Praefidus Maximus

The 2nd Gift of the YOD… and for the Future.

In Ancient Egypt, the Priests and Priestesses were given THIS as their 2 nd Initiation into the Mystery Schools

it comes back to us now as…The 2nd Gift, and more…


Egyptian Goddess BASTET In her full Feline Form

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I dedicate this Manual to RDJ, who doesn’t even know he is an Angel on Earth, and who without his saving Grace I would not be here today to bring you this Manual. You have my Whole Heart.

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When I take in energies I usually see them as colors which correspond to their strength and properties. Recently, I was taking the YOD attunement for the first time. The energies were yellow, clear and bright, and very soothing. It just so happened that toward the end of my receiving the energies I was told to “clap my hands” and so I did, having learned to trust my intuition and instincts. This transmission was coming from my Higher Self whom I call M.B., I was sure, and there was something strange about this attunement right from the beginning. I was led into a deep meditation with a chant, “Praefidus, Praefidus Maximus, Praefidus, Praefidus Maximus, and so on. I had no idea what it meant but it felt right so I went on deeper and deeper. After the YOD energies began to subside and I was told to clap my hands, I was transported into the body of a young Priestess in Ancient Egypt who had just received an initiation and was being told that she and the other students would be given a Special Power now that they were Initiates. A dull red energy began to stream into my palms and so I held them up, a bit nervous of what I was receiving. I uttered a prayer of protection and trusted in God and M.B. that I was safe. I let all of the energy download into my body. I had taken the attunement that the High Priest was speaking of, he spoke the name Praefidus Maximus. The Greek translation for “Praefidus Maximus” means something roughly along the lines of ‘being in charge of something large/great’. The Priests and Priestesses did learn more refined energies as they progressed in levels of study of Natural and Universal Law. The Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt were very popular because they were in possession of methodology leading to trans-dimensional consciousness lost to modern times. Jesus purportedly graduated from the famous Mystery School at Giza. There is 1 symbol, the Ankh, and a creed that was taught to the students. You can memorize it if you find it useful, use it in meditation before a Healing, or you might find it a creed to live by yourself. Here it is, very simple, yet very powerful;

Go Forth In Peace Do No Harm Life is Everlasting

The energy was crude but strong, and not like any other energy I had taken before, it was milky red with a yellow/gold cast. I thought maybe it was corrupt. The energies I usually see are very clear. I asked my Instructor, friends, guides, and meditated upon it. I was not even quite sure what the energy did besides ‘cure viruses’, that is all of what M.B. had told me. I knew it did more and I was determined not to write this manual until I had all of the facts. So I went on a spiritual quest to find the answers.

PRAEFIDUS MAXIMUS The Disease Remover and the Vaccination
(below the Egyptian Sun God Ra)

It took me a while to understand that this energy was not a healing energy. Praefidus Maximus does not heal. It is like a sponge and absorbs the sickness. There are a few very important tricks to making this energy work successfully. In Ancient Egypt when they used this energy they were taught to focus on the color PURPLE. You need only to put your hands in gassho or prayer position and say “Praefidus Maximus ON, then give it a few moments to start. The energy does not really stream, rather it fills your hands and that is how you will be absorbing the disease/virus…through your hands. Call on your Angels and Guides to assist you or any Higher Power that you are used to working with. Now this might frighten you but be assured you will not take on the illness. Now you must call on the name of Ra before you begin. “In the name of Ra may this disease/virus be forever banished !”

Instantly, after you have absorbed all of the sickness you can. (And you can talk to yourself and the energy saying things such as, ‘I am removing this disease and the pain that goes with it. I am absorbing it into my hands and arms like a sponge..) You will take your Praefidus Maximus Stone, (the One with the symbols that will transmute the bad energies and cleanse you, the One I will be showing you how to make that is very simple) you will release the sickness into the stone where it will no longer be a threat to anyone and you will be cleansing yourself of the disease that you briefly held, NOT IN YOU, BUT IN THE ENERGY. (Postscript, every so often you can shake off your hands onto the ground and imagine your Angels or Guides catching the sickness and transmuting it. You will still have the bulk of it in your (sponge) hands and will have to stop and let it absorb into the Master Stone, this gives you a bit of extra space here and there. 11/13/10) All this you will be doing while staying focused on the color Purple as much as you can and using the energy ACTIVELY, not letting it flow passively like we are all used to with the healing energies. You must Actively draw out the Disease/Virus, Put it into the Stone, Fill the empty space in the Diseased Person, and then Seal the Process. You are allowed 3 separate one hour sessions per person, that is all. How to fill the empty space where the disease was? It is simple. You will be channeling light from God /Spirit or specifically in this case, the ArchAngel Metatron. Here is how. Place one hand atop the other making a funnel. Hold one end toward the sky and the other end toward the space where you just removed the disease and where the empty space would most likely be. Call upon ArchAngel Metatron to restore the Light to this Being. Imagine the Blue/White Light coming from the ArchAngel in the Kingdom above and channel it into the person or creature in need. Be Sure to Thank Him when you feel the transmission is complete and the energy has stopped or the void in your patient has been filled.

