with pre-event activities on April 26. and Tax Credit Issues Using the Internet and Other Information Technologies Resident Retention and Renewals Management and Operational Concerns Traffic Generation Advertising Resources Rehabilitation and Development Resident Referrals Human Resources and Relations Employee Incentives Motivational Programs Maximizing Value and Raising Rents Increasing “Other Income” The Service Department Ancillary Services G Employee Recruiting and Retention G Leasing Without Concessions G Managing Condo Conversions G Corporate Universities G Training G Models G Security G Marketing (including Marketing with no money!) G Leasing Tools AND MUCH. now if you are serious about attending.Multifamilypro. Simply complete the registration form and return it to us right away! Our final cut-off date for registration is March 27. The cost of attendance is $495 per person. The Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Register Now The 17th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ East is scheduled for April 27-29. and retention ammunition to blow the competition away and snowball your communities’ income and value.com/brainstorming. With a limited number of seats available and the word-of-mouth demand created by previous Brainstorming Sessions. problem solving. Siewruk Chief Imagination Officer Sales & Marketing Magic Companies Inc. You’ll join forces with our industry’s leading professionals and develop solutions to the issues and challenges that are most important to you.htm or call 800-363-7384 . or experienced anything like it. Complete the registration form and return it to us right away. and so much more. All payments must be received by March 27.P We’ll see you at Brainstorming! Sincerely. sessions geared towards executives. designed to kick-start the creative genius in you. You’ve never seen. MUCH MORE! G G 1 Register now at www.V . 2006 providing seats are still available. Topics Covered At Brainstorming G G G G G G G G G G G G G Student. Seniors. Florida. You’ll grow as a person and as a professional and walk away with enough fresh leasing. It’s not just proven to work for you and your company—it’s guaranteed. I’m so confident you’ll agree with the thousands of others who have benefited from previous Brainstorming Sessions. education. You’ll learn hundreds of ready-to-implement ideas from other industry professionals. Tami L. resource sharing.S. at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando. felt. This year’s agenda includes special guest speakers. . 2006. you must R. I offer you a 100 percent money-back guarantee of satisfaction. Book your hotel by March 25th to take advantage of this special rate. T his is not your typical seminar. training. marketing. Imagine three days of creative idea generation. conference. management.What is Brainstorming All About? Sessions™ is supercharged to deliver ready-to-apply solutions. For hotel reservations call 1-407-827-4000 and request the “Brainstorming” group rate of $179 per night (single or double occupancy). Brainstorming is a totally unique event. and more than 20 educational sessions led by renowned industry and non-industry experts. or workshop. networking. heard.

10! In between lies the Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Implementation™. CEO of Oracle. Creativity For Rent Lisa Trosien.) If you’ve ever wished for superpowers to foretell the future. then don’t miss the optional Trends Luncheon! Brainstorming regulars swear by it as a way to get the most revealing look at the very hottest trends occurring in our industry now.com Optional Industry Trends Luncheon Sponsored by: RENTNET® Thursday. Apartment All-Star and Founder and President of ApartmentExpert. consulted to advertising agencies.Multifamilypro. Ray Lane. and written slogans currently in use by companies ranging from Coca-Cola to Checkpoint Software. Southern Management Corporation Dale Phillips.000 employees in 167 countries. ApartmentExpert. He has developed the successful expansion and positioning for companies ranging from Patagonia to Pennzoil. which he prefers a whole lot more. Principal.Keynote Presentation: The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Implementation Speaker: Stan Slap Thursday. He has created successful branding strategies for companies ranging from Esprit to Warner Music Group. President of Mark-Taylor Residential.000 employees reporting to him. 2. Creativity for Rent. Principal. Stan has created many successful advertising campaigns and strategies. offering us amazing new opportunities. nuts? A strategy has to be implemented well to be successful.com. Mark-Taylor Residential Lori Snider. You can't sell it outside if you can't sell it inside. President. and influencing our future. Southern Management Corporation. It's like having x-ray vision across the industry and an overview you won't find anywhere else! Register now at www. Stan Slap is intent on making a profound difference in the world before he is forcibly removed from it. Stan now serves as a director of several companies with their CEO's reporting to him. April 27. What are ya.com/brainstorming. Stan explains exactly how your employee culture works—and how to work the culture. and On-Site Trends with Lisa Trosien. Management Trends with Dale Phillips. by a remarkable coincidence. The most dangerous strategic myth is that a strategy has to be planned well to be successful. He has a 20-year history as the CEO of companies with as many as 5. Director of Learning. Director of Learning. In this mind-blowing keynote speech. changing the way that we work. hired Stan to create the cultural enrollment plan supporting that company's major strategic intent—to 40. Stan Slap is the president of the international consulting company called. 2006 1. President. Slap. April 27 Only $45 Per Person (Elect this option on your registration form in order to attend.htm or call 800-363-7384 2 . so don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to hear his radically mind-altering message at Brainstorming East! Linda Farnsworth. Enjoy a delicious lunch while you experience a powerful and fast-paced insider's look at Training Trends with Linda Farnsworth. Marketing Trends with Lori Snider.

