Citizen Elected Minister for Anti-Corruption in India.

Let me take some time off, time for some illusion; Let me imagine that I am given the task of eradicating corruption in my country India. The mandate given to me by the most powerful person in India, "The Citizen". What is Corruption? Dictionary definition of Corruption ´Giving or obtaining advantage through means which are illegitimate, immoral, and/or inconsistent with one's duty or the rights of othersµ My first 31 points for action, I request my fellow countrymen and women, children to add to the list of ways and means to eradicate corruption in India. Of the points noted below, some are observations, some are learnt, few copied, no claim of originality of the mentioned points here. As a Minster, Anti-Corruption, I have put these points here. 1. More Community based Projects: A World Bank official, while congratulating me on my appointment, mentioned that community based projects reduce corruption, in which case, are there ways to make everything like a project and involve community. This may be one of the ways we identify and classify, what are community based projects and the others not, the process of defining these projects should be defined. 2. Everyone should become honest: Another congratulation message came and just said, by becoming honest, (He meant, all citizens have to be honest), a tall order, it is easier said than done, we need to find ways in which we can encourage people become honest or honesty becomes a way of life, while in practice, it may be a tough proposition to convert the theory or wish to practice. Part of it can be achieved through religious leaders, as religion is where people find ways to make a change. Religious leaders would be bought under the request of the commission to practice and preach honesty. 3. Mistrust in Trusts: There is a lot of corruption in among, what we call as ´Trustsµ, the ones which are among the most mistrusted by IT (Income Tax)department of the country, how about IT department, how to make it corrupt free, perhaps, the other IT (Information Technology) will help. 4. Breaking Nexus: Whenever corruption is mentioned, Politicians are definitely mentioned, everyone knows all politicians are not corrupt, but one bad apple, can multiply. The issue comes to how are politicians elected, the election commission, the citizens come into the picture. The election commission has had some excellent reforms, if all of these are implemented, Corruption will be reduced, some will change forms, and some will change names. The nexus between politicians, police, criminals is discussed, when we talk of corruption, how do we break this nexus, some through accountability, some through transparency and some through stringent punishment for crime. That brings us to changing the legal systems, which means new laws, bills to be passed by the parliament in majority to become laws. So we are back to parliament and electorate. We need better politicians to enact laws, propose changes, and make the laws effective.

Education creates lesser criminals. The fees of the education institutions has to be reviewed. politician link has to be mended to produce less criminals. election expenses is the basis for getting into corrupt practices. the transparency of the system is key to eradication of corruption in getting job in Government. Criminal records will be of use to see. officer seek support of might. The winning in the system has become so important that the electorate or a section of the electorate has a golden opportunity every 5 years to encash by selling their votes. Let there be opportunities to lobby. Why criminals become criminals will also be part of the answer that we seek. why not. If a government employee·s son has to study in the same school as a businessman·s school. Increase Literacy rate. at state and central levels are known to be heavily corrupt. An awareness campaign needs to be well popularized to make every citizen caste their vote by choice and not by sale. 9. he may also help us with changes that bring about corruption-less education system. 8. how do they decide. Getting a Government creates a lot of corruption. The boards are already accountable under RTI. The cleansing is normally not done. grants. The democratic practices have lost their validity and reason in the political parties selecting candidates for their symbol. my friend. awareness to be non-corrupt. we may need a citizen·s forum to be a watchdog for some of the aspects of who affiliates with whom. NOCs. as a legal way to create a . However. crime. 6. The salaries of the government employees is always one good reason for corruption. the government employee has to get his money from other means other than his salary. The issue of permissions. To get a ticket of a national party. how much. who did not. 7. our Bollywood has some flicks that tells us that upbringing or for lack of it creates criminals. There are agents who have mastered the art of negotiating the deals between these sections and the politicians to assure a win. the system that creates leaders of this system should be curbed by the activism of the voters. Hence appointment to the boards of education in states and at the central level has to be totally transparent. The agents then become power centers and play a dual role. hence some amount of corruption will be reduced. who then get bribed. all the issuences. If the reason is valid. The approval mechanisms of the boards. fees etc. the project needs some time bound measure to cleanse the system. the education in India itself has got corrupted. the public awareness to seek information. you need influence of leaders. Inflation and other parameters should be considered in arriving at government employee·s salary. the education also brings about things like RTI. penalties. The fact is the political parties are looking for winnable candidates. some one has to watch. awards. Funding of Political parties. I will ask Kapil Sibal. seek appropriate changes to rules. then the system in turn encourages you to be corrupt but not get caught. 11. I will request the central and the state government departments to list out.5. who has been working overtime on education reforms. who decides. the appointment to these boards is again a political issues. policies. is the biggest corruption possibility. why. which can reduce corruption. How about creating a uniform system of education looks difficult and not practical. the bribe taking politician. who eats lunch with whom. who gets. when we look at how the criminalization happens. allotments. licences. which leads us to poverty. so the poverty. which is crime supported. appropriate amendment to made in performance assessment to be paid in accordance with performance. brings us to the transparency in such a process. the method of doing so. 10. how.