1st Law of Great Importance:

This is a postscript after an intense

dowsing session on 11/13/10 to see why the Praefidus Maximus sessions must

stop at three. I was told that I did not have permission to know. I was also told that if one were to proceed past 3 separate sessions there would be serious recourse against the Healer. The recourse would be different in each case and I also did not have permission to know those details. So please, follow this one very important rule. SYNOPSIS 1. Hands together in prayer or Gassho position, Energy on. Focus on the color Purple. Honor the Egyptian God Ra for this is his Energy and Power. Call upon your team of Angels and Guides and Higher Beings to assist you. Call upon protection. When you feel ready, begin the session. 2. Actively use your hands (the energy coming into them) as a sponge, to draw out the disease. You can use pulling and gathering motions and you don’t necessarily have to touch the skin. Really you are working in the etheric body. Stay focused on the color Purple as much as possible. Pull out the disease and toss it away! Feel the poison going into your hands and staying in the sponge. Continue to do this until you feel that the “sponge” energy in your hands and arms is full. Stop and discharge the diseased energy into your Master Stone. Also, if you start to feel tired it is time to stop, discharge, and ground yourself. Run your hands under cold water. Go outside, touch the dirt, the plants, the stones. Breathe deeply. Tell yourself you are grounded 3 times and drink something. 3. Repeat this process several times if you can UP TO 1 HOUR ONLY or until you feel the disease/virus is either gone or you have made progress in its removal and physically can do no more. YOU CAN REPEAT THE COMPLETE PROCESS ON SEPARATE OCCASIONS UP TO 3 TIMES, results being cumulative provided you seal the healing sessions in the end as instructed. 4. You must CLOSE. Make the funnel with your hands and aim it at the place where the sickness was removed. Remember the color Purple and bring your focus back to it. Call upon ArchAngel Metatron to send his healing White Light into

the patient to fill the void, to further heal them, and to prevent the sickness from returning or growing. Do this until the area is filled with the Light and you feel the session is complete, approx. 1-2 minutes. Thank the ArchAngel Metatron and again thank the Egyptian God Ra. Draw a large X across the area you were working on to seal the Healing you have done, draw a large X across yourself to disconnect. Shake off your hands then hold onto your MasterStone with both hands for no less than a full 2 minutes or until you are sure you have discharged all of the sickness you have absorbed, see Purple. Say to yourself “I am Grounded“ three times and then wash your hands in cold water. Bath that evening in Epsom or Sea Salt added to your bath. It will remove any negativity left behind. If you only have a shower then use a loofa and salt scrub.

I am guided to provide the success rate at 65%. Please send feedback to you can find us at our website as well,
would appreciate any information you may have learned and to hear about your experiences with this energy. The next section discusses passing and receiving the attunement and the Vaccination. All the details you will need are included and the Vaccine is much


simpler than it sounds, so do not panic! If you feel I have left something out or you have a question, feel free to contact me at the email above. God Bless.

(The Lord of the ArchAngels METATRON)

Passing the Attunement For the already attuned or the P.M. Masters as we will call you, any of the standard methods of attunement will be acceptable to send Praefidus Maximus to your student/client such as the chi ball method, embedding or embanking the attunement, sending the attunement in Real-Time, or attuning in person in which case I would recommend sending a Real-Time attunement from another room. The intention is very important so I would expect you to meditate for a few minutes to bring yourself into a calm and tranquil state, then to call upon protection for yourself and your student/client. You will also want to call upon any Angels and Guides that assist you and speak with your Higher Self and Great Spirit before you call upon the energy transmission. I find all attunements to be more successful when you communicate with your Higher Self and thus with Spirit about your intentions and ask for their aid and that the attunement be done perfectly and as strong as Spirit would deem fit for the student/client at this time. Also, it does not hurt to have your Higher Self seek permission from the Higher Self of the person to be attuned . Give Thanks to the Egyptian God Ra and The Lord of the ArchAngels, Metatron. Now call down the energies and proceed. Note: if you are sending a chi ball add the intent that it stay vibrant and alive without expiration until your client chooses to pick it up.