facts get tangled in imagined interpretations. Sr. Too often. We’ll take a reading of your current stress level. and additional speakers to be announced Are big bonuses and golden parachutes the only way to attract and retain executivelevel employees? Or is creating a comprehensive compensation program based on family values. President. you need to untangle this communication web. CAPREIT. TotallyToni. and pay for performance more important? Or is it a little bit of both? Find out what top firms are doing to attract and retain employees. Toni Blake. sure to restore your powers to Superhero status! Doug Crocker. Fifteen Group.com . So.com 3 For additional sessions please visit www. Gene B. flexibility. National Multihousing Council. National Multihousing Council Executive Executive Compensation and Retention: Create a Comprehensive Program That Sticks Speakers: Dick Kadish. Re-evaluate your business and hiring practices so your talented employees remain with your company. Ken Miller. Property Counselors Management Legends and Leaders: The Best and Brightest Share Their Experiences Speakers: Doug Bibby. and Patty MorganSeager. Partner. Vice President of Property Management.Multifamilypro.com Christopher Coy. Lane Company. Glick Stress Management for Today's Superhero: Keeping a Healthy Balance Speakers: Christopher Coy. Vice President of Sales. e-Training Solutions Management Sponsored by: Apartments. The Inner Prize Relationships make or break your business. Chief Executive Officer. Nan Cavarretta. and additional speakers to be announced There’s a reason why online shopping is getting more popular: convenience.In alphabetical order Jim Aliberti. Doug Bibby. Learn how to avoid buying technology solutions but rather buy a technology approach. Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Patty Morgan-Seager and Associates Is your mind moving faster than a speeding bullet? Is the apartment building you used to leap in a single bound looking insurmountable? Does your cape feel like kryptonite? Join us and learn to recognize the key warning signs of stress as it manifests in your physical. Discover how to boost your one-on-one skills. demonstrate simple and effective stress-reducing techniques. President. Fiction & Feelings For Effective Business Relationships! Speaker: Terri Norvell. Speaker and Trainer. emotional. reinvent team Kevin Doyle. LLC Un-Tangling Tangled Communications: Facts.com Getting the Bugs Out: How to Make Technology Work for You Speakers: Dan Haefner. President. CEO. OneSource Networking. and share a collection of ten super tonics. President and CEO. Shelley Conroy. LLC and additional speakers to be announced Have you ever wondered how some of the largest and most profitable multifamily companies have become so successful? Now is your opportunity to find out. Apartments. then feelings get stirred into the mix. Director of Marketing. Director of Marketing. Find out what’s on the horizon and what technology tools you should be looking into. Glick. and behavioral worlds. Gene B. Past and present leaders will team up to share the growth strategy of their respective companies and the tough decisions that had to be made to get there. President. Partner. Vice President of Operations. President. So. DC Partners. For effective business interactions. and their success depends on effective communication. Doug Crocker. what are you doing to improve your convenience and communications between your company and residents and employees? Hear from leading firms on how they have used technology to help with this process. DC Partners. The lessons learned will help you make better decisions in the future and become better educated on the necessary risks to reach comparable successes. California Housing & Development Corp. Mark Sanders. and that means your residents and employees as well. Everyone wants information quicker and easier.

