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Introduction There are three different version of The David sculpture created by the three great sculptors, who are Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini, during the Early Renaissance, High Renaissance and Baroque period respectively. Each sculpture is unique in its own certain way. There are some similarities and differences between these three versions of The David sculpture. Body Paragraph 1 Topic sentence: The three sculptures showed similarities and differences in terms of the subject matter. Supporting sentence: All these three sculptures have the similar subject matter, which is depicting David, the man portrayed in the Bible who is destined to become Israel¶s second King. Detail sentence: One of David¶s well-known stories was the time when he killed the Philistine giant, Goliath, with a sling and a stone. Supporting sentence: Although they have the same subject matter, they actually depicted David in different ways. Detail sentence: Donatello presented David as a young boy who seemed incapable and amazed at his feat; Michelangelo's David has just reached manhood and is capable of great physical and intellectual feats, like defeating Goliath; while Bernini's David is a full grown man. Concluding sentence: Thus the sculptures portrayed the same subject matter but they depicted David in different ways.

Detail sentence: Additive method is the process of creating sculpture by adding material to create the work. which is the additive method to create the statue. Concluding sentence: Therefore. . Detail sentence: The David by Donatello is a bronze sculpture while the other two are the marble statue. Body Paragraph 3 Topic sentence: The David sculptures showed some visual characteristics. whereas subtractive method involves the removing of material. Detail sentence: This technique involved extremely shallow carving and utilized light and shadow to create the full pictorial scene. all the three sculptures are free standing but created using the different methods and materials. Supporting sentence: All these three different versions of The David are the free standing statue. Detail sentence: Donatello is often interested in the psychology of his figures and interested in textures. whereas Michelangelo and Bernini used the subtractive method when creating the sculptures. Supporting sentence: Donatello developed his own style of relief known as schiacciato ("flattened out").25´. with the height of 62. method and the materials used to create the sculptures might be similar or different among these three David sculptures.Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: The type of sculptures. Supporting sentence: Donatello used the lost-wax method. Supporting sentence: Donatello¶s David sculpture is the first free standing nude statue.

it does not show too much contrast that would certainly diminish the physical beauty of man that Michelangelo wished to emphasize. texture. with the height of 14¶33´. Supporting sentence: Donatello depicted David at rest after he killed Goliath. Michelangelo and Bernini made use of several elements. plane. to display some visual characteristics on the sculptures. on the central axis and eyelevel for the viewer. David does not look victorious but more as we might think a young leader might look when facing a giant. Supporting sentence: Bernini¶s David has a life size with a height of 170cm. Detail sentence: In this sculpture. Detail sentence: Bernini used beautiful lines to make the figure more lifelike and even went so far as to delicately sculpt the tendrils of his hair. Supporting sentence: However. Detail sentence: He also displays an excellent use of contrast in David: Contrast can be seen in the wrinkles on David's face. Donatello.Supporting sentence: Michelangeloµs David sculpture is the largest among these three. a bit quizzical and unsure. Supporting sentence: Donatello depicted David with the style of naturalistic and symbolic. Detail sentence: It has a single viewpoint. Supporting sentence: The lines on David¶s face are soft but tense at the same time to show the anguish and fight in his mind. Detail sentence: Donatello¶s David represented a heroic figure to the Florentines who saw him as a symbol of their own struggle against powerful forces. line. such as space. . Concluding sentence: Thus. Detail sentence: This could explain why David is not wearing any clothing or shoes. Body Paragraph 4 Topic sentence: The style characteristics between these three sculptures are contrasted. and in the texture of his slingshot. the veins in his hands.

just as their names and the sculptures will. Michelangelo and Bernini have their similarities and differences. since the sculptures are created during the different period. and he is portrayed as a "most beautiful animal preparing to kill-not by savagery and brute force. Supporting sentence: The David depicted by Bernini shows him in the process of the fight. Each of these artists chose to create David in their own special ways. Michelangelo and Bernini. Concluding sentence: Therefore. Detail sentence: Michelangelo's David depicts the ideal youth who has just reached manhood and is capable of great physical and intellectual feats. In my opinion. Detail sentence: His hero is full-grown and fully engaged-both physically and psychologically-as he takes aim and twists his tensed.Supporting sentence: Michelangelo created an idealistic David sculpture. there are some differences in style characteristics between the three versions of David sculpture by Donatello. but by intellect and skill". All these three sculptures are the great masterpiece. Detail sentence: Bernini has chosen to capture a fraction of time in the course of a continuous movement. muscular body a split second before slinging the stone. Detail sentence: Davis is depicted as a highly confident person. with the tension and emotion evident in every vein and muscle. they each did a wonderful job of telling a story that will live on forever. Conclusion In conclusion. the David sculpted by Donatello. Supporting sentence: Bernini's David is the most dramatic. Supporting sentence: Michelangelo presented David before the battle. . the most realistic portrayal of the biblical hero. grasped in his left hand.