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Ensure the quality of your sustainable buildings in planning, construction, and operation. The DGNB System helps you get there.

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thE gErman SuStainablE building council
These days, sustainability is a crucial topic in the construction and real estate sectors. Increasingly, ecological, economical, and socio-cultural issues are focal points in the planning, construction, and operation of buildings. The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB for “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen”) is the partner you need to harmonize these aspects. With our certification system, we help you optimize and document the quality of your projects.

Climate change, resource scarcity, and the financial crisis – society faces a wide range of challenges today and has to assume responsibility for current problems, rather than pass them on to future generations. As a result, sustainability has become a principal of our age. Nonetheless, sustainable development is only possible if ecological, economic, and social goals are simultaneously and equally pursued. Buildings are responsible for approximately 30 % of raw material use and 40 % of energy consumption and carbon emissions worldwide. Sustainable building aims to systematically reduce these figures by focusing on future developments in these fields. At the same time, sustainable building provides social and economic benefits. In the summer of 2007, leading experts from various fields in the construction and real estate sectors therefore founded the German Sustainable Building Council.


The DGNB‘s constantly growing community of members mainly pursues one goal: the consistent pursuit of sustainable. construct. The DGNB focuses on establishing and further developing its certification system. and socio-cultural aspects and is based on a holistic view of the building‘s entire lifecycle. it is one of the leading systems worldwide. 4 . providing further training for market players. Outside of Germany DGNB can be used. The result are buildings for the future with a high quality standard documented by the DGNB certificate in gold.the future is the present. mainly because of its comprehensive quality concept. and technical terms. building. Due to its conformity the present and future EU regulations it is the perfect tool to ensure a high building quality and performance. developing the dgnb certification system. economically efficient. the core of our work. As a high-performance. It is therefore possible to define sustainability targets during the planning phase. To practice what we believe in. We do so by systematically sharing expertise. This quality label is thus valuable for the construction and real estate sectors. but also promote the well-being of building users. and user-friendly buildings. transparent. and raising awareness about the issue among the general public. socio-cultural. economic. we primarily focus on developing criteria to increase the future building quality in ecological. As a non-profit and non-governmental organization. and operate their projects affordably and with little environmental impact. ecology. silver. or bronze. we work with our members to gradually further develop the internationally acknowledged DGNB certificate for environmentally friendly. the dgnb goals. Furthermore. and user-friendly tool for the assessment and certification of sustainable buildings. and therefore economically efficient. the DGNB‘s bylaws stipulate that it serves the general good. Building owners and investors can then not only plan. which takes equal account of economics.

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we only work with renowned. their objectives. followed shortly thereafter by the launch of its internationalization. more than 320 DGNB members from various sectors of sustainable building volunteer to contribute their knowledge to these committees. The constant further development of the DGNB certification system is one major reason for this success. the dgnb‘s members. more than 80 projects in Germany and abroad received the DGNB certificate in the first 15 months. In its relatively short history. it already had 40 member organizations from the construction and real estate sectors. a growing number of national and international building owners and investors have relied on the DGNB certification system to define their sustainability goals during the planning phase of their projects. allowing us to offer blanket training. For instance. A second factor in our success is the modular training of DGNB auditors. One major milestone on this path was the successful market launch of the DGNB certification system in 2009. When it was founded. the DGNB has already managed to establish itself as a leading organization in the field of sustainable building. Even as a volunteer. that figure had risen to 121. At the same time. in which we open up new perspectives for participants in the promising future market of sustainable building. third-party educational facilities. the DGNB had around 900 members. The strength of our system lies in this broad expertise and voluntary work. Primarily. In the process. Within just two years. By the time the first event was organized at the beginning of 2008. Keep growing. and the dynamic development of the DGNB system. We have come up with a modular concept that takes account of the individual knowledge that participants already have. a number of working groups continue to develop the certificate.certification and further training. the dgnb‘s core competence. 900 June 2010 870 Members Real estate committee Construction products committee Training committee certification system committee Expert groups Working groups Certification committee Approval and review committee members 675 board of directors 450 225 January 2008 121 Founding Members dgnb office Preparatory groups 0 Jun 07 Dec 07 Jun 08 Dec 08 Jun 09 Dec 09 Jun 10 (Status June 2010) DGNB membership growth DGNB organizational structure 6 . Currently. The DGNB‘s importance and expertise continues to grow along with the number of its members.

Furthermore. the dgnb worldwide. bgbc. austrian green building council german Sustainable building council international board dgbc. The internationalization of the DGNB goes hand in hand with the further development of the DGNB certification system. And with the Chinese DGNB partner.World GBC • DGNB has a repre- sentative on the wgbc’s board. internationally. Swiss Sustainable building council thailand council of Sustainable construction DGNB International Network Setting standards. we work closely with non-profit and non-governmental organizations abroad. The European headquarters of the World Green Building Council in London and Stuttgart supports the work of current and emerging European Green Building Councils. beijing dgnb green building consulting co. The DGNB is the hub at the center of the wheel. we have entered one of the most promising future markets in the world. Bulgaria. we are integrated as researchers in major European EU projects. for the wgbc European network the headquarters will be set up in Stuttgart and in london dgnb partner organizations Ögni. An DGNB international board has also been established to ensure our high quality standard worldwide. 7 . Internationally. bulgarian green building council board member at the Sustainable building alliance (Sb alliance) Eu research projects on sustainable building / open house / green conserve Sgni.ltd. Other organizations in Brazil and Russia have also entered into such partnerships. To optimally fulfill the specific requirements of different parts of the world. Furthermore the new DGNB international system offers the possibility to certify buildings all over the world without a previous process. the DGNB also plays an important role. Switzerland and Thailand have also founded their organizations. These organizations will handle and adapt the DGNB system in their countries. the DGNB is the main driver for sustainable development in its sector in Germany. This board consists of representatives of the DGNB and its partner organizations. As a leading cross-industry organization. The Austrian Green Building Council (ÖGNI) was the first to adapt the system and awarded the first certificates for the Austrian version of the DGNB system in May 2010. As an active member of the World Green Building Council we played an important role in setting up the European Network.

especially in our investments in Germany. which was developed on the basis of national and EU-wide regulations alongside DIN standards. Joachim Wieland Management spokesperson aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. will increasingly play an important role in tenants‘ decisions. is currently the best certification system for shopping centers in Germany. sustainability in practice is especially important. We believe that the DGNB certificate. sustainable building will only become the norm over the long term if providers and users of real estate are willing to invest in innovation and the environment. thE dgnb cErtificatE from thE invEStor’S viEwpoint. Certification is therefore becoming an important marketing instrument for developers. politics. With DGNB certification. and operation most comprehensively. It covers the high standards that the ECE places upon itself for planning. we pave the way for sustainable urban and land-use development even before actual construction has begun. It is even affecting the development of our cities and neighborhoods. We aim to use this marketing advantage. With the DGNB certificate. especially for real estate locations that attract international clientele. and socially responsible actions are a sign of conscientiousness and are becoming an economic factor. KG Dr. development. we can offer our tenants proof of security going far beyond the classic features of „green buildings. and society at large convince us that we are on the right path.“ 8 . After all.“ „In less than two years.“ „For REWE.“ Demonstration of sustainability over the entire lifecycle. We thereby provide our customers – investors and project developers – with an optimal starting point to flesh out the concept. the DGNB certificate has become the label for sustainable building in the German-speaking world. economically. With DGNB certification for our urban projects. Jens-Ulrich Meier Managing Director Construction ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG Harald Fischer Construction Director REWE Group „As an international firm. The DGNB certificate is not only indispensable for the planning process.“ Dr. we can also convince investors in the retail real estate sector of this necessity. It is also attractive for investors. Users and investors are taking a different look at things and basing their rental and purchasing decisions on sustainability criteria.a Strong nEw Economic factor. which the DGNB certificate documents. Reinhard Kutscher Board Chairman Union Investment Real Estate GmbH „Ecologically. The economic success of our pilot market in Berlin and the great amount of attention we have received with certification in industry. as are construction and building operations with little environmental impact. the ECE supports the processes of all renowned certification systems in order to demonstrate the quality of its own real estate with measurable criteria. mainly because it clearly reflects a building‘s overall quality – including its economic performance.

behörde für Stadtentwicklung und umwelt hamburg dgnb pre-certificate in Silver occupancy profile: new office and administrative buildings © Sauerbruch Hutton Architects 9 .

transparency. we therefore made flexibility and practical application the highest priorities. In this process. The high-performance system includes all relevant topics in the planning and assessment process based on the knowledge of the DGNB‘s members. and culture in other countries can also be taken into account. it is continually being further developed. Thanks to its flexibility. each occupancy profile is further optimized incrementally to consistently ensure its quality. construction. These two factors not only allow the system to be adapted to different building types. but also smoothly adjusted to accommodate future technical and societal conditions. the DGNB places great store on practicability. we pursue a process in which every new occupancy profile in the system undergoes various development phases (preparation. and a constantly high quality level. In the ongoing further development of the DGNB certificate. the new occupancy profile is launched on the market. and comments) to get the broad expertise of DGNB members and passes through DGNB committees to ensure the high DGNB quality. experts from different sectors work together across disciplines to ensure the quality and wide scope of the system. To this end. In developing the DGNB certificate. 10 . conditions pertaining to the climate. The construction and real estate sectors are subject to constant change. On the basis of this broad expertise. with new occupancy profiles added all the time. broad expertise and clear processes. Ensuring quality.thE dgnb cErtificatE – your SyStEm for SuStainablE quality The DGNB certificate is indispensable for everyone who plans sustainable buildings and wishes to document their quality. the law. That is the most important factor in the successful internationalization of the DGNB and its certification system. At the end of the process. evaluation. projects around the world can be certified on the same basis. As a result. Furthermore. pilot.

the methodology behind the dgnb certificate. which increases transparency. you quickly see how the building performs in various criteria. or bronze depending on the total performance index. economics. construction. with the dgnb pre-certificate.transparent and holistic. sociocultural and functional aspects. The same holds true for financing. the quality label also makes rentals and sales more successful. and marketing. the sustainability of real estate can be optimized from the outset. For you. In this chart created with the program. 11 . Building owners and investors can then clearly document the high quality of their real estate. site quality process quality technical quality ecological quality economic quality sociocultural and functional quality The six fields in the DGNB certificate Sustainable planning. And of course. and provides a safe basis for the planned performance targets. and site. The early definition of all essential sustainability criteria sets clear targets for everyone involved. The DGNB certificate is a tool developed from practice for the straightforward assessment and planning of sustainable buildings. One of its strengths is that it covers all essential aspects of sustainable building. This approach offers a number of benefits in planning. it receives the DGNB certificate in gold. If the building fulfills the criteria. each field is also viewed over the building‘s entire lifecycle. the better. The DGNB certificate therefore covers the building‘s entire lifecycle. technology. strengthens risk management. with precertification.3 % Assessment chart of DGNB software DGNB software supports those involved in the planning process. silver. The sooner DGNB criteria are incorporated in the planning phase. These aspects were defined with broad consensus covering six fields: ecology. performance index 85. that means greater financial security at an earlier stage. processes. Each field contains special criteria that can be designed and weighted differently depending on the occupancy profile.

the risk of not rented buildings is also reduced. not individual actions The DGNB certificate assesses the building‘s overall performance. As a result. or international developments. and improves re-rental ratios. Great variety despite unified basis The DGNB certificate offers the right occupancy profile for every type of building. operation. thereby capping optimization potential for construction. Building owners and planners therefore have the greatest possible leeway in reaching those targets. It can be easily adapted to new technical. Focus on performance. the DGNB criteria can be used to identify efficient. Efficient optimization tool for planning Along with precertification. not individual actions. 12 . your benefits at a glance. Greater market attractiveness The award increases the chance of selling and renting since it demonstrates a building’s holistic high quality to owners and users. reduces sick days. all buildings are evaluated on the same basis. Risk minimization The DGNB certificate promotes integral building planning. Innovative solutions are promoted. Furthermore. increases userfriendliness. the DGNB pre-certificate gives investors the confidence during the early planning stage that the building‘s performance targets will be reached when it is finished. societal. International focus The certification system can be updated thanks to its flexibility. Nonetheless.rewarding quality. the DGNB certificate promotes greater quality and workmanship. Furthermore. and the end-of-life phase. which reduces training time for auditors and facilitates the application of the system. inexpensive steps during the planning phase.

rhein-galerie ludwigshafen dgnb pre-certificate in gold occupancy profile: new retail buildings. Ludwigshafen 13 . shopping centers © ECE. Rhein-Galerie.

and our events. Here. We offer attractive discounts for training. Get to know us and our range of services. Have input in sustainable building in Germany. All working groups are interdisciplinary to ensure a wide range of expertise. you have a large. The DGNB thrives on the expertise of its members. A representative from the DGNB team takes part in each working group session to provide information and help coordinate content decisions with suitable experts. strengthen your image. One of the main benefits of membership is the option of having input in the DGNB certification system within a working group. Their knowledge and practical experience are decisive in making our work future-proof – and hence in making our strong community a leader. certification. In the process. the dgnb working groups.an ovErviEw of thE dgnb – what wE can do for you. our products. 14 . Benefit from one of the largest knowledge pools in the industry and from attractive perks. members can represent their interests and provide their expertise to help us further develop the certification system step by step. At the same time. providing input. interdisciplinary knowledge pool at your disposal. members can actively contribute to sustainable building in Germany. Furthermore. Membership also pays for itself financially. and set yourself off from the competition on this future market. individuals and organizations benefit from DGNB membership in many ways. They form the basis for influence on future developments in the construction and real estate sectors in addition to promoting our image and public relations. The DGNB offices support them in their work.

which optimally takes account of each individual‘s previous knowledge. including how calculations and assessments are made. DGNB Manual Sustainable planning the easy way. or gold certification. The DGNB provides training for auditors who wish to gain new perspectives in the future market of sustainable building. Currently the DGNB software is available in German. Furthermore. On some 650 pages. With the DGNB software. For seminar dates. Once they DGNB Software have entered the project data. the dgnb manual. we have come up with an ideal tool for architects. Step-by-step. Everything a glance. The mandatory modules explain how the DGNB certificate is set up and applied and what the methodology behind it is. The DGNB software supports auditors during the assessment phase. Just a glance shows where the design still needs to be changed to receive bronze. training as dgnb auditor and dgnb consultant. specific basic topics can be studied further. planners. Participants benefit from our modular training concept. it provides easy-to-read. they learn more about individual occupancy profiles and our training concept. The data already fulfill our documentation requirements and are processed with a simple mouse click. The user-friendly program allows you to run through a number of draft scenarios and optimize your real estate for sustainability. silver. participants can take an upgrade course to learn about all the changes quickly and inexpensively. the program calculates how well the building performs in the six fields according to the individual criteria. readers can learn all of the details about the various topics and criteria in the DGNB certificate. This modular structure has yet another benefit: as soon as a new occupancy profile or a new version is released. and up-to-date information about our certification system. In the variable modules. Those who plan their real estate with the DGNB certificate in mind can receive an indispensable tool and reference work from the DGNB office: the DGNB manual. All of this makes the software an indispensable tool during the certification process. 15 . and auditors for the planning and assessment of sustainable buildings. contact the DGNB office.modular and individual. compact. dgnb software.