but you’ll need a purposeful plan.com an eBay company Speaker: Amy Kosnikowski. Shelter Group. all-executive panel for an inside look at resident satisfaction as it relates to work order management. In this fast-paced and information-packed session. Our panel will share their own success stories and lessons learned and discuss real-world examples. and walk away educated to improve your staff’s ability to serve residents.com 4 . Doug Miller. optimize outreach. Shelter Group Marketing Sponsored by: Apartments. Scott Wilkerson. Vice President of Marketing. Chief Executive Officer. That will change once you’ve joined our Brainstorming-exclusive. and pointers for sustaining your advantage. Learn from their experience how to design the most effective advertising. Quintessential Marketing & Training Do you need a jumpstart to get that “edge” and be the leader in your market? The opportunity is yours to take. lessons learned. including the Internet. Vice President of Education and Marketing. Rents. Bruce Innes. Lane Company Stephanie Helling. Greystar Real Estate Partners Managing the Money Speakers to Be Announced It's not what you've got. Chief Operating Officer. increase satisfaction. Vice President of Marketing. but few recognize the importance of work order management to retention. industry insiders will share their own success stories and lessons learned. Karen Kossow. and catapult customer satisfaction by determining the “real” message in interactions. drawing upon the “resolution formula. it's how you use it. retention. Southern California Housing & Development Corp.com Affordable and Tax Credit Marketing Speakers: Jim Aliberti. and more. including that one move-out has more financial impact than a single rental regardless of market condition. Vice President. Walk away with fresh ideas and insights that you can put to work immediately to retain residents and enhance your company's bottom line. Founder and President. Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Service Operations. now and into the future. President. finding the “reality points” in conversations. Fogelman Management Group. Hear from our panel of affordable marketing experts about their best successes. Principal. KSI Management Corporation Effectively marketing affordable and Tax Credit communities requires a special touch. or the changes we can or should make to better serve our resident and retention goals. control and reduce turnover. Learn to utilize all the tools available to you in successful marketing and sales strategies. including how many residents you may be losing to poor staff performance and direct correlations between work orders.. and reap retention rewards! Kate Good. The secret to success is to educate your team—from the corner office to the front office—to make the smartest possible spending decisions. Professional Speaker & Marketing Solutions Expert. Sr.Michelle Ellsworth. with often more success than conventional communities. Assistant Vice President of Sales & Marketing. That's never been truer than when it comes to managing money.” achieving great confidence in your verbal and written correspondence. satisfaction. e-Training Solutions camaraderie. and even apply conventional marketing strategies and resources. team and bottom-line will reap the rewards! Improve Work Order Management to Boost Retention Speakers: Henry Baez. BNP Residential What are the Three Rs you care most about? Retention. President and CEO. and additional speakers to be announced We know the value of resident retention. Vice President of Property Management. Hear real-world case studies in Resident Relationship Management™ including techniques you can implement now. Apartment All Stars Dan Haefner. Dick Kadish. and renewal. CAPREIT How to Dominate Your Market: Tools & Techniques to Make It Happen Todd Katler. Management and Development. Director of Sales. and Renewals. and ways to enlighten and educate your employees to spend the money as though it’s their own! The Three Rs Speaker: David Lynd. receive tips on how to effectively set realistic goals and priorities for higher levels of performance. President and Chief Executive Officer.Multifamilypro. and walk away with the perspective and skills you need to successfully dominate your market. The Lynd Company. Vice President. The result: your clients. and the unique challenges they’ve overcome. complete with real-world examples on budgeting and money management. For additional sessions please visit www. Melissa Smith. determination and passion! This session offers guidance by focusing on the specific “drivers” that result in market-dominating outcomes. Back To Basics Bruce Innes. and it helps to know what works and why. Rent. Donna Hickey. SatisFacts Research. differentiate yourself from the competition. and revenue. Lane Company. conduct powerful promotions. and you'll hear about value-enhancing retention and renewal programs that really work and pricing strategies that raise resident satisfaction. and more.

