COURSE GUIDE ENG 10 (Writing of Scientific Papers) English Division, Department of Humanities College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB

Course Description Principles underlying the preparation and writing of scientific papers Course Goals The course is about the preparation and writing of scientific papers. It deals with the application of general and specific principles of scientific and technical writing. Thus, it prepares you, the students, for your thesis or practicum-report writing, particularly on how to communicate and report your research, simulating the whole scientific processes. At the end of the course, you will gain an understanding of how to effectively write scientific and technical papers. Course Objectives At the end of the term, you are expected to 1. Differentiate scientific writing from other types of writing; 2. Identify common errors and problems in usage and mechanics of style in scientific writing, and correct or improve on them; and 3. Write scientific and technical papers, applying the basic principles of effective writing. Prerequisites ENG 10 may be taken by students of junior standing who have passed ENG 2. These prerequisites are meant to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary exposure/preparation in your field of specialization, which you need in writing and communicating scientific papers. Course Materials Upon enrollment, you will be given the course guide and some handouts. Course Outline I. Introduction to Scientific Writing (4 hours) A. Science: Dynamic and Static View B. The Research Process References: Brown, W. 1993. “Defining the Process of Science.” The Science Teacher. 26-28. (Call No. LT-9043803) Henson, RM. and Soriano, R F. 1999. Communication Research: Course Guide in Communication Research. Manila: Booklore Publishing Co. Kerlinger, F. 1973. Foundations of Behavioral Research. Beverly Hills, USA: Sage Publications. Librero, F. 1996. How to Write a Thesis Proposal: Some Practical Guidelines. College, Laguna: College of Agriculture, Publications Program.

1-19. 1995.” Technical Writing. Nonato. K. “Special Techniques of Technical Writing. USA: Holt.. 1977. “Technical writing: Effective communication. F. J. Taber. G. Rinehart and Winston. Plagiarism and Ethics in Scientific Writing Reference: Day. 1993. Technical Writing and Communication (11):35-43. 40-54. Tabor. New York.. R. and Walter. and Walter. and Realo. 1980. Mills. Diano. Rinehart and Winston. Definition B. USA: Holt. Classification C. Thesis/Research Proposal (12 hours) Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester. and Realo. “Special Techniques of Technical Writing. Rinehart and Winston. G. IV.. USA: Holt. Correct Usage and Mechanics of Style (5 hours) Reference: Mills. Comparison and Contrast E. D. Interpretation References: Magpayo.) II. C. 1-12. Of a Mechanism 2. “Technical writing: what it is and what it isn’t. E. the ABC of report writing. 1979. E. Basic Principles and Techniques in Scientific Writing (6 hours) A.” Technical Writing.A. New York. M. Technical Writing and Communication. AY 2010 . Diano L. Rinehart and Winston. “Special Techniques of Technical Writing. New York. 1-12.” Technical Writing. 1980.” Contemporary Technical English. 9(11):9-15.” J..” Contemporary Technical English.” J. L. New York: Holt. Description 1. How to Write a Scientific Paper.. The importance of possessing technical writing skills. G and Walter. III. R.. Mills. M. J. Of a Process D.2011 Page 2 of 8 . 1980. B. 1993.. Quezon City:MY Publishing House. Nonato. Stratton.C. B.. Wilkins.A. M. R. “Basic techniques of technical writing. (Note: Available at the UPLB Main Library and at the IRRI Library. Nature and Scope of Scientific Writing References: Magpayo. “Definitions and nature of technical writing. 1-12. Quezon City: MY Publishing House. The role of the technical writer. J. M.