Dr.-Ing. M. Peter Mösle Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies GmbH Prof. It is also the central point of contact for members. Gerd Hauser TU München Dipl. Martin Haas BDA Behnisch Architekten the dgnb Executive board Dr. h. Dr. Dr.-Ing.-Ing. Dr. Johannes Kreißig PE INTERNATIONAL Prof. Dipl. The DGNB offices bundles the expertise of our members and processes operations. Manfred Hegger TU Darmstadt DGNB Chairman Prof.-Ing. Johannes Kreißig Executive director 16 . and potential partners. Bernhard Bürklin Hochtief AG DGNB Vice Chairman Dipl.-Ing. E.-Ing. Dr.-Ing.-Ing. new partners. DGNB members elect the Board of Directors. The executive board answers directly to the Board of Directors and handles coordination with all the DGNB bodies such as certification system committee for system development. Werner Sobek Universität Stuttgart DGNB Vice Chairman Prof. Christine Lemaitre CEO Dipl.Effective cooperation. sc.-Ing. econ. Alexander Rudolphi GföB – Gesellschaft für Ökologische Bautechnik Berlin mbH Prof. the central bodies of the dgnb. the dgnb board of directors Prof. which represents their interests. Klaus Sedlbauer Universität Stuttgart Dr.

construction materials. sc. Thomas Oebbecke ARCADIS Facility Management GmbH 17 .-Ing. and facility management Topic: lifecycle costs Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Trinius Ingenieurbüro Trinius Vice Chairman Topics: comfort. Martin Hoffmann GföB – Gesellschaft für Ökologische Bautechnik Berlin mbH Dipl.. building services. Christian Wetzel CalCon Holding GmbH Topic: processes Dipl.-Kfm. Matthias Fischer Universität Stuttgart Topics: functionality and design Topics: value retention and location Anja Willmann.-Phys.-Ing. A. Peter Mösle Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies GmbH Chairman Dr.-Ing. building acoustics. B.-Ing. Behnisch Architekten Dipl.the dgnb certification System committee Topics: energy. M. Dipl. and toxins Topic: life cycle analysis Dipl.

a grEat opportunity for conStruction culturE. it equally entails social. Architecture will then be defined by the quality of its content. and users to become involved in Europe‘s largest investment development project for sustainable building. flexible concepts are a requirement for the long service life of completed construction projects. We are living in an age in which the call for sustainability. It was therefore natural for us to be among the founding members of the DGNB and help establish sustainable building throughout Germany. This approach will bring about a new trend in architecture that will have a positive impact on all aspects of building. building services. and construction technologies – just like the invention of reinforced concrete did more than 100 years ago when it enabled modernity. for us. Our competence and more than 15 years of experience in the field of sustainable planning is reflected in recognized certifications and a number of awards.“ 18 . This new perspective represents a major opportunity for building culture. and economic aspects as well as questions of who should be involved in urban development. The foreseeable material revolution will go hand-in-hand with new social demands for the usability of our buildings and urban areas. and buildings. Our goal was to enable sustainable urban development in all major spheres – from urban construction to mobility. societal. and especially for lower resource consumption. not by its stylistic appearance. we have to develop buildings that adapt to changing societal trends and will not be a burden on future generations. the goal is to harmonize people with space and the environment. can revolutionize material aesthetics.“ „The realization that architecture plays a major role in protecting our natural resources has brought about an important change. Today. Uli Hellweg Executive Director IBA Hamburg GmbH Martin Haas BDA Partner Behnisch Architekten „It‘s good that architects are increasingly viewing sustainable building as an opportunity rather than an obligation. investors. Now. energy generation. As planners. Furthermore. architects have to invent the architecture of the post-fossil era.“ „Sustainability is not only an issue for our social responsibility as architects. HafenCity Hamburg GmbH began using the sustainable building label in HafenCity Hamburg as an incentive for project developers. We will only succeed if these buildings fulfill people‘s basic needs and also have cultural value.“ Dirk Theiling Senior project manager HafenCity Hamburg GmbH Heinz Mornhinweg Executive Director KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH „In 2007. Sustainable building once again needs architects that think and design holistically – a giant opportunity for our profession after decades of thinking in disciplines. SuStainability from thE architEct’S viEwpoint.

Skyline tower munich dgnb pre-certificate in gold occupancy profile: new office and administrative buildings © Bayerische Bau.und Immobilien Gruppe 19 .

The criteria in the DGNB‘s core system define sustainable building in six fields. The quality of the site does not play a role in the assessment of the total performance index. To make sure that the DGNB certificate provides a lot of information.SyStEmatic planning. A catalog of some 60 criteria serves as the basis. Ecological quality Global warming potential Ozone depletion potential Photochemical ozone creation potential Acidification potential Eutrophication potential Risks to the local environment Other effects on the local environment Sustainable use of resources Microclimate Nonrenewable primary energy demand Total primary energy demand and share of renewable primary energy Other uses of non-renewable resources Waste by category Drinking water demand and volume of waste water Space demand 20 . thE dgnb cErtification SyStEm. The criteria are weighted in accordance to their importance for the particular occupancy profile and used to design an assessment matrix. we specified clear principles and structures that are identical for the assessment of all occupancy profiles.

