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turnkey design and development project Location US-LA-Slidell Posted Apr-18-08 RESUME DETAILS Objective: ------------To seek a position as an electronic /electrical/intsrumentation design engineer that offers both challenge and a good opportunity for growth. Keywords: ----------Embedded Hardware design, software, Linux, Schematic drawing, PCB, ORCAD, Protel DXP, C Programming, Matlab, Labview, Shell Scripting, BOM, Process Control. Target locations in US: ------------------------North East, South West & Texas. Date of availability: ---------------------Preferably within 2 weeks. Work Status: -------------I am eligible to work for any employer in the US. Work Experience :

Slidell. Project manager Project involved design and development for a data acquisition system which involved. Primary Research on Communication technology including GPS. Responsible for drafting monthly progress reports. Schematic design and PCB layout. Generation of Schematic drawings and PCB layouts. Documentation of the hardware and the software manuals Project Manager and Technical Lead Solely responsible for integration and testing of a project comprising of buoy operations with a Linux OS which involved. test procedures. Debugging and Troubleshooting of hardware Programming in C Directly reported to the Program Manager Communicated with customer relating product development.-------------------1. selection of components.Technology Solutions Group. Software development in C. Extensive analog and digital hardware design. Inductive Modem and Iridium Satellite Modem Comprehensive Test. generating technical documentation such as test reports. Other tasks involved sensor calibration. Research and selection of sensors for surf zone measurements. Software Development in Lab view. Production Engineering and Supervision. Embedded Software Application in C. 2005 . Shell Scripting.PSI . Debugging and Troubleshooting in Embedded Linux. . Analog and Digital Hardware design. parts procurement.Present Qinetiq North America . Software development in C. La Electronics Engineer Worked as an integral part of a huge turnkey design and development project Solely responsible for rain rate sensor design and development. Communicating with customers and providing customer support. Component Selection. development and debugging. generating BOM.Electronics Engineer .

March 2000 . Univ. This involved thorough study of project design.2004 Electrical Dept. 2001 . Reported to the Director of the Engineering Division.Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant . New Orleans. of New Orleans. India Technical lead for 5 people team that brought the "Energy Conservation and Automation of the Plant using Cogeneration" from initial concept up through delivery to customers. Voice detection algorithms were developed in Matlab. Developed an algorithm in Matlab for speedy and efficient FPGA cell placement using simulated annealing technique. Proposed new "Voice Activity Detection using Wavelets" technique that enhances call handling in cellular communications by about 15%. La Responsible for research and development of "Voice Activity Detection using Wavelets" to enhance call handling efficiency in cellular communications. 2. Performed managerial tasks such as project scheduling. Research involved detail study of current FPGA cell placement technique and investigating current techniques. Preparing technical specifications for steam turbines. project costing and supervision. Research involved detailed study of human voice production and investigating limitations in current techniques used in voice detection.Project Engineer. Developed laboratory assignments and conducted laboratory sessions for undergraduate level course Electrical Machines.user manuals. developing relevant process and instrument (P&I) diagrams. Developed and graded assignments. homework and created solutions set for "Digital Logic Design" undergraduate class. Responsible for research. Designed and developed software to validate the new technique.September 2000 Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd. 3. development and implementation of FPGA cell placement using simulated annealing technique. detail study and selection and preparing technical documentation. . Mumbai. vendor meetings and inquiries.

vendor inquiries and selection of instruments. Engineering. 4. India Job involved detailed design study and selection of various hydrological instruments and data acquisition systems. Specialization .Code development for an existing rainfall detection technique in Matlab.Algorithm and code development for an optical simulation of the radar image processing to ensure real time processing. .65).Control Systems . Team leader of 4 people team that was responsible designing and developing process & instrument (P&I) diagrams for upgrading core process loop of the chemical plant (acetone).December 1998 Hydro Instruments. Pune.Instrumentation & Control. Engineering. .Team leader of multiple chemical plant design upgrade projects that involved developing process & instrument (P&I) diagrams. Pune. . . Program . La Bachelors(3. August 1998 . August 2004 University of New Orleans. Education : ----------Masters (GPA 3. India Masters Thesis : -----------------Opto-electronic Multifractal Wavelet Analysis for Fast and Accurate Detection of Rainfall in Weather Radar Images The prime goal of the research thesis was to develop an automated and fast algorithm for accurate rainfall detection in weather radar images. New Orleans.5). .Intern.Three different algorithms were developed with extensive programming in Matlab. August 1999 University of Pune.Algorithm and code development for processing of acquired weather radar images using wavelets. Active participation in design of an ultrasonic water depth measurement system. Received training for PLC programming and assisted in ladder logic development and its programming. The final algorithm was a combination of optical simulation and image processing.

A software written in C which detected the heart beats by measuring the time period between two adjacent patterns of the heart beat signal generated by the transducer connected to the PC parallel port. The transducer constructed with the LED and the LDR sensed the heart beat at the tip of a finger. Digital image processing.uno.Personal contribution involved comprehensive development of a hardware interface program in Labview to control the speed of the DC Motor. by sensing the change in the optical transmission properties of blood. Intel 8085 Microprocessor. Digital signal processing. topologies. its method of operation. RELATED SKILLS: -------------------Hardware: MSP430 Microprocessor. . Digital Design. .A transducer consisted a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) and a high intensity LED. .A signal conditioning circuitry employing op-amp based amplifier and pulse shaping. access techniques and the benefits. SEMINAR: ----------Field Communication and Field-bus .edu/theses/available/etd-07202004-153432/ Semester Project: -------------------Discrete Control system for a DC Motor .Discussed the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol.URL: http://www. Undergraduate Design Project: ---------------------------------PC Based Heart Rate Monitor The project objective was to develop a device to monitor and measure the heart rate. . structure and advantages. Analog Design.Presented the method of operation of field-bus communication. .

General: Microsoft Word. Programming Language: Assembly. C. MSDOS. Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Project. . Design: MATLAB and Lab view. ORCAD. Microsoft Excel. Schematic Design: Protel DXP.Computer Operating System: Microsoft Windows. Linux.