Test cases for Login Window 1.Check whether firstname field accept only alphabets 2.

Check whether last name field accept only alphabets 3.Check firstname last name cannot accept other than alphabets - negative 4.Check the login name field accept only alphabets numerics and special characters except dot. 5.Check whether the desired login name is created only when it displays specific name is available. 6.Check whether desired login name cannot be created with existing login name negative 7.Check password accept more than 8 characters 8.Check password cannot accept less than 8 characters - negative 9.Check the password and re-enter password field be the matched 10.Check it display a message when password and re-enter password mismatches negative 11.Check whether you can view the security question 12.Check whether answer field cannot be null. 13.Verify whether secondary mail field entered with valid id 14.Verify whether your location is present in the location field 15.Verify whether the captcha entered and available is correct. 16.Check every time you refresh or selecting i accept it display a new captcha 17.Check captcha be unique 18.Check captcha is case sensitive 19.Check when i accept is selected it moves to next page 20.Check when any required field is not entered or entered with the wrong values it display a message with red color font *********************************************************************************** ***********************************************************************************

call waiting option should available on Mobile 'B' 5.Mobile 'A' should have balance 4. Size of the nib like 0. Load testing 4. Color of the pen 3. 10. 7. 6. Integration testing: body of the pen should perfectly fit with the cap of the pen 9.2 Strength of the nib 5. GUI testing: logo of the pen maker 4.should display name(for saved contact) or number(for . Hanger provided in the cap 8.should have the charged battery(to receive call) 3. Against the surface it can write.Network should available on Mobile 'B' 6.5mm/0. Usability testing: grip of the pen.should have valid SIM card 2.1 Total length that pen can write 4.-TC1/TC Desc-check for out going call (Mobile 'A')/step to be executed-dial call by pressing green button/ expected result1.RE: what are test cases for Pen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Test cases for Pen are 1.6mm 11. Dimension of the pen 2. Load test: when pen is pressed hard against the hard surface then refill should not come out of the pen from the backside. *********************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************** tc no. Ink in the pen at what temp does the ink get blocked.

11)If its GPRS enabled chek for the connectivity.should display name(for saved contact) or number(for unknown contact) Test cases for Mobile Phone Test Cases for Mobile Phone: 1)Chek whether Battery is inserted into mobile properly 2)Chek Switch on/Switchoff of the Mobile 3)Insert the sim into the phone n chek 4)Add one user with name and phone number in Address book 5)Chek the Incoming call 6)chek the outgoing call 7)send/receive messages for that mobile 8)Chek all the numbers/Characters on the phone working fine by clicking on them.. .should call to the correct contact selected 8.should have the charged battery(to receive call) 3. 9)Remove the user from phone book n chek removed properly with name and phone number 10)Chek whether Network working fine.unknown contact) on making call 7.-TC2/TC Desc-check for incoming call (Mobile 'B')/step to be executed-receive call by pressing green button/ expected result1..should receive call when red button is pressed 6.should display reject call and silent option on screen 7.pressing red button call should get reject 8.should not call when keypad is locked tc no.should receive call when even keypad is locked 4.should ring the ringtone(on coming call) 5.should have valid SIM card 2.