How to publish a scientific paper Conclusion f. Technical Proposal Format. New York: Holt.2011 Page 3 of 8 . Parts of a scientific poster 3. Inc. Librero. Writing successfully in science. 1994. Publications Program. Some Practical Guidelines. Scientific Paper and Scientific Poster (4 hours) A. Rinehart and Winston.D. R. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Materials and Methods (Methodology) d. Essentials of Research and Thesis Writing. Review of Related Literature (Related Studies) c. B. Valid publications 4. http://www. Advice on designing scientific posters. (Note: Available at the UPLB Main Library and at the IRRI Library) B. Retrieved April 19. M. Inc. Preparing professional scientific posters. Definition 2. Results and Discussion/Analysis of Data e. R.htm. 1995. Importance 2. Abstract 3.C. and Calixihan. Metro Manila: National G. How to Write a Scientific Paper. Mechanics and style References: Kirkeby. Fundamentals of Technical Writing. F.O. Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester. Laguna: College of Agriculture. and Espina. Purrington. How to Write a Thesis Proposal.ce. http://www. Ethics in authorship b. Documentation style and mechanics Reference: Day. 1971. Scientific Poster 1. 2008. Samson. J.hfi/business/c10rfp/format. Nem Singh. Quezon City:Phoenix Publishing House. Quezon City: Katha Publishing Co. K. 1996.Edu/NatSci/cpurrin1/posteradvice.umn. Scientific Paper 1. Retrieved 19 April 2008. 1995. R. College. 1992. F.References: Aquino. Alcantara. D. C. O’Connor.htm V.swarthmore. How to write the scientific paper a. Technical Writing for Filipino Students. A. London: Chapman & Hall. 2006. Introduction b. Editing Technical Writing. 1993. http://www.P.htm. AY 2010 .

your teacher is very particular about tardiness and absences. etc. shopping places.Grading System Lecture Class Midterm exam Pre-Final Exam QEA 50% (20%) (20%) (10%) Writing Lab Class Writing exercises Research proposal Poster 50% (20%) (20%) (10%) Note: Your final grade should not be lower than 30% for each of the classes (lecture. checking papers. banks. There will be no make-up activity for any quiz/exercise missed during the time you were late. Grove area. You are encouraged to consult with the teacher on subject-related matters/problems/queries/clarifications. Beyond the allowable number of unexcused absences. COOP. b. A student. Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester.2011 Page 4 of 8 . etc. laboratory). Attendance • • 2.) will not be entertained. however. AY 2010 . early in the semester. In adherence to University policies. Assessment of Research Proposal/Poster Your research proposal and scientific poster will be evaluated using the following criteria: Content Organization Language Use Layout 50% 25% 15% 10% Class Guidelines/Policies 1. reviewing lessons. church. preparing exercises/quizzes/exams. “Ambush” consultations in the most unlikely places (stairs. • • • Tardiness three “late” = 1 absence (University rule) Attendance is checked 5 minutes after the time. is encouraged to file the necessary dropping form. Your teacher’s other official hours are spent in conducting classes. attending meetings. Absences • Maximum of 8 unexcused absences (lecture and lab classes combined). a. • • Consultation Schedule/Venue: To be announced Consultations should be done only on specified days and time. a student’s name is automatically cancelled or dropped from the official class list.

Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester. e. Class is dismissed 10 minutes before the time (University rule). mumps. degree course. Your teacher will require presentation of an official excuse slip from your Office of the College Secretary. student number. “Surprise” quizzes will be given every now and then. Attach a 1 x 1 photo (the most recent) on the upper right-hand corner of the card. Function of Seat Plan Information Card If. birth date. after the first meeting. 3. measles.g. you decide to stay in the class. late assignments will not be accepted. college address. sore eyes. nickname. Others 1.etc. with the following information written on it: • Side A of the card: Name. Do not just put it in the teacher’s pigeon hole or ask a friend to submit it for you. you should personally submit it to your teacher. Your being absent from the previous meeting is no excuse for not participating in the next class discussion. and expected grade. for the next meeting bring a medium-sized index card. 2.• There is no make-up for any graded activity missed during the time you were absent. Assignments/Requirements will be collected only during class hours. chicken pox.2011 Page 5 of 8 . If you decide to submit the requirement ahead of schedule. college. • • Submission of Requirements • Your teacher is very particular about deadlines. cell/landline number. AY 2010 . Your mobile phones should be put in the silent mode or put off and should be kept in your bags. thesis/sp/registration adviser. except in case of an ailment that required hospitalization or of an ailment that is highly communicable. Deadlines for submission of requirements will be announced well ahead of the schedule. to give you ample time to prepare. home address.. typhoid fever. • • Testing/Evaluation • • A quiz will be given before a new topic is discussed.