Economic quality Building lifecycle costs Suitability for conversions Sociocultural and functional quality Thermal comfort in the winter Thermal comfort in the summer Interior hygiene Acoustic comfort Visual comfort User control possibilities Quality of outdoor space Safety and risk of hazardous incidents Handicapped accessibility Space efficiency Suitability for conversion Public access Bicycling convenience Assurance of design and urban development quality in a competition Percent for art Quality features of use profile Social integration Technical quality Fire prevention Noise. maintenance. and flooding Ease of dismantling and recycling Process quality Quality of project preparation Integral planning Optimization and complexity of planning method Evidence of sustainable aspects in call for and awarding of tenders Creation of conditions for optimal use and management Construction site / construction process Quality of companies involved / prequalification Quality assurance for construction process Systematic initiation of operation Controlling Management Systematic inspection. etc. electromagnetic fields. storms. Quality of building envelope’s heat and humidity technology Building services’ backup ability Building services‘ ease of use Building services’ equipment quality Durability Ease of cleaning and maintenance Resistance to hail. and servicing Qualification of operating personnel Site quality Risks in the micro-environment Relationships in the micro-environment Image and state of site and neighbourhood Access to transportation Proximity to use-specific facilities Connections to public services (utilities) Legal situation for planning Extension options / reserves 21 .

At the same time. To make the DGNB certificate as informative and precise as possible. the weighting of criteria. with 3. A gold certificate requires a score of 80 percent. we have clearly defined targets values for all criteria. a silver certificate is granted. for instance. 35 percent. Each criterion can receive a maximum of 10 points based on its documented or calculated quality. The goal is to promote a standard of high quality for buildings. planner. gold requires a score of at least 65 percent in the first five topical categories. silver. or architect for each individual criterion and the weighting of the criteria collectively produce the score for the overall building and the six topical categories. Silver requires a score of at least 50 percent.5 Consistent quality through the consideration of Total Performance as well as Nominal Performance Indices across all areas of evaluation 22 . gold. bronze.0 1. The performance in each of the topical categories relevant for the score therefore has to be of a certain minimum level for a certificate to be issued. The score shows the extent to which the requirements are fulfilled. the building will receive a bronze certificate. performance-based scoring. The score can also be based on grades. total performance index from 50 % from 65 % from 80 % nominal performance index in evaluation areas 35 % 50 % 65 % medals bronze Silver gold grade 3. or bronze. If the score is 65 percent.0 being required for bronze. If the score is 50 percent.0 2. it is possible to increase the weighting of each criterion as much as threefold or to disregard it entirely based on its societal or political relevance and its importance for the specific use profile (see the assessment matrix on page 23). For instance.precise adjustments. The points granted by the auditor.

