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 A result oriented professional with work experience in Product Management, Sales,
Business Development, Key Account Management, Dealer’s Management & Client Relationship Management.  Working in Management Trainee In product Management Group, Mahyco Seeds Ltd Jalna(MH)  Skilled in overcoming business challenges and making high stake decisions using experience based judgment, strong work ethic and inapproachable integrity.  Expertise in tapping prospects, analysing their requirements, rendering technical guidance to the client and negotiating (commercially) for the orders.

Mahyco Seeds Ltd. Jalna (MH) Jan 09 Grade Management Trainee in Product Management Group, Based at Pune -Jalna. Area of operation: National Level Exposure Area: Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh Current CTC: 3.75 lacs/annum(Including LTA and Mediclaim)

 Study of Market Potential, Competitor Share and Buying Behavior of MRM 3838(Maize) in Nashik and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra.  Qualitative and Quantative Study of Pratham 7070 (Wheat) with improved wheat Varieties in Maharashtra  Study on Mustard Sales (2009-10) and Campaign at Alwar, Bikaner and Hanumangarh in Rajasthan.  Study on Scope of Volume expansion of Fodder Jowar Business and Linkages with other Business partners in Maharashtra  Study of different market segments, Segment wise total market size, consumer behavior, top products portfolio and future trends five years down the line of Paddy in UP, Orissa and WB.

 Conceptualization, Planning, Information gathering and designing of Blue Book of
Field crop.

Market Research  Study of current market size, market potential and share of major players.  Understanding of different market segments, exploring segment gaps and drawing market trends.  Study of future demand and buying behavior of end users. Business Development / Brand Management  Exploring business potential, opportunities & clientele to secure profitable business volumes.

 Establishing cordial relations with sub-licensees and conducting fundamental analysis of different product portfolio of Field crop of different companies. Rational rose Business Intelligence: BIRT. Dream weaver.21/10.  Driving sales initiatives to achieve business goals & managing the frontline sales team to achieve them. Sales and Marketing  Managing the sales and marketing operations and accountable for increasing sales growth.8% IT SKILL Language: HTML.  Designing & implementing marketing plans for augmenting the business volume by enhancing brand visibility & recall. Actively involved in sales presentations and promotional negotiations.  Monitoring dealer sales and marketing activities. UML Skill application: M.6/10 OGPA B. competitor share about Forage Jowar (MFSH-4) in Punjab.S College Muzaffarpur.Sc. suitability to various soil conditions and marketing strategies for establishing the brand. Team Management  Developing and managing team with strong acumen and aggression for sales in order to achieve targets. Maharashtra OGPA of 8. Haryana and Rajasthan Duration: Six month Organization: Access Livelihoods Consulting India Pvt. (Agriculture) from College of Agriculture.S office. Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth. implementing effective strategies to maximize sales and accomplishment of targets. Gujarat with 8. giving advertisements in print and electronic media. 81. resulting in deeper market penetration and reach. Inkscape.  Arranging for press meet and address the media at local and regional level. Market potential. Adobe Photoshop 7.00 Intermediate of Science from L. Key Account Management  Initiating and developing relationships with key Business partners for business development. Kolhapur. ACADEMIA PGP ICT-ARD from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology Gandhinagar. their supply and demand patterns. Sugar CRM Remote sensing and GIS: Arc GIS Operating system: Linux and Window 98/2k/Xp/vista/unlimited 7 PROJECT Industrial project Title: Study of Customer behavior. Channel Management  Identifying and networking with financially strong and reliable dealers. Macromedia flash.  Understand client behavior in order to frame strategies for continuous lead generation through consultation with regional head. Open office. Ltd . Rahuri. Microsoft project.

Balbir Singh Shekhwat (Product Manager. Dr. Web sites: www. (+91)988-173-4875. NREGS-AP-Evaluation of Horticulture Programe in Anantpur district State: Andhrapradesh Under: Department of Rural Development (AP) 2. Sanjay Singh (Regional Manager.transformingindia. e-Livelihoods jobs. New Delhi  Worked as a Placement Coordinator of DAIICT Gandhinagr. (+91) 20-242-502-68 . Prabhakar Dubey (Sr. Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Ltd) Contact No. OTHER ACCOLADES  Received scholarship for o PG Agri Biotechnology Scholarship by Jawahar Lal Nehru University.  System Administrator of e. Tool: Joomla 3. (+91) 931-584-4486. (+91) 2482-262-374 3. Hindi. Muzaffarpur Bihar-842002 English. Marathi and Gujrati (Can read and understand) REFERENCE 1.Duration: 6 weeks Summer Project: 1.livelihoodjobs. BWEL Title : RAWE (Rural Agriculture Work Experience Programme) Duration : 6 months Description : The project was to monitor and guide the farmers in crop advisory and fertilizer management activities and preparing budget of family of farmers and studying the ratio of various expenses in a year. Content development and management of web portal e-livelihoods finance.Magazine “Transforming India”. Western Maharashtra. New Delhi o National talent Scholarship by Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Product Manager Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Ltd) Contact No. (+91)992-375-2052. (+91) 2482-262-374 2. T-8 Sridhar Mohini Parisar Sector-C Indrapuri Bhopal Bangla no. Mr. 2/6.  RJ on intra campus radio of DAIICT Gadhinagar. Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Ltd) Contact No.livelihoodsfinancing. New Delhi o Junior Research Fellowship by Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Online subscription of magazine Transforming India Web site: www.  Guest article writer in Transforming India and Lokmat  Working as an Associate with ALC India Hyderabad (AP) PERSONAL DOSSIER Date of Birth : Current Address : Permanent Address : Linguistic Ability : 3rd Dec 1983 Flat No.

Dr. Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology. (+91) 79-3051-0613 . Gandhinagar) Contact No.4. Anil Roy (Professor. (+91) 937-616-3094.