the state and central government should give additional fiscal incentives for industries to be established in rural areas. Let me think about a driving licence. How to sustain a system without corruption d) Enact laws to investigate quickly and severely punish such incidents. he can on the spot fine the offender the prescribed fine and let him go. will have the mandate to help us create this system. The single window schemes of the industry have created some transperancy but not how about a notice to the Transport Office that issues licences to bring the offender a licence within a week. 16. Initially the whole process will have to be manual. Information Technology will play a very important role in bringing reforms. 15. allocation has to be defined along with criteria. Non-possession of the licence creates issues. hence the intent is served without soiling hands.possible better outcome. they will engage local people to do the lobbying work and stay away from the corruption. The objective of issuance of the permission or grant. Rahul Bajaj came as shock. 17. Commerce. The local self governing bodies should generate their own employability programs. how does that person go. Interdepartmental information exchange. The urban. MNCs do business. Regular anti-corruption audits to be carried out.Tata has shown his patience with corruption. a way too much to his stature as an Industry leader. 18. My recent discussions with Mr. The concerned ministers. The industry bodies have to be stronger in their right to be part of an economy that is bribe free. There has to be a common ground between Industry. the organization system has to accommodate the IT to minimize corruption or completely make it completely transparent. Some technology of SMS can also help. 13. hope it helps. Industry. We will also have to build an organizational arrangement to a) Identify incidents of corruption through stakeholder participation b) How to eradicate the incidents c. 14. Every district has an Industry Director.Ratan Tata and Mr. find lower cost locations create opportunities to create friends in the political and bureaucratic circles. State Government·s industry policy. rural divide is creating lot of opportunities for corruption. the ones who have access need penetration into the markets. International conglomerates need access to markets. 12. one of objectives will be bring about Zero corruption among the industries. will he/she push the vehicle. secretaries. thenwork-flow can be introduced. That will make sure that the find and the licence revenues are in the state kitty. process experts brought in to simplify and then to mechanize the system. If a policeman catches someone driving without a valid driving licence. The intent to expand markets. land acquisition for industry etc. Can you operate without one. Few social aspects create enough opportunities for corruption. Mr. That brings us to the reforms. create rural engagement opportunities. Instaed. he obviously drives it again. This will reduce corruption to a large extent. marriage. house/property are issues that tend to find personal favors and .

The agenda is only to eradicate corruption. Mr. 27. GDP. Specific relations. Progress should be reported to the Citizens. what is happening with our neighbors. The frustration amound people regarding corruption has reached pinnacle. gas connection. I will have a detailed talk with him.Strict service guidelines to police. 20. Mr. The defense ministry has been accused of corruption in buying armoury. the budget should be appropriately reduced. I will reach out to get their opinions. customs. 19. all of thses are challenges that I am sure my good old friend Mr. 23. the defene budget reduction is the job of defence and External Affairs ministries. currency changes. I will surely meet him and take his valuable inputs to eradicate Corruption. Mr. exposed etc.Chidambaram.comµ 21. healthcare access. driving licence. combat aircrafts etc. organizations. no band baaza of the government machinery.Veerappa Moily has to tackle administrative reforms in a way that it has impact on people. blood group. The press has played their role in exposing corrupt officials. Nandan Nilekani would have considered. no press. levies. Montek Singh Ahluwalia. 28. NGOs similar to Janagraha will be used to collect information. ration card. There are voices which talk about alternate forms of government like Military should take over the country. elections. officers at corruptible positions should have a separate collection targets and incentives to fill the state . slow down. Dr. Some people I met mentioned positives about the concept launched byShiv Khera. they will sit together like family members and discuss one point ´How can we eradicate Corruption from Indiaµ 25. The international implications of growth. the government will be made aware of the people·s anger towards corruption and appropriate advantages of democracy to fight corruption will be highlighted. Mr. 24. It must be brought to notice of people who are seeking an Armed Government. 26. The custom officials have a great bribe haven from the time they join service. Manmohan Singh. interdepartmental ministries and should be published. there will be clear press and media policy and directives on how corruption cases should be monitored. there are no formalities. how it is utilized. telephone. The unique ID project will perhaps help in tackling corruption to a great extent. ´Ipaidbribe. The Service Level agreements are to be signed with every minister. Income tax. Availability of information has always been the strength. cross-border movements of materials all should be monitored through surveillance cameras and recorded. The social acceptance of rich/poor. through their multiple initiatives like. educated. foreign exchange changes if any should be central monitored to ensure that we are able to absorb any shocks on account of eradication of corruption in the country. I will consult him and his team to see the help that originates from UID project to fight and eradicate corruption.treated as a better and easier way to deal with it is to pay the bribe. Duties. Pranab Mukherjee and few others will be requested to spare one day in a month to discuss and work towards eradicating corruption. how practical to access. 22. Education. integration of data with all departments mainly. passport. How can we have external ministry responsible for nothing. status symbols are acquired by corrupt means without any ill feeling.

scared demand. banking transactions. movement. 29. . levies.reserves. if there is black money. These institutions can help in cleansing a system from every individual. Wherever there is a possibility of creating artificial scarcity. that will be biggest contribution for their community and human kind. Impact on such collection and effort to minimize trouble to citizens should be kept in mind. penalties. All taxes. all temples. 30. there should be an alert. sales Tax. duties should be collected. 31. gurudwaras and all religious institutions should create a honest environment for every individual. mosques. churches. Last but not the least. large scale transactions of anyone. such areas should be monitored and appropriate precautions to avoid corruption on account of these. religion can support this. should create a network of integrated monitoring in such a way that. It is a national drive. Income Tax. Service tax.