0 9. possible 30 10 10 10 10 30 10 – 30 20 20 20 30 Performance Index 100% 100% 100% 100% 71% 82% 100% – 100% 84% 50% 100% 90% Group Points Achieved max.0 7.8 Grade 3.7 7.6 10.5% 86. Score Criteria Group Criteria Achieved Maximum 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 – 10 10 10 10 10 Criteria Points Achieved Maincriteriagroup max.0 8.3 10. geht nicht in die Gesamtbewertung ein Risks in micro-environment Relationships in the micro-environment 50 60 30 30 80 40 7.0 Grade 1.1 1.0 Grade 4.5% Ressource Consumption and Waste Generation Total primary energy demand and share of renewable primary energy Drinking water demand and volume of waste water Space demand Economic Quality Life Cycle Costs Economic Performance Building Lifecycle Costs 47 Suitability for Conversions Thermal Comfort in the winter Thermal Comfort in the summer Interior Hygiene Health.6 10 – 30 17 10 20 27 Ecological Quality Effect on the global and Local Environment Risks to the local environment Sustainable use of resources Microclimate Nonrenewable primary energy demand 178.3 9. the assessment matrix of the dgnb certificate.0 Grade 5.0 5. 280 90% 22.4 18. Comfort and Userfriendliness Acoustic Comfort Visual Comfort User Control Possibilities 65 40 40 10 20 70 60 10 20 10 0.9 19.7 5.0 10.1 10.1 9.1 8.0 8.0 10. possible Group Performance Index Group Weight Total Performance Index Global warming potential Ozone depletion potential Life Cycle Analysis Photochemical ozone creation potential Acidification potential Eutrophication potential 10.0 10.9% GOLD SILVER BRONZE 93.0 10.2 8.0 – 10.2 10.0 10.0 7.5% Sociocultural and functional Quality Quality of outdoor space Safety and risk of hazardous incidents Handicapped accessibility Space efficiency Functionality Suitability for conversion Public access Bicycling convenience Social integration Assurance of design and urban development quality in a competition Aesthetic Quality Percent for art Occupancy Profile Attributes Fire prevention Noise.5% Process Quality Quality of Planning Evidence of sustainable aspects in call for and awarding of tenders Creation of conditions for optimal use and management Construction Site / Construction Process Quality of companies involved / prequalification 230 82% 10. electromagnetic fields.0 5.9% 50-64.0 – 10. version 2008“ 23 .4 5.0 10.1 24.5 Grade 2.0 7.0 10.2 2 24.0 10.7 9.3 130 72% Site Quality Image and state of site and neighbourhood Access to transportation Proximity to use-specific facilities Connections to public services (utilities) to be entered will be automatically calculated fixed value not applicable to this occupancy profile Example of an assessment matrix of a DGNB gold certified building.5 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 – 10 10 – 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 2 2 3 3 1 3 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 – 3 1 – 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 20 20 30 30 10 26 13 9 8 16 5 14 20 10 – 30 10 – 16 10 15 14 18 25 30 26 20 10 15 10 30 23 20 20 30 30 10 30 20 10 10 20 10 20 20 10 – 30 10 – 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 20 20 20 20 30 30 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 85% 67% 90% 80% 80% 50% 71% 100% 100% – 100% 100% – 80% 50% 77% 71% 92% 83% 100% 86% 100% 50% 77% 50% 100% 75% 189 74 251 50 94% 22.0 7.0 7.0% Quality of Construction Quality assurance for construction process Systematic initiation of operation Standortqualität: gesonderte Bewertung.0 5.5 6.0 7.4% Gold Technical Quality Quality of Technical Quality of building envelope‘s heat and humidity technology Ease of cleaning and maintenance Easse of dismantling and recycling Quality of project preperation Integral planning Optimization and complexity of planning method 100 74% 22.5 200 89% 22.7 70 60 10 – 100 10 – 100 100 45 50 100 40 40 90 20 40 40 10 20 10 10.0 8.0 10.0 8.0 30 10 10 10 7.0 – 8.0 10. etc.0 10 10 10 10 10 10 95 % 80 % 65 % 2 2 2 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 14 14. occupancy profile ”New office and administrative buildings.accurate and clear. possible 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 – 10 10 10 10 10 Weighting Factor 3 1 1 1 1 3 1 – 3 2 2 2 3 Adaptation Factor 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 Weighted Points Achieved max.0 10.0 8.4 Grade 1.0 8.0 20 20 20 30 20 20 50 % 35 % 20 % 70% 71% 10% 83% 97% 94% Performance Index from 80% 65-79.7 9.

sustainable building. construction. In industrial construction and logistics. Second. financing. such as the materials used and the quality of the site. Wolfram Trinius Ingenieurbüro Trinius GmbH „I was an auditor back when sustainable building was just getting going. First. auditors get qualifications far beyond certifications.“ „Integral planning focuses on energy efficiency. a sustainability certificate for a building‘s entire lifecycle has commercial value by making different buildings comparable and by lowering utility costs for the long-term.an attractivE futurE marKEt. or operation.“ „Sustainable building is becoming standard practice on the German market – a clear sign that excellent building quality is a good selling point even in times of crisis. The wonderful thing about my role as an auditor is that. which represents clear additional benefits for tenants and investors. I‘d like for the construction sector to play its crucial role in European and global targets for environmental and climate policy. I have witnessed great interest in the possibility of having a building‘s overall performance assessed. in North America and the Anglo-Saxon world. planning.“ 24 . affordability. Since the beginning of the first pilot phase. Contact with foreign business partners shows that. a sustainability certificate is part of an investor project like a registration plate for a car. SuStainablE building from thE auditor’S viEwpoint. I can document that quality for the building owner. I‘d like for the trend to continue so that the sustainability of buildings comes to represent greater quality on the market.-Ing. where every palette space is valuable. That would be an important incentive to successively improve our buildings and our built environments. and I have already helped get a number of projects certified. I mainly have two hopes. On the other. Doreen Kruschina Doreen Kruschina Planung+Baumanagement Dr. sustainability will be one of the main drivers in a building‘s lifecycle. Whether we are talking about development. I also see myself as a consultant who develops an optimal building concept in collaboration with the entire planning team. They get comprehensive knowledge about sustainable building. Through innovative. and comfort. The DGNB certificate broadens that scope to include other important aspects. on the one hand.“ Michael Scharpf Sustainability Director ARCADIS Facility Management GmbH Engineer (FH) Cornelia Jacobsen ingenieurbüro hausladen gmbh „With training. the construction sector can have a greater impact in the development and implementation of future-proof solutions.

