3) a) What is the Company Sales Organization Structure for HONDA? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b) What are the profiles of the Members involved in the Structure? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------c) Who Monitors the entire Sales Process? In what ways does it serves as an effective tool for the company. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


4) a) What are the formats opted by HONDA for the Distribution of its product? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------b) On what basis does the Company chooses its Channel Members? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------c) What are the Criteria to Appraise the Channel Members? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------d) How does the Company responds the different distribution Flaws faced during the process? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5) What is the product range? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6) a) How many warehouses do you have? India____________ Delhi – NCR___________

b) How are Orders Processed among the Channel Members and the Company Level? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7) How the Logistics Network Works including: a) Importing of the product ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ b) Distribution of the Product ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _________ 1) What is the Basis on which Incentives are given to various Channel Members? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) a) How many Service Centers does the Company have? India____________ Delhi – NCR___________

b) How the Complain Cell does bring about the Effectiveness of its Service Centers regarding the Channel Members and its Consumers? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3) Is there any kind of Marketing Research done by the Company with respect to Channel Members and Consumers? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------