Nagios XI – Monitoring VMware

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This document describes how to use Nagios XI to monitor VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere, and vCenter Server. This document will show you how to monitor virtual machines (VMs) deployed on these products.

Target Audience
This document is intended for use by Nagios administrators who are familiar with VMware's virtualization products and know how to install and configure software on Linux servers.

You must be running Nagios XI 2009R1.2 or later to use this documentation.

Installation Overview
In order to monitor VMware with Nagios XI, you will need to: • • • Install the VMware Perl SDK on the Nagios XI server Install the Nagios::Plugins Perl library on the Nagios XI server Install the Nagios XI VMware Wizard

Installing the SDK
We are unable to pre-bundle the VMware Perl SDK with Nagios XI due to the license terms, so you will need to download and install the SDK on the Nagios XI server yourself. You can download the VMware Perl SDK from VMware's website at the following address: Download the SDK file using a graphical web browser (so that you can accept the terms), then you can transfer it to the Nagios XI server via SFTP. For this you can use Putty(sftp), Filezilla, or your favorite transfer program. Upload the SDK to the Nagios XI machine's /tmp directory and execute the following commands to install the SDK (the name of the SDK tarball may differ for you): cd /tmp tar xzf VMware-vSphere-SDK-for-Perl-4.0.0-161974.x86_64.tar.gz cd vmware-vsphere-cli-distrib/ ./ Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the SDK.

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To install the Nagios Enterprises.nagios. it will be available to users when they run the monitoring wizard. 2010 .0 – June. You can find the wizard and instructions for installing wizards at: Email: You will need to install the wizard in Nagios XI by using the Upload option on the monitoring wizard administration screen.Nagios XI – Monitoring VMware Installing the Nagios::Plugins Perl Library The Nagios plugin for monitoring VMware uses a special Nagios::Plugins Perl library.nagios. Once you install the wizard in Nagios XI. You will need to install this library before continuing.O. MN 55108 USA US: 1-888-NAGIOS-1 Int'l: +1 651-204-9102 Fax: +1 651-204-9103 Web: www. run the following commands when logged in to the Nagios XI machine as the root user: wget http://assets.rpm Installing the VMware Wizard A configuration wizard has been created in order to make the job of monitoring VMware servers and guests with Nagios XI easier.33-2. Box 8154 Saint Paul.noarch.rpm yum install -yq perl-Class-Accessor perl-Config-Tiny perl-Math-Calc-Units perl-Params-Validate rpm -Uvh perl-Nagios-Plugin-*.com Page 2 Revision 1. LLC P.