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Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010

Business India is proud to bring to you yet another edition of our prestigious annual survey of best B-Schools. The timing of the survey is apt when India Inc is recovering rapidly its lost ground in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. There are signs of strong revival in every segment of business raising the placement hopes of the MBA students. The just concluded placement season already recorded some of the best salaries and good career offers from the Indian and international companies. The first and only online survey to Rank and Rate Indian B-Schools is now open for answering at the The B-Schools are encouraged to register at the site, receive their password and use the time period indicated to submit their survey questionnaire. The password would ensure that the school would be able to submit the templates related to the survey at their own pace. Our helpful team of volunteers would be at hand throughout the survey process to answer your queries both by phone and e-mail. Survey process: The entire questionnaire has been uploaded in 12 independent parts. Each of these, you could visit at your pace and submit your response. The response will be saved as you enter and you can revisit your responses any number of times until you exercise your final submit option that would show up once you have successfully submitted all your templates. At this stage you would also get the chance to see your entire filled out questionnaire to make a last minute correction before submitting. Once submitted the questionnaire cannot be retrieved without our help. You could mail us at for any doubts, queries and assistance anytime during the survey process. Stakeholder survey: We have also been conducting a stakeholder survey covering the students, faculty and the alumni for the past three years to get a right perspective and weightage for final ranking of the B-Schools. The stake holder survey is broken down to three parts and the templates are available online at our website. Please look up the “FAQ” sections in the website for clarifications.


2 1.10 1.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.8 1.13 1.5 1.14 1.9 1.bibschoolsurvey.15 Important information: "Please note that B-Schools that have completed three years of existence and passed out at least two batches of MBA or equivalent course students alone would be eligible for participation in the B-Schools Survey 2010.11 1.4 1. The survey will be open for participation until July 31 2010 1.12 1.6 1. the final responsibility of the truthfulness and authenticity of the data provided rests with the B-Schools providing the information.3 1." Disclaimer: Please note that the onus of responsibility of providing authentic and reliable data rests with the B-Schools and not withstanding any external validation Business India or its associates may carry out to verify the facts being provided. BACKGROUND INFORMATION 1.7 1. state the name Is the school run by a corporate house? What is your single core strength? Please list your campuses city-wise in India Please give details of your overseas campus Is the institute AICTE recognized? Year of recognition Is your school accredited by NAAC? Is your school accredited by NBA? Is your school globally accredited If so please indicate the name the agency Is the school ISO certified? Name of certifying agency Journal Publication 2 . Business India or any of their associates would not be held responsible for the quality of data or the consequences of using the same for rating or ranking of any B-School.1 1.16 Name of the B-School Year of establishment Ownership In case it is run by an university.

Epscore etc.g.24 1. Emerald.25 Name of your school journal Periodicity (monthly.31 1.19 1. Name of the Editor Number of your Faculty on the editorial board of any international journal? Please download template to feature your journal from www.30 1.35 1. bi-annual or annual) Year of launching Number of copies printed No of subscriber copies sold Is your journal refereed? Is journal registered with any electronic data base? e.18 1.22 1.28 1. quarterly.26 1.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 and mail to Web presence 1..33 1.36 Website address Year of establishment of website Do you encourage students/faculty to use your campus Yes/No e-mail? Was the site used for admissions in 2009-2010? Was it used for placements during 2009-2010? Is there a e-journal on your site? Is the site used for promoting MDPs? Does the site offer e-learning? Is it used for offering web seminars? Do you offer e-mail facility in the site? Is there blog facility? Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No 3 .21 1.29 1.bibschoolsurvey.34 1.23 1. bi-monthly.17 1.27 1.32 1.20 1.