Special Insert: For those Attuning Themselves First, you do not need a Reiki Master to attune you to a power that is coming from the Divine when you can go directly to the Divine, or Great Spirit, God, the Universal Being, or whatever you choose to call it, and ask to be attuned directly. This often is the best way to get attuned. Reiki Masters are not Gods and do not have special keys to the Universe. All you have to do is ask Sincerely. Regardless, I have set up the attunement for you so it is ready when you are. It will never expire. There is no time nor space on the other side so there your attunement sits, guarded by angels until you call on it and you will also call on the Great Spirit directly. First you will want to read the Manual a few times and know it through and through. Do all of your preparations, perhaps some preattunement meditation asking for guidance and protection and success. You will want to plan a place and time where you will not be interrupted for approx. 30- 45 min. You will need to be able to take off your shoes and relax, so to speak, it is hard to take an attunement if you are tense. Nature is great if you have a private spot. If you will be indoors and you want to add ambiance with some soothing music, incense, and/or candle light, some people find the ritualistic flavor more relaxing and special. When you are ready to begin you will want to get comfortable, sit or lean back in a chair. Trust what your intuition tells you to do besides what I am telling you and let go. First call upon your Higher Self to help you. Ask that he/she may call upon the Great Spirit to surround you with White Light and complete Protection during your attunement. Ask that your Guardian Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, those special to you that have passed, any Archangels or other deities of the Light be present to Witness. Then you will repeat this phrase 3 times outloud. It must be 3 times outloud to work. “I am ready to receive the Praefidus Maximus

Attunement through J.S. and directly from the Divine Host perfectly and as strongly as Divine Spirit will allow for me. I open my palms to you and accept the energy transmission you are about to send, sincerely, responsibly, and with many thanks. This is my will, so be it.”
Open your palms to receive the energy, again if your intuition tells you to do something like chant, hum, create a mudra (hand pose), listen to what you are being told. If you are sensitive you should feel the energy in one way or another coming into your body. If you do not, don’t worry, you often have to be very sensitive to feel it happening, just trust that it is. You will feel when it stops because that sleepy dreamy state will start to give way and you will awaken to full consciousness. You are attuned. The energy grows stronger over the next few days, but remember this is not a healing energy, DO NOT TRY TO USE IT TO HEAL (in the traditional Reiki way of

laying on of hands). It is for removing serious diseases and is simply a sponge for that matter.
You can start to vaccinate yourself and others after 2 days. You might have some mild cleansing symptoms such as headache, body aches, intestinal upset, as your body cleanses itself. It will soon clear, not to worry. If you are not a Reiki Practitioner, focus on vaccinating everyone you know. Many Blessings, Jenneifer

Part 2 The Vaccination This, I believe, is the first of it’s kind, an etheric vaccination, yet I trust God/Spirit and what was given to me. I have confirmed it over and over with my guides and my Angels. This has been given to us by God to save us from “What is to Come.“ We should ALL take this inoculation. It is a simple vaccination given with 2 fingers over the 3rd eye. It must be done by someone who is attuned to the P.M. Energy System. “Praefidus Maximus” should be repeated silently while giving the vaccine. The energy should be transmitted for exactly 1 minute, no more, no less. IT CAN BE GIVEN TO INFANTS, SMALL CHILDREN, AND ANIMALS. Unfortunately, the vaccine cannot be transmitted distantly but it can be transmitted by proxy, meaning you can charge, say, a small smooth stone, a tiny sea shell, a piece of jewelry, or whatever you can imagine. You would make this proxy

vaccine like so: 1. First, by calling up the energies of P.M. and charging each individual stone or item for exactly 1 minute. Intend that the stone hold the vaccination purely and perfectly, and that it be protected until it is absorbed into its patient. 2. Seal the vaccine energy into the stone with an X drawn over it with your finger. Treat the stone gently and wrap it well if you are shipping it. 3. You are now free to send it to its destination. You must send instructions that the stone is to be placed over the third eye (or 6 th chakra) and held there for exactly 1 minute without interruption for the energy to transfer to take place. The stone or item will be void after that and can be disposed of unless it is of sentimental value.
You should consider if you have a large group somewhere far off that wants to be vaccinated, attuning someone from the group so they can in turn vaccinate the others. This would be a wise choice as it would save much energy and resources on your part as each stone needs to be charged individually. I don’t know exactly what disease this vaccine is for. What I am told by my guides is it is a terrible disease from the past that had/has no cure and killed mercilessly. It will have a different name but I believe it will be some form of the Black Death. I am told the vaccine will be 85% effective. You can vaccinate yourself. For the sake of remembrance we are going to call it the Y Vaccine for the Y virus.