KSI Management Corporation David Lynd. Director of Sales. and how to capitalize on this enormous market. and ForRent. Ethics and Code of Conduct. to make your team better. Marketing. Training Teams to Rise Above Speakers: Stephanie Helling. Karen Kossow. Rent. This session (designed especially for training and development professionals. and more. straight from the experts. Tarragon Corporation HUD. Stopping the Real Estate Gremlins Over 34 million Americans are over age 55. Creativity For Rent Who are the most powerful consumers today? You guessed it—women! Though they comprise over half the US population and buy or influence 85% of all product and service purchases nationwide. Walk away educated and able to create and implement effective and engaging compliance training throughout your organization. Terry Slattery. tips to reach the most qualified renters. but not limited to: reasons to have a company/community Web site and be listed on the Internet listing sites. Vice President of National Sales. Diversity. Stopping the Real Estate Gremlins Doug Miller. Sexual Harassment. President. Fair Housing. Discover the marketing messages this group responds to. you’ll tap into a rapidly growing demographic segment that can quickly and easily add to your community’s bottom line. how to maximize the “eyeballs” to your community and Internet leads received. Ramstedt Enterprises.com. Vice President of Sales. Patty Morgan-Seager and Associates Wendy Muse. you'll learn from two of the industry's premiere marketing authorities (who also happen to be women) how women behave online. Chief Executive Officers. Vice President of Education and Marketing. Tarragon Corporation 5 For additional sessions please visit www. now! Amy Kosnikowski. when you know how to market to and attract seniors to your property. Trends. CEOs. Professional Speaker & Marketing Solutions Expert.Multifamilypro.” and walk away with a wealth of resources to assist your efforts in marketing not “to.com Ken Miller. The only Patty MorganSeager. Is your property attracting this growing demographic? Now you can learn the marketing and sales strategies that bring the mature market to your community and keep them there long-term. Vice President of Education. Quintessential Marketing & Training Reaching the Mature Market: Marketing and Sales Techniques to Attract the 55+ Crowd Speaker: Cathy Macaione. The Lynd Company Oh My Goddess! Selling to Today's Woman Speakers: Kate Good. HazCom. and the proven strategies for interacting with them once they’re in your office. For Rent® Join our Brainstorming-Exclusive. however. President. If you’re looking for super-fast ways to make your teams rise above expectations. RENTNET®. look no further! This supercharged seminar is loaded with tried-and-true techniques that you can apply now. stronger. marketers often have difficulty connecting with them on an emotional level. all-executive panel of Internet marketing experts for this dynamic overview of Internet marketing trends. including. Cathy Macaione. COOs. Principal. Principal. to say the least. OneSource Networking The Mysteries of Compliance Training Unmasked! Speakers: Shelley Conroy and Michelle Ellsworth. providing super customer service.com an eBay company. how to get their attention. directors. and Techniques Speakers: Kevin Doyle. behavior of renters online. Gremlin Stopper. best practices for marketing your property online. Assistant Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Learn to focus on what's truly important to them through “transparent marketing. Greystar Real Estate Partners and Jackie Ramstedt.” but “with” women. the community features that most interest them. the latest statistics on real-time availability and benefits to consumers. Chief Operating Officer. search engine optimization and keyword strategies.com. leaping retention challenges in a single bound. and compliance and risk management professionals) provides an eye-opening explanation of the legal requirements that mandate training for Workplace Safety. OSHA. Inc. HR/ER managers. President & Chief Motivational Officer. closing leases faster than a speeding bullet. and making bad attitudes disappear. SatisFacts Research Training Sponsored by: Apartments. Founder and President. e-Training Solutions and Wendy Muse. EEOC—who are they and what do they want from us? The ever-evolving world of workplace compliance and risk management can be confusing. Todd Katler. what drives their buying decisions. Apartments. President. Vice President of Education. Hear.com . strategies for paid search/sponsored links. Gremlin Stopper. Maria Pietroforte. Apartment All Stars and Lori Snider. The 55-and-up crowd is as diverse in their needs as any other age group. In this information-packed session. and faster—bringing in colossal collections. practically reading the minds of residents and future residents. VPs.Online Marketing Tips.