9 2.14 Do you run a distance learning MBA/PGDBM programme? Name of the affiliating university No of students admitted in the year 2010-2011 Yes/No E-learning programmes 2.12 2. ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES Course (only admissions made in the year 2009-10 academic year.6 2.38 Yes/No 1.5 2.4 2. Please do not club both the years of MBA/PGDM programme) 2.10 2.1 2.40 Do you use campus management software? Please name the software & service provider Do you use freeware like Moodle? If yes.37 1.15 Do you run an e-learning programme? Yes/No 4 .39 1.13 2.bibschoolsurvey.2 2.11 PGDM MBA MMS MPM Exec MBA (three years) Executive MBA (one year) MCA Diploma programmes** BCA BBA Any other? Course name & Seats Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) *Please list your diploma programmes separately as an annexure 2. please name the software Yes/No 2.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.7 2.3 2.8 2.

24 2.31 2.21 2.28 2.23 2.Yes/No up? a Please name the Corporate House Please list the courses Do the corporate guarantee placements for such courses? List of sponsored corporate research projects List of sponsored corporate chairs Yes/No PhD/Fellow Programme 2.26 2.20 2.18 2.25 2.33 Do you offer any PhD/Fellow programme? If yes. Number of seats Number of Doctorates/Fellows awarded in the last three years Number of students currently on the roll Name of the affiliating University List the topics or titles of PhD currently being pursued** Yes/No **Please provide as an annexure Centres of Excellence 5 .32 2.22 Do you have any international collaboration? Yes/No Name of the collaborating university/college** (please provide separate list if there are more than one collaborating university) Please list the programmes and number of students admitted Does the collaboration involve international student visits? Yes/No Number international exchange students Corporate participation 2.24b 2.27 Do you offer any PG programme with a corporate house tie.16 2.29 2.17 Year of launching the programme Please name the University Courses with foreign tie-up 2.30 2.bibschoolsurvey.19 2.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.

9 3.6 3.7 3.10 Full time faculty Faculty with PhD Number of female members of faculty Faculty with over 15 years of academic experience Faculty with less than 3 years of academic experience Faculty with less than 2 years of industry experience Faculty with over ten years of industry experience International faculty Adjunct faculty Visiting faculty Yes/No Yes/No Faculty publications 3. product or service. whether it received venture funding.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.36 Do you run any entreprenurship cell for students 2.4 3. name of the venture capital firm ** please attach details 3.11 Number of Faculty who published books in the last three years 6 .40 Details* Yes/No 2.34 2.35 Do you have centres of excellence in the college Number and List of centres of excellence ** Entrepreneurship 2.8 3.5 3.bibschoolsurvey.3 3. FACULTY DETAILS ** Description (in Numbers) 3. capital employed.39 Number of students who opted to become entrepreneurs during placements 2010 2.2 3.41 Faculty in charge of entrepreneurship initiative *please give details of the company name of promoter(s).38 List the titles of seminars and conferences you conducted on entrepreneurship subject** 2.37 Do you run an incubation centre at your school? 2.1 3.

26 3.25 3.15 3.17 3. name the institute to which you send your faculty to Was any faculty sent for global FDP programmes? If so. how many numbers were sent? List of programmes attended Did you bring out any publication based on faculty experience? Amount of FDP grants obtained by the school? Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Faculty Outreach 7 .13 3.16 3.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.bibschoolsurvey.22 3.27 3.29 3.14 3.23 3.20 3.28 3.21 3.31 3.30 3.33 Do you conduct a formal Faculty Development Programme? Please list the number of days of FDP conducted in 2009 -10? Do you send your faculty outside the school for attending FDPs? If so.18 3.32 3.24 Number of Faculty sent abroad for conferences during 2009 -10 How many international visits of faculty are supported by the college? Number of Faculty who attended conferences in India Number of international conferences conducted by institute Number of national conferences conducted Faculty Development 3.12 3.19 Number of Faculty who made book Chapter Contributions Number of text books brought out by your institute Number of papers published in international journals Number papers published in Indian refreed journals Number of caselets published Number of Faculty who published in Indian publications Number of research papers presented at conferences abroad Number of research papers presented at conferences in India Conferences and seminars ** (please provide list as an annexure **) 3.