The Final Chapter---Making your Rock in 8 Simple Steps Just a few words about the rock you are going to use to dispatch the diseases and sicknesses you pull out of your patients. First, the rock is the ultimate ground. It will take the energy you put into it and hold it. Since we will be calling on Higher Beings and asking for the bad energy to be transmuted, the stone will transmute it into good energy or simply dissolve the sickness. We are adding some signs and symbols to our rock that are very significant in 1. Stating that the Good Energies will triumph over the bad. 2. Symbols that will bring forth Guidance and Protection from above, and 3. We have created the Shield against all Diseases and Viruses which will fight them on its own having given It its own life, and which will also replenish your strength and reserves by taking the sickness from you and giving you the ability to free yourself of the negativity that you are holding in your body. The rock must be done in color, unfortunately, I have asked my guides several times and the answer is always the same. The rock must be done in color which means you will need to buy a few cheap acrylic paints from your local Wal-Mart or Art shop. You can get acrylic ceramic paints for less than $1.00 for 2 ounces. These are the colors you will need including a pack of detail to small sized brushes:

Bright Red Bright Yellow Gold (spray paint if you can afford it) Purple Teal or Blue Green Black Spray Lacquer to seal your hard work once the stone is finished.
Below is a picture of my rock. It should be big enough for both hands to grip but no bigger and not much smaller. You don’t have to get fancy like I did, just follow the basic design. Your stone should be one you felt a connection too. Make sure it is scrubbed clean and dried, then you are ready to start. Remember: Put your best work into your stone, it is going to be your good friend and Helper.

LET’S GET STARTED 1. You must first paint the whole stone Gold (spray paint is the easy way out of this one other wise acrylic with a brush is fine). 2. Make an X across the whole stone in Teal. Be sure to let each color dry before you apply the next. 3. In each V of the X you are going to draw a Star of David in Red with a Purple Center. So there will be two Stars, one on top of the other. 4. Then in between the two stars you will draw the God Star which is 6 lines or an X with a line through it. Draw this in Black right in the center of where the two stars connect. 5. Beneath the bottom star is the symbol of the Disease in Black. It looks like a Y crossed out with a yellow X and it fits onto the bottom point of the star. 6. To the left and right are the Initials of Praefidus Maximus. The ’P’ is in an upsidedown triangle, the ‘M’ is in a regular triangle. Both are painted in Black with a yellow background and outlined in purple. Each has a hook facing outward coming off of its center, the ‘P’ on the top and the ‘M’ on the bottom with a black dot inside of it. (If you have a color copier it will be easy to follow the colors in the pictures below.) 7. On the top star is a large Ankh in Black with a Yellow center, it runs down the top of the point of the first star and ends in a curl on either side of the stars’ point. 8. Check your design over a few times and be sure it is correct. Sign your initials. Let the stone dry thoroughly and once it is done find a ventilated area where you can spray it with a few thick coats of Lacquer. Once you have done all sides and it is dry, YOU ARE FINISHED! CONGRATULATIONS! You are a Praefidus

Maximus Master, tools and all!

A quick note to remind all persons that all the written material, intellectual material , and original photographs in this manual are sole property of and Copyright 2010 by Jenneifer Snow & 21 Green Tara under the law and shall not be plagiarized under any circumstance. This manual is not to be altered in any way, shape, or form, nor can pieces of this manual be taken and incorporated into other programs or manuals without my written permission . This manual is not to be sold under any other title or authorship. Manuals are FREE and shall stay free, available to anyone and everyone. Manuals are Self-Attuning and therefore do not need a Reiki Master to give the attunement unless it is requested. No person or group has the right to charge for this Manual or attunement but if they are asked by a person or group to give the attunement or their assistance they may accept a donation for their time and work. I was notified today during an attunement that this Manual and Vaccine must be given Free to everyone and the Vaccinations should start immediately because when the virus hits it will be swept upon us and we must be prepared. There are more manuals for me to channel but first I must get this one on its way. Thank you for your generosity and participation. Sincerely, Jenneifer Snow, Dec. 2nd, 2010













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