personal success strategies. Of continuing your education until the day you retire. Of being non-judgmental. you may choose either activity (or a combination of both) on Saturday. President. establish performance goals. and not to be missed! Scott Wilkerson. CSP Terry Slattery.com Toni’s drive for excellence and her vivid and innovative spirit have driven her from the front line leasing desk to “Victory Lane” in multifamily housing. vision. Fogelman Management Group Driven: Living in Victory Lane Speaker: Toni Blake. know your track. and where to find them. and more. too! To be the best in all you do requires more than skill and knowledge. and ForRent.Terri Norvell. In fact. Attend this action-packed session and find out how! Dare to Be Different! New Training Methods for Your 21st Century Team Speaker: Donna Hickey. This session—designed especially for maintenance professionals and their immediate and regional supervisors—will equip you and your service team with the strategies and skills to exceed customer expectations by consistently going “above and beyond” throughout the resident relationship.com If you didn’t get enough Brainstorming on Thursday or education on Friday. and find out why Brainstormers have named her legendary. Management and Development. Ironically. supervising. After all. specific training techniques designed to motivate today’s teams to achieve tomorrow’s results. If you’re a trainer. accompanied by two rounds of educational sessions including these fabulous headliners: Melissa Smith. you might be doing something wrong. Sponsored by: Apartments. Find out why so many have been moved and inspired by her example. this invaluable frontline force is often last to be given the customer service skills we demand of the rest of our team. Ramstedt Enterprises Inc. Vice President. Get ready to cross the finish line ahead of the competition! Lori Snider. and after. The Inner Prize sustainable competitive advantage is your ability to learn faster than the competition. Vice President of National Sales. Marketing. CSP Imagine the possibilities . We’ve supercharged Saturday’s agenda to include Specialty Brainstorming as usual. manager. or in any way responsible for training. deal with life in the “Pit. For additional sessions please visit www. and a whole new vision of what the future can hold for you and your team.com. Hear from the inimitable Anne Sadovsky. Of bringing peace and problem solving to the workplace. ensuring renewals and enhancing referrals. President. you’ll hear the latest in who we’re hiring. Back To Basics If you're not a little weird. TotallyToni. supervisor. what makes them tick. what makes today’s new hires unique. and more. RENTNETTM On-Site Jackie Ramstedt. President.” set your pace. President and CMO. Creativity For Rent Imagine the Possibilities Speaker: Anne Sadovsky. How did she get there and stay on top for 21 years? She is driven to both succeed and share her success so others can speed into Victory Lane. Of truly loving your job! Learn how to imagine these possibilities into reality with a little humor. and life lessons.com Customer Service for your Maintenance Team Speaker: Nan Cavarretta. start now! Anne Sadovsky. residents are likely to rank the courtesy and customer service of your maintenance team as more important than the quality of their work. and walk away with the 7 secrets of training success that create the rental results your company and communities need to succeed! Maria Pietroforte. Learn to choose the right team and Crew Chief. Principal.Multifamilypro. BNP Residential Photos and sessions available at press time. do you really want to do things the same as everyone else? In this dynamic and informationintensive session.com 6 . President and Chief Executive Officer. If you’re not setting your maintenance team up for success. a lot of insight. Property Counselors Management If you asked a resident what makes them decide to lease or renew. Speaker and Trainer. how you handle maintenance would be high on the list. Of understanding and working with your boss and team members. It takes drive. what to look for. this session is for you! Learn to think like the people who work for you.. and buy! Of being the role model and example of excellence for all those around you. recognize generational differences that impact the way they learn and lease. Of really knowing your customer. marketing director. or motivating people. of receiving praise and recognition for outstanding performance. Vice President of Operations. For Rent® The Saturday Series Educational Sessions Sponsored by: Apartments. and passion—and Toni’s is contagious..