please give the proportion of such sharing Yes/No Yes/No Faculty academic support record 3.35 3.45 3.52 3.41 3.49 3.44 3.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.37 3.48 3.42 Are there any financial incentives other than salary? Number of days permitted for consultancy Do you have a profit sharing arrangement with Faculty? If so.34 3.47 How many Faculties are currently pursuing PhD? How many is doing Post Doctoral programme? How many are doing M Phil programmes? Do you provide any financial incentive for faculty studies? Do you reduce academic workload to facilitate studies Yes/No Yes/No Faculty workload 3.50 What was the average faculty workload of courses in 2009-10? (Number of hours) What was minimum workload of courses offered? What was the maximum workload offered? Details of administrative staff 3.43 3.bibschoolsurvey.53 Number of permanent administrative staff on roll Number of temporary staff on roll in 2009-10 Salary as a percentage of total for administrative staff 8 .51 3.38 Number of your faculty on Corporate Boards Number of your faculty as advisors/mentors to corporate Number of faculty associated with state planning bodies List the names of professional bodies in which your faculty have taken membership in.46 3.36 3. Institutional membership of your school in different professional bodies Faculty compensation 3.40 3.39 3.

bibschoolsurvey.13 Batch size for admission for admissions in the year 2009-10 PGDM MBA 1 year MBA Total Number of Engineering students in the flagship course Number of IITians in the flagship course Number of commerce graduates in the flagship course Number of other graduate students Number of females in the flagship course Number of students with more than 1-3 years of industry experience Number of students with more than 3 years of work experience Number of physically challenged students State the number of states represented by last batch State the number of student committees ** Name of the best performer/all-rounder student of last batch Name the top student fete (also please provide list of all student fetes and indicate approximate date for each) International Student Participation (2009-10) 4.1 d 4.1b 4.10 4.1 4 STUDENT PROFILE 4.14 4.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.1a 4.11 4.15 4.7 4.6 4.1c 4.5 4.8 4.12 4.16 Number of international students at campus in 2009-10 Number of your students on international exchange visit Number of MoUs or letters of agreement signed for international student and faculty exchange (provide an annexure **) Admission Track-Record 9 .9 4.2 4.4 4.3 4.

17 4.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.26 4.24 4.31 4.25 Name the admission test accepted by your institute Do you also conduct your own Entry Test? Number of Applications sold by your institute in 2010 Percentage improvement over Applications sold in 2009 Cut off scores for admission in 2010-2011 batch Cut off scores for students in reserved category.27 4. if any Break up of weight age assigned for admissions (entrance test: interview: group discussion) Number of centers covered for GD/interview Percentage of seats reserved for management Yes/No Full course fee structure (total for 2 years of batch) 4.20 4.19 4.28 4.18 4.32 4.23 4.1 5.22 4.30 4.2 5.3 5.5 Total area of your institute (acres) Capital investment made over the last three years Do you have a conference hall to seat over 150? Is there any amphitheatre on campus? Yes/No Yes/No Do you provide residential accommodation for Faculty on Yes/No 10 .4 5.bibschoolsurvey.29 4.21 4.33 4.34 Fee charged per student in 2009-10 batch Fee estimate for the current batch of 2010-11? Hostel fees (Rs lakhs) in 2010-11 Other charges Total approximate cost to student per year Do you have tie up for bank loans? If yes name the bank (s) Number of students availing bank loans Average interest rate offered Yes/No 5. INFRASTRUCTURE Campus Details 4.

7 5. workshops conducted by the Library 6. PLACEMENT Placement Performance (2009-10) 6.16 5.2 Percentage of students placed in 2010 placements No of students who could not be placed Yes/No 11 .com campus? 5.18 5.1 6.8 5.17 5.19 5.21 5.14 5.6 5.20 5.12 5.22 Is your Library computerized? Does your Library offer an online data base? (provide the list as annexure **) Number of books available in the Library Number of books bought during the 2009-2010 academic year Number of international journals on subscription (other than those covered by online databases) Number of Indian journals on subscription (other than those covered by online databases) Number of journals added during the year 2009-10 Do you have a separate section for PhD scholars/ Faculty? Is your Library available 24/7? Do you provide books at the hostels? Number of in-house seminars.15 5.13 5.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.9 5.11 Is there a gym on campus? Is there a swimming pool? Is there a Football ground? Is there a Basketball court? Is there a Tennis court? Any other sports facility? Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Library details 5.bibschoolsurvey.10 5.