Eng 10 B-2R MS. MARIYEL HIYAS LIWANAG Eng 10 T-2R DR. CAS Building. EILEEN GRUTA Eng 10 T-6R. Eng 10 B-5R MR. UPLB WRITING LAB FACULTY MEMBERS DR. KATRINA MAQUILAN Eng 10 B-4R * .2011 Page 6 of 8 . Dept. STUDENT GUIDE/111010 DATE NOV. DIZON • LITE Program Office. Eng 10 B-3R MR. LAURENCE MARVIN CASTILLO Eng 10 T-5R MS. including room assignments FACULTY MEMBERS TEACHING ENG 10: LECTURER PROF. MA. MABINI DG. SHEILA SIMAT Eng 10 T-1R. Eng 10 B-6R MS.. CAS Annex 1 Building. ERIC PALIGAT Eng 10 B-1R MS.Cubicle assignment will be announced later. of Humanities (DHUM). AY 2010 . UPLB • Cubicle 20. RIZZLE MAY OSTIA Eng 10 T-4R.• Side B: Class schedule for the semester. TRICIA YAMBAO Eng 10 T-3R. 11LECTURE CLASS Orientation/Discussion of course WRITING LAB CLASS Mtg 1 EXERCISES TO PREPARE Collection of class cards. 2nd Flr. Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester.

Conclusion and Recommendations. classification. Graphic and Textual Presentation MAR. 1314 Mtg 7 checking of attendance and form 5/form 26. 3-4 Significance of the Study Midterm Exam Review of Literature Materials and Methods/Methodology Data Analysis and Interpretation Tabular. Abstracts Workshop on Scientific Poster making Course Evaluation. questions and queries about the course guide. 2021 JAN. etc. 1011 MAR. problem identification) Mtg 4 Mtg 5 Mtg 6 JAN. 6-7 Unit 2: Basic Principles and techniques in scientific writing (definition. 2: Extended definition of a process in your field Ex. 2425 MAR. Writing exercise to assess writing ability of students Ex. 1718 FEB. 1819 Unit 1: The nature of Science and scientific writing Mtg 2 NOV. 2728 FEB. 3: Common errors in grammar (S-V agreement. 2425 Mtg 15 Mtg 16 Mtg 17 Exercise on Summary. Conclusions and Recommendations. Verb tenses. 1011 FEB. textual and graphic presentation Summary. Abstracts Scientific poster Pre-final Exam Course Evaluation Mtg 8 Mtg 9 Mtg 10 Mtg 11 Mtg 12 Mtg 13 Mtg 14 Formulation and approval of Research Problem (proposal) Midterm Exam review Exercise on the Significance of the Study section Exercise on the Review Literature section Exercise on Materials and Methods/ Methodology Exercise on Data Interpretation and Analysis Exercise on Tabular. etc. 2-3 DEC.2011 Page 7 of 8 . conciseness.inform class that the course guide will be discussed in the lecture class Reiterations. and clarity JAN. 1718 MAR. AY 2010 . etc. 910 JAN.) Revising for correctness. 1:Defining processes of science (Illustrate the processes of science as applied to your field) Exercise in the module on Plagiarism and Ethics in Scientific writing Ex. Grade computation Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester. 3-4 FEB. 2526 Plagiarism and Ethics in Scientific writing Mtg 3 DEC.12 guide NOV.) Unit 3: Correct usage and common errors in grammar Principles of effective writing Unit 4: The Research proposal (Technical & information requisites.

AY 2010 .2011 Page 8 of 8 .Mtg 18 Grade computation Student guide/111010 Course Guide for ENG 10 st 1 semester.