Every Brainstormer in costume is eligible to receive a digital keepsake photo and enter the contest. Idea Design Center™ Sponsored by: ForRent® April 27-29: A special area where your ideas will be brought to life. spend some quality time with your associates.Brainstorming Tools. and an unbeatable opportunity to meet and network with your fellow Brainstormers. Fill out the form at: http://www. Idea Design Center and Internet Access Center Sponsored by: ForRent® Creative Costume Contest with Keepsake Photos Costume Creation Center Sponsored by: Crossfire April 27: One of the best ways to get into the Brainstorming spirit is to wear your own costume that’s in keeping with our theme (Superhero Ideas for Superhero Results!). & Ideas Exchange more than repays the cost of the event. and Ideas Exchange Participate Pre-Event for Access Post-Event: Send us one proven idea. BrainAid™ Center Sponsored by: First Advantage SafeRent April 27 and 29: Visit anytime throughout the event for refreshments and opportunities to play or relax whenever you need to give your brain a rest! Resource Room 7 Register now at www. fast-paced look at management. tool. acrossthe-industry. and influencing our future. complimentary drinks.htm Meet and Greet Pre-Event Welcoming Reception April 26: Join us for early event check-in. courtesy of our sponsor. Optional Trends Luncheon Sponsored by: RENTNET® Networking Reception April 27: It’s the opening night party that NOBODY misses! Unwind.com/brainstorm_EAST/brainstorming_exchangeform. or form and we’ll post all contributions (hundreds!) to our Web site where only those who contribute will have access to this treasure trove of ideas. Information received from the Tools. Optional Industry Trends Luncheon Sponsored by: RENTNET ® April 27: ($45 per person) Don’t miss this revealing. Forms. Internet Access Center Sponsored by: ForRent® April 27-29: Enjoy unlimited Internet access. Forms. marketing. offering us amazing new opportunities.multifamilypro.htm or call 800-363-7384 . and make invaluable networking connections. Enjoy a delicious lunch and a powerful.com/brainstorming. training and on-site trends. insider’s view of the trends that are affecting our industry.Multifamilypro. changing the way we work.

htm to see a complete list of our expert facilitators.com. year-round. and services that can help ensure your success. and a brief bio sketch for everyone who attends. And. you’ll have four chances to win $100. an eBay company April 28: Unwind and have one last look at all the exciting products and services our exhibitors have to offer. Complimentary Resource Room Lunch Co-Sponsored by: Apartments. and opportunities to network and Brainstorm. Answers can be found in our Resource Room exhibits. and wrap up the day’s business Brainstorming style—with lots of great prizes! Meet and Greet Pre-Event Welcoming Reception The Brainstorming Club 2006 Post-Event for a Full Year! Just for attending.com/brainstorming. and cost effectively.multifamilypro. complete contact information.Facilitator Team April 27 and 29: These dedicated professionals make Brainstorming work. You’ll find a wealth of innovative opportunities to meet and exceed the growing needs of your company.com/brainstorm_EAST/brainstorming_team. plus contact information for all participating exhibitors and sponsors. Resource Room Treasure Hunt April 28: We’ll give you a list of clues.com April 28: Join us in the Resource Room for a fun and delicious lunch with a variety of food and beverage options. a wealth of additional information. products. (Note: Sales & Marketing Magic reserves the right to produce only those components of the event mentioned herein for which we receive sponsor support. which features photographs (taken April 26 and 27). This is one of the most valuable tools available anywhere within our industry. Resource Room April 28: A relaxed. if you find all of the correct answers. It’s another excellent opportunity to meet the people.Multifamilypro. you’ll receive exclusive access to this special section of our Web site featuring the ideas that result from the event.htm or call 800-363-7384 8 . Visit our Web site at: http://www. low-pressure opportunity to learn about products and services from our exhibitor and sponsor participants. and feed your brain before attending more seminars.) Networking Reception Register now at www.00 in cash that will be given away at the end of the day. innovatively. Resource and Educational Wrap-up Reception Sponsored by: Rent. Networking Directory™ Sponsored by: Ellipse Group April 28: You’ll receive our exclusive Networking Directory. and residents more easily. communities. They keep the conversation going and help bring out the best and brightest ideas by running the Brainstorming process and ensuring that every session results in valuable and ready-to-implement solutions. Creative Costume Contest Previous Winner Sponsored by: Crossfire Complimentary Networking and Resource Breakfast April 28: Meet and visit our exhibitors and sponsors as we enjoy the most important meal of the day and get ready for an exciting day of business opportunities and education.

of our correspondence prior to Programs. To arrange an exhibit for your company. The event ends on Saturday. Full Session Includes: • Please note that your registration is subject to qualification and verification. changes.Read this before completing the registration form! • Please submit your registration prior to March 27. 2006. 9 Register now at www. This includes your confirmation. This may result in your company’s inability to participate in future events. Remember. 2006. the event will be done via e-mail. Sales & Marketing Magic reserves the right to remove any attendee or representative who engages in overt product or service promotion. if not all.multifamilypro. • Please submit one registration form per person—make copies as necessary. and mail or fax to Sales & Marketing Magic as directed. When calling be certain to tell them that you’re part of the “Brainstorming” group in order to receive the special group rate of $179 per night. and to represent you correctly in our Brainstorming Networking Directory™ . is absolutely necessary. April 27th. • Policy: It is our policy that the promotion of your company is expressly prohibited while engaging in Brainstorming. Most.m. 2006. and Workbooks.multifamilypro. Ì Ensure that our office receives payment no later than March 27. and represent you accurately in our Brainstorming Networking Directory™. April 26th for early Brainstorming check-in. It’s important to ensure that every component of the form is complete so that we can customize the program to your needs. Florida.Things-to-do Checklist Ì Please complete the registration form. Brainstorming check-in and Networking Directory photos continues from 7:30-8:45 a.htm. Ì Make your hotel reservations at The Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort by calling 1-407-827-4000 or by visiting http://www. in order to receive your password to the compiled Idea Exchange. Orlando.) Ì Make airline reservations well in advance! You’ll be flying into the Orlando International Airport. On Thursday.com/brainstorming. Networking leigh@multifamilypro.m. Resource Room 662-890-9294.m. as it will be used to create your attendee nametag (which must be prepared before the event and cannot be changed on-site). Ì Upon registration.htm or call 800-363-7384 .com/brainstorming. Seating is extremely limited! Ì E-mail or submit your entry online for the Tools. Representatives from industry-supporting vendor and supplier companies may not register as Brainstorming Networking Receptions. Sales & Marketing Magic reserves the right to cancel your registration if payment is not received by March 27. Submission of the registration form indicates your agreement to abide by this policy. April 27-29. Ì Bring plenty of business cards to distribute at all of our Brainstorming networking activities as well as participation in several prize drawings! Ì For up-to-the-minute details and answers to your questions. The Brainstorming Sessions begin promptly at 8:45 a. you’ll receive a Brainstorming “Attendee Confirmation” via e-mail so that you can confirm the information that we have on file for you. Luncheon. receipt.m.htm to book them online. The accuracy of this information.com/brainstorming.com or Directory. Forms and Ideas Exchange by April 21. Register Now! The 17th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions East TM The Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort. For costume ideas visit the Attendee Information Section of our Web site at http://www. visit the Brainstorming Sessions section of our Web site at http://www.com/brainstorming. • Be sure to use the business address where YOU receive mail. 2006 in order to secure your registration.multifamilypro. All Educational • Be sure to supply us with YOUR e-mail address. 2006 (Pre-event activities begin April 26) Important . including your contact information as well as any optional events that you may have signed up for. or register online at www.htm. and any Full Session Fee: $495 updates for the Brainstorming Sessions event. April.com/brainstorming. • Be sure to use the business telephone number where YOU can receive calls. contact Leigh Curry at Breakfast.Multifamilypro. and reply with corrections as needed. 27th.com or 609-882-3868 or Jennifer James at jennifer@smmonline. April 29th at approximately 1:30 p.multifamilypro. Networking Directory photos and our Meet and Greet Welcoming Reception 6:00-8:00 p. you must submit at least one contribution! Ì Our event theme is “Superhero Ideas for Superhero Results!” All participants are encouraged to dress to the theme and enter our costume contest on Thursday. attendees unless their company is a contracted exhibitor (and has abided by the terms and conNetworking & Resource ditions of that contract). Join us on Wednesday.htm. (Book your hotel by March 25th to take advantage of this special rate.