22 Number of summer placements made during 2009-10 Average summer internship salary 2009-10 Maximum summer internship salary 7.16 6.7 6.9 6.bibschoolsurvey.18 6.8 6.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 6.20 6.12 6.15 6. CURRICULUM & PEDAGOGY Core Courses and Optionals 12 .11 6.6 6.4 6.10 6.5 6.13 6.19 No of students who opted for entreprenurship Number of companies visiting the campus Number of companies offering jobs Highest number of jobs offered by any single company Please name the company When compared to previous year how many new companies recruited at your campus Number of international companies which participated in placements Number of international placement offers Name the company that made maximum number of offers What was the top international salary in US $ Top Indian salary (in Rs Lakh) Average salary offered for Indian placements (In Rs Lakh) Average salary for international placements (in $) List top Five Indian recruiters List top Five International recruiters In case you have exclusive courses with corporate link up state maximum salary offered Placement Budget Summer placements 6.21 6.14 6.3 6.17 6.

24 7.18 7.25 Do you develop in-house cases? State number of cases developed by your institute How many faculty were involved in case development What was the total case development budget? Yes/No 13 .Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.9 7.21 Do you involve Corporate Executives in course development? Do you have Faculty Committee for Course development? Do you buy courses from abroad? Is thesis compulsory for completing PGDM/MBA? List three most popular optional Courses ** Maximum number of students signing for any one Course List top five Courses which were dropped during 2009-10 Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Case development 7.10 7.6 7.12 7.22 7.20 7.3 7.15 7.14 Total number of Core Courses offered Number of optionals or electives offered by the college How many credits you offer for student exchange visit abroad? How many credits you offer for summer project? Do you place primary focus on class room teaching? Role play? Scenario planning? Quiz? Live project? Is group assignment a popular method of teaching? Do you have compulsory mentorship for all students Did your students get exposed to any outbound activity? Did you use teleconference anytime? Did you use live satellite link ? Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Course Development and Support 7.17 7.4 7.bibschoolsurvey.16 7.11 7.2 7.19 7.23 7.5 7.13 7.1 7.8 7.7 7.

41 7.30 7.34 7.33 7.37 7.39 7.43 Are all your students staying on campus? Or only girl students are provided hostel accommodation? Is there banking facilities on campus? Is there health care facility on campus? Is there a canteen on campus? Is the canteen run by your school? Is the mess facility subsidized by the school? Are there special arrangements for handicapped? Is there school facility for staff children? Is yoga compulsory on campus? Do you insist on Faculty also attending yoga classes? Is uniform mandatory? Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No 8.28 7.31 Average marks obtained by the batch In case you calculate CGPA state the average for the batch Student & Faculty facilitation 7.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 7.38 7.bibschoolsurvey.27 7.26 7.40 7. INCOME & EXPENDITURE (2009-10) 8.32 7.29 If you have also bought cases from outside name your primary sources Did you conduct any case development workshops? Did you send your faculty to case development workshop in Yes/No India? Did you send your faculty for case development workshops Yes/No abroad? Batch performance profile of 2008-10 7.2 State the gross income of the school (In Rs Crore) State gross expenditure of the school (In Rs Crore) 14 .1 8.42 7.36 7.35 7.