KG 25 . baufeld 10 dgnb pre-certificate in Silver occupancy profile: new office and administrative buildings © Gatermann + Schossig Bauplanungsgesellschaft mbH & Co.büro.und geschäftshaus rheinauhafen Köln.

which determines whether the profile is a new. If so. In the first case. voluntary DGNB members who have the explicit expert knowledge. Bundling the expertise of architects. Then. The results of the preparatory group then are passed on to the various bodies within the DGNB. It ensures that the focal points and targets of the DGNB certification system conform 26 . a working group is founded to begin the actual development of the criteria of the new occupancy profile. they set the foundations for the development of a potential new occupancy profile for the DGNB system. First. In this way. This committee is the DGNB‘s central decision-making body concerning the certification system. The experts partly try to see which criteria can be taken over from the core system and where new criteria need to be developed. The major strengths of the process are its practicability and the inclusion of the bundled expertise of the DGNB and its members. they can incrementally formulate a new occupancy profile. researchers. To this end.grEat variEty on a Joint baSiS – crEating nEw occupancy profilES. DGNB members (and possibly third-party experts) come together to form a preparatory group. The DGNB certification system is quickly being expanded. Each of the system‘s new occupancy profiles goes through different development phases. the DGNB office checks whether the requirements for a new occupancy profile are fulfilled. planners. and other representatives of the real estate sector is one of the system‘s great strengths. Each working group generally consists of some 20 interdisciplinary. we have defined a transparent system development process to create new occupancy profiles and variants as need be. Without any deadline or other administrative obligations. First. the DGNB Board of Directors has to give its consent. which will then be presented to the DGNB certification system committee for adoption. the profile is passed on to the certification system committee. overriding type of occupancy (main group) or a variation of an existing type of occupancy (subcategory).

the profile is tested on specific projects to make sure it is practicable. This evaluation process provides important information to the working group. the pilot phase begins. Once a new occupancy profile has been adopted. They are also responsible for the further development of the core system. preparatory group sets foundations dgnb office reviews results results are passed on to certification system committee a working group is founded the working group develops the content on the basis of the current dgnb system the dgnb office coordinates and supports the content from the working group with support from the dgnb‘s expert groups and dgnb office and in collaboration with the working group. At the same time. the working group reviews the assessment and revises if necessary the certification system committee adopts the occupancy profile the new occupancy profile is launched An overview of the DGNB‘s system development process 27 . which optimizes the targets and reference values used to determine a building‘s performance. each of which consists of some 10 proven experts. the certification system committee adopts the profile the dgnb office work up the documentation requirements and collect registrations for the pilot phase the pilot phase begins once a sufficient number of pilot projects (generally 5-10) come together the new occupancy profile is evaluated dgnb members comment on the results of the pilot phase on the dgnb‘s website the dgnb office assess the evaluation phase and comments phase in collaboration with the certification system committee. the auditors involved are asked about their experience in applying the profile. Here. it receives support from the DGNB’s expert groups. Once the feasibility of the new occupancy profile has been demonstrated in the pilot phase. All members have eight weeks to provide comments and suggestions on all of the content and results via a special online tool on our website. the working group also uses the information to minimize the processing time for individual criteria. the DGNB uses the expertise of its members for further optimization. the certification system committee reviews and revises the results in collaboration with the expert groups. who ensure the quality of the DGNB certificate across occupancy profiles. In this task.to each other.

While the focus has been mainly on new buildings. energy consumption and family friendliness play a crucial role in this occupancy profile. The DGNB working groups are also currently working up a number of additional occupancy profiles. educational facilities. and residential buildings. including annexes. retail buildings. and the manufacturing process not only cover and complement each other. but also merge to create an overall composition of space. proportion. such as office and administrative buildings. large-surface facilities with a concentration of retailers.“ 28 . . form. New retail buildings: consumer market This occupancy profile includes supermarkets and retail chains. „We sustainably develop with concepts adapted intelligently to local conditions and the climate in order to take advantage of specific local energy potential. Changes made by individual tenants are only taken into account to a limited extent. design. function. restaurants. For us. Furthermore. sustainable architecture thus comes about where such structural features as the site. material. the focus Fleur Keller Director of competitions and drafts Hascher + Jehle Planungsgesellschaft mbH is primarily on media supply lines and retail areas. The aspect of family friendliness was also integrated. industrial buildings. an overview of occupancy profiles. and service firms. In assessing shopping centers. the DGNB is incrementally laying the foundations for certification of existing buildings. The overall performance of the building and its annexes is included in the assessment. which is always different because there is no single solution for every situation. however. new hotels dgnb core system new retail buildings Existing office and administrative buildings new office and administrative buildings new industrial buildings new educational facilities new residential buildings New retail buildings: shopping centers Shopping centers are defined as centrally planned... Systems are already available for occupancy profiles in high demand.dynamic development. The assessment focuses on energy consumption and utilities because of the high level of such consumption in retail buildings. and meaningful content. The DGNB certification system is constantly being expanded.

The German Sustainable Building Council‘s (DGNB) certification system has come up with an assessment scheme in its certification system that also defines our demands for sustainability and provides answers to decisive questions in all phases of the building‘s lifecycle. We see this as a long-term trend that requires competent architects. enables the sharing of expertise. gymnasiums. kitchens. New educational buildings In the occupancy profile for educational buildings. and performs important public relations work and lobbying among politicians. libraries. libraries. schools. Furthermore. the DGNB provides another crucial variant of its certification system for kindergartens. lectures. The service life of logistics buildings is shorter than that of other use profiles at 20 years. The design of external facilities is of great importance for users and is therefore also assessed. adult educational facilities. and servicing. New industrial buildings: production sites This occupancy profile covers all buildings where goods and commodities are made from raw materials or precursor products with the input of labor and energy. kindergartens. the location plays a greater role in this occupancy profile. delivery.“ „The State Capital Stuttgart has some 2. and sale of goods. and cafeterias in separate buildings are not taken into consideration. hospitals. libraries. cleaning. A short service life of 20 years is also used to assess such buildings. administrative buildings. and rooms mainly used for seminars.000 municipal buildings. Hellmuth Aydt Construction Department State Capital Stuttgart Ernst-Ullrich Tillmanns Executive Director 4a Architekten „The growing interest in sustainable building and such certificates mainly shows that the focus in real estate will increasingly be on quality and value growth. cafeterias. In contrast. and as classrooms. design.New industrial buildings: logistics buildings Logistics buildings are used for the distribution. including schools. museums. and swimming pools. An important feature of the DGNB assessment of production sites is the separate assessment of labor/production areas and offices.“ 29 . the possibility of conversion. and sports facilities within the same building. universities. The modular assessment also allows for the adjacent use of offices. Accessibility for people and goods is also an important aspect in the assessment. This is good news for the industry! And we see the DGNB as an important partner that visualizes the importance of planning in sustainable building. and expenses for energy. gymnasiums. These buildings have to be constructed and operated affordably and with little environmental impact in terms of materials.

After buildings have been completed. you quickly realize how useful a scoring system based on professional. and the tapping of ecological potential. and the quality of the apartments themselves also play a crucial role in the assessment. and indoor hygiene are thereProf. Holger Hagge Global Head of Building & Workplace Development Deutsche Bank fore weighted more heavily. in other words.“ 30 . The assessment focuses on operational costs and payback periods. the certification system is especially suitable as an optimization tool for architects and building owners in the planning phase. state-of-the-art technology is. now known as Green Towers. ideally. certification also helps us to measure the extra work done and assess the building‘s sustainability. spatial flexibility. The focus of the assessment is on the comfort and well-being of users. the focus of the assessment is on user comfort – such as in terms of noise. Aside from ecological and economic aspects. etc. environmentally friendly renovations. Such criteria as noise protection. Our bank was the first building to receive a pre-certificate in gold for a building that was modernized in exemplary fashion for sustainability. low operating costs. more than six units. Deutsche Bank uses a number of national and international certifications and was a founding member of the DGNB because we wanted to share our experience from the renovation of the twin towers in Frankfurt. temperature. value retention. building services. Likewise.New residential buildings This certificate is awarded to residential buildings with. Certification systems like the DGNB‘s are helpful even in the planning phase for the development of sustainable buildings. New office and administration buildings This certificate is available for all buildings used mainly as offices or for administrative purposes. and appearance – which greatly affects the performance and motivation of workers. „What is green building? If you want to answer that question. Modernized office and administration buildings This occupancy profile was designed for existing buildings used mainly as offices or administrative buildings with modernized façades.

the assessments are still meaningful on an international scale. In contrast. the data records from the DGNB international core system are used. The DGNB‘s approach allows its certification system to be easily and quickly adapted to the requirements of other countries and building cultures. and regulations. One important aspect in the process is that the requirements for a DGNB bronze certificate are based on common building practice in the country in question. our partner in austria. The DGNB‘s Austrian partner organization ÖGNI (Austrian Green Building Council) was founded in the fall of 2009 by 120 founding members. For instance. The process is similar to eco-balances. For international users. At the same time.dgnb-international. Ludwigshafen DGNB Pre-certificate in Gold page 14 TOWNTOWN Company Building 09 Wien © Swiss Town Consult AG DGNB Pre-certificate in Gold page 20 Europe Plaza Stuttgart © Fay Projects GmbH DGNB Pre-certificate in Gold Seite 26 Karolinen Karree München © Hines Immobilien GmbH DGNB Pre-certificate in Silver . buildings in one country can still be compared to buildings in another. The internationality of the DGNB core system. which is based on the EU‘s targets. local adaptation increases acceptance. the certification of the first offices and administrative buildings began. visit www. the European requirement in the core system can be adopted. serves as the basis for future developments. After just a few months. the dgnb international certificate. standards. if a country-specific adaptation does not include a standard for a certain criterion. If there are no country-specific data for a construction material. the DGNB has one major benefit: it can be largely adapted to country-specific building cultures. Rhein-Galerie. This approach offers a number of benefits. ÖGNI‘s certification system committee adapted the DGNB system to Austria‘s standards and regulations.com image copyrigt page 3 Z-zwo Bürogebäude Stuttgart-Möhringen © Jens Willebrand DGNB Certificate in Silver page 4 Neubau Zentralgebäude Leuphana Universität Lüneburg © Universität Lüneburg: Prof. the DGNB gold certificate is based on an international standard that is the same for all countries. The DGNB‘s new occupancy profiles are now gradually being adapted to Austrian conditions.a global focus. In this way. which increases acceptance and minimizes the work required for an international portfolio to be certified. Daniel Libeskind DGNB Pre-certificate in Silver page 10 Friedrichstraße 40 Berlin © Petersenarchitekten DGNB Pre-certificate in Gold page 12 Rhein-Galerie Ludwigshafen © ECE. For more information about our international partner network.

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