Highway 19 North. regardless of your pay status. 2006 Use this form or register online at www. marketing.The 17th Annual Multifamily Housing Brainstorming Sessions™ East: April 27-29. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. April 27th: Industry Trends Luncheon $45 STEP 4: METHOD OF PAYMENT (Payment Must Accompany Registration) Ì Yes Ì No Ì Check Enclosed Ì Visa (13 or 16 Digits) Ì Master Card (16 Digits) Credit Card Number _________________________________________________ Expiration Date _________________ Credit Card Billing Address (Street) ______________________________________________________________________ (City)______________________________________________________________(State)_____________ (Zip)____________ Cardholder Name (Please Print) _________________________________________________________________________ Cardholder Signature ________________________________________________________ Date ____________________ STEP 5: PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO SALES & MARKETING MAGIC Mail to The Sales & Marketing Magic Companies. Enjoy a delicious lunch and a powerful. 2006. 727-784-9469 or 800-363-7384 727-784-7978 (Fax registrations require a credit card) SESSION FEE: OPTIONAL PROGRAM: $ 495 $________ $________ REFUND POLICY: All cancellations must be in writing. Failure to attend. will render you ineligible to access the ideas that are generated at the event. Thursday.htm or call 800-363-7384 10 . FL 34684 Call Fax Payment Payment Must Accompany Registrations AFTER March 27. Last (as you’d like it to appear on your name tag) Title __________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________________________ State ____________ Zip _______________ Telephone __________________________________Ext__________ Fax _________________________________________ Number of Times You’ve Attended Brainstorming (If first time attending please enter 0) _____________________________ STEP 2: THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED Years industry experience _____________ Geographical experience ___________________________________________ (States or Regions) Specific areas of expertise ________________________________________________________________________________ Currently based in (City/State) _____________________________________ # of apartments in my control __________ STEP 3: OPTIONAL PROGRAM Don’t miss this revealing. Inc. Code 36431 U.Multifamilypro.com STEP 1: COPY AND SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM PER ATTENDEE. 2006. training and on-site trends. regardless of registration date. Absolutely no credits. Trends Luncheon ($45) TOTAL: Register now at www. fast-paced look at management. offering us amazing new opportunities. or requests for refunds after March 27. and influencing our future.com/brainstorming. Full refunds will be made if cancellation is received on or before March 27. Full Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________ First.S. NO EXCEPTIONS.multifamilypro. insider’s view of the trends that are affecting our industry.2006. across-the-industry. refunds. Palm Harbor. changing the way we work.

April 29.m. FL Permit # 820 . 2006 G G G G G G G Optional Educational Sessions If you didn’t get enough of our outstanding Educational Sessions on Friday. you may choose either activity listed below or a combination of both! Silver Sponsor Optional Specialty Brainstorming Sessions The specialized Brainstorming Sessions on Saturday are all about your unique challenges! You’ll Brainstorm with your peers— other Brainstormers who are experts in your field—to solve the toughest challenges that you’re facing now.m. you’ll have the opportunity to choose from several additional programs scheduled on Saturday! Sponsors Saturday.m.multifamilypro. April 26.-6:00 p. Complimentary Networking & Resource Breakfast Resource Room Exhibits Educational Sessions Treasure Hunt Complimentary Resource Room Luncheon Resource Room Prize Drawings Resource & Educational Wrap-Up Reception 9:00 a.Multifamilypro.S.com Website: www. Diamond Sponsor 6:00 p.m. For a detailed agenda and up-to-the-minute news visit the Brainstorming Sessions section of our Web site at www.m.m. Wednesday.m. Networking Reception 8:30 a. Event Check-in Networking Directory Photos Creative Costume Contest with Keepsake Photos Brainstorming Sessions Brainstorming Club Cards Distributed Optional Industry Trends Luncheon Keynote Presentation: The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Implementation™ Presented by Stan Slap 5:30 p. Idea Design Review Optional Specialty Brainstorming Sessions Optional Educational Sessions Closing Remarks Gold Sponsor Thursday.m.com Presorted Std U.-8:00 p. You also will receive a complete agenda at the event. Idea Design Review A sneak peek at the best ideas we’ve Brainstormed together.Brainstorming Agenda Please Note: This schedule is subject to change. 2006 G G G G G G G If you didn’t get enough Brainstorming on Thursday or education on Friday. Postage PAID Clearwater. 2006 G G G Don’t Miss Saturday’s Program 9:00 a. Early Event Check-in Meet and Greet Welcoming Reception Networking Directory Photos 7:30 a. and you’ll walk away from the table with actual solutions in your hand. Florida 34684 Voice: (800) 363-7384 Fax: (727) 784-7978 Email: info@smmonline. April 28.-5:30 p. ready to take home and implement! Bronze Sponsors G Friday. April 27.-1:30 p.-1:30 p.m.m.com.m. 2006 G G G G Sales & Marketing Magic Multifamilypro 36431 US Highway 19 N Palm Harbor.

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