6 8.bibschoolsurvey.4 9.7 9.2 9.10 8. ALUMNI ACTIVITY 9.3 8.6 9.9 8.5 8.8 9.1 9.9 Do you have an alumni association? How many members are there? How often do they meet in a year? Do you get financial support from alumni Do your alumni teach at the campus If yes.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 8.3 Did you get any top international management Gurus visiting campus during 2009-10 ? ** Please list any three CEOs/Chairmen visiting campus during 2009-10? List the number of outside campus programmes your students won during 2009-10 Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No 15 .3 9.5 9.1 10.2 10. INTELLECTUAL INTERFACE 10.4 8.8 8.11 Fee income (In Rs Lakh) MDP income (In Rs Lakh) Other heads (In Rs Lakh) Consultancy income (In Rs Lakh) IT investment (In Rs Lakh) Faculty development budget (In Rs Lakh) Library Budget (In Rs Lakh) Capital Investment Budget (In Rs Lakh) Faculty salary Budget (In Rs Lakh) 9.7 8. how many Courses did they teach? Please state the website address of alumni Please state the name of the Chairman of alumni association Please state his e-mail ID 10.

6 10.3 12.6 11.9 Do you offer MDP at your campus? How many Faculties participated in MDP activity in 200910? How many MDPs were offered during the year? Name the most popular MDP title Please list the number of participants for this MDP State the number of such programmes in 2009-10 Is your MDP aimed at top management? Is your MDP generally aimed at middle management? Did you offer any MDP for the NGO sector? Yes/No for MDP calendar 12.10 Did you offer any MDP for government officials? 11.bibschoolsurvey.4 10.7 11.2 12.1 11.5 12.4 12.8 11.3 11. ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBERS 12.7 Name of the B-School Address City State PIN Contact email id Phone numbers 16 .4 11.6 List B-plan contests organized by your institute Did any CTO/CKO lecture take place at the campus? Please give details Did any Chief Financial Officer CFO visit your campus? Yes/No 11.2 11.11 Did you offer any MDP for political leadership? Please download template from www. MDP ACTIVITY 11.5 10.5 11.bibschoolsurvey.1 12.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.

Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.21 Dean’s Mobile number 12.17 Name of placement head 12.13 Name of Chairman 12.24 Mobile number 12.9 Fax numbers Name of Vice Chancellor in case of University/Deemed University 12.20 Dean Academics e-mail 12.25 B-School’s general contact numbers Signature of Director/Dean Academics Annexure Check list General Tick ( ) Subject Short write up about the institute and list of Courses along with seats capacity  Placement Brochure  Promotional CD of the institute  17 .bibschoolsurvey.19 Placement head’s mobile number 12.22 Student chairman’s name 12.10 Director’s name 12.23 Student chairman’s e-mail 12.11 Director’s mobile number 12.8 12.15 Chairman’s mobile number 12.12 Director’s email 12.16 Chairman’s email 12.18 Placement head’s e-mail 12.14 Company or institution the chairman belongs to 12.

campus  Hostel room (girls and boys)  MDP room/conference hall  Library  Computer centre  Other annexure (many of these were indicated by ** sign in the questionnaire) List of cases developed at the institute  Other campuses list  Conferences and seminars  List of student committees  International collaboration agreements  Online data base list  List of top alumni of the school  List of dates of annual school events  MDP calendar of 2009-10  Kindly send your completed form by email to atraman@gmail. 011-2270 Photographs Director  School buildings. If you are using the online questionnaire you may only send the photographs and the annexure. E-mail: marizinha. Thothathri Raman (mobile: 9811297249) Business India Group 18 . 1st Floor. no. Adi Marzban Path. Send your questionnaire response and other details in CD (use only word and excel formats please) and also any other annexure along with a covering letter from the Director of the institute. 19. Send to: Marizinha Chitnis Business India Publications Limited.bibschoolsurvey. Tel. Near Uday Park. Masjid For all clarifications and other details please get in touch with A. Mumbai 400 001.chitnis@businessindiagroup. New Delhi-110049 Telefax: 91-11-41643047-53 (7 Lines) E-mail: atraman@gmail.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 on or before July 31 2010. Ballard Estate.

Send only the following by courier to the Mumbai address    Completed form electronic version with a letter from the Director Brochures Photographs and Logos of Campus 19 .com we have provided a simple to use word file format for the questionnaire for filling out the PLEASE E-MAIL YOUR COMPLETED SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE 2010 to atraman@gmail.bibschoolsurvey. Please check the website for downloading the questionnaire or filling out the online version of the same.Business India’s Best B-School survey 2010 www.