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Lesson 2

Top Hat

Top Hat
The purpose of this tutorial is to create a Top Hat from the Z-Bracket in Lesson 1. We will add a Mirror feature to create the Top Hat. The Z-Bracket was based on three key dimensions. One of the key dimensions will be moved in order to control the width of the outer flanges. Changes to the material thickness or the bend radius will not affect the key dimensions.

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sldprt part document created in Lesson 1.sldprt part file appears. Inc. open the z-bracket. or pull down the “File” menu and select Open. 2 www. right click on Jog1 and select Edit Sketch. the dimension of the lower flange must be edited. Select z-bracket.00 dimension and press the Delete key. Copyright 2005 Applied Production.AppliedProduction. In the FeatureManager design tree. Pick the 2. Select the Open icon from the “Standard” toolbar. The z-bracket.Lesson 2 Top Hat Opening a Part Document To begin this lesson. The Open dialog box appears.sldprt and then select OK. In order to meet the requirements for the Top .

Type the number ‘2’ and then select or press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard. or pull down the “Tools” menu and select Dimensions – Smart. The Modify dialog box appears with the current dimension highlighted.AppliedProduction. Select the right end of the line you created and the lower right corner of the part. Copyright 2005 Applied Production. Move the cursor to the right and place the dimension to the right of the part. Inc. Select the Exit Sketch icon on the “Sketch” toolbar or in the upper right corner of the drawing screen. Mirroring the Part Select the Mirror icon from the “Features” toolbar or pull down the “Insert” menu and select Pattern/Mirror – Mirror. 3 www.Lesson 2 Top Hat Select the Smart Dimension icon on the “Sketch” .

select the face on the right edge of the top flange. the cursor will change as shown.AppliedProduction. select the solid body. Note: The solid body will highlight when the cursor is over any part of it. Next. Top Hat Under Bodies to Mirror. Click in Mirror Face/Plane to highlight the box. click in the box to highlight it. . Rotate your part from the Trimetric view by pressing the right arrow key on the keyboard five times. Inc. Then. Copyright 2005 Applied Production.Lesson 2 The Mirror PropertyManager appears. 4 www.

com . display the dimensions. right click on Annotations and select Show Feature Dimensions. In the FeatureManager design tree. or select Save from the “File” pull down menu.Lesson 2 Top Hat Select the green check mark button at the top of the Mirror PropertyManager to accept the settings and create the feature. You may drag and drop dimensions with the mouse to reposition them and make them easier to see. In the bottom left corner of your drawing screen. 5 www. change the View orientation by selecting the pull down arrow and selecting Trimetric. type ‘top_hat’ and select Save.AppliedProduction. Showing the Annotations Now that you have created the part. The Save As dialog box appears. Saving the Part Select the Save icon on the “Standard” toolbar. Copyright 2005 Applied Production. In the File name box. Inc.

AppliedProduction.00’ dimension at the end of the part and change the value to ‘6. Copyright 2005 Applied .’ Then. 6 www.Lesson 2 Top Hat Changing the Width Going back to the introduction. Notice that the width was changed to 6. The Rebuild feature rebuilds the model with any changes that you made. Inc. Select the Rebuild icon on the “Standard” toolbar. Double click on the ‘4. the purpose of this exercise was to create a Top Hat with key dimensions that remain constant. but the other dimensions were held as desired. select or press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard.